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The movie could have been even better (article)

Discussion in 'Muppet Headlines' started by beaker, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. heralde Well-Known Member

    Yeah we're pretty much on the same page here, hehe. :)
  2. Pinkflower7783 Well-Known Member

    Yep!!! Like I said I think I love them even more and appericate them now then when I was a child. Cause I sort of grew out of them and didn't really think much of them till about two years ago so...I guess yeah when Jim died I felt like the magic wouldn't be back anymore. So I kind of forgot about them. And I understand about not fixing something if isn't broke I just feel no matter what they will always be classic to me. :)
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  3. Pinkflower7783 Well-Known Member

    And this is just random but I just love hearing Kermit sing...I wish they'd let him sing more instead of just giving interviews. Especially ballads I get so emotional. Lol!
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  4. heralde Well-Known Member

    Yeah totally I've definitely had my break periods over the years and then suddenly they'd pop back up again. I never understand why it happens but it just feels right, lol.

    Sorry if I seem harsh about the "updating" thing, my friends say I was born in the wrong decade, lol.
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  5. Pinkflower7783 Well-Known Member

    None taken were all entitled to our opinion...trust me I was and still that way...I always think what Jim would have done or what Jim would think today but I just keep remembring what they said when Walt died and the studios just like The Muppets went through sort of a dark period where they weren't sure what to do. And didn't even know if the company would make it without Walt but then realized we gotta move on and find our own way. So I try to now think it was the same thing with The Muppets it took them a long time to move on but I think their okay now. :)
  6. heralde Well-Known Member

    Yeah people forget that Disney was pretty much gone for like two decades as far as their animated movies, lol. I love how that 60 Minutes special on the Muppet Show compared the Muppets to "the heyday of Disney," lol. But eventually, Disney under Eisner in the early '90s did finally bring them back to their rightful place as animation pioneers (despite the problems they had later, we'll ignore that for now, lol).

    Sometimes it does take that right person and that right moment in time. If it was easy to predict, franchises would never have problems in the first place. ;)
  7. Pinkflower7783 Well-Known Member

    LOL! Yeah I know what you mean. Disney has had it's fair share of hibernation you could say. haha! But I think we all sort of go through that as people. Have our dark times and looking for our way in life but we all just keep moving forward. :)
  8. Pinkflower7783 Well-Known Member

    So true! I sent you a private message by the way it's about Jim hope you enjoy it.
  9. MelissaY1 Well-Known Member

    Well I'm not naive enough to think the Muppets will ever be the way they were again as when Jim was alive. The world is different now, the entertainment industry is different now, etc. and honestly I think THAT is more in where my problem lies with current Muppet stuff. Because they are trying to stay current and "hip" for lack of a better description right now, I just think they are trying TOO hard. I just feel their heart has been lacking (some of that was seen in the new film, but not enough in my opinion). Like Kermit living in a mansion was so unlike what I think of that embodies Kermit's character: a simple "everyfrog" who is down to earth and just good.
    And yes, while I give Jason Segel credit for lobbying for this movie to get made, I still dislike him as an actor, and didn't get why he had to kind of act Muppety himself in the film. Making all those faces, and if he called Walter "little buddy" once, he did it 20 times. I think one of the great strengths of the Muppets working with live human actors was it was always people you either couldn't picture acting zany like Orson Welles, etc. or people who just have that kind of fun vibe like Whoopi Goldberg, and Jason Segel to me is neither. Anyone could've played his part in the film and probably better.
  10. Pinkflower7783 Well-Known Member

    I personally think their right where they should be. God knows it's taken them a long time to find their place and I think they have. I didn't even know who Jason was until The Muppets so... shows how much I really keep up with the entertainment industry. LOL! If there was anything wrong with the movie I was definitely not used to seeing Kermit so reclusive as he's put it in interviews but at the same time he feels the way I had been feeling about them not sure if they would ever make a comeback. I just know The Muppets are back and what I think we've all been wanting. Now on the other hand bringing back The Muppet show would be even better but we'll see!
  11. heralde Well-Known Member

    For me this movie was definitely one of those "OK, I'll take it!" moments. It didn't have the mean spirited humor occasionally seen in other Muppet productions or weak attempts at being modern, so I decided to enjoy it despite whatever other issues it had, lol.
    Pinkflower7783 likes this.
  12. Alvin Active Member

    It did have it's WHAT? moments...but overall just to have the Muppets back in the limelight again is awesome. Like Jason said....whether we like him or not, he brought the Muppets back to the big screen and then we won an oscar. AND NOW a sequel on the way...Muppet fans...rejoice. It will be good to place that new blu-ray disc in my collection on Tuesday.
    Pinkflower7783 likes this.
  13. Pinkflower7783 Well-Known Member

    This week has been nothing but torture waiting for this thing to be released! LOL!
  14. Reevz1977 Well-Known Member

    OK...call me a sad man but I've watched it 4 times since receiving the blu ray and whilst I absolutely LOVE this movie there is one thing that grates me more and more with each viewing and thats "Fozzie Bear".

    Now yes, I put his name in quotes because, for me at least, the movie seems to have a counterfeit Fozzie...close, and to the casual observer indistinguishable, but to me it's just not our furry favourite funnyman. Thats not just isolated to the puppet either, its the performance as well. Now I know I will catch a lot of stick for this, and I've never had a problem with Eric's Fozzie previously, but "Fozzie" seems to be waaaay of in this film. The voice is very very odd, almost as if Eric was trying something different?!? And as for the puppet, well call me an old school fan but I really REALLY dislike his latest incarnation and I genuinely hope that with whatever the future holds for our beloved characters, they address this. Disney (or Puppet Heap) have done a bang-up job with other characters, Scooter being the best by far after being horrendous for several years and I'd just like to see Fozzie return to form.

    Other than that, I still REEALLY love this movie. Having seen the full Richman rap, I just wish they'd left it in. It's actually way more funnier and irreverent in it's full form. Now I know many disliked it, but I feel it really is in the tradition of the original Muppet humour, to just step out of the moment and deliver something that really doesn't make any sense!

    I still stand by my original opinion...this film is waaaaaaaaaaay better than I ever dreamed and cannot thank everyone involved enough...especially Mr Segel!!
  15. Pinkflower7783 Well-Known Member

    Oh thanks for rubbing it in that you've watched it 4 times already! We still have to wait till next Tues!!! By the way I'm teasing you. Lol!
  16. Reevz1977 Well-Known Member

    Sorry:o It's worth the wait :)

    Also for all UK fans, you can get the Blu Ray from Movietyme lite for £16.99. There no point other fans being ripped off as I was:mad:
  17. Pinkflower7783 Well-Known Member

    In the mean time while waiting for the movie I'm gonna go and get a Kermie doll made at Build a bear. I know I'm a dork and proud of it. :p
  18. Pinkflower7783 Well-Known Member

    You got yours off Ebay though right? When is the release in the UK? or is it out already there?
  19. Reevz1977 Well-Known Member

    No, I got mine off a site called Movietyme.com, since buying it though they've opened a sister-site thats considerably cheaper :(
  20. Pinkflower7783 Well-Known Member

    Oh okay. But when is the release date in the UK?

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