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When you need to rant...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Misskermie, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. fuzzygobo

    fuzzygobo Well-Known Member

    People's use of slurs- ethnic, religious, sexual, etc.- stems from two human weaknesses: fear and ignorance. Simple as that.
  2. FraggleLover130

    FraggleLover130 Well-Known Member

    I can see that. As long as people are trying, I suppose :)
  3. FraggleLover130

    FraggleLover130 Well-Known Member

    I think what bugs me is when people use things like that when they are totally oblivious to how that could be offensive. Worse is when you explain to them why it's rude and they don't care
  4. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Well, the gunman was Muslim, so that automatically makes him a terrorist, right? There's conflicting reports about it, even from our own local news sources, like nobody seems to know if he was involved with Al-Quaeda or ISIS or what, but again, because he was Muslim, that automatically means he was a terrorist.
  5. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    By no means am I a Bill O' Reilly-esque "All Muslins are terrorists" guy. However, coming from the state that actually had the only semi-successful Terrorist attack in the country since...well... there is some perspective I have at least concerning the two lone wolves involved in that case. Now the "brains" of the outfit was the old brother, a violent, angry indivuldual to begin with. He was a boxer who got pi#@y because he wasn't an American born citizen and couldn't compete in some competition because of that stupid reason somehow. Instead of taking it like any other violent, mentally unstable defect (i.e. coming back and wasting everyone in the boxing association), he radicalized himself by going on certain websites, essentially using his anger to guide him into a spiral. His younger brother, who I'd call the Pinky to his Brain, but that would imply the older brother was both smart and clearer of mind... so I'd say the brother's more the Stimpy to the older brother's Ren... well, his younger brother was essnetially the idiot sidekick that actually believed in his whole "I'm doing this for religious purposes, not because I'm still p&^^^ed off they wouldn't let me Box" bull, and they carried out their absolutely stupid revenge on the wrong people because Suddenly Religious, and pretty much had the entire state on lockdown until the pathetic little brother was found hiding in some guy's boat.

    So essentially, it wasn't a case of they're terrorists because they're Muslim, more like they're Muslim so they use that as an excuse to become terrorists, when in actuality they're just a bunch of privileged buttpipes who are angry because they didn't get what they want, and or they're bored. That's essentially how ISIS recruits. They go after upper middle class emo freaks who are bored with their X-Boxes/mad at their parents for some pithy reason. Just give them the wrong website and bingo. And some just convert to Islam exclusively as an excuse. Kinda like the Dentist from Seinfeld that converted to Judaism for the jokes... only violent and stupider a reason. At the risk of making assumptions, I'd say the shooter was an angry individual that claimed Islamic Terrorist so he sounds like some sort of martyr instead of "crazy angry individual."

    But I don't know all the details because my local news just keeps reporting "Overnight shooting in Roxbury," or "Overnight shooting in Dorchester." The news here is turning into the newspaper from Bullwinkle. You might as well just print the same newspaper over and over and everyone will believe it. It's incredibly tragic there. And to make matters worse, even the most hopeful of change residents gave the heck up long ago. It's like they just sit around and wait for it to happen now. That's how soul sucking this is. Forget the school shootings, forget the terrorist attacks in name only. If we can't do something better about gang violence and keeping illegal guns off the streets, what hope is there for for stopping rich, sheltered emo kids from legally obtaining weaponry, shooting something up to make him feel better for something, and letting the cycle repeat?
    CensoredAlso likes this.
  6. MuppetSpot

    MuppetSpot Well-Known Member

    This rant is going to be about Cartoon Network's Merchandises.When Cartoon Network started making their own shows, PPG merchandise was everywhere, Dexter had a few toys and Fast food premiums, but show like Sheep, Cow & Chicken & Johnny Bravo just were Fast food premiums at Carl's JR (Or Hardees for those of you in other states) Or Subway, at least I can eat those places. When EEnE came, the merchandise was almost falling into only fast food premiums trap, they had stuff like DVDS, toys, hats, key-chains, and other stuff like that. KND stuff was impossible to find. Fosters stuff was like EEnE. The Mattel line was crap, I only found at KB's & Target and never Eddy on toilet, Bloo flinger, Billy plush, & Lalzo ball. I am glad CN is putting more effort in merchandise.

    Edit: But I bought a Mac & Eddy from the Mattel line.
  7. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I really don't get CN's merchandising presence. Not back then, and certainly not now. I get that PPG was their big money maker, and Dexter had a very small run of things. Other than fast food premiums, the other shows really didn't have a mark presence. Still the case, mind you. Sure, there's AT and RS stuff, but considering the popularity of Gumball, you'd think there'd be more. The only toy I've seen in the states was a backpack keychain zipper plush. There's nothing for Clarence, Steven Universe, or Uncle Grandpa. To say that there's TTG stuff should go without saying, but even a show that's run, like every hour that isn't adult swim, it would be easier to find. I think I saw someone with a Garnet shirt, but it was a woman's shirt and never asked where that woman got it.

    Which stinks because I wants me a Pizza Steve.
  8. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure that I brought up that same rant before. Many times.
  9. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    The thing that really gets me is when it's announced BanDai's on board with something. They planned on this big Foster's Home toyline, and there was a lot of potential for that one. They're where M.U.S.C.L.E.S. came from, and they certainly could have had a collectible 1.5" figure line of as many background friends they could possibly do. It was something they sort of did with the original Teen Titans series (volumes of 5 figure sets), that could have played out nicely. A Bloo and Eduardo paired up with 3 or so other members. But yeah... we wound up with nothing as the deal fell through.

    Then, years later the Gumball license was announced... same guys, same crap.

    Still, you'd think Funko would step up and make some CN Pop Vynals. Either of classic shows or new ones or both.
  10. MuppetSpot

    MuppetSpot Well-Known Member

    Yeah I know Bandai mess up Foster's & Gumball, I think it's smart to make pops of classics & moderns (expect AT & RS those guys were made into pops already).
  11. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Wunderbar. Another mass shooting that actually happened in my state . . . and once again, we can't go a thing about it, know why? Because this is a very political state (and a very red state at that), and gun control is a very big political issues: the reds refuse to impose gun control because they say to take away guns is taking away a constitutional right, and anyone who argues otherwise gets fingers pointed at them and "BLEEDIN' HEART!" hurled at them like some kind of epiphet. These mass shootings apparently aren't convincing them otherwise.

    Political issues are very screwed up in my state, I'll tell ya that. Why, just last year when it was time for local elections, we had four hot-button issues that we had to vote on: 1. Abortion, 2. Term limits for judges, 3. Electing new judges (so as to stop handing the job over to friends and relatives), and 4. Selling wine in grocery stores. Now, out of those four issues, guess which one turned out to be the biggest hot-topic? I'll give you a hint: it had nothing to do with abortion or judges. That's right: it turns out, the big political issue last year was the right to sell wine in grocery stores; not preventing unborn babies from being killed, not imposing term limits for judges, not preventing relatives and friends from being handed judge positions, selling wine in grocery stores was the big issue. The former three are far more serious than wine in grocery stores: after the elections, people were outside abortion clinics protesting, and we seriously need better checks for judges, considering the former judge in a nasty murder trial that took place in my hometown yet was so bad that it became national news was a crack addict and sleeping with a woman half his age while the trial was having recesses and breaks - and not just judges, but all governmental positions are just simply handed over to family members and friends,r ather than seeking people who would actually be qualified for the jobs.
  12. fuzzygobo

    fuzzygobo Well-Known Member

    We'll see if this tragedy will surface at all in tonight's debate. All eyes seem to be on Trump whether he'll put his foot in his mouth or actually offer a solution to some problems.
  13. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    While I was the easily offended by what he said the first time type before, I have to say this. Trump's presidential run is the best thing to happen to politics in the past 15 years. Let me explain.

    It's no surprise that I'm not a fan of Neo-Con policies, nor wishy washy far righters who are better off with Libertarians who are at least sincere about their Constitutional Literalism, but instead just keep the Republicans far far right with exceptions of the Neo-Con policies that are wasteful to government funds (i.e. corporate welfare, putting the tax burden on the poor who buy the things that keep Capitalism working). I also hate how these right wing politicians pander to the extremists that hijack the party and make even moderate, agreeable Republicans all look like loonies (or at least push them the heck out). So how does Trump figure into this?

    I managed to overhear an interview with Rick Perry calling out Trump for his word vomit. So? you may ask? This was after Trump said nasty things about McCain (which was very out of line. I may not be McCain's hugest fan, but he was the only Republican to stand up for John Kerry against the Swift Boat Vets scam back in 04). So Rick starts calling out Trump for saying nasty, crazy, hateful things. Or as I like to call it, everything the right has been saying all this time. It's like they looked in a funhouse mirror and didn't like what they saw, yet failed to identify that it was them all along. I love how the media took Huckabee's failed Godwin's Law logic about the Iran Deal (we all know you want to go to war with another country we messed up so we can unwittingly create another ultra-extremist terrorist group we'll have to fight), and they said it was "oh no, he's just trying to say crazy things to compete with Trump."

    DUDE! Those were the exact same crazy things the party's been famous for. The same xenophobic spin that caters to every negative stereotype of a conservative ever. The same childish school yard bullying that we've been battered with since Bush Jr was elected, and the same ignorant angry statements when someone of their party didn't win. And these candidates said bullnothing when Trump was playing the "Dey took yerr jerbs?!" angle.

    Basically, Trump is the Republican Party's ID. He's saying nothing that they haven't been saying, nor anything that the Tea Party didn't already say worse. And heck, most of the Republican Candidates are saying just as insane things (cough cough Ben Carson), and not only is it not news, it's white noise that you'd expect. The fact that there's infighting against their own ideology pretty much proves that the party's a mess. Sure, they all essentially believe in the same exact things and pander to the same far far right, but they're so disorganized on how to do the exact same things that we have a bloated 17 candidates just for their party's nomination. I really don't think Trump's going to hang on, I believe this will wind up making Bush the Third look sane and reasonable. If anything, the party will rise of out of a sewer smelling like roses again. But at least we get to see their party distorted through Trump.

    Of course, there's one thing about Trump I sadly respect out of all the others. Even he thinks that the rest of the party is a bunch of yes men puppets embarrassing themselves so those crusty old Mr. Burns wannabes that fund their campaigns for money.
  14. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Okay, words cannot even begin to describe this absolutely outrageous story I just read:

    So, apparently there's an elderly lady in my town who had never registered to vote, but now she's making headlines because here she is at the age of 92 (yes, 92) and she's finally registered to vote . . . and you know why? Because she wants to vote for Trump.

    Can you say dementia? Is this lady off her meds or what? D'ump is a classic example of all talk and no do: he has no intentions of improving anything in this country, and he certainly has no idea what it's like to struggle in middle and working class America, he just wants to be president for the sake of being president.

    This old lady seems to be enamored with D'ump's military ideas and such. I think she ought to be put in a home.
  15. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    People are running to Trump because it's painfully obvious the politicians stop caring after election day. And people have heard "You must vote" so often in their lives, they can't imagine not doing so, so they go to someone like Trump who's doing his best Tony Stark impression lately, lol. The charismatic rich guy with the quip and all.

    I thought John Kasich was good, talking about mental health and also going to a friend's same sex wedding. Rubio was good, I liked the student loan reference, lol. But maybe he should try again next time after more experience. Christie gave a valid answer, that NJ was already messed up when he came in and he did manage some improvement.
  16. fuzzygobo

    fuzzygobo Well-Known Member

    People seem to be fed up with politics as usual. Senator Obama (I address him that way since that was the last government post he legitimately held) is so delusional to think he's done a great job at reducing government spending and unifying Americans... and his flawless Iran deal.
    Trump comes off as a breath of fresh air not wallowing in political rhetoric. Whether he can actually deliver the goods remains to be seen.
    I really wish Ben Carson had more to offer. He definitely has common sense down pat ( a rarity in Washington) but his lack of experience can be his biggest handicap. You can't just make it up as you go.
    But this country needs serious help. This election is the most crucial we've had in years, and name recognition alone is not enough reason to vote for someone. So much at stake, so much to consider.
  17. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    I suppose I'm not the only one who thinks that this Presidential race has become nothing more than a popularity contest and a circus rolled into one. It seems like ANYONE can run for President these days. I'm not a fan of Donald Trump because he seems to put his foot in his mouth more often than not (his remarks during the GOP debate were cringeworthy) and he thinks political correctness is unnecessary, yet he consistently scores high in the Republican polls. Certainly the media blows some stories out of proportion, but I still don't understand how Trump manages to win over so many people.
  18. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    You know why politics has become absolute garbage? Because of statements like that and thinking every single election is so incredibly vital that the country will be utterly destroyed one way or another. Everyone calm the heck down already, and stop being the tools of overpaid squawking heads that make money off of you. Wanna know why the president didn't unify Americans? Cuz Limbaugh's got books to sell, and Beck and Jones are modern day medicine wagon types selling you gold scams and bug out bags. Anger does not equate with good decisions. Look at the jerks elected to Congress in the past 6 years.

    We're basically facing an election between two factions of rich guys and frankly, the right has nothing but the same "cut taxes for the wealthy, go fight some unnecessary war we'll feel repercussions for decades to come" while blaming welfare queens yet being so pro-business that we can't pay anyone anything reasonable so they have to go on welfare while working multiple jobs, yet not wanting to touch those sweet sweet subsidiaries to big oil. We have people who want to believe how awful spending is, but will gladly through billions, trillions into another terrorist creating war so we can wind up throwing more money fighting them. At this point, all Republicans should have turned into legitimate full blow Libertarians by now who at least are sincere about not blowing money in useless foreign affairs we never had any business in. If the right wants to fix the US so darn bad, it's time we became isolationist again. Like true conservatism states.

    Meanwhile the Dems are good at talking a good game, but becoming complete cowards in execution. Even when they're the dominant party, they can't get their way. And when they even get a little ahead, they call it a win. They're absolute wimps, and are so incredibly willing to compromise with a party that refuses to, thus essentially calling giving in only 99% a compromise while the right still calls it some dumb Godwin's law crap. They're the lie down and take it like a MAN! party now. Where's the freaking gumption? Stop trying to get people who don't like you to like you. You aren't nerds in high school anymore. You're not getting into the cool kid's party. DELIVER on this crap even if it's unpopular.

    And don't think I've forgotten the third parties. They're only useful for one thing. To weed out the extremists. Unfortunately, there's a huge difference between cons and libs here. Libs that get disenfranchised always vote for the Green Rainbow Friendship is Magic Party that essentially splits the vote. Cons, no matter how much their own party has screwed them will always loyally vote for them. So guess what? The Cons actually have something over libs here. Loyalty. No matter how Bushy bush the bush bushed bush the country was, they were still willing to vote for his yesmen. They forgive their own party's sex offenders, the ones that still manage to say how evil gays are for crying out loud.

    But the thing that really honks me off is basically everyone wants the same things here. They're just too head in their butts to realize that the true solution to the problems is meeting in the middle and compromising. The country was built on compromise and sacrifice. No one's ever going to be 100% happy with everything, so hey let's NOT get angrily split on everything because that's how books and survivalist scams are sold. You know what will fix our country? Stop going to the Middle East and making them like us. They hate us and with every passing war, they hate us a LOT more. Let minimum wage increase. More money for more workers means less workers having to work more jobs thus freeing up more positions and having less of the actual working class to rely on government assistance. And hey. Government jobs matter. Hire construction workers to fix the country's infrastructure. Take away big oil's welfare check to pay for it. We need to put more money in the lower class's pocket so they can..buy things! That's how capitalism works.

    No. We're stuck in the hopeless cycle of invade country, blow the wad, spend years barely cleaning up after it, and digging the same hole again because some overpaid fatsack with the morals of Caligula is telling us what morality is. If you're complaining about the sad state of the country, your beloved Koch brother Minion (and not the cute little yellow ones... the big hunchbacked drooling brainless ones) probably screwed it up.
  19. Flaky Pudding

    Flaky Pudding Well-Known Member

    You know what really grinds my gears? That there hasn't been a priest and rabbi joke in forever.
    -Peter Griffin
  20. CensoredAlso

    CensoredAlso Well-Known Member

    Books like that don't create opinions. They simply reinforce what the people who buy them already feel. The problem here is Democrats have no clue how to speak to or respect the ordinary Americans they claim to be fighting for.

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