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Apr 14, 2002
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I like your point of view and your take on the movie, however you puppet seems to be just a little bit stiff. It seems like his lower jaw can't move at all and it's all his upper lip that is moving. I don't think you where doing that on purpose I just think that because the way he is built is why your doing that. Just something to think about.
Yeah, I understand that, and it's frustrating. He's my signature character, but also, being the first puppet I built, I ended up accidentally using inch-thick foam to build his head, so it takes more effort to properly move his mouth. I did my best, but sometimes, it's tough to really get it across on camera. I may try to rebuild him, at some point, but that's still up in the air.

I did try to get good eye focus, for the most part, at least. Otherwise, I hope you enjoyed the video. I put a lot of work into it, including gathering all of the clips and pictures, so it wasn't just talking to the camera, the entire time. Thanks for the feedback!



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Jun 14, 2010
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He's my signature character, but also, being the first puppet I built, I ended up accidentally using inch-thick foam to build his head, so it takes more effort to properly move his mouth. I did my best, but sometimes, it's tough to really get it across on camera. I may try to rebuild him, at some point, but that's still up in the air.
I did exactly the same thing. Signature character, 1" foam, first puppet, kinda stiff. After a year I felt confident enough to make a second version, and I am so glad I did, because he now looks the way I want him to as opposed to "Eh, good enough."

Puppet 1:

Puppet 2:



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Oct 24, 2003
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Hey Everyone,
I made a video of my puppet, Wally Wackiman, doing a review of Muppets Most Wanted: Wally Reviews "Muppets Most Wanted" . I hope that link pasted right. Please check it out, and enjoy! Thanks!

Hi Zachary,
I enjoyed your review and the time you put into it. An affectionate homage is always in good taste. I wanted to comment on your comments a bit, but first I wanted to be sure that you had seen the comments here, as well as Kermit & Piggy's comments regarding CGI. There WAS no CGI in the film, at all, so I wanted you to have the chance to be as wowed by the rest of us by the performances. (Muppeteers have said that when Frank Oz first joined the Muppets as a puppeteer, others backstage woud just stand around and watch, amazed at his skill. We know what THAT is like!)
Upon reflection, I think I have already made my comments and will leave others to enjoy yours!


Dec 2, 2003
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It finally opened here last week so I've had a chance to see it a couple of times. I really enjoyed it a lot. I think it was MUCH better in basically every way than the last movie (indeed I would say it's certainly in the top 4 best Muppet movies, and possibly the top 3 -- there are a lot of things I love about MTM but also a lot I don't). Amazing work from Rudman and Vogel, I think they're the champions here. I mean, Eric Jacobson is ASTOUNDING as Piggy but that's not news. I'm not 100% sold on his Sam and I think his Fozzie occasionally fluctuates, but wow, on the whole the guy does such an amazing job with Frank's characters, it's almost frightening.

Some random thoughts:

I'm not really fond of plots that spend too much time separating the primary protagonist from the rest of the main characters, but the Gulag stuff was fun.

I do wish that some of the Muppets had been smarter, and that Piggy had cottoned on sooner and played a larger role in Constantine's downfall. And speaking of Constantine, I don't know if I ever need to see him again, but I think he was a fantastic villain and I really enjoyed the performance.

A lot of the cameos went over my head -- I hardly knew who any of them were. I agree that Celine Dion was out of place and shouldn't have been permitted to undermine Piggy's big song.

As with the last film, there are cuts to songs that are absolutely unforgivable. I LOVE the Swedish Chef bit in Interrogation Song, and in the truncated movie version of I'll Get You What You Want, the cockatoos and kangaroos seem to come out of nowhere very abruptly.

Ty Burrell and Sam made such a great team. I'd love to see them instated as the new Gonzo and Rizzo for the next few movies.

I'm really glad that when they wanted a "classic" Muppet song to lean on, they picked one from MTM rather than continuing to flog Rainbow Connection or a similar song that has suffered from overexposure. That finale hits me hard.

So happy to see so much material for Scooter and Rowlf (another character who gets short changed by song cuts). And Link! Bobby freakin' Benson?! This movie, man.

Walter wasn't too intrusive. I like him fine, but I'm really glad he wasn't the primary focus this time around.

I hope the future brings us more Johnny Fiama. I'd like to see heavier roles for Pepe too.


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Sep 8, 2003
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I think that is the hope of most everyone. I don't know though for the ones that did not like the movie would probably not like anything new the Muppets do, because 1. Jim Henson is gone, or 2. Jason Segal didn't help with it.


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Mar 11, 2012
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Here's my fear and before anyone jumps down my throat for being negative let me just say I am entitled to my opinion. So if your gonna post something mean to me don't waste your typing fingers. Now being this film isn't doing as well as the last my biggest fear in all of this is I can see Disney now putting them literally on a shelf for another 12 years to collect dust. and why do I think that well let's go back shall we when Jason Segal had to pitch the idea to Disney several times before they finally green lit the dang thing. Had it been the other way around and either Disney came up with the idea on their own or were quick to jump at Jason's idea then I'd be more the optimistic about the future but the truth is I'm not and quite frankly it makes me wanna cry.

The Muppets have worked so hard to get back in the spot light it would be devastating to not hear from them for a long time again. Do I think they'll go away for good? No but I think it could be awhile before they do anything again. And it sucks. It's sad that promotions for the most part have slowed up because I check everyday for any new material. I just pray "that the studio still considers them a viable franchise". I do think they should lay off the movies for a while. I think they should at least take the risk and try tv again. Whether it's TV specials or even a new MS.

I hope I'm proved wrong in that Disney will still keep them out there.


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Jun 3, 2013
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I talked with my father about the Muppets and I asked him why the movie is not getting the success that was supposed to and he told me that back in the old days what made people see the movies was The Muppet Show, they knew the characters and they want to see more of them, my father thinks that before they made another movie it was a better idea to do The Muppet Show to the new generation know better the muppets and they type of humor, this is just his opinion and I agree with him in a certain way, I would rather see a TV show than another movie!