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International skits on Youtube...

Discussion in 'Sesame Worlds' started by Drtooth, Jul 14, 2007.

  1. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    let's start..

    Portuguese opening theme.

    Portugues grouch (or monster) talking about the letter A.
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  2. GonzoLeaper Active Member

    And here's a Kermit and Grover sketch in Portuguese!


    (I don't know if I've seen this one before!)
  3. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I bet you're surprised I didn't post this first...

    (Ernie and Bert dubbed in Japanese. I got such a thrill out of hearing Ernie say "Sugoi!"- the word for awesome)

    Some idiot is talking over this one, but this is pretty much something VERY Japanese style.

    BTW, I'm more interrested in non-dub original international character clips if anyone can find them
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  4. muppet_dk Active Member

  5. Erine81981 Active Member

    What song is this that they are singing? I've never seen this one in English.

  6. Swoopfoomer New Member

    That's the German version of "if I Knew You Were Coming I'd've Baked a Cake"
  7. Erine81981 Active Member

    Thanks Swoopfoomer. I thought it had to be that when Ernie brings out a cake in the oven. Thanks again.
  8. Swoopfoomer New Member

    You're welcome. :)
  9. Drtooth Well-Known Member


    Some Canadian Sesame Park just pooped up a couple months ago. And I just found them today...



  10. ISNorden Active Member

  11. muppet_dk Active Member

    I do have some more stuff, but what I don't have is time to digitize it.
  12. BeckyDR Member

    I have a lot of international clips on my favorites page; I can link them here if you want
  13. Erine81981 Active Member

    That would be awsome. I wouldn't mind watching other SS skits from other countries.
  14. BeckyDR Member

    Pinball Count -- 12 (Russian)
    Pinball Count (Turkish)
    Little Jerry and the Monotones -- Mad (Hebrew)
    Bert and Ernie -- Dance myself to sleep (Turkish)
    Billy Idle -- Rebel L (German)
    9 Cats (Hebrew)
    Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats -- Count it Higher (German)
    Bert and Ernie (French)
    Pinball Count (Swedish)
    Bert and Ernie -- That's what friends are for (Hebrew)
    Ernie's ABC story (Hebrew)
    Twiddlebugs try to stay dry (Hebrew)
    Kermit/Cookie rectangle lesson (Hebrew)
    Ernie/Sherlock Hemlock solve a mystery (Hebrew)
    Subway! (Dutch)
    10 Commandments of Health (Dutch)
    Ernie and Bert at the movies (Hebrew)
    Country Fiddler 3 (Hebrew)
    Count's first day at school (Hebrew)
    Alligator King (Hebrew)
    Grover -- Over/Under/Near/Far (Turkish?)
    Grover -- Over/Under/Near/Far (Arabic)
    Grover and Fat Blue -- the "go away" song (Spanish)
    Three Little Pigs (Portuguese)
  15. ISNorden Active Member

    That Pinball Count #10 was actually in Norwegian, but any Scandinavian Sesame material is likely to end up on my favorites list just the same--many thanks!
  16. ISNorden Active Member

    And speaking of Sesame Street in Norwegian...

    One of my subscriptions (a user named "barndomsminner", which means "childhood memories") has a TON of clips from Norwegian kids' shows. About a third of those are from Sesame Street; he (she?) seems especially fond of dubbed Bert and Ernie clips.

    Besides the Muppet dubs, I found a few more 1970s animations that made it to Norway's version of Sesame Street in the 90s. Here are some you might recognize:

    (I haven't seen the English version in years....)

    (I'm surprised to see this one dubbed, since Norwegian has 29 letters in its alphabet!)

    An assortment of kidvid clips from various shows, which includes the (beginning at time marker 2:47). Wonder how children over there reacted? ;)
  17. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    a full 9 minutes of
  18. Erine81981 Active Member

    Here are the ones i'm enjoying alot of. Sesamstraat street scenes and skits.

    Here's is 9 minutes of episode. 1996

    Here's another &feature=related for 7 minutes from which it aired Januray 27 of 1992

    Here's part 2 of &feature=related Januray 27 of 1992 (it's kinda messed up in parts)
  19. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    8 minutes of &feature=related

    And Mumford is referred to as Mahmoot (or Mahmood).
  20. Oscarfan Well-Known Member

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