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Dr.Teeth and the Time Before the Mayhem

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by fictionalnice, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    Summary: Even amognst the best of friends some lies have there place, but when all that order is up-rooted how well will the events of the past remain hidden...or...are they ment to?

    A/N: Yeah, I know later than I promised, but I have been busy and without internet. So without further ado, here is the well awaited sequal/prequal. Enjoy!!! AND PLEASE, PLEASE COMMENT!!! :D
    Warning: Story is sad!!! and characters may seem out of character at times and there are some serious themes! so proceed with caution!!
    Chapter #1

    Everyone knows the Muppet’s, and everyone loved them. They were funny, entertaining, and talented. And if you like the Muppets then you should know who the Electric Mayhem are, with band leader pianist Dr. Teeth, Second in command base player member Floyd Pepper, Lead guitarist Janice, Saxophonist Zoot, Drummer Animal, and on again off again trumpest Lips

    Each of them contribute a great deal to the band, and are all one big happy family. But what most people don’t think of is…what happened before the Mayhem? In other words, how did they all get together, meet each other, and how did they form the widely known band The Electric Mayhem?

    A lot of these questions and more are about to be recognized and answered. But it won’t be easy. “C-Can we at least retire for the night…before we begin with the sequel to our past revealence?” Dr. Teeth asked voice wavering a little.

    To his relief everyone seemed to agree with this, Kermit nodded “That seems fair…it is getting late.” Floyd chuckled “That’s an understatement man; I can’t remember the last time animal fell asleep because of exhaustion.”

    Animal in fact had indeed fallen asleep, he had curled up with Gonzo on the floor in front of the slowly dying fire. Zoot let out a loud snore, animal wasn’t the only one who fell asleep during the group’s almost nonexistent argument.

    Zoot had his legs resting in Lip’s lap, his head leaning against the arm rest, hat in eyes. Lips was sleeping as well, his head was leaned back on the back of the sofa cushion.

    Janice stifled a yawn “Good idea, but should we like, move them…or wake them up?” Dr. Teeth shook his head as Floyd laughed “Naw babe, just leave them there. Animal won’t wake up till at least seven anyway.”

    Kermit stretched standing up, “Well, before we retire to bed, I want to say I truly appreciate this opportunity to get to know you all so well. And I am glad that animal is finally happy. Good night all.”

    Dr. Teeth forced himself to smile, still not happy, “Only the best time’s aqua frog.” Kermit knew he wasn’t happy, but he offered a warm smile as he walked out of the sitting room to head to his own room.

    When Kermit left Janice turned to Dr. Teeth and offered some sympathy “I know you don’t want to talk about your childhood…but, like, Kermit has done so much and only wants to help us…and, well, It won’t be too bad…no one thinks any different of you.”

    Floyd nodded vigorously “Yeah man, you’re the same cool cat we’ve always known and loved! And you don’t have to worry. No one here would pick on ya or anything.” Janice took over grabbing Floyd hand as they stood up together

    “And even if someone did crack wise, we’d be like ready for them!” they both shot Dr. Teeth a sincere smile before they to retired to one of their rooms.

    Dr. Teeth grinned for real this time, feeling a little embarrassed, stretching out his long arms he walked to the middle of the room. He thought; ‘there right, it won’t be too bad.’ He showed off his tooth of gold as he watched animal and Gonzo use each other for pillows as they slept, looking unsurprisingly comfortable.

    “I truly am sorry animal…I should have never treated you the way I did. I had no right and I am very sorry…” he paused solemnly “I suppose I didn’t want to see Floyd get hurt…but no excuse, I take full responsibility and I truly do apologize.” Nodding in satisfaction, he turned and walked out to bed himself.

    What Dr. Teeth didn’t know was that Animal was awake, and he heard everything Dr. Teeth said. True he didn’t understand a lot of it, but he was able to collect the basic gist. Animal lifted his head off of Gonzo’s chest and smiled, being careful not to wake gonzo animal followed Dr. Teeth to his room as quite as possible.

    Dr. Teeth was so tired he merely brushed and flossed his teeth obsessively as ever and laid down in his large bed, falling asleep almost instantly. But to his surprise a light mass suddenly jumped onto his bed, sitting up Dr. Teeth rubbed one eye, it was animal “Animal?” he asked as animal knelt next to him,

    “is everything well and good?” Animal smiled “Forgive you.” Dr. Teeth shook his head, as if trying to wake himself up “Animal…I really don’t deserve your-” Animal cut him off sick of Dr. Teeth being so hard on himself

    “No, forgive you…you nice animal understand…no more meanness on you! You nice animal forgive…you forgive to! No more meanness!” Animal must have been very happy and calm, because it was rare that he spoke so full like this, even if it was rough and hard to understand.

    Dr. Teeth wrapped an arm around Animals shoulder “animal, you are amazing. Thank you. You’re more human than most of us, and I will try to forgive myself.” Animal nodded happy with his words, and laid down next to him

    “You forgive now.” With that said animal fell asleep, Dr. Teeth patted his head “Thank you animal…you are amazing and loving. My wild drumming, women loving, skirt chasing friend.” Leaning back against his pillows, Dr. Teeth smiled as he too fell asleep.

    When morning came, Dr. Teeth wasn’t surprised to find animal nuzzled into his arm. Dr. Teeth grinned, noticing that animal quite the steel grip on his arm. Clearing his throat Dr. Teeth gently shook animals shoulder

    “Hey…boy of steel, time to rise with the morning sun!” animal groaned, but sat up just as well. “Morning sun star!” Dr. Teeth exclaimed, getting to his feet, in a peculiar bright mood. He really was a morning person, and last night’s happening really lifting the weight of the world off of his shoulders.

    Animal shook his head, trying to wake up, as Dr. Teeth began to collect things from his room “We should groom ourselves nice and pretty, before we seek out the rest of our homey gang.”

    About an hour and a half later, Dr. Teeth had finally cleaned, groomed, and dressed both himself and assisted animal in the same categories. It wouldn’t have taken so long if he wasn’t such a picky dresser. Nevertheless, they were currently completely prepared to begin the prequel to their past! And Dr. Teeth was feeling more open to the idea then before.

    Figuring everyone else was in the dining room, Dr. Teeth led animal down there, talking away a mile a minute the whole time. “So then I figured why bother with electric piano if the song sounds so original on regular old piano style!” he said as the two of them arrived in the dining room, to find Kermit in a green plaid bath robe, Zoot in a backwards black newspaper cap, a white button up, grey slacks, sandals and a shawl wrapped around his shoulders,

    Floyd in his usual red dress up shirt, Janice in a mini skirt, high heels, and pink crop top, And Gonzo still in his pajamas, all sitting around the table, eating and talking, “Animal! there you are man!” Floyd exclaimed, as animal plopped down next to him, looking peeved. Dr. Teeth sat next to Zoot and asked “Well then, where’s lips?” Janice obliged “He left ‘bout five minutes ago…something about seeing New York before his vacation was over.”

    “Aw man!” Dr. Teeth complained, Floyd nodded, but then quickly changed the subject “Something wrong animal?” animal looked up, eyes going wide before he complained “Teeth talks lots!!!” “I proudly resent that animal!” Dr. Teeth defended himself, lightly. But his friend’s just laughed at his expense. “Ya right!” Floyd laughed, slapping the table.

    Kermit asked after the laughter died down “You seem in a much brighter mood…what happened?” Dr. Teeth just smiled as his friends eyed him as though mentally asking the same question.

    He didn’t provide much of an answer but instead said “animal happened baby.” Zoot nodded taking a sip of his tea “He does that…” buttering a slice of toast Dr. Teeth began “Well then, how about we dive right into the main course of our past!” Kermit nodded mouth currently full of salad, eager to get this started.

    And with a deep breath Dr. Teeth began, knowing that letting it out would help, and his friends deserved to know.

    A/N: AHHH!!!! *Cough, cough* Sorry about that, I'm just nervous! Please be nice!!! and comment!!! If you don't like you don't have to read!! Sorry, i'm just scared!!! Hope you liked it!!
  2. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    I really like this story, so far. And can I say I also really enjoyed "Maybe Less Of A Mystery." :halo:
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  3. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    Awsome! Do more!
  4. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    This is off to a great start. Please continue!!
  5. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    I enjoyed this too myself. I am so like into this story fer sure. More plz!
  6. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

  7. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    A/N: Thanks for all the positive feed back! i really apreciate it! It makes me smile!! Hope you like this! COMMENT PLEASE!!! I LUVS THEM!!
    Chapter #2

    ‘It may be hard to believe, but when I was younger…I was a complete and total loser. And to be frank, not one person even tolerated me. Seriously I could have won the Emmy for the world’s most hated child!

    The only person, who liked me, before I met Zoot, Floyd, Lips, and Janice, was my momma. But I could go on and on about this for a while, but let’s start with when I was thirteen in the middle of seventh grade…that is middle school…’

    “Eugene! Breakfast!” Samantha Tethen shouted up the stairs, to get her son’s attention. She was a light lime green Muppet with a small light pink nose, a large mouth, straight perfect large teeth, long curly red hair, and big eyes.

    She currently was wearing scrubs, something a doctor would wear, because Samantha was a dentist. A young voice called back “Coming momma!” Sam smiled and walked through the sitting room to the dining room. They had a moderate sized Victorian house, in a regal style.

    She slowly began to scoop out eggs and bacon onto two plates, for her and her son. When the food was distributed she taped her chin in thought, wondering if she had forgotten anything, “Hmm…Oh yeah! Coffee!” turning around she hurried into the kitchen to get two cups of coffee.

    Meanwhile, her son Eugene (Dr. Teeth as most would know him as), was upstairs in his bathroom brushing his teeth. He had large unappealing braces, metal casing almost completely around each tooth, wiring resting on the top keeping it company, rubber bands in back, and to top it all off a wire that protruded out of mouth.

    He also bore a pair of large square black framed glasses, his red hair was longer than usual and combed off to the side, and for clothing he wore a white button up dress shirt, a black tie, and red plaid sweater vest.

    When Eugene was finished he put away the tools he used to brush his teeth and closed the medicine cabinet, smoothing out the front of his shirt, Eugene took one last look at himself in the mirror before he slung his bag over his shoulder and quickly jogged out, and down the stairs.

    “Momma! I’m staying late after school tonight! So I’ll probably walk home ok?” dropping his bag on the floor near the front door Eugene headed for the kitchen. “Momma?” he called out spying the plates of food on the table, “In here sweetie!” Sam called out to her son, before she bustled back into the kitchen carting two cups of steaming light brown coffee.

    She sat them down on the table, and gestured for her son to sit down and eat. “Eugene hon, I will be working late tonight so if you want to invite a friend over that would be fine.” Eugene raised an eyebrow biting into a strip of bacon “Ma…I don’t have any friends.” Sam scowled at him pressing her lips tightly together

    “Don’t say that! You are very loved!” Eugene rolled his eyes and muttered “Yeah by you…” at the look his mother shot him he flinched and apologized “Sorry ma, uh…when will you be back?” She stirred a little more cream into her coffee “I am sorry sweet heart, but not till late…late/late.”

    Taking a gulp out of his own coffee cup he asked “Anything I can do…pick up groceries, or what?” She shook her head “No, I know were low on food, but…things are just a little tight right now. Ever since your father died-” she stopped what she was saying dead on, and shook his head with a forced smile “But, don’t worry hon, everything will be ok. I’ll deal with it…ok?”

    Eugene sighed “Alright.” He trailed off and they sat together in silence eating their breakfast, after a while Eugene stood up and said “I have to get to class ma; the bus will be here soon.” Sam quickly stood up and hugged her son

    “It’ll be ok, I promise.” She patted his shoulder, and he sighed “I know ma…” clearing his throat Eugene smiled “I’ll uh, see you later ma.” He commented before he quickly left the kitchen and ran out, flinging his bag over his shoulder.

    He made it just in time to jog onto the bus before the driver closed the door on him. “Oh man! Just made it, thanks sir!” Eugene panted as he thanked the driver, who merely nodded, taking a deep breath he turned toward the crowded bus.

    He wished no one had noticed he got on the bus, but unfortunately everyone did notice and had proceeded to stare at him. No check that, glare at him, opening and closing his mouth several times Eugene held his head up high and walked down the center isle in search of a seat.

    After several failed attempts, where a singular person refused to allow him to sit down he finally found an empty seat by the rear of the bus. Heaving a great sigh Eugene ruffled through his pack and pulled out a book about old great pianist’s he was deep into. Adjusting his glasses he opened to the page he left off on and began to read, hoping to quickly pass by the time.

    A few minutes passed as the bus continued on its designated path, making a few stops along the way. It would have gone a lot faster but a wise guy on the football team, who thought he was all that decided to play a little “joke”.

    But Eugene was so into his book; he didn’t notice the group talking, laughing and exchanging looks between him and themselves. One of the boys quickly got up and took the seat behind Eugene, and suddenly something collided with the back of his head just as the bus was making a rough stop and Eugene slammed into the seat in front of him.

    Groaning he pushed himself up and slowly sat back down, well aware of everyone once again staring and laughing. At first he didn’t notice what the boy had done and just went back to reading his checks flushed.

    But a few moments later after the laughing had died down, something once more collided with his head, but this time the side of his head, grunting he fell onto his seat, biting his lip he listened as everyone laughed at him. Face beat red, he sat up again, glad the bus had finally arrived at school.

    Unfortunately he had an entire day of humiliation ahead of him. Taking another deep breath he stood up, and held his head up high, no one was going to make him break. He was better than that, and they were not worth it.
    A/N: So...what do you think? Don't worry more to come! *Smiles*
  8. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    Looks Good! Do More!
  9. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    This is awesome so far please continue.
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  10. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    Om my goodness sorry I took so long!!! XP
  11. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    A/N: OMG!!! SO SORRY!!! but i don't have wi-fi...anyway!!! XD I hope you love this chap!! Specially you Zoot lovers!!
    Chapter #3

    School days weren’t always the best for Eugene, but he always tried his best to keep smiling, and just get through each day with a hopeful outlook. He always tried to be nice to everyone, and not give up who he was.

    But it wasn’t always easy; he didn’t quite understand why no one liked him. It really did grate on his nerves sometimes, if only one person was nice to him, if he had one friend. It would make all this a lot easier for him.

    It usually didn’t bother him, or he never let it bother him, but every now and again or for him once a week, something would happen that would really get to him. Currently Eugene was sitting in lunch picking at his greasy pizza, not really in the mood to eat anything.

    The first few periods were ****, as usual. In every class someone different would think up something different to humiliate him, to be honest it wasn’t that bad. It just got to him, for example in math class. Every time the teacher turned around a class mate would spit chewed up paper at him. In science class someone else got up to sharpen their pencil and shoved him out of his chair and onto the floor.

    He knew it was just classroom teasing, but when it happened so often, it begging’s to grate on ones nerves. Eugene sighed “Hmm.” He felt so alone, not to sound dramatic, to be honest there was one girl he saw pass him in the halls every now and again who actually was nice to him.

    She was a tall curvy blond, short short’s, crop tops and high heels. Her name was Janet, June, or Janice…something like that, and she always smiled at him and said hello. They weren’t exactly friends but she was nice to him so he extended the same curtsey.

    “Well…things will get better.” He murmured to himself pushing his food away, deciding to head to the library to pass the rest of lunch off he stood up and picked up his tray. He emptied the food he never touched into the trash than placed the tray onto a stack of more trays.

    As he was doing this, something mushy, red, and liquidy substance was dumped all over him. Gasping he held his arms up and took a step back, “What the!” turning around he found Wayne. A Muppet teen who constantly tormented him; his was a white Muppet with short brown hair, and narrow black eyes.

    He was on the softball team, and currently yearning after Wanda, who had long straight black hair and was a cheerleader. Eugene flicked his hands toward the ground coated in spaghetti, sauce and chocolate milk. Spluttering he shook his head “Wayne? What’s wrong with you! Why would you-”

    But Wayne just sneered “That’s what you get you metal mouthed, green freak! Next time, stay away from my table!” Eugene frowned biting his lip, his eyes burning as everyone around him laughed. Feeling very cornered and self-concise Eugene wrapped his arms around himself and ran out of the cafeteria.

    He didn’t even stay in the building he just kept running, outside, down the street, and all the way back to his neighborhood. He didn’t stop until he literally plowed someone over, just across the street from his house. They both shouted out in surprise and tumbled to the ground,

    “OOF!” Eugene yelled, lying on the concrete literally tangled up with another person. “OH…that sucked.” The stranger sighed; gasping Eugene jumped to his feet and helped the stranger to his feet. “OH my god! I am so sorry!” he stuttered frantically, the person he plowed over was a young boy; he had to be around the same age as Eugene.

    He had a full head of short dark blue curly hair, combed to the side, hair falling in front of his eyes. Light aqua blue greenish skin, a lime green nose, dark black sunglasses with white frames, and round bottoms.

    He wore mustard yellow sandals, blue jeans with holes in one knee, and a baggy grey t-shirt, with a v neck and black swirls on the neck trimming. The boy smiled “It’s cool, no problem.” He reassured Eugene picking up a grey black stripped hat. The boy brushed himself off, and cocked his head to the side “Ok, um…did you and lunch have a disagreement or something?”

    Eugene blushed and looked down at himself he did look bad “Oh, um…I just…a little accident at school.” The boy nodded sympathetically “I see, well my name is Zoot Simms, I just moved in today.” Eugene looked back at the house they were in front of him, with a large moving truck parked out front and boxes and furniture scattered on the lawn. Eugene whipped his cheek with the back of his hand

    “I’m Eugene Tethen, I live across the street. Nice to meet ya.” Zoot grinned and they shook hands, but immediately after Zoot let out a loud “EWW! There’s sauce on my hand! Gross!” Eugene smiled sheepishly “Oh…sorry. My bad.” Zoot shook his head a little and smiled “no problem dude.”

    “So I guess you’ll be starting school were I go soon huh?” Eugene asked, curiously. Zoot nodded “Yeah, what should I expect?” Eugene smiled nervously, eyes comically wide “Well…um…it’s…different.”

    “That bad huh?” Zoot asked looking a tad nervous, and Eugene couldn’t help but laugh “Don’t worry, You can’t be treated any worse than me!” Zoot cocked an eye brow “What do you mean? You’re a cool guy?” Eugene chuckled “Yeah, convince them of that.” Zoot caught sight of his braces and smiled

    “Cool braces!” Being sincerely genuine, Eugene opened his mouth a little “Yeah, I get them off in a while.” Zoot nodded in awe “Can you pick up radio signals with them!?”

    Eugene laughed loudly “Just about!” Zoot chuckled and put his hands in his pockets “Well, um, I got to unpack...Would it be weird if I asked you to help me?” Eugene let out a bark like laugh “Completely.”

    “Ok, but will you? My folks are out on a date for the day and I don’t want to be alone in a new house tonight…” Eugene frowned as Zoot trailed off looking down at the ground and kicking his feet on the tar, which was weird Eugene thought, why would his parents leave him alone like that?

    “Of course I’ll help ya! My Ma is workin late tonight anyhow, just let me hop in the shower and I’ll be right over ok?” Zoot snapped his head up with a smile, looking surprised, and ecstatic at the same time “Really? Ok great!”

    They bid each other a temporary good bye, and Eugene ran across the street to clean up and change. It seemed he was right; things seemed to be looking up.

    A/N: COMMENT PLEASE!!! PLEASE!! PLEASE!!! Sorry to beg but I luvs them so!!
  12. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    This is an awesome story and I can't wait to read more so post soon please!
  13. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    YEAH!!! THANKS!!! I'll post more now cause I'm not sure when I'll be able to next...hopefully in a week or under if i'm lucky! XD
  14. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    A/N: Comment please!! :D And don't forget to enjoy!
    Chapter #4

    “You two met first!” Kermit exclaimed, holding onto his coffee cup with great interest. Gonzo nodded wanting for Dr. Teeth to continue, “I never would have guessed!” but they weren’t the only ones amazed Janice and Floyd were just as surprised as the two of them.

    They never knew that Dr. Teeth was treated so badly, yeah they knew that he was picked on but they never knew that he was treated THAT badly. “Yeah man, what a drag!” Floyd exclaimed, animal shouted angrily “MEAN!!! WAYNE MEAN!!!” Floyd pated animal hand “Calm down man, hear-”

    he offered picking up a blueberry Danish “Eat this.” Animal quickly snatched it from him and laughed, trying to eat the whole thing at once. Janice smiled at him before she turned to Zoot and asked “So why do you…or, why did you…um” she paused unsure of how to put her question without sounding rude

    “Why did you act so…different?” Zoot looked absolutely miserable right now, he sat in his seat, a cup of hot tea gripped tightly in his hands as he looked down at the table. It was very clear that he was not ok with them doing this. When he didn’t answer Dr. Teeth patted his shoulder and continued “Uh…let’s just kick off where we paused…anyway, after I got myself cleaned up…”

    Once Eugene hand himself all clean and was in a nice fresh pair of cloths he pocketed his keys and headed back across the street. Where he spotted movers caring the furniture inside, he barely noted that they were almost done moving things inside. Dodging the crowd Eugene walked in through the front door of the classical style house “Knock knock!”

    he shouted gazing at the many boxes filling up the front hall, Zoot popped his head in from around the corner of what Eugene assumed was the living room, “You’re here! That only took you an hour!” he complained sarcastically, Eugene grinned smugly “Beauty takes precious time dear Zoot.”

    Zoot stuck his tongue out at Eugene before he laughed “well come on in here! I’m separating the boxes.” Eugene nodded and entered the living room, “Nice!” he grinned, at the regal styled living room, nice and big, a fire place and polished dark wooden floors. Eugene figured the whole house would be in a regal style.

    Zoot picked up a box labeled kitchen ware, and moved it with a pile of other boxes “Yeah…not bad, kinda big for my taste though.” Eugene nodded joining in on the division of the sea of boxes “I get that, my ma works a lot! And our house is just really big and empty, kinda lonesome. I don’t blame her, but it’s still sad.”

    Zoot grunted pushing a large box closer to the living room boxes, interested now “What about your dad?” he asked carefully, Eugene helped him pick up the box and move it. as they put it down he whispered mournfully “He’s dead.” Zoot opened his mouth and closed it several times before he whispered “I’m sorry…”

    Eugene shrugged “heart attack…about two months ago.” Zoot flinched and looked around desperate to change the subject “Ummm…uh…well.” He cleared his throat and tried to smile “Want to see my room?” Eugene smiled and nodded “Alright!” Zoot waved him back into the front hall gesturing to a pile of boxes “Help me carry my stuff upstairs will you?”

    Eugene agreed and together they moved all the boxes upstairs into a small one windowed, sliding closet door room, with a dark bluish black rug, and light blue walls. Finally there was one thing left to move up to Zoot’s room, not that he had a lot stuff, a large maroon chest. Eugene picked up one end as Zoot lifted the other, and carefully they headed up the stairs.

    Eugene asked “Man what’s in here?” Zoot evading his gaze “Just…stuff.” Thankfully Eugene noticed his uneasiness and reassured him “That’s cool. You don’t have to tell me.” Zoot shifted the chest in his hands and asked “I don’t?” Eugene shook his head “nah, it’s your business, I mean, we just met man. I don’t expect ya to spill your guts.” Zoot chuckled as they walked into his room “I’ll keep that in mind.”

    Both of them stretched, and plopped down on the ground. Amongst the furniture and boxes that was placed in here. “Oh man! How tiring!” Zoot complained, Eugene nodded checking his watch for the time surprisingly it was already three thirty in the afternoon.

    They sat in silence for a while resting sore muscles, Eugene couldn’t help but notice how much Zoot didn’t have. He had two boxes of clothes, a box of miscellaneous items, and one box of personal items. Not counting the chest of mystery. But he decided not to say anything; it was really none of his business.

    But it was odd, he had so many questions, but when Zoot or if he ever wanted to share than he would. When he was ready, Eugene stood up and looked around the room “Why did you get stuck with the small room?” he asked unable to stop himself, Zoot stood up and fidgeted nervously

    “Well I, I mean my parents need…um…you see…I…uh…” he trailed of not knowing how to answer the question. Eugene frowned “I’m sorry, it’s none of my business…you don’t have to tell me.” Zoot sighed relieved, Eugene assumed “Probably all this size anyway.” He grinned, Zoot asked confused

    “What?” Eugene continued with a laugh “That’s how it works right? Nice big house, but…small bed rooms.” Zoot began to laugh, and nodded “Yeah!” clapping his hands together Eugene laughed “Well, your room isn’t gonna set up itself.” And with that the two set off to set up the bed frame, the mattress, the biro, nightstand, and boxes of stuff.

    At six o’clock, after much work they finally got his room set up. It looked nice to! The bed sat in the corner the chest in front of it at the foot of the bed, a night stand next to it, with a lava lamp on top. A desk in the next corner, a biro a few feet away from it with on old cassette player on top of it, his cloths were all put away, and it all looked very nice.

    The two slowly walked down stairs, very tired and sore. Zoot complained “I am so tired!” Eugene smacked his lips “I’m starving!” “How about a pizza?” Zoot offered Eugene nodded eagerly “Yeah! I would love a great big ham pizza.” Zoot flinched noticeably “UGH! I have a huge problem with that!”

    “What? You don’t like pizza?” Eugene asked, as they walked outside together, “No, it’s just I’m Jewish.” Eugene grew wide eyes as Zoot locked up the house, “Oh my god! I’m sorry!” Zoot shrugged, “No problem, so where do you want to go for dinner?” Eugene offered pointing across the street

    “How about my place, I got some frozen four cheese pizza we can cook.” Zoot nodded in agreement “Alright, that sound nice and kosher.” With that in agreement the two walked across the street to get some Pizza.

    A/N: hope you like, and I know Zoot is out of character but it fits in with what I have in mind! and if you don't like please do not flame me or leave a hurtfull comment! they are mean! and make me sad :C
  15. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Wow! Yeah I can he is out of character, but he wasn't fully devolped until in the Muppet Show with the rest of the Mayhem. Great backstory on Dr. Teeth. Still I cansay that Jim came up with great names on the Muppets.
  16. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    This is super please continue soon
  17. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

  18. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    hahaha!! THNKS!! :D
  19. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    A/N: Ok, so mayjor warning!!! Zoot is way out of character in this chappy, but it is for a reason! Please do not be mean and cruel! It hurts my feelings! Comment and Enjoy!!!!
    Chapter #5

    When they got to Eugene’s they threw the Pizza in the oven, and sat down in the kitchen with some cool water. “You got a nice place.” Zoot commented, taking a sip of water, Eugene shrugged “Yeah I suppose…I kinda hate it here though.” “Why?” Zoot asked, it was a nice house, he assumed everyone would love living in a place like this. Eugene looked down at his water

    “It just…hold’s to many memories.” “Oh, I get that man.” Zoot nodded sympathetically. Studying the look of sorrow on his face, Zoot frowned thoughtfully, he didn’t really want to talk about it…but, he knew Eugene would understand and, well, he seemed like he would be easy to talk to.

    “Can I tell you something?” Zoot asked, suddenly feeling anxious and eager at the same time, the fact that he was about to finally tell someone felt…good. Eugene looked up and nodded slowly “Yeah, you can tell me anything. I won’t say anything to no one, if you don’t want me to.” Zoot smiled “I appreciate that…this may be weird. I know we just met and I shouldn’t be laying this on you.

    But, I want you to know. I want someone who understands to know.” Eugene entwined his fingers together and leaned forward “Come on man, were friends by now. Friends a minute, an hour or a day…don’t make a difference to me. You can talk to me about whatever you like!” Zoot sighed in relief as Eugene smiled sincerely at him “Good, this is hard for me to say but…I ~ “HOLD IT!”


    “HOLD IT!!!!” Zoot suddenly shouted, surprising everyone at the table. No they weren’t surprised they were astounded, bewildered, dazzled, dumbfounded, confounded, disconcerted, flabbergasted, agashted, blown away and every word that described shocked. This never happened! Ever! Zoot barely talked let alone shout! Even animal was shocked into silence.

    Zoot slapped the table with both hands and got up from the table “That’s it! I’m done! We’re all done! Stop! Stop! Stop! No more! The story’s over! Done! Finished!” Dr. Teeth shook his head vigorously getting over the initial shook, and quickly stood up “Zoot, calm down. It’s ok, I mean they deserve to know.” Zoot threw his arms up, barely noticing animal diving under the table

    “WHAT?! No they don’t! It is no one else’s business! No one’s business but our own! We do not hold any requirement to them! Just because they want to share doesn’t mean I will! I am not an open book Eugene! You should know that! My life is just that MINE! No one else’s! Why should I tell them anyway!?”

    Zoot shouted gesturing to the pair still looking as though Zoot had breathed fire, Dr. Teeth tried to lay a hand on Zoot’s shoulder to calm him down but Zoot smacked it away “NO! The only reason I joined this band is because YOU wanted me to! They aren’t even my friends! you and lips are! That is it!” Dr. Teeth flinched “Zoot Stop it!” but Zoot was way too angry to stop now.

    “Why in the **** would I be friends with some woman who broke my heart! And some-” “ZOOT!” Dr. Teeth shouted desperately “HOLE who not only took her from me! But HATES MY GUTS!! Don’t even deny it pepper!” he screamed as Floyd suddenly stood up,

    “I have eyes and ears! I am not stupid!” Zoot roared, kicking his chair over he stormed out of the kitchen and toward the front door “You can all go to ****!!!” everyone flinched violently as the door was slammed.

    “Holy cow!” Floyd gasped still in complete awe, he looked around the room noticing Sam, Dr. Honeydew, Beaker, Miss Piggy, Scooter, Rizzo and other Muppet inhabitants surrounding them. Everyone was holding different versions of the same emotion on their faces, shock. But, Dr. Teeth didn’t look surprised, more upset and devastated than anything.

    Floyd glanced under the table when something tugged at his pant leg, it was animal. Floyd frowned “Man, He’s scarier than you animal.” Animal nodded crawling back out from under the table “Yeah, Zoot angry.” Janice looked glossy eyed and quickly ran out of the room, chocking up.

    “Kermy dear what happened?” Miss piggy asked walking over to Kermit, who was, most likely, blaming himself. Kermit shook his head “I-We were talking about the past and…” he paused shaking his head “I suppose we pushed a tad too far.” Miss piggy let out a curious “Hmm, Well, either way Kermy we have reservations dear.” Kermit’s jaw dropped

    “What? What reservations?!” Miss Piggy smiled nervously and slyly “For our date.” “Date?! Who said any-” but at the look Miss Piggy shot his Kermit quickly changed tactics not in the mood to be karate chopped again “Oh…um…oh That date!” he laughed nervously getting out of his chair, it’s not that he didn’t want to go out on a nice romantic date with Miss Piggy it was just, he felt so bad about what happened and wasn’t really in the mood “

    Of course Miss Piggy!” he quickly turned toward Dr. Teeth, noticing Floyd running out apparently to find Janice. “Um, I am very sorry for all of this Dr. Teeth…will you please give Zoot my sincerest-” but Miss Piggy cut him off exasperated “Kermit dear let’s go! The drama queen will be fine!” as she said this she grabbed onto Kermit and pulled him out of the room her heels clicking behind her. Kermit continued to try and shout apologies to the band leader before he and Miss Piggy were gone.

    Dr. Teeth watched Floyd as he quickly ran out of the room, evidently concerned for Janice. Animal was taken out of the room by Gonzo and Rowlf, who said something about planting a garden. Which left Dr. Teeth the source of everyone’s attention, and expectation, he put a hand on his chin and looked around at all the looks he was receiving

    “Uh…um...well…we just, um, yeah…nothing to see here everyone. Just a tad bit of misunderstanding of one another. So…” he trailed of, it was odd he hasn’t felt this nervous in years. Leaning his hat forward a little he walked out of the room. Thinking to himself that he should go after Zoot, hoping that he was ok.

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