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Hensonville City 2011

Discussion in 'Games' started by The Count, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Kicks back to enjoy the afternoon, having sent Aunt Ru the finished write-up of the current haunter for her review.
  2. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    Robin quick!..you're on the radio singing "When The River Meets The Sea" with Uncle Kermit and Jimmy Fallon!
    Robin runs to listen

    When it's over I hug him Aw..great job sweetheart!
    Robin:Thanks Mom! returning the hug I sure was nervous that night though.
    Well you did fine. You know I was going to have Auntie Ru, Uncle Kermit Auntie Piggy and Fozzie over to watch The Muppet Movie tonight. But I called and there was no answer.
    Robin: Ohh darn! Maybe tomorrow?Or later on tonight

    Well we'll see about later on tonight. Some frogs need to sleep.
    Robin: Yeah . Uncle Kermit has looked tired lately.
    I meant you.
    Robin: Mom! It's vacation!

    Well if I don't hear back from Aunt Ru by 8 then we'll watch the movie with everyone some other night OK?
    Robin: OK.
  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Already in the shower, towelling off, grabbing clothes to dress for tonight's plans.
    Steve: What plans... Tonight? Huh huh huh?
    Jonathan: Same thing, e-very night. Yip yip yip yip yip.

    Stepping out with a star, that star is you.
    Okay guys, I'm off to the club for a rousing night of singing with my girl.
    *:batty: leads Ed to the Countmobile, ready to roll.
    UD: Have fun and bon chahnce. Mmm, think I'll give Ellie a call to spend New Fear's together.
  4. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

    Ru: (looking at note on door) Awww. We missed a movie party invite from Kathy and Robin and their crew. Shucks.
    Fozzie: Why don't we see if they want to do a movie party tonight? Are there any specials we haven't seen yet?
    Ru: (excitedly) Ooh! I haven't watched my entire collection of Scrooge movies--I still have about seven to go!
    Kermit: Um, well, you know, maybe we could let them pick a movie.
    Piggy: Please. If Tiny Tim dies one more time I don't know what I'm going to do with her.
    Kermit: He didn't die. I mean, yes, they showed that part in the movie, but he didn't really die. They just foreshadowed it.
    Fozzie: Gosh, Kermit--you're really good at this writing stuff. Will you help me write a poem for the contest at the library?
    Kermit: (back-pedalling madly) Um, well, uh, Ru writes poetry and stuff--right, Ru? You could help Fozzie with a poem?
    Ru: I could. Tell you what, Fozzie--let's write a note to Kathy first and then we'll see about that poem, okay?
    Fozzie: That sounds good.
    Piggy: (murmuring) Nice job of distracting her.
    Kermit: (whispering back) I've had years of practice.
    Piggy: What?!!!
    Kermit: Um, snickerdoodle?
    newsmanfan likes this.
  5. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    opening the door and a note drops down Hello..what's this? reading it...Ah ha...Note from the gang in Apt. 5 about the movie. Robin & Chef...we'll do it before Robin's vacation is up OK?
    They nod
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Listening to MCR, still with Muppet Christmas music.

    :) when I heard A True Blue Miracle in its entirety earlier.
    :cry: after hearing, for the first time, the rendition of When The River Meets The Sea sung by Jerry Nelson and Louise Gold at Jim's memorial.

    Uncle Deadly :)maniacal: Muppet smilie): I know lad, I know.
    :batty: nods, Fatatita rubs against Ed's leg in his deskchair.
  7. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

    (Things are quiet-ish and friendly-like in Apartment 5. Ru is writing with her earbuds in, Kermit and Piggy are watching television and Fozzie is folding all of the tissue paper that came inside the boxes and bags neatly so it can be saved. Kermit keeps casting nervous looks at Ru, who is oblivious and lost in her writing.)
    Kermit: I can't...I can't think with that thing staring at me.
    Piggy: (looking over at Ru) Kermie, it's just Ru. And it's not bothering you.
    Kermit: It is, too. It's...eerie. I feel like the eyes are following me.
    Piggy: Vous are being ridiculous. Come over here and snuggle with me and forget all about the scary hat.
    Kermit: I didn't say it was...it's not scary--it's weird. How would you like it if your face was everywhere, staring at....okay. Bad example. But we're inside now--how come she's still wearing it?
    Piggy: She said her head was cold.
    Fozzie: I hate it when I get a cold in my head.
    Kermit: No, Fozzie, not a cold in her head. Her head is cold.
    Fozzie: (looking at Ru) I don't see how. She's got that big fuzzy hat to keep it warm.
    Kermit: (hands on hips) And since when are amphibian's fuzzy, anyway? Whose idea was it to make those things out of fuzzy material.
    Piggy: Well, Kermie--most people don't want to wear slick, clammy hats on their head.
    Kermit: (making a disgruntled scrunchy face) I am not clammy!
    Fozzie: Not now, you're not. You're talking so much I can't even hear the television.
    Kermit: Fozzie--that's not what I'm-- (Takes a deep breath and turns back to Piggy.) I am not clammy!
    Piggy: Well you're not fuzzy.
    Kermit: That's exactly what I said. So why do they have to go and make a hat with my face (he points dramatically at Ru's hat) all fuzzy and everything?
    Ru: (smiling and taking her earbuds out. She reaches up an pats her hat.) I know! Pretty neat, huh?
    Kermit: Um, I was just, um--
    Ru: You wanna borrow it, Kermit? It is a little cool in here.
    Piggy: See?
    Kermit: (resigned) No thank you, Ru.
    Fozzie: I think he's a little steamed.
    Piggy: Kermit, Mon Capitan, come over here and sit by Moi on the couch.
    (Pouting, Kermit does, eventually allowing Piggy to snuggle up with him.)
    Piggy: Kermie?
    Kermit: (grouchily) What?
    Piggy: Vous are right.
    Kermit: (surprised) I am? I mean--I am. About what?
    Fozzie: Yeah--what is he right about?
    Piggy: (drawing Kermit back into her embrace.) Vous are not the least bit clammy. You are snuggly and warm.
    Kermit: (obviously pleased) Oh, um, yes. I am. But I'm not fuzzy.
    Piggy: No, Sweetie.
    Ru: (putting her earbuds back in) I never know what's going on in here when I'm writing....
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  8. newsmanfan

    newsmanfan Well-Known Member


    Rhonda: You said it.

    :news: *blearily* Did anyone get the license number of that truck?

    Newsie? Were you up too late even after I advised you to get some sleep?

    Rhonda: Nope. He went down to the corner for all the gossip mags and got hit by a truck.

    Newsie! *hugs* Are you all right?

    :news: Agh...unff...not...so...tight...

    Whoops, sorry. But, um...why would YOU go get a bunch of gossip mags?

    Rhonda: I told him to.

    :)news: stumbles off to his room to lie down, still groaning)

    WHY did you send him out for gossip mags? Who even reads that trash? I thought YOU billed yourself as a journalist, rat!

    Rhonda: I have more journalistic integrity in this little pinky claw than you have in your whole frumpy body, girlfriend! ...I heard Piggy was out on the town and wanted to see the pics, okay? I'm thinking of going blond this year and wanted to see how a pro pulls it off.


    Okay...one: that's in Ru's STORY. Far as I know Piggy has spent the past few days here at the townhouse! Two: why didn't you go get the trashy tinseltown rags yourself, you've got paws? and three: you're already blond.

    Rhonda: MORE blond. *she slips from the sofa and trots to the foyer* Gotta run. Brunch.

    It's almost five pm, rat.

    Rhonda: It's brunch-o-clock somewhere, ain't it? Ta ta. *slam*

    Why yes. I HAVE missed all this. Sure I have.

    *sending a Roomba robot to Susie, and a new crystal ball to Kelly* Happy belateds, folks!
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  9. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Satisfied sigh. Okay, the fic's finished. Now to redo the entire library.
    *Heads down to the Three Candlesticks to check this time the links are set up correctly with each available book on their shelves.
  10. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    reading a gift tag on a gift bag from Christmas from my sister & her partner Oh brother! :rolleyes:. Hey Robin I have to show you this. Read it out loud.
    Robin reading it :"To Kathy From Robin" looks at me I didn't get you anything in a gift bag.
    Yeah I know. But my sister and her friend that got me all that Muppet stuff thought they'd be cute and funny by saying it was from a Muppet. So I guess they picked you!
    Robin: Heehee! They have good taste! And you just noticed the gift tag now?

    Sad to say, but yes. :o
  11. Katzi428

    Katzi428 Well-Known Member

    there's a knock at my bedroom door and Robin's voice says Mom? Can I come in?

    Yep....c'mon in.
    Robin opens the door and comes in the room I don't feel well.

    feeling his forehead You don't have a fever. Is your stomach upset?
    Robin: No...I just feel yukky.

    Then it occurs to me that today was the last day of holiday vacation before school starts again tomorrow.
    Robin.. dear one..I know what you're suffering from.A cure for it is a trip back to school tomorrow.
    Robin: Aww..but Mom...
    Don't "aw but Mom" me, kiddo. I was 10 years old myself once and had to go back to school after a great Christmas vacation. Didn't a couple of your buddies go away on ski trips or something? I know that Nancy and her folks went to Nancy's grandmother's in Pennsylvania.
    Robin's face brightens Hey yeah! I suddenly don't feel sick.
    I don't think you were sick in there first place Robin;) . Now off to bed you go so you don't wake up all Mr. Grumpy Frog in the morning.hugging him. I love you round the world and back again.!
    Robin hugs me And I love you round the world and back again.! Especially 'cause you're so smart! He leaves
    I shake my head. What a kid.
  12. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

    It is the end of a long Christmas break, and everybody is back to work tomorrow. Fozzie is anxious about his new dinner club gig, and is trying out his jokes--or the ideas for them--on Kermit. Kermit, ironically, seems calmer at the prospect of going back to work, and has been humming happily on and off all day. Piggy is not in a tither but she is causing a tither as Ru runs around the apartment ironing several outfits so Piggy will have a choice in the morning. Finally, everything is ironed and hung up and Ru joins Kermit and Fozzie in the living room. Ru slips into the recliner next to Fozzie and gives him a big hug.)

    Ru: Hey, Fozzie. You promised to do some of your jokes for me.
    Kermit: (kindly) He's been doing some of them for me--you'll love them.
    Fozzie: (worriedly) Do you think 2013 is going to be an unlucky year? It ends in a 13....
    Ru: I don't think it's going to be unlucky. I think it's going to be a good year.
    Fozzie: What about you, Kermit? What do you think will happen?
    Kermit: I think 2013 is going to be a year of wonderful things--things we don't expect and will love. I think our fortunes will improve and our friendships will deepen. I can't wait to see what happens next--I know it will surprise me and be good.
    Piggy: (coming in from the kitchen) I made everyone cocoa!
    (Everyone stares. No one speaks--they are too surprised.)
    Oh, c'mon--it's instant. Moi can make instant cocoa! (stamps artfully shod foot)
    Kermit: (getting out the armchair and taking the tray to help her pass out the mugs) Of course you can, Piggy. It's, um, we were just talking about what we think the new year will bring. What do you think?
    Piggy: Moi is expecting a fabulous year, with lots of new things. (She smiles at Kermit.) And some things that won't change.
    (Kermit puts the tray down and takes her free hand. He smiles at Fozzie and Ru.)
    Kermit: (lifting his mug of cocoa) To 2013! Cheers!
    (Everybody drinks.)
    Kermit: Um....
    Fozzie: Er....
    Ru: Piggy, honey--you have to use hot water, or heat them in the microwave. Want me to...?
    Piggy: (handing back her mug and settling into one of the recliners with Kermit) That would be lovely....
    Kermit: Piggy...! (sounds of frog giggling)
    Fozzie: Need some help in the kitchen?
    Ru: Always. And you still owe me some jokes!
    Fozzie: Coming right up.
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  13. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    2013 will hopefully be filled with some good frights for one and all to share.
    I'm personally looking forward to maybe doing some holiday traveling round October, if there's an anniversary party for the spooks over at the Mouse House. And I'm really really rooting for the new Muppet movie's tentative release date getting a confirmation as such.

    Night all, prospero año nuevo. :batty:
  14. newsmanfan

    newsmanfan Well-Known Member

    Pink: Awww? Cow feel bad?

    *a very loud CRASH resounds through the apt as one flailing pink raggy thing is hurled into the living room bookshelf*

    SHUT IT, Pinky!

    :news: *poking a long pointed nose out of his room* Uhm. Everything all right?

    NO everything is NOT all right! That stupid ragmop just called me a COW!

    Rhonda: He calls EVERYTHING a cow.

    Blue *tentatively*... Awww...chick-en? Ulp!

    *gulping his jaw over his face does not prevent Blue from following Pink's approximate trajectory*

    GrrrrrAAAHHH! *stomp stomp SLAM*

    Rhonda *watching the living room lamp sway precariously* Uh huh. Flu.

    :news: Oh oh. Flu? You're sure? *yanks a hanky over his nose*

    Rhonda: She only gets that cantankerous when she's not feeling well. I noticed she was in bed all day yesterday. Alone.

    :news: Er, well, yes, I noticed that too but...what does that have to do with the flu?

    Rhonda *headshake* After that kiss at the holiday party, you have to ask?

    :news: Huh?

    Rhonda: Nevermind. Go fix her some peppermint tea. Take it in there. You'll be the hero of the day.

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  15. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Returning from my family's traditional Three Kings Day lunch at my paternal grandfather's home...

    Hey guys, I'm back.
    UD: Mmm, how positively dreadful.
    Do you have Kris's present wrapped?
    UD: *singing a little, with spider webs and a pretty black rose bow.
    Good, time to make like Santa Jack and leave something that's sure to make 'em scream.

    *Skulks upstairs to Apt 12, depositing the parsel, a coffee frother machine/device like the one my mom bought a month ago, and a card wishing the fan of the Newsman's a joyous birthday from us spooks down below.
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  16. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Posts up the announcement about new submissions up on the townhouse's bulletin board next to the entry/sign-in desk at the lobby for all current residents and potential new applicants alike to see and then reply to at their earliest convenience. :news:
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  17. newsmanfan

    newsmanfan Well-Known Member

    Oooh cappuccino machine! Thanks guys! *runs to kitchen to start it*

    Rhonda: Good. Fill 'er up. *yawning, she waits with a travel mug while an endless stream of rats troop from the apartment lugging trunks, retro suitcases, and one Silver Bullet Airstream Trailer hitched to a hundred-guinea-pig team*

    :news: Uh...Rhonda?

    Rhonda: yeah?

    :news: What's...what's all this?

    Rhonda: Oh, the westward ho thing? Yeah...well...I'm going on an expedition. Didn't you read the memo at work?

    :news: Er...I thought it was your job to keep me informed of memos?

    Rhonda: Whoopsie. Silly me. Hey -- hey boys! Not so rough with the fenders! Watch the *SCRRRAAAAPPE* corners...dangit...

    Rhonda? You leaving us? *hands her coffee*

    Rhonda: Oooh! Cinnamon sprinkles! Yeah...admittedly I'll miss those. But, well, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, and when the invite for a trip around the globe is placed in this delicate paw, you know I just gotta use it!

    :news: Around the globe?? A...a special report? Like BBC Planet Earth?

    Rhonda: Something like that.

    Random Guinea Pig: *snicker* If ya consider "'round the earth in 80 cheeses" special...

    Rhonda *whacks the animal with her pocketbook* Pay attention to the steering! Richie-poo said he wanted this to be tres retro-cool, and we mustn't scrape the paint on that classic trailer!


    :news: Richie RICH? Rhonda, you never told me you knew--

    Rhonda: Oh, button it, Goldie! That's a comic book! No, I mean Richard Branson! He saw my work on that silly little animal show and wanted to revive it for his airline as good PR. Can't blame him. They need all the help they can get. MOVE IT, BOYS! Ta...it's been...something. *flounces out, a hundred guinea pigs groaning and dragging the trailer in her wake*


    :news: When the heck did she meet Richard Branson? And...and she didn't want me along??

    When the heck did she get a classic Airstream...and how the %#^%^$# did it fit in her ROOM??

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  18. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Sorting through replies. Hmm, guess Rhonda heard about another rat possibly moving in. Dunno if I should take the Martians myself. Guess I'll wait to hear from Beth first about another potential new roomie though.
  19. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

    (There are three patient roommates and one out-of-patience diva having a cuppa. Food has been ordered--comfort food--and there are great hopes that it will arrive soon. Very soon.)

    Piggy: I do not understand what the hold up is! (Stamps foot.) Moi specifically has it in all of my contracts that I cannot be required to spend more than 72 hours away from my wardrobe without getting a credit of $5000 to replace it!
    Ru: Honey, I packed your four trunks. Don't you think that will get you through until we can move back in?
    Piggy: You did not pack the right camisole!
    Ru: I packed the black one, the white one, the ivory one, the light blue one, the cobalt blue one, the Carolina blue one--which goes wonderful with your eyes, by the way--and--
    Piggy: Oooh! It does, doesn't it?! I could wear that one instead. (She runs off to the bathroom to change.)
    Kermit: (aside to Ru, after making sure that Piggy is out of earshot) I'm almost afraid to ask, but...instead of what?
    Ru: The blue one with itty-bitty white flowers on it.
    Kermit: The one with lace around the hem? Wide lace?
    Fozzie: (head in hands, tiredly) Wow, Kermit. You sure know a lot about Miss Piggy's underwear.
    Kermit: (blushing furiously) It's not underwear! (Several people turn and look, and Kermit hunches down in his seat.) It's not underwear, Fozzie. You wear it under your clothes but you're supposed to see it.
    Fozzie: I don't. I don't wear anything under my clothes--or on top of my clothes. I'm furry.
    Ru: (patting his furry hand) I know, Sweetie. That's what makes you so snuggly.
    Fozzie: (looking shy) Awwww....Ru.
    Kermit: If she's still annoyed when she comes back, I'll tell her where we'll go shopping with the $5000. That ought to be good for at least 45 minutes.
    Ru: (sighing) Good. I don't really know how long this is going to take. The contractors should be giving us a time estimate soon.
    Fozzie: What all are they doing?
    Ru: Well, you know the, um, (glances toward bathroom) changes that we talked about--just us?
    Fozzie: And Kermit. He was there, too.
    Ru: Right--I meant, just us, including Kermit.
    Fozzie: Oh. Cause I wasn't sure, because sometimes when you say, "just us" it means soemthing different.
    Ru: Yes. But this time, I mean, just you and me and Kermit.
    Fozzie: Right. You said that already.
    Kermit: Fozzie--could you let Ru finish what she was about to say? She was going to tell us about the new--
    Piggy: Ta da!
    (Everybody startles, especially Ru.)
    Kermit: (recovering first) Oh, hi--saaaaayyy! Look at you, Piggy! That camisole looks very lovely peeking out from under your white crochet sweater.
    Fozzie: How do you know it isn't knitted?
    Kermit: It's open weave. That usually means it's crocheted.
    Fozzie: I thought open weave meant that it was woven--not knitted or crocheted.
    (Piggy is watching their conversation like a tennis match.)
    Ru: This sweater was crocheted--I happen to know. It's, um, cotton.
    Fozzie: What about her camisole? Is it crocheted?
    Ru: No--it's a knit.
    Fozzie: I thought you said the sweater was crocheted.
    Ru: (sighing and digging in purse) Kermit--can I borrow a swig of your water? I need to take a headache pill....
    Piggy: Kermie--what do you think about my denim skirt?
    Kermit: (looking it over) Um, well, truthfully, I think it's a little short.
    Piggy: (who had been preparing to preen) What?!
    Kermit: Yeah--I, um, think it's a little short. I think a longer skirt would be more flattering. Maybe one with a yoke and a slit up the back, but I think the ruffle on this one makes it too short.
    Piggy: (doubtfully) Well....
    Ru: I think Kermit might be right. An a-line with a yoke would be a better fit, too. You don't need ruffles. Your curves make a statement without them.
    Piggy: And do you know what my curves are saying now, Ru dear?
    Ru: No! What are they saying now Piggy?
    Piggy: They are saying, "This is taking too long! I want to move in! Tell the contractors to hit the road and let me get my stuff."
    Ru: Er, we're expecting a call any time now....
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  20. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    DD it! Mr. Deadly, man the cannons!
    :batty: Vhat will we use for ammunition?
    Since we're out of moo cows...
    Stevie: Cow? Awwwgh! *Pulls lip over his head.
    Load up the rotten eggs, that's what those spambots deserve!
    UD: She's ready to go.
    Then have at it. Fire!
    :batty: Yes! Ah-ha! Fire 1, 2, 3 ! Blast 4, 5, 6! Oh I love counting casualties of var!

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