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New Muppets Christmas Special

Discussion in 'Muppet Headlines' started by tide, Aug 11, 2008.

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  1. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    That sounds like a fun plot ... though if the Muppets showed up at my house at all, I'd be living on cloud 9 for all eternity.... :D
  2. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Ah, so that's the case.

    What I think turned some people off is that it seems that the Muppets, as full of magic as they are, seem too grown up to write letters to Santa. I could see Robin doing so... but the Electric Mayhem?
  3. MuppetDanny

    MuppetDanny Well-Known Member

    Goldberg to star in Muppets show

    Sounds interesting:D
  4. muppet_dk

    muppet_dk Active Member

    hmm....TBH it seems to me that it's aimed at young children, when I read it.
  5. wwfpooh

    wwfpooh New Member

    Well, in the Muppet-verse, Santa--in various forms--does exist. ^_^ Plus, for all we know, The Muppets could have connections with the big elf himself just so they can get letters--whether they be their own or some child's--in on time before the big night. As well, you know the whole deal of Santa being one of the spirits of the holiday season (with the main big one being a little babe in swaddling clothes within a manager), anyway...XD
  6. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    And we got confirmation it will be good.
  7. wwfpooh

    wwfpooh New Member

    And that's definately a good thing!
  8. Redsonga

    Redsonga Active Member

    But that doesn't mean you can't let your inner child watch it ;).
    I'd be frightened..my stuffed animals would come to life :confused:
  9. muppet_dk

    muppet_dk Active Member

    Of course it does not mean that. However I can't help to think it could end up in the lines like "Kermit's Swamp Years" based on the description from BBC. But of course I can only hope that my fears are not true.
  10. wwfpooh

    wwfpooh New Member

    It's like Chucky to you, then, isn't it? The whole toys-come-to-life concept but done in a twisted manner.

    Certainly not.
  11. Redsonga

    Redsonga Active Member

    Not exactly...It's just if they were real that means anything could be alive...ANYTHING O.O Of course they could be a real frog, pig and bear...which would be another trouble :o
  12. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member


    Wowowowowow! This is... WOW! ! ! ! *SO EXCITED*
  13. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    PAUL WHOOPI! WILLIAMS GOLDBERG! ! ! ! I am SO excited right about now! ! !
  14. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

  15. wwfpooh

    wwfpooh New Member

    Good point. But it's not as if your own stuff would attack you...
  16. Oscarfan

    Oscarfan Well-Known Member

    Paul Williams! That's great!
  17. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member


    I have a phobia about this, actually, thanks to a humanoid doll I had once that was 4 feet tall. I saw and heard her threaten to kill me when I was young ... and she didn't have that ability (unlike that funny Elmo vid going around).

    However, I don't put the Muppets in the same category. To me, it'd be like any other celebrity showing up at your house. :flirt:
  18. wwfpooh

    wwfpooh New Member

    *is reminded of Bride of Chucky*

    *rolls eyes* Thanks for bringing that up. *shivers*

    *is also reminded of his sister's doll collection, one of which...has NO head, but still talks*
  19. Redsonga

    Redsonga Active Member

    I collect dolls, and I had one of those 4 foot ones once:excited:..that's not what really scares me in the muppet world. Now my dresser coming to life, that's what really scares me...
  20. RedPiggy

    RedPiggy Well-Known Member

    I wanted a Tiffany doll SO bad, but my brother was right ... I'd have nightmares about her in no time and would have to get rid of her ... but it's such a shame ... she's such a beautiful doll ... lol...

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