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When dreams come true

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by floyd<3janice, May 8, 2012.

  1. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 20
    Kermit followed Piggy through the doors of their house she had her bag in her arms.
    Kermit was balancing both carseats in his hands.
    "Piggy are you sure you don't need something to eat darling?" Kermit asked.
    "No." Piggy snapped obviously over tired.
    "But dear you haven't eaten since this morning." Kermit said proceeding with extreme caution.
    "Look frog I also haven't slept I don't need any food what I need is a nap." Piggy snapped harshly. Kermit continued up the stairs to put the sleeping twins in their cribs.
    He walked into the first of the rooms that were adjoined by a pair of glass french doors. Kermit laid Lucia in her crib she looked so much like Piggy with blond hair and blue eyes. Kermit smiled at her and walked through the French doors and into the blue room Chris didn't even stir when Kermit laid him down too.
    He left the carseats by the door and continued down the hall to where Piggy was just laying in bed.
    "Kermie." Piggy said stretching her arm out for him.
    He took her hand and let her pull him close. "Did they wake up?" She asked.
    "No they're fast asleep. Get some sleep while you can you don't know when you'll sleep another full night." Kermit said.
    "Wake me up if you need me." Piggy said jabbing a finger at his chest.
    "I'll always need you. That doesn't mean I'll wake you up all the time." Kermit told her.
    "I'll be up later." Piggy said with a yawn.
    "Okay dear." Kermit said. He kissed her before leaving the room to get a head start in this weeks show. When they returned from Hawaii Scooter had practically torn the little hair he had out of his head with frustration.
    Kermit wouldn't have a rushed week again and without Janice or Piggy for a least another month Kermit would have to improvise with the sketches. Especially Pigs in space it wouldn't be the same without her. And Veterinarian's Hospital. He couldn't do it with only Rowlf.
    Kermit turned on his computer and began praying for a lot of inspiration.

    Morgan walked through the door and found Floyd on the couch watching tv.
    "Where's Janice?" Morgan asked.
    "Upstairs with Lily." Floyd said.
    Morgan walked upstairs. Janice was in a rocking chair with Lily in her arms.
    "Hey." Morgan whispered.
    "oh like hi." Janice replied.
    Morgan walked over and sat in a chair across from Janice.
    Lily was asleep Janice put her in her crib.
    "Where's Floyd." Janice asked.
    "He's downstairs. I just wanted to tell you I'm going to see Teeth." Morgan said as they walked downstairs together.
    "Sure okay." Janice said walking over to Floyd.
    Morgan disappeared outside and Janice laid beside Floyd.
    "Hey babe." He said.
    "hey honey." Janice said sitting up beside him.
    He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close.
    "We should do something." Floyd said.
    "Floyd we can't go anywhere right now." Floyd sighed and buried his face in her hair.
    Janice laughed and turned to face him soon honey. She said leaning against him.
    "I know," He replied kissing her cheek.
    Janice laughed and sat back. She was really tired and having trouble staying awake.
    Floyd seemed to notice because he scooped her into his arms and carried her upstairs.
    She didn't argue she was already falling asleep.
    "I'm sorry." Janice whispered.
    Floyd laughed "For what?" Floyd asked.
    Janice sighed. "For like falling asleep all the time." She whispered.
    "Janice you tired. You need to sleep." Floyd laughed.
    Janice yawned and closed her eyes. By the time Floyd laid her on the bed she was asleep.

    Gonzo hurried backstage. Camilla was back to disappearing she'd run off after he'd practiced his act.
    She'd run off Statler and Waldorf's balcony and Gonzo hadn't been able to find her. He went up to the balcony but she wasn't there.
    He couldn't think of a good reason for her disappearance. They never fought and she never told him she was going anywhere she just disappeared without a trace.
    Gonzo couldn't help but feel alone.

    The board house was hopping with activity when Morgan got there. Dr. Teeth was talking to Zoot when she got in.
    "Hey Teeth," She said walking over.
    He waved to her and told Zoot something. Zoot said something back then walked off. Dr. Teeth walked over to Morgan.
    "Hey you wanna finish this?" He asked heading for the piano.
    "Sure." She said following him.
  2. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Wow! Piggy sleeping sounds nice! Awww! I tell you! Janice and Floyd are rully a great couple. Poor Gonzo! He nneds to know what is up with Camilla the Chicken. Morgan and Trudy are getting along now? Nice! More plz!
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  3. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    Yeah. More PiggyXKermit, FloydXJanice, GonzoXCamilla, and mostly, MorganXTeeth
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  4. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Sorry I would've posted more earlier but my wifi is a little iffy so it's only super fast at certain times.

    Chapter 21
    In the next few days, people started working on the next show. Kermit’s inspiration called for a few of the older sets which would need a lot of repainting.
    “Kermit are you sure some of these are safe to use?” Fozzie asked carrying an old set painted to look like a house.
    Kermit laid a hand on Fozzie’s shoulder, “don’t worry Fozzie with a little work they’ll look fine, and be perfectly safe.” Kermit said,
    “Okay Kermit,” Fozzie said pulling the house backstage.
    Kermit continued helping with the sets. Each one bringing up old memories, those were still fresh in his mind.
    That night both he and Piggy didn’t sleep if one baby was up the other one would be up a few minutes later.
    “I’ll get it,” Kermit said rolling out of bed when one of the twins started crying.
    “No I’ve got it,” Piggy said standing up too. Then they were both crying. Kermit and Piggy shared a glance, “We’ll both get it,” They said in unison walking down the hall together.
    Piggy picked up Lucia while Kermit walked into the blue side of the adjoined rooms and got Chris.
    The little baby squirmed and cried in Kermit’s arms. Piggy was cradling Lucia in her arms.
    The babies were still crying Piggy rocked Lucia to sleep first then Kermit was able to coax Chris back to sleep.
    “Finally,” Kermit whispered. Heading back to sleep.
    Piggy woke up with a pounding headache she'd been home less than a week and she was already going crazy.
    Trudy was downstairs with her suitcase when Piggy came down the stairs.
    "Where are you going?" Piggy asked with a yawn.
    "Maxwell and I are going home." Trudy replied.
    Piggy gasped "now? Why?" She asked.
    "We've stayed long enough. But we have a home and it's time we go back. Don't bother waking up Kermit I'll e-mail him." Trudy said.
    Piggy hugged Trudy. "You're always welcome back." She said.
    Trudy smiled "thanks dear." She said hugging Piggy back tightly.
    "Where's Maxwell?" Piggy asked.
    "Out in the car." Trudy replied.
    Piggy smiled again. "Tell him bye for me." She said.
    Trudy nodded. "I will, Say bye to everyone else for me." Trudy replied. "I will," Piggy said.
    Trudy smiled her eyes shining with tears. "I'll see you soon," she said.
    Piggy nodded "okay," she replied.
    Trudy hugged her then left. Piggy waved at them in the doorway watching their car grow smaller and smaller.
    Kermit woke up a bit later Piggy was sitting at the table with a mug of coffee. The radio was playing softly in the background.
    “Trudy and Maxwell are gone and there’s coffee in the pot if you want.” She said.
    “Are you okay?” Kermit asked.
    Piggy nodded, “I’m fine, just tired.” She said
    “I’m going in to the theatre soon, the show is tomorrow and we’re doing set up today.” Kermit said. Sitting beside her with a mug of coffee, he took her hand and looked out the window the sun was just beginning rise.
    “I’ll stay home,” Piggy said.
    Kermit nodded and kissed the back of her hand, “okay, you should enjoy your time off while you can.” Kermit said. Piggy smiled and took a sip of her coffee.
    “I actually have to leave now I’ll see you tonight.” He kissed her then ran out the door.

    “Are you sure?” Floyd asked,
    “Yes I’m sure,” Janice replied rolling her eyes.
    Floyd laughed and walked into the kitchen, “it just feels terrible not having you with us.” He said,
    Janice hopped on the counter and grabbed an apple. “It’s only overnight and its fine, you guys will have fun. Go do the gig with Morgan and I’ll be like right here when you get back.” She said,
    Floyd walked over and touched her cheek lightly, “I’ll see you in two day then?” He said softly,
    Janice set down her apple and hopped off the counter pulling him into a hug, “Only two days. Now leave or you’re going to be like late.” She said,
    He kissed her then left, Janice grabbed her apple and walked into the living room. Lily started to cry so then she ran upstairs.
    She lifted Lily into her arms and carried her back downstairs.
    A few minutes later when Lily was asleep again Janice carried her back to her room.
    When Janice returned downstairs she was exhausted. She laid on the couch and was already asleep when Lily started to cry again. She woke up and ran back upstairs to get her. This time when she had her asleep again she turned on the TV and just rocked her in her arms.

    Gonzo waited until after lunch to make his move. He quickly ate and noticed Camilla getting up from the table. She left and walked towards the stage. Gonzo followed her, staying in the shadows and just out of sight. She started to head for the door and Gonzo followed. He followed her down the street, and into the boarding house.
    He hid behind multiple plants and several pieces of furniture, Until Camilla left the house with her purse. Gonzo was quick to follow, she walked downtown and onto the subway, Gonzo hid in the crowd and waited for her to get off.
    Again he followed her through the streets. Finally she came to a stop at a tall building. Gonzo was confused and tired of walking but followed her anyway. She got in the elevator and was gone. Gonzo sat on the steps he’d lost her again and he still didn’t know why, he waited for close to an hour jumping every time the elevator opened. Finally Camilla stepped out.
    “Hello Camilla care to explain where we are?” Gonzo asked getting up off the steps.
    Camilla jumped and spun to face him her eyes twice their normal size. “Bwak bgawk brawk bewak” She clucked.
    Gonzo rolled his eyes. “You’re what?” he asked.
    “Bewak bwak begawk bgawk brwak.” She replied.
    Gonzo crossed his arms over his chest, “You got another job because you want to make more money why didn’t you just tell me?” Gonzo asked.
    Camilla walked towards him and hugged him, “Bewk begawk.” She said.
    “I forgive you, let’s just go home.” He said
  5. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Cool! Write more.
  6. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Wow! Awwww! Trudy is going home to see her hubby Max? Sad, but true! I hope Kermit understands! I feel so bad for Janice. She takes care of her baby and gets exhausted really quick. Holy Moly! Wow! Finally, Gonzo knew that Camilla was going to work without telling him. I'm glad Gonzo forgives her. Awwww! They should go home after they had been apart for too long. More please!
  7. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    I love JANICEXFLOYD!!!!
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  8. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Me too! What a coincidence! :laugh:
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  9. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 22
    The band piled off the bus.
    "It's so weird without Janice with us." Morgan said.
    The rest of the band nodded their agreement.
    "Teeth where are we?" Floyd asked.
    Dr. Teeth looked around they were standing in a large cornfield.
    "Um they said it was supposed to
    Be here" Teeth said.
    Floyd looked around the cornfield. There was nothing for what looked like miles.
    "Teeth there's no one here man,"
    Zoot said.
    Dr. Teeth pulled out his phone "There's no reception either." He said jumping.
    Morgan sighed and leaned against the bus. "Teeth are we lost?" She asked.
    Teeth laughed "Darling I never ever get lost" He said.
    "Well there was that one time when..."
    "Shut up Floyd no one asked you." Teeth said quickly. Morgan rolled her eyes.
    "I'll tell you later." Floyd whispered. Dr. Teeth glared at him and put his phone in his pocket.
    "If we're no lost, where are we?" Morgan asked.
    Everyone shrugged, "It should be right here." Teeth said. Pulling a piece of paper out of his pocket.
    "Let me see that." Floyd said snatching the paper away. Dr. Teeth sighed and walked over beside Morgan.
    "You're an idiot." Floyd said.
    Teeth rolled his eyes "How so genius?" Teeth asked
    Floyd walked over. "Did the writing not look weird to you? Its upside down." Floyd said turning the page around. Dr. Teeth grabbed it back and looked at it again.
    "Floyd are you sure this is upside dow... Oh never mind." Morgan said reading the address over
    Dr. Teeth's shoulder.
    Floyd laughed and crossed his arms over his chest "What were you saying about me being a genius?" Floyd said.
    Teeth glared at him. "Forget it Floyd." He said.
    Floyd laughed again "I was going to ask for it in writing but never mind." He said.
    "Alright we'll just get on the bus and drive to this place." Dr. Teeth said.
    "Ya we'll just let the guy that got us lost drive." Floyd said sarcastically getting back on the bus.
    "We are not lost we just took a wrong turn." Teeth mumbled.
    "Teeth every turn we took was wrong the page was upside down." Floyd said.
    "LOST LOST LOST!" Animal yelled in his.
    Zoot sat down and looked back at Teeth "I just don't get how Floyd figured it out and Teeth didn't." He said.
    "What do you mean man? I'm a genius." Floyd said.
    Morgan groaned "Floyd will you shut up?" She said.
    Floyd laughed and sat down. "Teeth said it first. But considering that he got us lost! I'm not sure we can trust him!" Floyd said.
    Teeth started the bus, "Floyd do you like cornfields? Because that's where you'll be living if you don't shut up. We are not lost." Teeth said going back the way he came.
    "Fine I won't say we're lost. We took a bunch of wrong turns due to your stupidity." Floyd said.
    Teeth glared back at him. "We're not out of the cornfields yet Floyd." He said darkly.
    Floyd laughed "Hey it's four against one Teeth you're that one. I wouldn't be threatening me I'm one of the four." Floyd said.
    Teeth rolled his eyes. "Floyd if you don't stop talking you'll be the one. The one in the cornfield." Teeth said. Morgan laughed "That's probably true," She laughed. Floyd glared at both of them but didn't reply.

    Janice finally had time for a nap. She laid on the couch and fell asleep. Even if was only for an hour. Lily started to cry a few minutes later. She marched up the stairs for the hundredth time that day. Finally when Lily fell asleep again Janice grabbed the playpen and dragged it downstairs. Then she put Lily in that instead. While Lily was asleep Janice picked up her phone. She dialed and hoped Lily could sleep for ten more minutes.
    "Hey Piggy... Finally... Like you too?... Um I could... Sure... See you soon." Janice hung up just as Lily started to cry again.
    Janice picked her up and ran her outside she was taking her to Piggy's.
    Miss Piggy opened the door before Janice could knock.
    "Hey Janice." She said quietly.
    "Hey Piggy," Janice said walking inside.
    "Here you can put her upstairs while she sleeps," Piggy offered leading Janice upstairs.
    "Thanks Piggy," Janice replied. Piggy set up another playpen quickly. Janice laid Lily down and then walked back downstairs with Piggy.
    "You look tired too." Janice said collapsing on one of the couches.
    "I haven't slept in two days. If ones not up the other is." She said.
    "I'm like totally alone until tomorrow." Janice said.
    "Well at least they're all asleep for now," Piggy said.
    Janice nodded.
    Half an hour later while Janice and Piggy were having tea. Crying rang through all the monitors. "Are they all awake?" Janice asked.
    Piggy nodded and sighed. "Where's Kermit when I need him?" Piggy said walking upstairs. Janice followed. Piggy got Lucia then got Chris both were crying. Janice lifted Lily into her arms.
    "Let's go downstairs." Piggy said. They walked downstairs Piggy balancing the twins in her arms.
    Janice sat back down on the couch.
    "I swear when Floyd gets back I'm going like to sleep and he can take care of her for awhile." Janice laughed.
    "Same here, Kermit can have them on the weekends." They laughed.
    Piggy finally coaxed Lucia to
    Sleep she laid her in the playpen they had downstairs and continued to rock Chris.
    "I think we need a nap," Janice said. Piggy nodded after Chris and Lily were asleep Janice and Piggy laid down and fell asleep.

    Kermit was walking through the rows of theatre seats he found Gonzo sitting in one of the back seats alone.
    "Gonzo what's wrong?" Kermit asked.
    Gonzo looked up, "oh hi Kermit I'm fine. Camilla is just at her other job." He said.
    "Other job?" Kermit asked.
    "Ya since she doesn't have much to do in the show she's got a second job." Gonzo said.
    Kermit nodded "Well if she ever wants more to do in the show all she has to do is ask I'm sure I could fit her in somewhere." Kermit said.
    "Thanks Kermit I'll tell her." Gonzo said.
    Kermit touched Gonzo's shoulder lightly and kept walking.
    Gonzo got up and walked up to the stage Camilla today had told him she was leaving instead of just disappearing. It had made him feel better to know where she was.

    "Teeth tell me we're almost there,"
    Floyd said.
    "We're almost there," Teeth replied
    "Really?" Floyd asked.
    "no." Teeth replied. Floyd sat back down and looked out the window. They'd been driving for hours. They'd had to go almost all the way home before going the right way.
    Morgan was writing something in a ringed notebook. She had being doing so for the past hour and a half. Zoot had fallen asleep. And Floyd and Teeth had been sarcastically arguing since they left the cornfields. Floyd thought he was safe and started commenting about how lost they were as soon as the cornfields were out of sight.
    Animal was getting impatient if they didn't get there soon Animal would lose it. And being in an enclosed space with Animal while he was freaking out never ended well.
    "Teeth will you just admit you're lost?" Floyd asked receiving an icy glare from Morgan.
    "I'm not lost anymore." Teeth said.
    "Okay will you admit that you were lost?" Floyd said with a grin.
    "I'm gonna go back there and hit you."
    Floyd stood up and walked to the front of the bus.
    "Look man we're gonna be late and if we're late we'll never get home in time for the show, if we don't get home in time for the show Janice is going to kill me." Floyd said.
    Teeth laughed. "I'll drop you off in a cornfield on the way home then." He said.
    Floyd's smile faded, "I'll just take my chances with Janice." Floyd said walking back to his seat.
    "I thought so," Teeth replied.
    Zoot woke up and groaned. "Teeth can you drive faster? this is taking forever." He asked.
    Teeth sighed and looked back. "I could let Animal drive." Teeth offered.
    "No!" Morgan said standing up.
    "We'd get there a lot faster," Floyd muttered.
    "We wouldn't get there at all," Morgan said.
    "But Teeth seriously how much longer man?" Floyd asked.
    "Two hours." Dr. Teeth replied.
    Floyd walked to the front of the bus and sat across from Animal.
    Animal was hitting his drumsticks on the seat in front of him so hard that it was leaving little dents in the material.
    "It better be a fast two hours Animal's gonna need a walk." Floyd said.
    "I think you both need a walk, shall we get you a chain too Floyd?" Teeth asked.
    "Ya know sometimes I think Animal should be the one walking Floyd." Morgan said.
    "He does," Floyd said shaking his head.
    "We could at least put some music on." Floyd said walking to the radio.
    "Doesn't work." Teeth said. Floyd stood up. "What kind of bus is this?" Floyd asked.
    "Um Floyd you broke it years ago." Teeth said.
    "Oh ya I was hoping you'd forget and blame yourself but I guess not." Floyd walked back to his seat.
    "Will you sit down?" Morgan asked.
    "Um let me think no," Floyd said getting back up and going to the very back of the bus.
    Then he walked back and back again knowing it would ignore Morgan.
    On his fifth time going to the back of the bus. She got up and pushed him into the seat behind her.
    "Stay," She snapped sitting in her seat.
    Floyd shrugged and stood up leaning over her seat her grabbed a fistful of her dark hair.
    "Floyd let go!" He said hitting him in the arm with her book.
    "Can't you let me braid your hair?" He asked.
    Morgan looked at him like he was crazy. "You know how to braid?" She asked in a shocked tone.
    "Of course I'm a genius remember?" He replied.
    "But I've also been talked into braiding Janice's hair a thousand times" he said.
    Morgan rolled her eyes. "Fine If it will shut you up." she said turning around.
    Floyd laughed and started on her hair.
    Ten minutes later the bus stopped.
    "You lied that wasn't two hours." Floyd said
    "We're not there we're out of gas." Teeth said.
    "Don't worry I can get us out of here," Floyd said.
    "Walking three hours to a town so small it didn't have a name isn't being helpful." Morgan snapped.
    "The about braids is its so easy to tie a knot instead." Floyd said.
    Tugging on Morgans hair.
    She stopped talking and returned to writing.
    "Floyd it doesn't matter we're at a gas station." Teeth said.
    Floyd finished Morgan's hair. Letting it drop from his grasp. She grabbed it and looked at it.
    "Whoa you can French braid?" She asked.
    "Like I said years and years and years of practice." Floyd said getting off the bus after Teeth.
    "I'm starting to wonder how Janice puts up with you." Teeth said. Floyd leaned against the bus.
    "I was thinking the same thing about Morgan." Floyd said.
    "Seriously how do you know how to braid? You never seemed like the guy that liked to braid." Teeth said.
    "It comes with the whole genius thing. No Janice taught me." He said.
    "Why?" Teeth asked.
    Floyd shrugged "She was tired of braiding her hair herself. I don't know she just asked me if I could braid one day and then she showed me how." Floyd said.
    "And I thought you couldn't get any stranger." Teeth said.
    They stopped talking when Animal hopped off the bus.
    Floyd jumped and grabbed his chain holding him in place knowing Animal was close to freaking out and loaded with energy.
    I'm gonna walk him for a minute." Floyd said.
    "You have five minutes." Teeth said.
    Floyd nodded and pulled Animal down the street a bit.
    Morgan and Zoot stepped off the bus.
    "Hey guys we'll be back on the road in five minutes, Floyd just wanted to walk Animal for a few minutes.
    "How much longer?" Zoot asked.
    "An hour and a half man."
    Dr. Teeth said.
    Morgan sighed and ran back on the bus.
    Once Floyd got back with the slightly less excited Animal they continued down the road.
    Floyd finally sat down and stopped annoying everyone. Zoot fell asleep again and Morgan continued writing.
    Fifteen minutes later Floyd stood up again and jumped into Morgan's seat.
    "What do you want?" She asked.
    Floyd rolled his eyes "What ya writing?" He asked. She closed the book and glared at him. "Nothing" She snapped stuffing the book into her bag. Floyd laughed and got up, he walked back to the front of the bus and stood by the doors.
    "Do you have to be annoying today?" Teeth asked.
    Floyd shrugged, "It gives me a way to entertain myself." He replied.
    Teeth sighed and turned a sharp corner Floyd grabbed the seat to keep from falling over. "We almost..."
    "Another hour go sit down and shut up." Teeth snapped. Floyd sighed. "It's elementary school all over again." He muttered walking to his seat.
    The last hour of their drive was eerily quiet. Floyd was quiet and had stopped annoying everyone. Animal started to freak out again and everyone went back to entertaining themselves.
    Dr. Teeth stopped the bus. "Now we're there," he said
    Floyd jumped up and ran off the bus before, Morgan could move to wake up Zoot.
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  10. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    nevur knew floyd could french braid. Do more!
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  11. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    Chapter 22
    Kermit got home to find both Janice and Miss Piggy collapsed on the couch.
    “Hi Piggy Hi Janice,” Kermit said.
    “Hi Kermit,” Janice said
    Piggy got up and kissed him, “Hi dear we are having a no sleep day.” She said, Kermit laughed “They’re asleep right now.” He said
    “I wasn’t talking about the babies.” Piggy said
    Kermit smiled and hugged her. “Maybe I should like head home,” Janice said,
    “Feel free to stay Janice we could help eachother out no one’s getting any sleep anyways.” Piggy said.
    “Are you sure?” Janice asked.
    “Of course Janice,” Kermit said,
    Janice smiled and was going to sit back down when Lily started to cry.
    Janice got up and walked back over to the playpen and picked her up. “Apparently none of us are getting sleep.” Kermit said, Janice sighed and rocked Lily back and forth.
    Kermit kissed Piggy again and headed to his office Piggy sat back down and watched Janice rock Lily to sleep.
    “I’m going to be crazy by the time she’s five,” Janice said laying her down.
    “I’ll be crazy by the time they’re two.” Piggy replied with a laugh.

    “Teeth must I repeat that you are an Idiot?” Floyd said once he was off the bus and looking around.
    “If you do I’ll leave you here.” Teeth replied.
    “Where is here? Where are we?” Floyd said sharply spinning in a circle and gesturing to the area around him. They were somewhere in the mountains.
    “Teeth you’re lost and we’re going home!” Floyd yelled getting on the bus.
    Teeth sighed and nodded, “Okay I admit it we’re lost but I also don’t know where we are so it could take us longer than I thought to get home.” He said softly.
    Morgan rolled her eyes and stomped back on the bus. “Great Animal’s going to lose it, I’m sure Floyd already did. And here I am thinking the ride here was bad.” Morgan snapped flopping into her seat.
    “I’m sorry guys,” Dr.Teeth said. Getting in the driver’s seat and starting the bus. Floyd sat down and faced the back to the bus instead of the front.
    Morgan pulled out her book and started to write in it again. Floyd decided that if she didn’t show it to him he’d take the book from her. He slid out of his seat and behind her’s. “Floyd I swear get in your seat or I’ll throw you out the window.” Morgan said turning around and hitting him in the head with her book.
    “Hey c’mon don’t kill me.” He said jumping across the isle.
    “No wonder you and Teeth get along you are both idiots!” Morgan snapped. Floyd flinched and grimaced, “Well someone’s in a bad mood,” Floyd said.
    Morgan got up and glared at him, “I have been on this stupid bus for too long putting up with you!” Morgan said. Floyd laughed and looked out the window.
    “Well if you told me what you were writing then maybe I’d leave you alone.” Floyd said.
    “No” Morgan replied.
    “Fine then,” Floyd said. But Morgan didn’t miss the evil grin he shot her.
    Morgan continued her writing looking over at Floyd every few minutes to make sure he wasn’t planning something that would result in them never getting home.
    Like most of the ride there (Wherever there was) Zoot was asleep.
    Animal was back to drumming the seat to tatters and Teeth was ignoring everyone.
    An hour later the bus stopped again. “I think you should ask us before you stop because every time we’ve stopped so far we’ve been lost.” Floyd said standing up.
    “Don’t worry man it’s just a small stop. We need gas and food most likely.” He said, Floyd nodded and sat back down.
    Teeth returned a few minutes later with his arms full of chocolate bars and pop. “This is your idea of food?” Morgan asked.
    “This was the safest food they had.” Teeth replied handing her a bunch of chocolate bars.
    Safest?” Morgan asked with an eyebrow raised.
    Teeth shrugged, “Unless you like apples. Well I think they were apples.” He said, Morgan sighed and took the chocolate.
    “Hey bus driver there’s a wasp back there.” Morgan said pointing to the back of the bus. Floyd laughed. “Hear that Teeth? Ya get her lost twice and suddenly you’re just the bus driver.” Floyd said.
    Teeth sighed and walked to the back of the bus but the bus lurched forwards and tore down the road.
    “What the-Animal!” Teeth cried. Animal was in the driver’s seat driving the bus down the road.
    “DRIVE! DRIVE! DRIVE!”Animal yelled.
    Floyd stood up and stumbled to the front of the bus. He tried to take the wheel but Animal was strong and full of energy.
    “The last time he did this how did we stop it?” Floyd asked.
    “We were driving through a desert and the only thing to hit was a cactus!” Teeth shouted back. Animal’s head jerked up and his eyes widened. “CACTUS! CACTUS! CACTUS!” He screamed, Floyd was able pull Animal away from the window. “C’mon ya ‘know that ever since he hit that cactus saying cactus makes him freak out.” Floyd said,
    “CACTUS! CACTUS! CACTUS!” Animal continued to yell crawling into his seat. Floyd jumped into the driver’s seat and was able to pull the bus over.
    “Teeth maybe you should stay in your seat,” Floyd said standing up.
    Teeth jumped into the driver’s seat, “Now we can go home.” He said starting the bus; Floyd sighed and wandered back to his seat. “Wasn’t Animal chained to his seat?” Morgan asked.
    “Um...Hold on.’ Floyd got up and quickly hooked Animal into his seat. “He is now.” Floyd said falling back into his seat.
    Morgan rolled her eyes and returned to her book.

    The next morning Janice got ready and left Piggy and Kermit’s.
    Lily was a lot calmer and stayed asleep longer. Janice got home and ran her upstairs before, having a quick shower and getting some breakfast. Floyd and Morgan walked through the door a few minutes later.
    “Never again, Janice I’ll fill in for you on the show but not again I’m not going anywhere with him ever again.” Morgan sighed. Janice hugged her and laughed.
    “How was your show?” She asked.
    “We never did it, we got lost twice.” Floyd said.
    Janice laughed and hugged him. “Why do you annoy everyone?” She asked. Floyd shrugged, “I was bored.” He said. Janice laughed and kissed his cheek.
    Morgan rolled her eyes and walked off to her room.
    Floyd leaned in and kissed her; Janice smiled and kissed him back. Lily started to cry. Janice pulled back and laughed, “I’m tired you go get her,” She yawned. Floyd sighed and ran upstairs Janice laughed again and lay on the couch. Floyd was gone for twenty minutes but when he came back Janice was asleep.

    sorry it's so short I've been really busy lately I'll post more soon
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    Nice job!
  13. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Like Wow! I liked the section where Morgan mads at Floyd and Teeth for getting lost and driving everyone crazy. How we she ever put up with those guys? This is rully great chapter, though. Nice!
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    I thought Teeth was going to perpose to Morgan.
  15. floyd<3janice

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    Chapter 24
    Morgan met Teeth at the theatre. "Hey," She said. Teeth hugged her and kissed her cheek. "Hey." He replied. Morgan smiled and took his hand. He walked inside with her.
    "So the shows tonight and Kermit was extremely happy to hear about our song because he was out of ideas for the show." Morgan said.
    "Great because we have enough time to practice once before the show." Teeth replied. Morgan nodded and opened the door to the piano room and froze. The piano was gone.

    Floyd ran upstairs to get Lily for the millionth time that morning. Janice had him on Lily watch 24/7 he ran up and down while she relaxed.
    "Here honey I'll get her." Janice said laying a hand on his shoulder.
    "It's fine babe," Floyd replied.
    Janice laughed and spun him to face her. "Floyd you're exhausted let me get her go rest." she said.
    "Alright." He said. Janice hugged him and ran into Lily's room.

    Kermit was running through the house like a tornado. He was going from to room and even his words were rushed and weren't full sentences. With another show that night and trying help out with the twins Kermit had no time for anything.
    Piggy was juggling Lucia in one arm and a basket full of laundry in the other.
    "I...got...it" Kermit said running over trying to think of how to form
    Words into sentences.
    "Thanks Kermie," Piggy said handing him the wailing Lucia.
    Kermit nodded and walked into his office.
    Lucia wailed in Kermit's arms while he rocked her back and forth. "Please go to sleep" Kermit muttered kissing her forehead.
    Lucia didn't seem to care in fact she seemingly wailed louder. Kermit groaned and shifted her so her head was resting against his shoulder.
    Kermit reached for his coffee but it was well out of reach.
    "How can I do everything at once?" Kermit asked himself.
    "Oh dear let me take her." Piggy said running in the room with her arms outstretched.
    "Darling it's fine I've got her." Kermit said. Piggy opened her mouth to reply but shut it when Chris started to cry also. She shot Kermit and apologetic look before running out the door.

    Floyd was downstairs with the tv on mute and Lily curled in his arms. Janice had gone for a run and Lily had started to cry a few minutes ago. She wasn't crying but she was awake too.
    Janice walked in the door a minute later.
    "Hey," She whispered
    Floyd took her hand and pulled her down beside him.
    She sat down and wrapped an arm around his waist.
    "You'll be late for the show if you don't hurry." Janice said.
    "I know," Floyd replied.
    Janice smiled and kissed his cheek.
    "here I'll get her to sleep while you get ready," Janice said.
    Floyd handed her Lily and stood up.
    Janice Followed him upstairs and put Lily in her crib. Instead of crying she closed her eyes and fell asleep.
    Floyd picked up his bass and went to the door. Janice followed him downstairs and grabbed his arm turning him to face her.
    "You'll be okay here?" Floyd asked.
    "Like totally honey go ahead I'll be here when you come back." Janice replied.
    "You're the best" he replied. Janice smiled and kissed him quickly. He kissed her forehead before walking back outside.

    "Teeth what do we do?" Morgan panicked pacing the length of the band's dressing room.
    "Morgan it'll be fine," Teeth said.
    "No, no, no it won't be. We haven't rehearsed." She said.
    Teeth rolled his eyes and walked over blocking her path. "We'll do just fine now calm down honey." He said. Morgan sighed and retreated to the couch.
    "Teeth, Morgan are you guys almost ready?" Kermit asked from outside the door.
    Teeth ran over and flung the door open. "When are we on?" Teeth asked.
    Kermit looked at the clock. "You're the third act so be ready." Kermit said.
    "Great. We'll be there little green swamp man." Teeth said Kermit nodded and walked down the hall after Gonzo.
    "This so better work out." Morgan said. Teeth sighed and leaned against the door.
    "It'll be just fine." He said. They were both silent for a minute. When they did talk it was at the same time.
    "Teeth I"
    "Morgan," An knock on the door interrupted them. Teeth sighed again and flung it open once more.
    Morgan stood up and walked to the mirror.
    "Oh great you're here." Floyd said walking in followed by Animal and Zoot.
    Morgan rolled her eyes and finished pulling her hair back before replying. "Floyd you're here and as charming as always." She said sarcastically followed by a fake smile.
    Floyd opened his mouth to say something but yet another pounding on the door stopped him.
    "What?" Teeth groaned throwing the door open.
    "Fozzie lost his voice!" Kermit exclaimed rushing inside the already crowded dressing room.
    "What does this have to do with us?" Floyd asked.
    "We are short for acts as it already was now without Fozzie what do I do?" Kermit asked pacing in fast circles.
    "Wait where's Rowlf?" Morgan asked.
    "Backstage" Kermit replied.
    "Oh no she's got an idea. Kermit I'd ignore her if I were you." Floyd said. Morgan ran for the door whacking Floyd on her way out.
    "I gotta feeling she doesn't like me," Floyd laughed.
    Teeth shook his head and picked up a book. "What gave you that idea?" He said with a grin.
    "Well ya know being a genius and all..." The book hit Floyd in the head.
    "Rowlf!" Morgan exclaimed running over to the dog.
    "Hey what's up?" He asked
    "Play a song for the show" Morgan said.
    "Why?" Rowlf asked.
    "we're one act short and you're the only one I could think of to help." Morgan said.
    Rowlf sighed "I guess I could I have been practicing Imagine a lot this week" He said.
    "Please play it?" Morgan asked.
    Rowlf nodded "Alright alright I'll do it." He said
    "Thank you!" Morgan said pulling him in for a hug.
    "Great idea Morgan" Kermit said.
    Morgan nodded and smiled "Thanks Kermit" Morgan replied.
    Teeth was standing by the stage
    "Ready?" He asked taking her hand. Morgan nodded.
    Rowlf was bumped to the first act. He hurried on the stage where the missing piano was.
    He sat down and the audience was silent when he started to play.

    "Imagine there's no heaven
    It's easy if you try
    No **** below us
    Above us only sky
    Imagine all the people
    Living for today...

    Imagine there's no countries
    It isn't hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace...

    You may say I'm a dreamer
    But I'm not the only one
    I hope someday you'll join us
    And the world will be as one

    Imagine no possessions
    I wonder if you can
    No need for greed or hunger
    A brotherhood of man
    Imagine all the people
    Sharing all the world...

    You may say I'm a dreamer
    But I'm not the only one
    I hope someday you'll join us
    And the world will live as one"

    The audience erupted into applause. Rowlf hurried offstage.
    Kermit introduced the next act and ran off.
    "You're next." He told Teeth and Morgan.
    The act onstage finished and Kermit announced Morgan and Teeth's song.
    Morgan grabbed a microphone and they walked onstage.
    Morgan's floor length gold dress sparkled and glittered in the light.
    Teeth sat at the piano and waited
    a minute before he started playing.
    A minute later Morgan started singing.

    "All around us is a mystery.
    Our pasts are history.
    We are destined you and me.
    You'll agree"
    Teeth started to sing along.

    "It all started with a promise
    It all began with I will.
    I don't want it to end ever.
    And I hope it never will."

    "Can you see all around us we are free
    You are all I wanted to be,
    Don't leave I see.
    In us all we are aching to be.

    "oh, it is all a story without an ending.
    But can't you see it is me.
    All around is a mystery
    Our pasts are history
    We are destined you and me
    You'll agree."

    Teeth got up and Morgan spun around following him off the stage.
    "That was awesome" She exclaimed throwing her around Teeth once they were off the stage.
    "You are the best singer," He told her.
    Morgan smiled and walked towards the band's dressing room. Floyd was lounging on the couch beside Zoot.
    "You look posilutely bored." Teeth said.
    Floyd grinned, "Sitting around doing nothing isn't exactly riveting." He replied.
    "Floyd you've been around Animal too long. You sit still to long and you freak out." Teeth laughed.
    "I'm going to talk to the green guy." Floyd said. Zoot was asleep and Animal wasn't in the room.
    Morgan laughed and hugged
    Teeth again. "You're great too." She said. Teeth smiled and kissed her cheek.
    Morgan sighed and stepped away sitting in a chair. "This was great." Morgan said finally.
    Teeth nodded. "It was fun." He agreed.
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    Wow floyd<3janice! I love the song, "Imagine!" What was the second song called?

    BTW: More please! This story lets me read more.
    :halo: MORE! MORE! HA! HA! HA!
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    The second song was really random it's not an actual song. My sister loves to write songs and she wrote it but it's based off the song Bijou by Queen which will appear later
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    Oh yeah! It was made up from your sister. Oh boy! I am so eager to read another chapter soon.
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    Luv this chapter!
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    I think it's awesome that your sister is a songwriter. I'm sort of an aspiring songwriter myself (Although, I've been slacking lately and I have no clue where my original song book is.......:p )
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