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Your Thoughts: "The Muppets" Theatrical Film

Discussion in 'Muppet Headlines' started by Phillip, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    We should all treasure the moment. As a life-long Muppet fan who started one of the first Muppet fan sites almost 14 years ago, it literally feels like 1979 all over again. Simply amazing.

    This is the big one that will have us talking for awhile...

    After you finally see "The Muppets" on Wednesday November 23, please post your thoughts to discuss all aspects of the movie. Spoiler warning: If you do not want to know everything about the film, then please do not read any further.

    If you would like to write an official review to be published on MuppetCentral.com, please submit your review by Sunday November 27. (We've intentionally not published any reviews until the film's official debut.)
  2. dwmckim

    dwmckim Well-Known Member

    I wish i could post a long indepth review, but i took the bus to see the midnight debut and walked home for 3 1/2 hours (despite wearing a big sign on my back the entire time i was in the theatre and 1/3 of the way home before i got too afraid of being stopped by police saying "Need ride home (19th Ave & Cactus)" ) and i'm too tired, in pain, and cranky to really say anything except i really do. not. EVER! want to hear "Life's a Happy Song" ever again aside from repeat viewings of the movie itself (and even then i may fast forward or take that time to excuse myself to restroom or concession stand)

    Actually what i will say is i would give the movie an A but the final edit a C- at best. This comes from having read original script, junior novelization and all the evidence of stuff that was indeed filmed but not in the final cut...lots of stuff should have been in there that wasn't INCLUDING CRUCIAL STORY/CHARACTER INFO. I would say much of the movie seemed like setups for punchlines without the actual payoffs included. Very disappointed in what the film should have been compared to how it ended up and i'd go so far as to say this was really unfinished. Right now my big wish is that this film gets the Royal Dvd treatment with a new extended edit of the film alongside a "theatrical cut" Again, the film itself was wonderful...but SO much wasted potential and knowing it could have been so much MORE.

    And i also have to throw in...they made it TOO EASY for anyone wanting to jump on the Wrong Sounding Muppets train...there were some really JARRING moments where the there would be lines that were just awful...i mean there were a couple Fozzie lines in a car scene where i thought there was something wrong with the film itself...he sounded like he was inexplicably on helium...those really should have been redubbed. Mind you, i'm the biggest advocate of recasts and the amazing job they typically do...and this is why it's all the more disappointing when moments like that slip through because you KNOW they can do so much better and it should have been easily fixed.

    i'm sure i'll post a much longer review after a couple days after i've rested/recooperated.
  3. brkndwnbus

    brkndwnbus Well-Known Member

    Saw the movie last night for the second time and enjoyed it just as much as my first viewing at an advanced screening.

    I know what you mean, dwmckim, about a scene with Fozzie and it sounding off in the car. I missed that the first time, but it stuck out last night. I didn't read any of the scripts or junior novelization, so I don't know about other endings.

    My buddy who went said he could really tell that Segel and company are genuine in their love of the characters and their respect for the Muppets and it came through in the film.
  4. rexcrk

    rexcrk Well-Known Member

    I saw it at midnight last night! It was so much fun and I loved seeing the Muppets on the big screen again! They did such a good job with the movie, I was really impressed.

    There were a lot of great throwbacks to the older stuff (showing clips from The Muppet Show, Sweetums chasing after the gang from Mad Man Mooney & Son, referencing Together Again). It was really touching in all the right places, I got a little teary towards the end when they were all singing Rainbow Connection.

    We got to see so many classic characters have great parts; Rowlf, Scooter, Beauregard, Uncle Deadly had a really big role (probably his biggest ever?), Floyd was great, Link had a good part, even Wayne and Wanda had a joke.

    All the songs were great too, I loved the opening and closing numbers. Definitely had a very Muppet-y vibe.

    I did miss some of the newer Muppets from the Muppets Tonight era though. I get it, they wanted to go back to the older days which is definitely cool (like I said before I loved all the classic characters!) but I still missed seeing characters like Johnny and Sal. Pepe's part was really small too, and Rizzo was barely in it :( . Bobo had a pretty big part, though, and that was great. He always cracks me up :D

    I feel like there should've been more Gonzo though. But that's because I'm a Muppet fan who was born in the late 80's and grew up in the 90's, I still think of Gonzo as like the main character :p (kidding, I know Kermit is haha).

    But overall it was such a great movie and a fun experience. I'm sure I'm gonna be going to see it a few more times. There's probably stuff I'm forgetting about that I'll probably post later lol
  5. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

    I went to the twelve-oh-one showing! It was an amazing movie, with enough muppety moments from almost every old beloved character to fill up your tank for a while. I felt like Jason really knew the characters and understood the things about them that made them unique, and that he treated them and the storyline with respect.

    Warning: I'm going deep, so if you don't want my armchair psychologist take, skip ahead.
    If you know me, you know that my muppet thing is the frog-pig romance, and I have not been very happy with the way that that epic love story has been treated for the past several years. In this movie, Piggy was everything I always knew she could be. She was gorgeous--every outfit, every hairstyle, and I want to kiss the designer of her "new" full-body design that is--finally--full-bodied! She looked amazing every second, but even more thrilling than her wonderful look was that I finally felt like my sassy, confident girl was back.

    Unlike most of the muppets in this movie plot, Piggy was out there on her own making it--and making it wonderfully. When the gang comes for her, she hasn't been sitting around waiting for her life to start, or for some frog to show up so she can start living. When Kermit asks her to come back to help all of them save the theater, she doesn't melt into a puddle on the floor. (Okay--she does have one teensy, weensy frog-tackling lapse, but she recovers from it almost instantly.) When she and Kermit go for a walk in Paris to clarify his request for her to help them (a TOTALLY unexpected treat--I had no warning about this scene), Piggy is strong and in control of herself and her emotions. She knows what she wants and needs and is able to articulate it. Kermit can't do either at that point in the story, still hoping she'll just follow him home without any real work or commitment on his part. Piggy calls him on trying to use his "job title" as the man in charge of the show to further his personal agenda for a relationship with her, and does not fall for that. When Kermit comes back to his friends--alone, without her--the disappointment is not just that Piggy isn't coming to help with the show, but that Kermit wasn't able to heal the very obvious hole in his heart. Scooter's reaction here particularly touched me, as did Fozzie's.

    But Piggy has always been compassionate even though she will pretend otherwise and is often demanding and self-interested. (Duh--diva!) She comes back to help--not to fall at Kermit's feel but because she cares about the dream they all made together. She draws the boundary lines very clearly--that she is coming back to help all of them because that's all Kermit asked her to do. And when Kermit's spirit falters in the face of overwhelming obstacles (see aforementioned note about hole in his heart), Piggy comes on strong to save the day--STILL without selling out or selling herself short. And you should notice that all the others are more than willing to follow her lead because--on some level--they know she can (do I dare?) bring home the bacon like no one else. Because of her, the telethon actually makes it to the air and they get their shot at stardom again. If she has an act or acts in the show, we don't get to see them, so she doesn't just come home to steal the spotlight.

    When Kermit finally realizes that he could lose her--again--to the life she has made without him, he manages to break out of his diffidence and say what matters. I thought that showed real emotional growth on the part of the frog, who manages to ask for what he needs and wants the most. But none of it--the words or the kiss (FINALLY!) would have happened if she hadn't known him and loved him and given him one last chance.

    The muppets have always been very emotionally true characters--full of the good, the bad and the, um, human foibles that everyone can struggle with. Seeing these two epic lovers finally meet where they can both stand tall and confident was worth everything to me. The "what happens after the telethon" clip with them and the reporters was CLASSIC! Kermit's annoyed little "Piggy!" made me laugh and grin my face off. But at least we know that Kermit--and Piggy--are finally back where they belong--with each other.
  6. Muppetfan44

    Muppetfan44 Well-Known Member

    I also saw the movie last night at midnight and I really enjoyed it! For a Muppet movie, I give it a 7-8/10.

    Like Rexcrk said, so many great throwbacks to the classic Muppet movies, they were sprinkled all over and made me feel warm and tingly inside every time, lol! Truly a great gift to us die-hard Muppet fans!

    Walter was wonderful and the complementary roles of Gary and Mary were also great- they had just enough screen time to make them a part of the story but not so much that they took away from the Muppets.

    Chris Cooper as Tex Richman was great- definitely one of the meanest and evil-est villians to date- he was a great representation of the greed and pessimism we often see today which made a good contrast with the genuiness and laughter of the Muppets.

    The Kermit/Piggy romance dynamic was awesome!!! Since I am a die hard frog/pig romantic, I wish there was more but it was a signficant step and it was done beautifully in the movie. FINALLY, Kermit said, "I miss you" and "I need you"- I have been dying to hear that for Piggy for so long!!! I loved how Piggy was a little more agressive in the way she stood up for herself and wouldn't take any crap from Kermit instead of always trying to gain his affection and his approval- it showed Piggy as a stronger, independent woman which I think is great for shaping Piggy as a role model on some level for young girls. I also loved Kermit's endearing words to her and the adorable kiss (though I thought it could have been longer, lol)- he actually kissed Piggy on the lips, on live television and in front of a full audience- definitely a sign that Kermit is warming up to Piggy again :) One thing about Piggy's character that really surprised me though was at the end of the telethon when Tex Richman takes the stage to kick the muppets out of the theater, Piggy backs away from Kermit instead of moving closer and "standing by her man" like she usually does. I know this is a super-small detail but it was so different than Piggy's usual actions towards Kermit that it really struck me- little stuff like that with Piggy throughout added so much depth to her character- finally i think Kermit will need to prove to Piggy that he's worth it.

    Rowlf's stuff was great!! He finally had a chance to shine in a lot of parts which was much needed. Bill Baretta did a fantastic job and as always, Bobo was great comedic relief on the evil side. Uncle Deadly was AWESOME, definitely one of teh best parts of the film. The Wayne and Wanda bit when the lights went out was hilarious.

    Fozzie was adorable- there were a few small areas where the voice seemed strangely off, but overall Eric's performance of Fozzie was wonderful. The scene with Kermit and Fozzie in hammocks in the theater was so cute and I almost started crying!

    Steve did an AMAZING job with Kermit- sure Kermit's role in the movie is a lot more dramatic and serious than his typical Muppet Show role but I think it was really needed in the movie to add the dramatic tension and keep the Kermit as a leader spirit. As always, Kermit was the glue that held everybody together and reminded the Muppets who they were and what they can be again and it was such a great foundation for the film- Steve should definitely get an Oscar nod if you ask me!!!

    The one blaring thing that really bugged me throughout the film (I'll definitely have to see it again to see if I feel the same way) can be boiled down to one word: EDITING- It seemed like there was a lot of great material and important plot details that were just cut out and in some places it was really obvious. I read the Junior Novel of the Movie which helped me figure out where plot stuff was missing but I think if I would have not read the junior novel, I would be really confused at some parts during the movie. I almost feel like we didn't get to see the entire movie. To me, some of it was just really poor editing choices when they probably had to get the time limit shorter and unfortunately it really shows during some parts of the movie.

    For example, the background of Tex Richman (that he doesn't know how to laugh and that everyone laughed at him as a kid because they all laughed to Muppet stuff and he didn't) and why he hates the Muppets is never explained (the part in his rap where he explains it is cut out), so when he does the whole, "maniacal laugh" bit, no one gets it and the joke is lost- you don't find out until the end of the movie that he can't laugh. It would have added more value to Tex as a character if they didn't cut that out and would have taken away a lot of confusion during the movie.

    Also, they don't explain why Kermit and Piggy split up so long ago- Kermit says that back then he said things that he regretted but we never find out what those things were and when Piggy talks about knowing that Kermit didn't want to marry her, only die-hard fans would get what she is saying (the novel has a flashback scene where it goes back to a huge argument that Kermit and Piggy had after The Muppets Take Manhattan where Kermit says, "you are not my wife, you will never be my wife", then Piggy takes the wedding photo of her and Kermit and rips it in two and runs out)- NONE of this is in the movie so new fans- fans the movie is trying to create, have no idea what is going on and near the end of the movie where the photo comes up, there is no context- I cannot believe that was edited out- it's such a big part of the Kermit and Piggy side story. I am BEGGING AND PRAYING that this will be put back in when the DVD comes out!!!!

    But overall, the movie as a whole was great!!! I definitely want to see it again soon! It's not perfect but it's such a great springboard hopefully for some more Muppet productions down the line- it really brings a big, warm smile to your face that you can't wipe off and it's just the thing that we as Muppet fans have been waiting for so long to see :)

    I know, "I can't seem to wipe this smile off my face!"

    In the words of Animal- "SEE MOVIE, SEE MOVIE" :)
  7. Muppetfan44

    Muppetfan44 Well-Known Member

    Also, I agree with you 100% Ru- Piggy's newfound confidence and strength in herself was just what she needed and Kermit finally facing the music that he needs her and cares about her is such a wonderful gift for die-hard pig/frog romantics like you and me :) I definitely almost teared up a little at the end!
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  8. Avilos

    Avilos Well-Known Member

    I think it is a mistake to compare any film to a novelazation. For one these are based on scripts. Not from actually worked on set with the cast and crew. They may have found out that some of this footage did not work, which is why the absence from the finished film. This is often the case when deleted scenes are viewed on DVDs. Also often film novelazation writers often fill in details of their own invention that have nothing to do with the planned film.
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  9. matleo

    matleo Well-Known Member

    I saw the movie last week and while it's a funny film it is a very flawed story, as DW said. I felt like Kermit made the decision to gather everyone up purely for the sake of moving the story along and less for any real personal reason. That made it hard for me to care about the story. Equally, as several others have said, the 'happy' ending was tacked on. Not to say that the film shouldn't have had a happy ending but why couldn't be IN the film?

    The voices didn't bother me, and in fact, I'm very happy with the work of the new generation of performers. Some are admittedly better than others, but there are some I've definitely seen growth in in the last 5-10 years (Rowlf, Teeth, and Fozzie) nd I hope to see the others grow in the coming years. it's also just nice to see a lot of these characters again and I hope not hat Disney has had them rebuilt we will continue to see them.
  10. mupcollector1

    mupcollector1 Well-Known Member

    Hi Everyone, I just got back from the premiere of the new movie. First of I want to admit, I'm a real credit when it comes to anything new of The Muppets that comes from Disney. But after watching this movie, I feel for the first time in so many years. I HAVE NO COMPLAINTS! The movie was AWESOME! I was smiling the whole entire time. And cried at every tear jerker moment. That to me tells me that the writing was really really good.

    Plus I can't get that song that Walter and Jason sing in the movie out of my head, it's truely a good showtone. I thought I was going to dislike Walter because he was the new guy, but I feel differently about him now. To me Walter was an homage to us, the true Muppet fans. LOL My favorite scene is when they kidnap Jack Black and how misrable he is being the guest star. LOL It reminds me of the ol' John Cleese episode from Season 2. LOL Plus I can't stand Jack Black. LOL And what makes me really happy about the movie is that YES, The Jim Henson Company is somewhat involved in the film. Not only the studios filming certain scenes, but The Creature Shop helped out with the costumes according to the credits. So it's like Disney, Puppet Heap and Henson all together.

    Things I noticed. Jerry Nelson is the voice of The Muppet Telephon announcer (uncredited), and if you look in the background, Jim Henson's picture can be seen twice. Once in Kermit's old office and second outside for one of the Jim Henson exibits.

    If anyone here still hasn't seen The Movie, GO OUT AND SEE IT! It's so good, I think I'll go to the theaters next month to see it again.

    Disney really out did themselves, Muppet Studios L.L.C. Did a wonderful job and I'm very very proud of them.
  11. Bannanasketch

    Bannanasketch Well-Known Member

    I must say I absolutely LOVED this movie! The music, the characters, the story line, the villains! There's very little I can say that bugged me. I'll go into detail in the following paragraphs but right now all I can say is WOW! The Muppets are back! I mean, really back. For years, we've been waiting for the Muppets to make a true comeback and here they have! Huge thanks to Jason Segel, Nick Stoller, and James Bobin for their hard work.

    One big thing I loved about this movie are the easter eggs; the references to past movies and The Muppet Show. I laughed out loud when I saw the part with Sweetums at Mad Man Mooney's. That was brilliant. Oh, and Bobo and Uncle Deadly singing "Together Again". That was great. I especially loved the role that The Muppet Show played in the plot. The fact that Walter used to watch it is so cool! Speaking of Walter....

    I love Walter! When I look at Walter I see myself. He's a huge Muppets fan who's always wanted to meet the Muppets! Just like me! And all of us, actually. He is us. I think that's truly what Jason Segel wanted to do with this character. I hope we can see more of Walter and his awesomeness. I seriously believe Walter is the most adorable Muppet I've seen. I just want to give him a hug for bring ing the gang back together.

    I love the characters of this movie. This was definitely a Muppet movie, no doubt about it. I felt like Gary and Mary's backstory was a nice add-in and didn't take away from the movie at all. The opening with Gary, Mary and Walter really was a nice lead-in to the rest of the story. I felt like most of the characters had good screen time (though I would've liked to have seen more Scooter). I liked how they brought back some of the older, more obscure character (Link Hogthrob; Wayne and Wanda). One thing I really didn't like was the fact that Pepe only got like 2 minutes in the movie. I mean, seriously give him more than that. I understand the old-school aspects Segel was going for but Pepe still would have been good for parts of this movie.

    I loved the songs. They really worked well for this film and sounded really Muppety. I know many people don't like the opening song but I loved it. Now, I've got "Life's a Happy Song" stuck in my head all day and I'm enjoying it. "Pictures in My Head" was fabulous and is one of my favorite songs in the whole movie. I especially liked the way it played out on screen with the pictures coming to life. absolutely incredible. For the Moopets version of "Rainbow Connection", I almost gasped out loud. How dare they blaspheme the beloved words of Kermit the Frog! Anyways, I actually really did think it was funny. "Me Party" and "Let's Talk about Me" are the only two songs I really disliked. They were unnecessary and tasteless, in my opinion. I must say, "Man or Muppet" is my favorite original song for the movie. It's catchy and funny and serious all at the same time. I couldn't stop laughing after Jim Parsons showed up as a human form for Walter. Genius, in my mind. "Smells like Teen Spirit" and "Forget You" were perfect and great, in context, for the muppets. Finally, I so enjoyed "Rainbow Connection", I started singing along silently in my seat.

    The cameos were well done for the most part. There were some that stood out better than others, but I enjoyed them all. I also loved how seamlessly they were able to mix in the parody trailer scenes that many of us didnt' know were going to be in there. Overall, I just loved this movie and I sure hope it leads to muppets in the future and more fans. It was fantastic and I can't wait for muppet Domination to take over the world! :) :jim:
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  12. I'm not saying anyone is wrong because we all experience things differently, but here is my counter argument to other people's complaints and minor gripes. PS, please NEVER review a movie after having a horrible day. Its not fair to the movie or to the people it might influence.

    Its hard to be subjective when seeing a movie, and nearly impossible to when you've read original drafts of scripts, junior novel adaptations, etc. You construct the movie in your mind and once changes start to happen, there's no way to walk away completely satisfied. I worked on the film so I've seen more cuts of it than I'd care to admit, but when I sat down and watched it from top to bottom in a packed theater, all those things I "wished" it had or the things I was bummed about it not having anymore pretty much went out the window.

    As a whole, it works. MAYBE it would have been better if we knew Tex's backstory, but to me, the story isn't about him. In my opinion, the fact that the Muppets stole everyone's attention from him at his own tenth birthday party (or whatever year it was) isn't THAT strong of a plot point to begin with. The fact that he's just a traditional money hungry oil baron is a stronger choice (in my opinion). I don't associate that classic stereotypical character with a jolly sense of humor anyway. The "maniacal laugh" joke works for me. Its random as **** without the backstory, but how much of the Muppet show humor is based on randomness? When Deadly points it out at the end, he could just have easily said, "You oil people CAN'T LAUGH".

    Plus, why stop there? Why not question everything... Walter is an awesome whistler? We see him whistle ONE other time in the movie. It bugged me at first, but seeing it in context, I didn't care. Muppets have talents.

    The Miss Piggy/Kermit flashback didn't really help move the MOVIE along either (I stress MOVIE because maybe it does help the novel, but books and movies are different animals altogether). I don't think it takes a hardcore fan to know there's a history with Kermit and Piggy. To accommodate everyone would require a MASSIVE flashback going back to The Muppet Show days. Her initial reaction makes it pretty clear there's a love interest and the quick recovery and rejection clearly lays out its a toxic relationship. The torn photograph speaks volumes and (again, in context) I didn't need to see who ripped it or why it was ripped. The point is... it was ripped. Its the easiest metaphor you can have.

    Now, I won't lie and say I have NO problems with the film. The 9,999,999 actually being 99,999.99 joke kind of falls flat, in my opinion, if it was even ever intended to be a joke. I hope audiences don't spend too much time trying to figure out what just happened and miss the point, which I'm not really clear on what that point is. hahaha.... anyway.

    I also am not the biggest fan of the "tacked on" ending, but mostly because at that point, I didn't even care. The Muppets have accepted the fact that the studio itself isn't what matters. All they need is each other. That fact alone helps them walk out of the theater with their heads held high. The support they receive on the other side of the door is icing on the cake. Getting the theater back or finding a NEW home would have been a great sequel. I didn't need to see the big bad oil man laugh in order to go home happy.

    Maybe my very involvement with the movie makes it impossible for me to be as subjective as I hope everyone else is, but I really tried to watch the entire movie without my preconceived notions. In the end, I didn't find it to be a challenge at all. I really like the movie. I really like the nostalgia (and I'm not event as hardcore as a majority of the members here on this forum) and the self aware jokes. The plot points that are important (from a broader message standpoint) were respected and handled with the greatest of care. If a few of the smaller story points fell to the wayside just a bit to make room for that bigger message... I'm ok with that.

    GO SEE THE MOVIE (again if you've already seen it.)
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  13. cahuenga

    cahuenga Well-Known Member

    How was Jerry as the announcer?? has he voiced any minor character o is just the announcer?? thanks!!!!
  14. TheMonsterAteMe

    TheMonsterAteMe Well-Known Member

    Last night, I was sitting at Starbucks talking to a friend. We where going from subjects of religion, philosophy, and everything in between. But one of the biggest things I was stressing to him was how excited I was to see THE MUPPETS the next morning. It has been 12 years since the last theatrical Muppet film and all three Muppet films that had come out in my life time (Muppet Christmas Carol, Muppet Treasure Island, and Muppets From Space) had been AMAZINGLY lacking in the magic that made the Muppets... well.. magical.

    As I was sitting there, a friend (who's name I won't name in case they where not suppose to do this... hahahahaha) pulled in to Starbucks and gave me the most amazing opportunity. They wanted to know if I wanted to see a screening of The Muppets early! That night! In a hour.

    I'm not a Pentecostal... but I could have danced with the Holy Ghost and spoke in tongues in that moment.

    So, I saw the movie. And then I got home. And I was in shock. And could not sleep. I finally went asleep for a few hours and woke up to go see the film again with my family.
    Near the end of the film when viewing if for the second time, I noticed that my face was involuntarily smiling in a way that was dripping with joy. And I realized how perfect this movie is. And how beautiful, and funny, and touching it is.

    We live in a cynical world with an entertainment industry that does not have any heart or any art left in it much. We have girls who are famous for their sex tapes who are getting married and then divorcing a few months latter. We have scripted reality TV. We have moves where Adam Sandler plays himself... and his sister.

    Is there is place for The Muppets in a world of 99%ters, cynics, and Americans numbed by idiotic comedies?

    Yes. Yes there is.

    The Muppets have been revived. After 20 years of awful projects and falling from grace and popularity, they have been resurrected in a truer form than they where when they where at the height of their fame.

    This a mostly due to the brilliance of Jason Segel, who wrote, pushed, and fought for this project.

    Let's talk about Kermit for a bit, because I think he should win an Oscar for this. Steve Whitmire has brought a deep and real passion into this character that we have not seen since Jim Henson, who created Kermit (and The Muppets) and performed him until his death in 1990, has Kermit actually had nuance and depth. It's simply heart warming (for lack of a better word). I honestly could have cried with happiness when Kermit the Frog popped out of his "O" and The Muppet Show Theme began to play out. It was a transcended moment. His relationship with Miss. Piggy was real and believable for the first time... ever. It was the first time I truly cared for their relationship.

    Miss Piggy finally is more than a ticked off diva, which is what she was made into these passed few years. We got too see her weaknesses, her strength, and her humanity. It was nice to see Miss Piggy in such great form.

    And then there is Fozzie Bear. Almost every big scene Fozzie was in, I found myself being moved. I don't know what it was. Fozzie became one of my favorite characters of all time while watching this film. There is a scene where all the Muppets are sleeping in hammocks in the theater and Fozzie turns to Kermit and asks if it's all going to be okay. It was so so so touching. So real. You forgot you where watching bits of foam and fur in this movie due to moments like this and you begin to relate, and feel, and and hope for these characters.

    We saw characters have big roles again after being all but neglected since the 1980's. Dr. Teeth, Rowlf, Scooter, Floyd..... I was so happy to see them included in such a cool way.

    My only complaint, Muppet wise, is I wished Gonzo (my favorite Muppet) has been performed with more energy and had more to do. But he has been used SO heavily in the last three films (with Muppets from Space centering around him), that I have no real problem!

    The movie is full of so many little nuances that only hard core followers of The Muppets would even begin to see: Jerry Nelson (a retired original Muppetter) was the announced for the Telethon. The inclusion of the original Electric Mayhem band stand. A picture of the African masks for the Harry Belafonte episode of The Muppet Show being featured on a mirror in a dressing room. And then there are The Muppets themselves. The inclusion of characters who have not been used since the 1970's was huge for me. 10 years ago, if you would have told me that Uncle Deadly would be an villains henchman, Wayne and Wanda would steal one of the biggest laughs, Thog would be reunited with the group, The Mutations would step back onto the stage, Bobby Benson would conduct his baby band, and Marvin Suggs would pound the Muppaphones... I would have told you that you where crazy. Stephen Sondheim, when talking about created art, stated that "God is in the details." The details that the films creators worked into this film are vast and beautiful and really tie this film together for me.

    I got very emotional when I noticed the shutouts to the late Jim Henson through out the film. His image is on a banner during the last shot of the film before the credits start. When we hear Kermit for the first time, it's when some of the characters are watching a re-run of The Muppet Show. So, the first time we hear Kermit, it's Jim's voice. His picture is on the wall of Kermits old office. Little tributes to my hero. I can't thank them enough for that.

    I adored the new characters introduced into the film.

    Walter is now my second favorite Muppet. I related to him on many many levels. He was funny. He was charming. And I genially cared about his journey. There is a beautiful moment near the end of this movie when Walter gets to finally join with his hero, The Muppets. People in my audience applauded. I think that accurately describes just how well this character was written and performed. A new classic character.

    The Humans (for lack of a better word) in this movie where played so well. The sincerity that Jason Segel brought to his character really showed his deep respect for these characters. Amy Adams played a character who spent a good but of the movie feeling neglected by her boyfriend. This kind of character could easily get annoying and we could easily begin to not feel for her character. But due to Amy Adams brilliance, that audience never feels a bit of resentment for her character. The perfect choice for that role. Chis Copper was amazingly evil as the antagonist, Ted Ritchman. I only wish they had fleshed out his character a bit more in order for us to truly know his motives and such.

    I refuse to give away any cameo's. But one is simply brilliant. I refuse to give it away, but it is the best cameo in any Muppet film. Ever.

    The songs where perfect for the tone of The Muppets and the tone of this film. Lifes a Happy Song is one of the catchiest songs ever written for a Muppet film. Pictures in my Head perfectly defines Kermits character. And I don't know one person in the theater who was not laughing watching Academy Award Winner Chris Copper rap. And how can I even start on "Man or Muppet" which is now my favorite musical moment in a Muppet film. The only original song I did not care for (and the only scene that I felt could have been cut or re-written) was the Me Party duet with Amy Adams and Miss Piggy. It dragged, I did not care for the song, and I did not like the way it was done. But it's no real problem or complaint!

    And can I just say how moved I was seeing the Muppets holding hands before they walked on stage to sing Rainbow Connection? Words can't describe that feeling. Perfect movie moment.

    In short, I will go out on a limb and say that I think this is the most entertaining feature film The Muppets have ever made. I could just go on and on about how brilliant and perfect this film is.

    If you are a fan of The Muppets, run to see this film.
    If you are a fan of peace, love, joy, humor, and film... run to see this film.

    I waited my entire life for The Muppets to be restored to their former glory. And this film was worth the wait.
    I would have waited 40 years for a film this special, this good, and this perfect.

    Also, here is what I wore! Full tux with a Kermit tie!
  15. Slackbot

    Slackbot Well-Known Member

    I just got back from the movie. I won't go on at such great length, but instead here are a few rambling thoughts...

    THE MUPPETS ARE BACK, BABY! This was a great movie to bring back characters we have known and loved for years, even when they weren't in front of our faces constantly. It continues the story for us old fans, it welcomes in new fans, it shows us the Muppet brand of humor and the signature message of optimism and friendship. It paves the way for more Muppet media. I walked out of the theater happy, and judging from the laughter I heard from both the adults and kids in the thrater, I'm not the only one who enjoyed it.

    I loved the callbacks to the old movies. "Together Again," Sweetums running after the car--priceless. I also enjoyed all the tapping on the fourth wall. Fourth-wall jokes can come across as contrived and corny; these did not. There were also so many little things that made me smile, such as the photo of Henson in Kermit's office, Gonzo sleeping with the chickens in a Hefner-esque robe, Thog in front of the arched instead of coming through them, the Muppet Ninjas (Oh, if only Palisades were still making figures!) and of course the sight of so many minor characters like Bobby Benson, Behemoth, the Luncheon Counter Monster, and Baab.

    There were a few flaws that stuck out in my mind. Fozzie's voice went weird in one scene in the car. Scooter claimed that he didn't go onstage, which is nonsense; he was shoehorning himself into the show from the very beginning. The Gonso puppet looked weird; I think it was the same puppet they used for the Cat Cora segments, which always looked to me as if he'd had a stroke. But, most of all, the film seemed rushed, and I got the feeling that the floor of the cutting room is littered an inch deep with scenes cut out to shorten the movie's run time.

    I like how the Kermit-Piggy relationship is handled. Piggy is still the diva, and as others have said she has gone on with her life without waiting for The Frog. Her ego and her love for Kermit have to duke it out. And for once the fault appears to lie with both of them, not just the overbearing sow. (Perhaps the cutting room floor could shed more light on that in the form of DVD extras.)

    I like Walter lots. He's just made for Muppet fans to identify with. I do which they'd shown him whistling earlier in the movie, just so his talent wouldn't come out of left field. Perhaps that's on the cutting room floor too. I also enjoyed Segal, but I especially liked Amy Adams/Mary. A Janet Weiss-esque woman who teaches shop, can repair a car or fix cut wiring without mussing her perfect hair, and who does the driving? And Amy is such a great performer, I could tell what she was thinking whenever she was onscreen. All the little conflicts showed up in her expressions. Major applause to her.

    The ending was kind of weird, wasn't it? The way I see it, The Muppets struggled to accomplish something, and they failed, but faced up to that failure with hope and optimism and the willingness to keep at it and stay together. Then we see that even though they lost that battle, they won the war: they don't have to start from the bottom because, as Walter said, the fans haven't forgotten; the Muppets still have the fame and fanbase that they earned years ago! That hits all the right notes for me.

    So, in conclusion, it wasn't perfect, but it was very, very good, and it made me feel all warm and smooshy, both for the movie itself and how it looks to be paving the way for the return of the Muppets to regular media. I loved it, it was better than Cats, I'm going to see it again and again.
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  16. muppetlover123

    muppetlover123 Well-Known Member

    nice i love the reviews i will be going at 615 and i will have a big review when i get back:)
  17. 12Medbe

    12Medbe Well-Known Member

    I'll be going at 7:10.
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  18. LamangoNumber2

    LamangoNumber2 Well-Known Member

    So when is it coming out on DVD?
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  19. muppetlover123

    muppetlover123 Well-Known Member

    probably in march
  20. Slackbot

    Slackbot Well-Known Member

    One other little thing: I saw Karen Prell in the credits as an additional puppeteer. I'm glad to see she's still keeping her hand in. (Wocka wocka!)
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