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Dr.Teeth and the Time Before the Mayhem

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by fictionalnice, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    A/N: Ok so! Holidays are starting and I am going on vacation! But! Do not worry I will try my best to get the next chappy up by next monday! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

    Not too long later the small gaggle of guys arrived at Floyd’s house, chatting away as though they had been friends for years. “Pop! Hey Pop! You home?” Floyd called out dropping his coat and bag by the door as Zoot and Eugene copied him. Shrugging Floyd played it off “He must still be at work…Well! Come along now you gotta meet my pride and joy!”

    Sharing a look Zoot and Eugene followed Floyd up the stairs of his clean old French style home. “There you are!” Floyd shouted out in strange happiness; as he threw the door open to his room, which was like any young teens room, posters of bands on the walls, cloths on the floor and piles of cd’s and records strewn everywhere, and last but not least an old style beautiful base guitar with a bright cherry red amp sitting next to each other.

    “Aw! Don’t cry! Daddy’s home now!” Floyd shouted out kneeling by his guitar and murmuring into the neck. Eugene just laughed “Floyd, you gotta get out and meet people!” Zoot grinned looking around Floyd’s room “Look who’s talking Mr. Sweater vest.” Eugene’s jaw dropped as Floyd laughed falling onto the floor, “Hey! They happen to be comfortable!”

    but Zoot merely ignored his protesting friend with a smug grin “Oh that reminds me!” Floyd shouted out jumping to his feet “To the ATTIC!!!” Zoot raised an eyebrow as Floyd grabbed Eugene’s arm and ran from the room shouting “Come along saxophonist!” shaking his head Zoot followed the two down the hallway.

    “Floyd! Let go! I am capable of walking!” Eugene protested loudly as Floyd flung a door open at the end of the hallway in an overzealous manor and jogged up the stairs throwing that door open in a similar manor. “TA-DA!!” He exclaimed, Zoot whispered in aw “Holey box room…” Eugene spluttered “Pack ratin much?” Floyd had a huge attic with dusty boxes all labeled and stacked in piles, racks and racks of cloths, a book shelf with pair after pair of shoes, and more.

    “Ever heard the term garage sale Floyd?” Eugene teased walking around the attic; Floyd rolled his eyes and pulled Eugene over toward the several racks of clothing. “If I did that then you wouldn’t get a sweet new wardrobe!”

    Zoot shook his head this was going to take a while. Eugene on the other hand was starting to think this whole thing over. The last thing he wanted was more torment at school. He never knew when he got so timid but…he was. “Um Floyd, I’m starting to have a little bit of doubt.”

    Eugene whined a little as Floyd began to ruffle through a rack of long sleeved shirts. “What! Come one man! You need different style wear man!” Eugene merely blushed shoving his hands in his pockets “I know but-” Floyd cut him off

    “Just try some stuff on! If you don’t like it then you don’t have to take it…alright man?” Zoot shoved his friends shoulder slightly “It can’t hurt Eugene.” Taking a deep nerve calming breath Eugene nodded “Alright…Lets do this.” Shouting out a victory shout Floyd set to work.


    “Quit laughing pepper! It ain’t funny!” Dr. Teeth complained as Floyd fell back onto the sofa roaring with laughter “Aw come on man! You dressed like a lawyer man! And you wanted to stay that way!” Zoot shook his head slightly as Lips commented

    “And I thought Dr. Teeth had a big mouth .” this time it was Dr. Teeth’s turn to laugh at the look on Floyd’s face, “Oh come on now you know he- OW!” Floyd shouted out as Janice smacked him upside the head “Be like nice Floyd!” Floyd frowned as animal laughed at him “I’m just kidding babe!” Kermit smiled at their joking while Gonzo asked “So how did you get him to dress in different clothing?”

    Floyd stretched his arms above his head and continued with the story sending Dr. Teeth a smile “Well it was a heck of a lot of arguing but in time I finally got Eugene to try on some clothing.”


    “NO WAY!”

    “Oh come on man! It’ll be SO hip!”

    “It’s got flowers on it! NO!”

    “But you’ll be setting a sweet new fashion statement!”

    “OH yeah! Real sweet fashion statement! Loser and lack of coordination! Sweet combo!”

    “Don’t talk like that big teeth! You can totally pull this off!”

    “Oh for frustration sake’s!”

    “Just try it! Please man! You’ll love this! I know it!”

    Zoot groaned in frustration he was sitting on the floor leaning up against some boxes Floyd and Eugene had been arguing about clothing for a while now. It was starting to get very irritating, “It can’t be worse than what you wear now man.” Floyd spoke quickly holding a pile of cloth’s in his arms. Throwing his head back Eugene took them from Floyd

    “Alright, alright! I’ll try them on!” but before Eugene could make any more moves they all heard this loud screaming “Floyd! Floyd! FLOYD!!! SON WERE ARE YOU!!!” perking up Floyd gasped “Aw crud! My pops home!” taking the cloth’s back from Eugene Floyd added them to this large box of shoes and other clothing he picked out and handed the box to Eugene “Come one guys! You can take this with you Eugene!”

    Zoot got to his feet and the three quickly hustled down stairs with Floyd running in front of them. It was a little strange, as soon as Floyd appeared his father Benjamin screamed looking shaken “Son!” and lifted Floyd up into his arms in a bone crushing fatherly hug. “Where were you! I was so worried!!” his father yelled apparently deep in worry.

    Zoot cocked an eyebrow and muttered to Eugene “Wish my dad was that happy to see me.” Nodding Eugene smiled as Floyd patted his dad on the back “It’s fine pop I’m fine.” As he mouthed the words to his friends “You should go, I’ll catch up with you guy’s later.” Nodding Eugene replied mouthing “Thanks’ man!” and filled with curiosity about the way Floyd’s father was acting the two left quietly so not to disturbed the over protective parent.

    “Huh, I thought my mamma was over protective but holey hugs Ville.” Eugene spoke as they walked the few feet to Eugene’s house Zoot nodded but said nothing. “Eugene! Zoot! Like wait up!” Yelled a high female voice, turning Eugene couldn’t help but notice as Zoot smiled

    “Oh hey Janice.” He greeted, it was indeed Janice wearing a short sleeved turtle neck crop top pink shirt, darker purple vest, tight white jeans and a silver buckle belt. She wore a blue coat over her outfit “Hey guys!” She greeted happily “I didn’t know you lived down here!”

    Eugene grinned thrown back a little “Me? Wait don’t tell me you live in this neck of the woods?” Janice laughed putting her hands on her hips “Like yeah! I live across the like street!” she laughed pointing to the white house next to Zoot’s. “Well if that ain’t the weirdest thing ever!”

    Eugene barked out at this odd coincidence. “Well, no matter we were just heading in for a small study session. Want to join us?” Janice nodded “Like of course!” So with that set into place the three of them headed into Eugene’s house.
  2. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    A/N: Another new chappy! Hope you'll love it! Comment please! i love reading your thoughts! Anyway happy holiday! and Enjoy! I am going on vacation tommorrow so I will try to get a new chappy out next week! Ok? BYE!!!

    “Aren’t we studying?”

    “Like no way! How can we at a time like this Zoot?!”


    “Come on Eugene! This will be like so totally rad!”

    “In what universe Janice?!”

    “Ok, like for one! You will look and feel so good! And like two, I know you do so good!”

    “Janice! I’ll look and sound like a total loser in front of the whole school!”

    “You will not! For real!! Come on! It’s for the school’s music and art’s program! If we don’t get the money then our school will lose the music and arts section for like ever!!! With your talent at this year’s fund raiser! We could totally like win!!! Please Eugene! At least try!”

    Eugene groaned throwing his head back in frustration, for about an hour they group studied and talked. But they eventually got onto the topic of the schools up-coming Halloween/fundraiser.

    At first the three talked about what they would dress up as but then Janice who was in the debate club knew that the school really needed money. Ever since the school got sued because of a kid slipped on a wet floor and fell down the stairs.

    Janice actually convinced the workers at the recreational center to let the school use their main hall for their Halloween/Fundraiser. So happy with her progress the Principle Henson put her in charge of finding several GOOD acts to help raise the money they needed to help out the music/ art center.

    Where they took out the money to help out with the law suit, the principles logic was to take the money out of the least important section of the school.

    He may have had a point but…the music/art center was more important than anything to ever student and faculty member. So now they came to the point where Janice caught Eugene singing to himself when he was getting a few glasses of water. Immediately she tried to talk him into performing in front of the school and most of the city.

    Zoot didn’t help with his random comments on how good Eugene was on the piano, and what good of a voice he had. “Please! Eugene! Like please!! The school needs you! You’re like friends need you!!” Janice begged leaning over the kitchen table placing her hands on his hand.

    Zoot shook his head from his seat at the edge of the table, tapping at his chin Zoot spoke up “What if you dressed up then sung for us?” Eugene furrowed his brow as Janice lit up with a squeal


    “Janice-” Eugene began with a heavy sigh but Janice cut him off “Please! Just sing for us!! If you are no good! Even in the least! Then we will like tell you! Please!” Not having the heart to let the poor girl down Eugene held up both hands to calm down riled up Janice who looked as though she might faint.


    “PLEASE!!! Like PLEASE!!!”

    “Janice! Calm down!”

    “But you don’t get it!”

    “I”LL DO IT!!!!” Eugene shouted grabbing both of her hands trying hard to silence her. She took a deep breath holding both hands to her mouth “Like…for real! FOR REAL!!” She smiled tearing up “OH THANK YOU!!!” Janice shouted out jumping over the table and hugging the surprised red head.

    Zoot snickered as Eugene fell back out of his chair accidently taking a surprised Janice with him. They fell to the ground with a loud thud. “Ooops…like sorry.” She smiled nervously pushing herself up. Eugene groaned getting to his feet, picking up his chair “Don’t worry about it Jan-” just then the front door slammed shut

    “HONEY!!! I’M HOME!!! HAHAHA!!”

    Zoot rolled his eyes behind his sunglasses as Eugene cocked an eyebrow quickly stalking out of the kitchen. Janice opened her mouth to ask a question but Zoot just shook his head “Don’t ask.” before the two followed Eugene into the front hall “Haha! I knew this was your house man!”

    Floyd exclaimed throwing his coat and bag down onto the ground. Eugene smiled putting his hands on his hips “Ever heard of knocking for one’s privacy Floyd?” he grinned. Floyd scoffed waving a hand at him “We have progressed in our relationship enough big teeth!”

    “Will you stop calling me that!” Eugene complained with a frown. Floyd laughed grabbing Eugene’s shoulder as he walked toward the kitchen not noticing Zoot or Janice “So when ya both left my dad was ALL over me! Oh you wouldn’t even believe! He was so like ‘Young man! Why weren’t you at school!’ so I said ‘I walked home with some new buddies!’ but then he said ‘That doesn’t matter! You’re supposed to wait for me at school!’” Eugene didn’t know what to say as Floyd led him into the kitchen.

    Floyd walked around the table and opened the fridge “But I was like ‘dad! I can walk home on my own! What’s the worst that can happen?!’Man your fridge is empty!” Zoot pulled Floyd away from the fridge with scowl.

    Eugene crossed his arms across his chest, as Floyd continued “And do you know what he said next man? He said…he said…” but Floyd trailed off when he saw Janice standing in the doorway looking split between confusion and irritation.

    With a large grin the annoying ginger strutted over to her ruffling his hair “And who may you be beautiful?” Eugene clapped a hand over his mouth as he tried not to laugh at how stupid Floyd looked.

    Zoot seemed to notice as he walked over to Eugene and quickly pressed his face into the taller’s shoulder, trying hard to stifle his laugh. Floyd had his chest puffed out as he quickly took of his hat and brushed his red hair back. Janice stepped back with a humored smile, putting a hand on her hip

    “I’m Janice…Zoot’s neighbor, from like, across the street.” Floyd laughed over his shoulder at Eugene and Zoot naively not realizing how hard they tried not to hurt their new friends feelings “AW yeah! I’m liking this little town more every second!” Floyd stepped forward trying to get himself somewhere with the blond in front of him “So how about we do something?”

    Janice slyly smiled placing a hand on his shoulder, very interested with this new guy but sarcastically remarked non-the-less “How about you go somewhere, and fix that big ego of yours!” At that comment Eugene burst out laughing, “ouch rough babe!” Floyd frowned with a wink at her pretending to be severely hurt as his hands flew to his chest “Doesn’t mean I’ll quit.”

    Eugene whipped his eyes as Floyd chuckled shaking her hand sealing the new intro in the little group “Any way Floyd this is Janice. Janice this is the new guy.” Janice walked around Floyd before picking up her glass of water from the table with a light pink tint to her cheek “Where’d you find this one?” she asked. With a shrug Eugene answered shoving playfully at Floyd’s shoulder “I don’t know he kinda latched onto me.”

    “I resent that toothy!” Floyd sneered leaning forward toward him, flinching Eugene complained “Why do you do that?!” Floyd leaned against the counter with a humorous yet thoughtful gleam in his eyes tapping the counter with his knuckles “I don’t know I’m trying to give you a sweet nick name that will stick, but it isn’t going over so well.”

    Zoot grabbed Eugene’s wrist to get the group back on track so his friend couldn’t weasel out of his promise “Anyway, come one Eugene. Let’s get this show started.” Floyd jumped forward eagerly just remembering all the clothing and plans they made “Oh yeah! Let’s get this fashion personality show started!”

    Janice nodded clapping her hands together grabbing his other wrist hopefully while Floyd began to push him out of the kitchen as Zoot and Janice pulled. Like trying to get a dog to take a bath they all knew this wouldn’t be easy. Especially Eugene who immediately tried to get away from these new people he was beginning to see as his friends.

    It may have been weird but…Eugene found himself loving ever second.
  3. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Loved the part where Floyd flirted with Janice and she rejected him. (It won't be long until she falls for him, though. ;) ) I'm really enjoying this story! Please continue.
    ElizaSchuyler likes this.
  4. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    wow...a like already...that was fast!
  5. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    Thanks! You just made my night! And i couldn't help but write it that way!
  6. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    And it was a clever move there.
  7. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    I only hope the characters are kept as jim henson created them...I wouldn''t feel right changing them. You know?
    MissMusical12 likes this.
  8. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

  9. drteethcool

    drteethcool Well-Known Member

    I love your story more please
  10. drteethcool

    drteethcool Well-Known Member

    Are they going to meet Lips next and Is Dr teeth's mom his Dentist?:D
    LipsGF4Life and ElizaSchuyler like this.
  11. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    Lips will be coming! hahahahaha!!!! soon, but not until I feel the moment is right! when you least expect it!
    LipsGF4Life likes this.
  12. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    A/N: I am sooo sorry for the wait! It's just i had vacation and several personal issues! But thank you for your patience! And for a little appology gift! here is TWO new chappy's! Enjoy, and comment please!!!

    “NO! That doesn’t go with that top Floyd!” Janice shrieked snatching the short sleeved purple sparkly top for him, she held up a brown fake animal skin vest. “We should try this! It’s so like rad!” Floyd scoffed flinching “No way Jan! He’ll look like an old time hippy!”

    Eugene groaned as the two argued Zoot shook his head as he lay on Eugene’s bed. Eugene sat at the edge of his bed with Zoot’s legs in his lap. Sharing a look with his friend Eugene mumbled “Nice to know I have been upgraded to a dress up doll!” Zoot smiled but remained silent as the two in front of them continued to throw around clothing and argued.

    “Platform studs Jan!”

    “High heeled boots!”

    ‘What do you think he is! A female model?”

    “No! they would go the best with that vest!”

    “What next! A skirt?”

    “OH you’re really funny!”

    “Come on babe! You know I’m right!”

    “Stop calling me that!”

    Rolling his eyes Eugene gently slid Zoot’s legs off of him before he stood up “Ok, ok I get it!” He snapped lightly Janice and Floyd turned toward him “But!” He cut them off holding up both hands “I can dress myself! Now I want all of you outta here!” Floyd and Janice looked like two dogs caught eating out of the garbage, but left the room none the less,

    “See you later then…” Zoot trailed off head hanging, Eugene scoffed hands on hips “Not you Zoot!” he jumped forward grabbing Zoot’s arm and pulling him back into his room slamming the door shut. “Wha-” Zoot shout out “I’m going to need some form of commenting!”

    With a look of relief Zoot loosened up “Alright, well…how about this?” he asked tentatively holding up a shirt. Eugene nodded “Yeah, that’s cool, this will go great with that!” he agreed picking up a bright vest from the box.

    “I like it…and how about some boots.” Zoot commented lightly picking up a certain pair. Nodding eagerly Eugene began to change; turning around Zoot kicked at the ground nervously “So…um…Eugene…could I… um. Spend the night?”

    Pulling on his new long sleeved shirt Eugene quickly zipped up his blue jeans “Zoot.” He stated gently turning his timid friend around, Zoot seemed tense “Just for tonight?” full of so many questions and not knowing where to begin Eugene nodded “Of course buddy…anytime.” T

    he smallest smile appeared on Zoot’s face before he commented “Hey not bad. Good color on you.” Eugene looked down at himself “it needs something.” Zoot nodded “Yeah…” crossing the room Eugene picked up the vest he choose and slipped it on and stepped into the boots. It just didn’t look right yet; still not satisfied Zoot snatched his thick unappealing glasses on his face.

    “Hey! Need them to see Zoot!” throwing them onto Eugene’s bed Zoot dug through the box and picked up a sweet pair of half-moon pink tinted glassed with rounded tops. “Here…try these.” He murmured before gently placing them on his friends face. Blinking severely Eugene smiled

    “Hey! Not bad!” but Zoot was still studying him as he tapped his chin “Hmm…It STILL needs something.” Eugene lit up rushing to his closet “I have an idea!” Zoot craned his neck as his friend dug through a box in the closet “Come on where is it!” Eugene whined before shouting out in success “HA! Got it!” spinning around he held up a long pink blue and yellow scarf with little flowers on it.

    Cocking his head to the side Zoot asked “Um…ok…” Eugene rolled his eyes and quickly tied the scarf around his waist. “Nice…but.” Zoot hesitated loving his new outfit. He could really pull off this look, “What?” Eugene asked nervously looking as though he was about to rethink this whole thing, but Zoot quickly shook his head “Nothing, just your hair.” Jumping over the pile of abandoned cloth’s he snatched up Eugene’s hair brush and turned his friend around.

    Flinching a little at Zoot’s roughness Eugene grumbled “Zoot! Ow!” rolling his eyes he continued to complain but his friend merely finished up. Throwing his brush to the ground Zoot took a few steps back studying his rather pale friend.

    Eugene felt himself sweat in pure nervousness as he was looked up and down not knowing what to think as his friend grabbed his wrist with an unreadable expression leading him out of his room. Glad Floyd and Janice weren’t lingering in the hallway Zoot slowly led him down the stairs keeping nervous Eugene behind him.

    “Ok Everyone! Here’s the new Eugene Tethen!” he announced jumping the last few and pushing Eugene into the living room where Janice and Floyd sat looking as though they had been arguing.

    Stumbling slightly Eugene ruffled his brow as he was positioned in front of his friends. Janice and Floyd both jumped up eagerly with the same studying looks. Holding his breath Eugene looked away for a moment as he was looked over yet again. Floyd and Janice exchanged looks before the red headed bass player pumped his fist into the air with a victorious shout

    “AW YEAH!!!! HOT STUFF TOOTHY PIANIST!!” grinning Eugene let out a sigh of relief he didn’t know he was holding as Janice clapped her hands looking very impressed “I’m loving it! You look great!” Scoffing Eugene quickly strutted over to the mirror on his living room wall not getting what the big deal was about.

    Gasping the young man was awed at what and who he saw; he wore tight blue jeans, the legs tucked into brown hippy like boots that came almost up to his knees with a string like design hanging down. He had a tight red and purple stripped long sleeved shirt, with a red, purple and white striped hippy vet, the floral scarf was wrapped tightly around his waist. And his red hair hung loosely in his eyes, the pink glasses was the bow on the whole outfit. He hated to admit it but, he liked this look…loved it, he looked good.

    “Hey…I look good.” He grinned in glee, loving the fact that he looked so darn good.

    Janice put her hands on her narrow hips “I knew you would!” Floyd nodded with a successful sneer “I SO told you!!!” Zoot smiled softly leaning against the doorway, watching as his friend admired himself in the mirror. Clapping her hands together Janice spoke “And now that we have found a totally sick outfit…Time for a little song play!” she shouted out happily grabbing Eugene’s arm, Floyd agreed walking backwards in front of them as the group went back upstairs.

    The dreaded feeling of nervousness returned full force as Eugene stumbled upstairs being forced back into his room where his keyboard was. Floyd ran across the floor and pulled out his keyboard bench patting the seat invitingly. Janice pushed him down lightly in front of it “Please Eugene! Please don’t back down! We won’t laugh or anything!” Eugene frowned “Guys I-”

    Floyd cut him off “Come on man! I know you got talent! One little song! And we will leave you alone!” sighing heavily Eugene met Zoot’s gaze as he simply nodded. Shaking his head Eugene cracked his knuckles “Alright.” Ignoring his friends shouts of glee the pianist quickly ruffled through some music sheets deciding on a very fitting song.

    Playing just a few notes he began clearing his throat as he began to sing:

    You can’t take no for an answer.

    You can’t take no for an answer.

    You can’t take no for an answer!

    No, no, no!

    Whenever there’s a dream worth a dreamin’

    And you wanna see that dream come true!

    There be plenty people talking sayin’ forget all about,

    Say it isn’t worth the trouble all the trouble that you’re going through!

    Eugene grinned finding himself loving the feeling of singing his heart out to an actual crowd of people. Zoot grinned, and Janice looked as though she may pass out again from pure happiness. While Floyd nodded his head to the beat with a smug ‘I knew it look’ plastered all over his face, mixed with pure impress. Eugene threw his head back as he sung the next verse.

    Well what can you do?

    You can’t take no for an answer.

    You can’t take no for an answer.

    You can’t take no for an answer!

    No, no, no!

    Whatcha gonna do when the time’s get tuff,

    And the worlds treatin’ you unkind?

    You gotta hang onto to you optimistic outlook,

    And keep a session of your positive state of mind!

    Janice clapped her hands to the catchy beat singing with him “State of mind, state of mind, state of mind! State, state of mind!”

    You can’t take no for an answer.

    You can’t take no for an answer.

    You can’t take no for an answer!

    No, no, no!

    Floyd joined in as well “No, no, no! No, no, no!”

    Eugene shook his head with a large grin “no, no, no.” Janice squealed clapping her hands as he whispered the final verse “Oh no, no, no!” the three watching were blown back as they exchanged looks while Eugene asked “Well…What did you think?” he seemed to be sweating bullets, while they all grinned at each other. Floyd laughed wrapping his arm around Eugene “Ladies and gentlemen, we have found us a musician for the party!”


    “OH like no!! I have to go!” Janice shouted suddenly when she checked her watch, Eugene jumped out of her way as she ran past him to get her coat “Why?” She threw her coat on and threw the door open “Why dad is having his boss over for dinner! I promised to like be there! I’m sorry! I’ll see you later!”

    she shouted all this as she ran off. Floyd chuckled turning toward Eugene and Zoot “It’s been fun amigos but I must make my exit before my pop levels the city to find me.” Smiling widely at them Floyd left closing the door behind him. As soon as he was gone Eugene let out a loud whistle “Woow! He has got some problems!”

    Zoot laughed quietly as Eugene threw his arm around his quiet friend’s shoulders “Come now Zoot, let’s forage for dinner!”


    “What’s wrong with you man?!” Floyd complained interrupting the story as Dr. Teeth blushed. Kermit laughed trying not to be noticed as Dr. Teeth tried to defend himself “It’s not my fault your pop didn’t cut the darn cord yet!” Janice patted her boyfriend’s arm while he sneered “that’s not what I meant!”

    Zoot yawned standing up with a stretch “I vote for a bathroom break.” Lips stood up as well “I’ll second that!” Dr. Teeth pated Floyd on the shoulder on his way to the kitchen for a glass of water, soon the group dispersed leaving Floyd, Janice, Gonzo and Animal. “I’m worried about Zoot.” Janice muttered pacing around the living room.

    Floyd frowned shoving his hands in his pockets “what do you mean babe?” she flopped down on the couch in a sad huff “this story…or like revelation, is rubbing me the wrong way.” Gonzo sat patiently but realized he should leave the couple alone, so standing up the leave Gonzo reached for animal’s collar to lead him out.

    Floyd didn’t notice them as he sat on the coffee table in front of Janice “I know what you mean, our quiet buddy is being so mysterious. I almost wanna call this whole thing off. If I wasn’t so curious I would babe.” She frowned as he took her hand “Don’t worry about it babe. We’ll get through this.” Janice smiled “you’re the best Floyd.”

    Meanwhile, Kermit made his way into the kitchen from the first floor bathroom, where he saw his small nephew standing on the counter trying to get a glass out of the cupboard. Smiling Kermit crossed the room and handed Robin a glass “Uncle Kermit!” the young frog shouted out in happiness quickly hopping into his uncle’s arms still clutching the cup.

    Chuckling Kermit carried him over to the fridge as the little one climbed onto his shoulders. Getting the juice out Kermit pour him a glass and handed it to Robin as he jumped back onto the counter. “I’m sorry we haven’t spent any time together Robin.”

    Robin pouted taking a small sip “oh that’s ok Uncle…But you promised we would spend time together when you were on vacation. But we haven’t so far…” Robin looked down sheepishly, while Kermit rubbed the back of his nephew’s head “Aw…I’m sorry Robin.”

    The little one shrugged “That’s ok Uncle.” Kermit tried not to laugh at the fact that his nephew’s cup was almost as large as his torso. “Uncle?” robin asked looking as though he were suddenly nervous. “Yes?” Robin looked away from his uncle then back and inched closer to him fidgeting with his fingers “Can I asked you something?”

    Kermit crossed his arms on the counter and leaned forward a little “Of course. Now what is it.” Robin met his uncle’s gaze and asked his question with the most innocent tone his eyes wide “Zoot’s daddy didn’t treat him like a son did he?” Kermit’s breath hitched in his throat, he had a very smart observant nephew.

    Sighing Kermit took his hand “No he didn’t Robin.” Frowning Robin cocked his head to the side “why?” tapping the counter with his flipped Kermit shrugged “Some people are just not meant to be parents. Some are born to be.” Robin looked down sadly seeing his expression Kermit offered “How about we go out for ice cream? Just you and me?”

    Robin shouted out in happiness lighting up “Could we?!” Picking up his nephew Kermit placed him on his hip and walked out of the Kitchen “Of course we can.” Kermit walked back into the living room where the group was once again re-adjourned. “Hey froggy man! Little froggy dude!”

    Dr. Teeth shouted out upon the arrival of the two, Kermit smiled at all of them loving the attention his cute nephew was getting “Hello everyone! I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to take robin out for ice cream. I’ll be back later but feel free to continue.”

    Floyd nodded “Alright Kerm. Catch you both later.” Kermit grabbed two coats off of the hook and left, leaving the group to continue without him for a while. Lips smiled fondly “He’s so devoted.” Janice clapped her hands together “It’s so like sweet!” Zoot nodded vaguely while Dr. Teeth continued “Anyway, a while later Zoot and I where making dinner and talkin’…”


    “Zoot! Wake up! If you don’t keep stirring the noodles then they’ll stick and be no good!” Eugene shouted at his friend who somehow managed to fall asleep standing up at the stove. Zoot snapped his head up and rubbed his eyes “Sorry.” Grating a block of cheese for their macaroni Eugene smiled shaking his head

    “You are unbelievable man! You could fall asleep on a roller coaster ride.” Zoot yawned stirring the elbow noodles blushing lightly “I’m sorry, I don’t sleep well.” Dumping the cheese into a big blue bowl Eugene rolled his eyes and playfully shoved his friends shoulder as the phone rang “Keep stirring man! I’ll be right back.”

    Running into the hallway Eugene picked up the phone “Hello? Eugene! Where is my son!” rolling his eyes Eugene tried not to scoff but decided to play it unfair anyway “He’s not here Simon. Like **** he’s not! You get that kid on the phone now! You know Simon, there’s this new thing! It’s called acting like a real father! Try it!!” with that said he slammed the phone down.

    It was really getting on his nerves, Simon or Zoot’s father called him all the time! Even when Zoot actually wasn’t their! Always looking for his son, knowing he had to do something about it Eugene stalked into the kitchen.

    “Zoot,” He began in a short tone grabbing Zoot’s wrist; who jumped in surprise as Eugene turned off the burner and led him to the table forgetting about the almost finished dinner. “What’s wrong?” Zoot asked in concern and slight fear, Eugene took a deep breath before he began “Zoot, I really care about you. I think your wonderful and we get along great!”

    he paused for a moment having trouble reading his friends expression “But, I need answers! You show up in the middle of the night unannounced, with mysterious illnesses. Your dad calls here all the time looking for you, since you’re always here! But sometimes you’re not! I mean what in the world is going on? Where do you go when you’re not here? Why are you so quiet and secretive? What’s going on?”

    Zoot went considerably pale during this confrontation, and began to tap at the table looking around the room as though searching for anything he could use as an excuse “Uh…You know…my parents are both…Jewish…” Eugene went a tad limp with a heavy sigh “Oh for the love of-” he stopped himself pinching the bridge of his nose “Zoot. I need to know. What’s going on?”

    Zoot let out a deep breath “Eugene…it’s no big deal. My mom is gone, my dad’s super stressed, we’ve both been a little sad and clingy…so…it’s been hard…but…you don’t have to worry.” Zoot paused as Eugene studied his expression, it was unsettling…Zoot wouldn’t meet his gaze “I am alight.”

    Eugene couldn’t deny it any longer…he was lying. And Eugene was going to figure out why.

    A/N: Wow! Lot's going on! Haha! Hope you liked! If you did! Please comment! Againe sosososososo sorry for the wait!
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    Wonderful. :D
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    Thanks! My mom's in the hospital...so I might not update till next week. Sorry. Just a lot going on right now. Please be paitence.
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    I am so sorry for not updating! OMG!!! It's just so much happening right now. Work, school, my mom with cancer, my dad getting married, scabies. And a lot of drama. But don't worry! I will post the rest of the story as soon as it's finished! I just have to take some time and sort my life out. I hope you all understand!
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    This is a great story cant wait to see what happens next
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    I think this story is excellent, especially the relationship between Dr Teeth and Zoot.
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    OH MY GOD! I AM SO SORRY!!! I did not mean to go so long without updating! And thank you to everyone who like's my story. it's just my internet was disconnected and SO much crazy stuff happened over the year, my dad got married, I moved three times, school, work, relationships! It's been quite a year, but I'm back and I WILL finish this story, thank you for being patience with me! Again really sorry!
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    A/N: I hope these chapters make up for my absence. And if anyone has a request story or drabble they want me to write just leave it in the comment's. Oh and read with caution! I warn you parts are sad! Enjoy, and please comment! :)

    “And when he came to America it was the first step to the foundation of the greatest country in the world.” Mr. the Eagle finished closing his history book and standing up. Incidentally Janice, Eugene and Zoot all had this class together. Eugene who had elected to wear his new outfit starting at the Halloween party next Saturday, then permanently shoved Zoot’s shoulder. And whispered “Wake up! You don’t want to get detention again with bird boy!”
    Zoot yawned behind his hand and whipped at his mouth. Janice who sat behind Zoot giggled, but just as there teacher was about to yell at them the door flew open and there ruffled forth party. Eugene rolled his eyes and groaned loudly “Floyd!”

    Sam looked at Eugene then at Floyd who grinned brushing his hair out of his eye’s “Sorry I’m late birdy! Got tied up with the old man, you get it right?” Floyd laughed slapping Sam’s shoulder, the class laughed as Floyd kicked the door shut and proceeded to find a chair but he instead paused short
    “Oh! And this is for you!” the cocky red head threw Sam an apple “Yeah! Your welcome!” Sam grabbed it with both wing like hands taken off guard “OH! My! Young man who are you?!” Floyd slapped his leg and fished for his schedule “Ah I’m sorry! I just started!” Sam snatched the schedule from him and groaned “Oh no! Another one!”

    Eugene chuckled as Floyd flopped down into an empty seat on the other side of Zoot. Sam murmured as he eyed the group “why me?”

    -later that day-

    “I still don’t get why he hates you?” Floyd complained loudly, the four of them where all sitting around in the dining area for lunch. Janice next to Floyd, Zoot next to Eugene. To Eugene this was a very special day of school, for the simple reason that he wasn’t alone anymore!
    It was very nice, kind of picture perfect, the way Janice crossed her arms and glared at Floyd who had his legs up on the table. And Zoot who was copying him, but fast asleep, the future pianist smile. “I don’t know! I guess it’s because I’m too anti-American.”

    Floyd laughed throwing his head back “I have never met such an uptight bird man in my whooole life!” Janice scoffed shoving his feet to floor in slight disgust “You’re only thirteen!” Floyd rolled his eyes with a shrug “Still.”
    The group continued to talk and laugh until poor sleeping Zoot was rudely awakened by somebody who roughly pulled out his chair causing him to fall to the ground. “Holy! OOOFF! What? Where?” Zoot cried out frightened, Eugene gasped quickly helping him to his feet “Wayne!!! That’s so rude! Leave him alone!”

    It was indeed Wayne, yet unfortunately he looked extra pi-um- angry. Janice led poor dazed Zoot to an empty chair on the other side of Floyd as she piped up “Wayne! What’s like wrong with you!? Leave us alone!!” Wayne spat out clenching his fist’s “Stay out of this Janice!”
    Floyd cocked an eyebrow watching with slight interest. “Ugh…What do you want now Wayne?” Eugene asked plopping down into his seat rather heavily, Wayne smiled and leaned down slightly “I just wanted to talk Eugene, can’t good friends just talk?”

    Just staring at him with no emotion except thick irritation Eugene sighed “what do you want now?” Picking up his book bag on the floor Wayne threw it onto the table Zoot jumped inwardly glad they were already done eating.
    “I have a lot of math homework due tomorrow.” shrugging Eugene remarked as Floyd frowned crossing his arm’s curiously “So…” Wayne sneered leaning down again “Do it. I have better things to do than waste my time! I need every second to practice for the fundraiser, with my partner Wanda!”

    As he said this he smiled smugly as though he just won a huge victory over Eugene. “No.” Eugene spoke in a tone that left no room for argument, Wayne’s eye’s went wide as he fumed “You little!” but Floyd cut him off getting to his feet “SO!!! You must be the school bully!”
    Wayne snapped his head toward him and looked over this new guy scoffing he sneered “And who are you?!” grinning Floyd patted Wayne on the cheek “Aww somebody is getting angry! How about you just turn around and walk away before you humiliate-orate yourself further?” Janice Zoot and Eugene all exchanged looks shocked that Floyd was talking this way to him.

    Turning red Wayne growled clenching his fists “If you know what’s good for you stay out of this.” Stepping forward Floyd grinned manically and whispered almost evilly “If I were you, I’d walk away.” Wayne opened his mouth to retort but Floyd snarled “Now.”
    Jumping a little Wayne snatched his bag the wimpy guy ran for it. Dropping down into his seat Floyd looked around at his friends before they all began to laugh. “Did you see the look on his face man and gal?” Eugene nodded slapping the table with one hand “That was worth hair pulling aggravation!”

    As they talked and laughed together suddenly the intercom turned on falling silent everyone listened “Will Zoot Simms please come to the main office? Zoot Simms.” Deflating slight Zoot stood up as Floyd laughed “HA! OH! You’re in trouble man!” trying to smile yet failing he left the cafeteria head hanging.

    The group did not see Zoot again for the rest of the day.

    And when the group was walking home together Eugene insisted on checking up on him. “Why though man? Zoot can handle one day without being glued to your hip!” Floyd whined childishly as Eugene led them toward Zoot’s house. Rolling his eyes Eugene shook his head
    “you don’t have to follow me around then!” Janice scowled at Floyd before slapping him upside the head “HEY!!! What was that for?” she shot him a nasty look as they walked up to Zoot’s front door “Be like nice!” before they could fall into another argument Eugene pounded on the door “Zoot! Hey zoot! What happened to ya man!?”

    Floyd leaned up against the railing as Eugene was about to pound on the door again, but just then it was wrenched open. “Simon! Uh…hey,” The future pianist spoke awkwardly to the father who stood above them fuming. “What are you children doing here?” mustering up his courage Eugene told himself that it was for Zoot so he replied calmly “Well. I was actually looking for Zoot sir. He left school in the middle of the day but never came back.” Rolling his eyes Simon eyed him over as though he wanted to smack him so badly, “He’s here. But he is grounded.”

    Jumping a little once more Eugene threw a hand up as Floyd and Janice took a few steps off the porch not liking the feel of this guy “What? Why? What’d he ever do?” face twitching Simon turned red a little, before he growled “Don’t act like you don’t know. He hasn’t been home in weeks, you and your big mouth getting my son into trouble and keeping him away from home. I want you to stay away from my son. You got that you metal mouthed bum?”
    Wait, what did he just say? Hasn’t been home in weeks! What? Eugene’s mind wasn’t able to comprehend all the information at once, he didn’t even register the rude remark that was thrown at him.

    Opening and closing his mouth several times Eugene spluttered “what? Weeks? I didn’t…Ok man I have to see him step aside!” clenching his fists Eugene glared up at the taller man, chuckling Simon shook his head “If you don’t get off my porch right now, you will regret it.” scoffing Eugene put a hand on his hip and sneered in a protective manor
    “Oh really? And what in the world are you going to do?” lunging forward a little Simon snarled “Oh I’ll show you what I’ll do you rotten little-” “Mr. Simon?” turning Eugene found a tall teenager with loose blond hair, and light yellow skin, he wore sandals, worn blue jeans and a large v neck white t shirt with a colored collar.

    Jumping back quicker than a whip Simon smiled with obvious fakeness, “Oh Lip’s! I’m glad you’re here!” surprised Eugene looked at his friends who shrugged in confusion before looking at this lip’s character who walked up the porch “hey, so how late you gonna be with this meetin father dude?”
    the teen boy lips asked, stepping aside Simon smiled picking up his suitcase from just inside the house “I’ll be home around eleven, Zoot is grounded so no TV, games, phone, saxophone.” Nodding Lips threw his backpack inside shoving his hands in his back pockets “Alright.” Taking out his keys Simon finished in a serious voice “Oh and especially no friends!”

    With that said Simon handed him a fist full of cash before storming off. Feeling a wave of anger fill him Eugene stomped at the ground as the monster drove off “son of a hill loving suit wearing sucker!” Floyd patted Eugene on the shoulder “Don’t sweat it man Zoot’ll be fine! He’s with the fun looking baby sitter.”
    Janice agreed hopping along beside them as they walked slowly down the walkway “like yeah! And this way we can practice with you more.” Before they could leave however a sharp whistle interrupted them. Turning the group saw Lip’s leaning against the door way with a look of amusement plastered on his face “Hey childins, you can come in.”

    Sighing in relief Eugene smiled “Thanks.” Now maybe he could finally get to the bottom of this.

    Ch. 23

    “Brrrr! Oh even talking about that guy gives me the whiles!” Janice shivered as they took a brief break. Floyd pated her shoulder “I know babe I know.” Zoot had his head down and refused to meet anyone’s gaze, he wanted to stop the story right now but, he knew he couldn’t.
    Dr. Teeth was studying him however very intently; deciding it was best not to speak he gently put an arm around him knowing what was coming next in the story. Not even Floyd or Janice knew. Heck, sometimes Zoot didn’t even know. Floyd was about to say something when the front door open and two familiar frogs walked in happily.

    “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much uncle!!!” the young adorable frog Robin shouted out happily clutching a large box. Kermit smiled patting him on the head, “Oh your welcome Robin.” Upon seeing the Electric Mayhem Robin rushed over. Holding up his box he yelled “Look! Uncle Kermit bought me a train set! Isn’t it neat?”
    giggling Janice nodded “Aww how sweet of him.” Blushing Kermit hung his coat up “Why don’t you go show Fozzie your new toy Robin?” gasping the young frog lit up with a series of thank you before running out of the room.

    Trying not to show his pride Kermit settled down once more and asked “So what did I miss?” with a chuckle Dr. Teeth turned to Zoot and asked kindly. “Will you be ok?” nodding stiffly Zoot whispered quieter than ever “Just do it.” patting him on the back Dr. Teeth filled Kermit in before they continued “Were nearing the end now let’s go for it.”


    “So you all must be the treacherous trio! As Simon puts it…” Lips began as he led the three inside the living room. Shaking his head Floyd plopped down on the couch next to Janice “What’s with that guy? He’s…creepy.” Lips shrugged counting his money “All I know is that I put an ad in the paper for a job baby sittin’ and the next minute he called.”
    Eugene lingered in the doorway wanting so badly to sprint upstairs to Zoot. He liked Lips and all he seemed honest and nice, but he didn’t care at the moment. Trying to keep the conversation flowing Floyd began nervously “well um…what do ya think of Zoot?”

    Lips shrugged “he seems nice, quiet thing, doesn’t fuss…poor little guy is odd though. You worried over there man?” he called over to noticing the teen pacing nervously. Eugene who starred over his shoulder, jumped slightly he turned “Oh yeah…I’m just…” but he trailed off nervously.
    Sympathetically Lips walked over to him and put an arm around his shoulder “Why don’t you go up and say hi? I mean you are his buddy.” Grinning Eugene pulled away before running up the stairs. He didn’t even bother to knock he merely walked in ecstatically “Zoot! Hey…oh my god…”

    He never in his life thought he would see something like this. Zoot didn’t seem to notice his entrance as the young man stood in the dark of his room. As he stood shirtless, examining himself in the mirror, no sunglasses or hat. But that wasn’t what stopped Eugene dead in his tracks; it was the fact that his best friend was littered in bruises. Remembering he had to breath he took a deep one not being able to believe what he was looking at. Whipping at his eyes Eugene gently closed the door, it all made so much sense now.

    Zoot was rubbing a large bruise around his eye, with a slight hiss. Apparently not having noticed his best friend staring at him, sighing Zoot fumbled with a few bottles of what Eugene thought was make up.
    Watching for just a few more moments, as Eugene had no idea what to think or say, he held his breath as Zoot unscrewed the cap off of a bottle and prepared to apply it when Eugene walked over to him laying a hand on his shoulder. Jumping three feet in the air Zoot threw his bottle up in the air with a low shriek “I WASN”T!!!” spinning around he went pale. Eugene frowned sadly as his friend shied away from him.

    “Eugene…I…didn’t hear you come in.” Zoot mumbled gripping his dresser in fear. Eugene stepped closer and took a deep breath “Zoot. Why didn’t you tell me?” this made so much sense now.
    Zoot shook his head tearing up slightly “It’s nothing…I just…fell and…I didn’t want anyone to worry…” but seeing the look Eugene was giving his he trailed off turning red. Eugene watched sadly as his friend sunk to the ground in tears apparently ashamed of himself. “Zoot,”

    He began kneeling in front of him, “I am so sorry.” With that simple statement Eugene scooped Zoot into his arms, who clung to him with silent pleas of sobs “I never wanted you to…I just thought…” but Eugene shushed him pulling back as he looked him straight in the eyes.
    “I’m getting you outta here man. Get your things.” Zoot nodded through his tears as he slipped on a t shirt and sweater. Together they quickly packed clothes, his Saxophone, school stuff and personal trunk.

    But what Eugene didn’t know was that as they packed a certain baby sitter was about to walk in on them. Trying to block out his feelings Eugene couldn’t help but feel a huge wave a protectional need hit him, as tears fell from his covered eye’s.
    Clicking the large suitcase shut Eugene walked over to his friend and touched his shoulder “Zoot. It’ll be ok.” Zoot shook his head words not forming correctly as he grabbed onto Eugene as though he where his lifeline “I-it’s…j-just…I d-don’t want p-people knowing and t-talking.”

    Shaking his head Eugene spoke in a low soothing voice “No one has to know. Floyd and Janice don’t have to know, not teachers, or neighbors, no one.” Zoot nodded whipping his eyes not speaking, neither of them noticed some one watching them from the door way. Thinking for a moment Eugene sighed knowing full well that his mom had to know, “But my ma, Zoot, has gotta know.” Zoot eyed him not saying anything “I mean if you’re to stay with me…then. She has to know why.” Trying not to break down Zoot nodded, “alright…but…Eugene…I-I…”

    Flinging one of Zoot’s bags over his shoulder he asked gently “Yes?” hesitating Zoot looked away sadly “b-but what about my…father? I don’t want…I-” Eugene swore his heart broke as his friend whispered heartbroken in a whisper “I’m…scared.”
    Not knowing what to say Eugene enveloped him in a hug, rubbing his back as he whispered “It’s alright, we’ll get through this. Don’t worry. Shhh.” Zoot was sobbing quietly into his shoulder, they stayed like this for a few moments until a new voice intervened.

    “What’s going on?” snapping his head up, Eugene gasped “Lips! Um…hey?” Lips stared at the scene in pure shock, he just couldn’t believe any of this. Zoot frowned and held onto Eugene’s arm, this was too much too soon. Gently patting his back Eugene whispered with a deep sigh
    “Um… Zoot’s father…has been hittin him.” Jaw dropping Lips slammed the door behind him “What?” Zoot stayed silent one hand over his mouth, as he whispered “I…don’t know what to do.” Lips clenched his teeth, in anger but he couldn’t let his temper get the best of him. Zoot needed a lot of support, “I’ll tell you what we’re going to do.”

    Lips declared boldly striding over to Zoot's suitcase and threw it over his shoulder “Let's go Zoot, You’re not staying here another minute.”
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    I'll try to post more soon, I'm glad you all like it! I'm so happy!
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