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Who do you think will do this?


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Sep 8, 2003
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The Prime-time SS speceal is comming to PBS soon and we all know that it is going to have one of my favorit muppets in it Grover. We all also Know that the most tallented Frank Oz who did hi voice from the beginning has manly focase his muppetering to SS. So my qustion is who do you all think will do Grover.

I am really really hoping for Frank i think it would be nice to have the origanal voice, and a sweet memorial to the ones who worked on the show from the beggining till there sad death. Like Jim and Richard who did such a wonderfull job as some of my favorit muppets from times gone by.

Another thing i noticed was i read here that Frank was only doing Grover and cookie monster why not Bert. His he trying to not think about the loses of his Dear friend Jim. Or is it that he like doing them and they are the easier for him to do.