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Wedding Day Blues, Part I


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Oct 27, 2011
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I love how every moment, Kermit wonders why he's invited them.
Anyway, since I'm at school, (And not even supposed to be on this thing. :stick_out_tongue: ) I don't have time to write a review...
More please! :smile:


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Jan 7, 2013
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Good gracious, do you have skills! I love how you use such good description and a variety of descpritive words! It was very entertaining and a true pleasure to read! Thank you so very much!


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Mar 18, 2012
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Awwwwww! Kermit you sweet heart!!! I want to know what Piggy says... even though I'm 99% sure of what she'll say, but we still have to know! Please update soon!


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Mar 26, 2012
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*sung to the tune of Hello Dolly*

Hello Eddie,
Well hello Usagi,
It's so nice to be back home where I belong
You're looking good, Miss Kermie,
Still reporting the news there, Newsie?
I'm still going, I'm still crowing, I'm still going strong.

There's the room swayin'
And those Mupps, those Mupps are playin',
They're doing an update you know from way back when

Sorry about the gap, fellas
Life has been a rap, fellas
Gina won't ever go awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Here's your update, from a home far, far away.


Several weeks later

Piggy wasn’t sure, but she had the uncontrollable feeling that something was going on.

Chalk it up to her feminine intuition or maybe her diva senses that were tingling, but she had the sense that things around her were not as they seemed. In any other instance, she would’ve just assumed it was business as usual with the group; there was no insane act that they hadn’t done or wouldn’t do, so really nothing should have surprised her when it came to the people she worked with.


Today however….things seemed…off.

To be fair, things had seemed off for weeks, but today was when she finally had to stop and look around. It had all started with Kermit, of course. His good mood feelings and overall…sensitive, caring, and seductive boyfriend act had thrilled her to no end, which was why she internally felt horrible at thinking the things she was.

Their relationship had taken a drastic change since her return to the United States, with the two of them slowly but surely coming back to where they had been before and even well beyond what she had ever hoped or imagined. Ever since Valentine’s Day however, things had been going further and further than she had ever thought they could go. It wasn’t to say that Kermit wasn’t a dear, but there were times when playing the frog hungry diva act actually covered for the long suffering girlfriend feelings she had.

Oh, she had heard it all, and from everyone; even their own friends. Kermit the Frog had been the face of several generations and onscreen, he was like everyone’s favorite friend and teacher; he was kind, compassionate, considerate, and patient when it came to teaching kids how to count or read. And he was - and probably always would be - the perpetual straight man to any and every lunatic he would ever be paired with.

And people loved him.

As a boyfriend and future husband material however….

Now, Piggy loved him; had loved him since the very moment she had laid eyes on him. And she knew Gonzo, Fozzie, Scooter, Rowlf, and the others loved him, too, but they had a better view of Kermit than their fans did.

Where he was kind, compassionate, considerate, and patient, he was equally cruel, indifferent, inconsiderate, and intolerable. When Kermit was in a snit, he could be as black as an eclipse if he wanted to be and in many of those cases, that anger was usually directed at her.

It wasn’t to say that Piggy didn’t play her fair share in his agitation; she always gave as good as she got and she had proved that even Kermit couldn’t intimate her. And she was more than aware that while he had been breaking her heart some of the time, she was breaking his the other times.

But that seemed to be changing. Breaking up the way they had hadn’t been what they wanted; it was an understatement that their relationship would literally explode and implode at the same moment, but they probably hadn’t counted on drawing a line in the sand, pitting people on either side of their romantic downfall.

Piggy would never admit it, to anyone, but even she had had her doubts during those last few years and months. Maybe she had been chasing someone who didn’t really feel the way she did; maybe they were horribly suited for each other; perhaps they had been masking their huge differences with their small amount of similarities.

She had to admit that this past year had been slow going, but for the better. While they may have jumped in – or rather, she had jumped in – with eyes somewhat closed in the beginning, this time they were wiser in what they wanted in life and from each other. This new change in Kermit was exciting and a bit mystifying to be truthful.

On this day, which should have been just another day, Piggy knew something was up. And she was prepared to find out what it was.


“Hey Bear, the Pig wants to see you.”

Fozzie was in the middle of heading towards the theater’s cantina for lunch when Rizzo the Rat threw out that the company’s leading lady was looking for him. It was never a good idea when Piggy was looking for you, regardless if it was for good or evil.

For that reason, the comic gulped, turning to look at the stairs that lead up to the dressing room Piggy had claimed as hers once they had moved in to the theater proper. He wracked his brain as he made his way - slowly and nervously - up the stairs, trying to think or remember what it was he could have possibly done to make her angry at him. When he couldn’t think of anything, he wondered what it was he had done that made her want to speak with him in the first place.

Fozzie took the deepest breath he could before he knocked on the door. Hearing the call for him to enter, Fozzie opened the door slightly. “Piggy?” he asked, tentatively. “Did you want to see me?”

Turning from her vanity, Piggy smiled when she saw him. “I did!” she exclaimed, ushering him inside. Once he had stepped inside, she immediately grabbed his arm with one hand and closed the door with the other, and began to lead him to the very place she had been standing.

“Moi is so glad you’re here!” she continued. “Moi stopped by the bakery today and picked up these piping hot, fresh from the oven, batch of chocolate chip cookies and thought you’d might like to partake in some.”

And there, sitting on a plate and sitting on the top of her vanity, was a pile of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, just waiting for the taking.

“You…do still like chocolate chip cookies, don’t you?”

It was no secret that Fozzie loved sweets; as though his stomach and sweet tooth had never grown up, the bear was easily taken with cookies, cakes, candies, and anything that might signal a tasty treat. It was also no secret that this weakness could be used against the bear, particularly if the bear was aware or knowledgeable about information that someone might want to know about.

“Do I!?” he exclaimed, excitedly.

“Do you?”

“Do I!?”

“Do…” realizing that she was about to enter into a never ending conversation, Piggy none the less pulled out her chair and sat the bear in it, making sure that the plate of cookies and a glass of milk were placed in front of him. “Here,” she said. “Take my chair.”

Fozzie didn’t need to be asked twice, as he immediately began to eat a cookie and chase it down with some of the milk.

“So Bear,” Piggy began. “How are you? It’s been a while since we’ve sat and had a good talk.”

“We’ve never sat and had a good talk,” the bear mumbled, his mouth full with the remains of the first cookie and half of a second. Quickly swallowing at the look she threw him, he said, “But I’d like to! And I’m fine, thank you for asking. And yourself?”

“Moi is doing peachy keen,” she replied. “Except…”

“Except what?”

“Except…” Here, Piggy sighed. “I have the strangest feeling that…well…oh Fozzie, perhaps I shouldn’t say. I know how close you and Kermit are…”

“What is it?” he asked, immediately on alert. “Is it Kermit? You guys aren’t fighting again, are you? Because we barely got through that last time and…”

“What?” Piggy asked, taking a moment to try and wrap her mind around whatever it was Fozzie was babbling about. It was a statement of how long they had known each other she could even get to the point of whatever he was trying to say. “No, Fozzie. No. We’re not fighting, firstly because, you know, you’d all hear about it. No, it’s not that, it’s…well, to be honest, Fozzie, I have the strangest sense that Kermit is hiding something from me.”

“Hiding something?”

“He’s been so…secretive lately,” she began, looking away from him suddenly. “I…well…I don’t want to think unkind things…”

“Piggy, no!” the comic exclaimed, knowing immediately what the diva must be thinking. “No way! Kermit is a one pig frog, you know, and if he wasn’t, none of us would stand for it!”

“Oh,” she wailed. “I just wish I knew what he could be possibly hiding.” Turning earnest blue eyes on her companion, she asked, “You…wouldn’t happen to know…”

But Fozzie wasn’t going to be deterred from defending Kermit and their relationship. “He loves you more than anything!” he proclaimed. “He’s only being secretive because…”

“Yes?” she asked, eagerly.

Fozzie opened his mouth, but then quickly closed it when he realized what was happening. “Wait a minute…” he whispered, looking at the cookies. “Are you trying to bribe me?”


“You are!” he shouted, grabbing another cookie and quickly shoving it into his mouth. “You’re trying to bribe me with cookies! Oh, I’ve walked into a clever trap, but it won’t work, Piggy! Kermit’s putting together something awesome and I can’t tell you about it.”

Piggy did her best not to huff. Well, that was a bust. But never let it be known that the Muppet diva didn’t always have a backup plan; just as Fozzie went on about being deceived by cookies, her brain was twirling, whirling, and gearing up another idea. Shaking her head sadly, she said, “Fozzie, Fozzie…Moi is hurt…literally hurt that you would think I would try and trick you into revealing something that is obviously set not to be revealed.

“I invited you up here to partake in some cookies and milk and merriment. But the fact that you would even think…” Here, she made a show of sniffling and doing her best to contain her emotions. “And here I went and bought this box of cupcakes to share with you later.”

From beside her on the bed, Piggy opened a white box that was full of at least a dozen cupcakes, all sitting inside and covered in frosting.

“Oh,” the bear moaned, in disappointment. “Oh geez. Oh geez, Piggy, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to make you think…of course I know you aren’t trying to bribe me! Why would you do that? That’s not who you are! And now I’ve gone and ruined our talk.”

Dabbing at her eyes where tears would have been, had she not been acting the heck out of this, Piggy patted the bear on his hand. “Oh Fozzie,” she sniffed. “It’s alright. A miscommunication is all; Moi won’t hold it against you. Now…where were we? Oh yes.” Holding out the box towards the bear, she asked, “You still like chocolate, don’t you?”

Fozzie’s eyes widened, the thought of chocolate frosting on top of chocolate cake was nearly too much.

“Do I!?”


Kermit the Frog felt like a mastermind.

He was used to coming up with different ideas and plans, as well as acting as warden to the insane asylum that he called the Muppets, but today he was truly an evil genius. A few weeks ago, he and several of his friends got together to discuss the frog’s plans to finally ask for the hand of their leading lady. At that meeting, they had started discussing how he would actually be able to pull this off.

The first downside was trying to figure out where and when he planned on doing this. He hadn’t wanted to propose on Christmas, but the thought of giving Piggy one the best presents – and one she had been asking for for quite some time – was enough that he could at least present it to her during the holidays. That solved one question, for the moment, but there was still the issue of where he was going to do it. The house, the theater, the studios seemed to be the wrong places to do something that he should have done years ago.

The group had left that meeting, some having plans on what they would be doing, others knowing they were now going to try and come up with plans. It was nearly two weeks before Kermit had gotten a call from Rowlf in regards to where he could go.

“New York.”

“New Jersey,” the frog responded, confused.

“No,” the pianist tried again. “New York. That’s what we should do. When was the last time we’ve been and put on a show there?”

Kermit racked his brain and the number he came up with was a very long, long time ago. “Okay,” he nodded, slowly. “So you wanna put on a show in New York?”

“Right,” Rowlf said. “However, it would also be a nice surprise and backdrop to those plans we discussed two weeks ago. Rockefeller’s gonna have a great big tree, full of lights, it’ll be romantic, and…”

Kermit smiled. “I gotcha,” he said. “Rowlf, that’s a great idea! And Piggy loves New York, especially during Christmas.”

“And, she’ll never suspect anything.”

Oh, Kermit didn’t think that was true. In fact, he was fairly sure when he came home later that day, Piggy knew something was going on. If Piggy knew her frog, the frog knew his diva and he knew that when she thought there was a mystery to be solved, she was on it like a couple of crazy cartoon kids in a mystery machine. That only meant one thing – Kermit had to make sure to throw his detective pig off the scent until show time.

But how?

Well, that actually meant sitting down with his assistant and trying to figure out the tricks and tactics Piggy planned to use to get the information she wanted.

The first thing the two checked was that Fozzie would be the first person she would go to. It was no secret the bear was susceptible to sweets and would start singing like a canary in a cage if offered any; while Kermit knew he could trust Fozzie to keep his bigger plan under his trademark hat, Piggy was persuasive. Extremely persuasive and the bear was known to crack under pressure. The next person on the list was the personal assistant himself.

Whether the two would admit it or not, they were the best of friends, and if Piggy wasn’t telling Kermit something, she was telling Scooter and vice versa. Not that the group every betrayed confidences, but Kermit was well aware that both Piggy and Scooter had soft spots for each other and would likely do anything for each other. Scooter of course confirmed that notion, however he had been working both sides of the Kermit/Piggy fence, he knew what to tell the pig and what to keep to himself.

His suggestion after she came to him, because after speaking with Fozzie she would indeed be coming to him, was to make her think Kermit was planning a vacation for the two of them. It made sense – Kermit and Piggy always went to Scooter for their travel plans because he knew how to get around any red tape; of course Kermit would turn to Scooter to plan a vacation for the power couple.

The truth was, that this vacation wouldn’t be happening until after a wedding and technically, it would be called a honeymoon.

He had known by the time he had walked in and stood at his desk in the theater, the plan was working and a go. Fozzie had come to him, mouth still showcasing what looked like chocolate frosting, stating that the dark deed that the frog had requested had been done.

“That pig of yours drives a hard bargain,” he said. “But I resisted, Kermit; resisted as best as I could. There I was, toe to toe, mano a…well, bearo a pig…you get the gist. Anyway, she didn’t get anything out of me. Nothing!”

“Not even the trip to New York?”

“Nothing, but that.”

“Then job well done.”

“So what’s next, frog of my heart?”

“Well now,” Kermit replied. “We need to actually figure out a show to do in New York.”


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Oct 27, 2011
Reaction score

But seriously that was an awesome chapter.

I love that part with Piggy and Fozzie~!
He felt so bribed,
and Piggy;s such a great actress that he was talked out of that notion...
Also excited to know that the destination is New York~!

:embarrassed: : Ah, want a new chapter do you?

Do I!

:embarrassed: : Do you?

Do I!
Oh wait...
More please!


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Mar 26, 2012
Reaction score
Oh yes, yes, you have indeed read this right. I'm updating this bad boy with a new chapters for ya! Just in case you can't remember what was going on -

We started off our little tale with a surprise proposal live in New York by the one and only Kermit T. Frog. But before we heard an answer, we went back about six months to discover how this whole thing came together. Mr. The Frog got his cohorts together and they got planned soemthing special for the diva.

However, the diva knew something was wrong in Denmark and used our very own Fozzie Bear to find out what it was, by giving him sweets for the sweet. And that's what we were left with until today, where you'll get the quest for a ring and a reason to use a trailer/spoiler that I hadn't posted for you guys yet.



Finding an engagement ring was quite the…engagement.

For anyone else, a simple trip to the jewelry store would be in order, however when you’re a celebrity and a well-known one at that, you couldn’t exactly walk into a Kay or Jared without someone seeing you and wondering why you were there.
This was especially true if you happened to be in hotly debated relationship that most people wondered if you would ever get the courage to physically walk into a jewelry store.

Well, Kermit the Frog did have the courage; he just didn’t have the time. Or rather, he didn’t have the time to try and dodge both reporters and a determined diva from finding out that he was shopping around for an engagement ring. Luckily, Kermit had Scooter; Kermit’s man through and through, the young red head could be counted on to help a frog out, especially in the areas of technology and its uses.

Scooter had always been a brick when it came to figuring out how to get the group what they needed with the little amount of money they sometimes had; at this point in their careers, they were actually okay. Better than okay actually, thanks to their movie and appearances and other guest spots; there were of course many of them that managed to squirrel away money for rainy days and the like.

So while Kermit didn’t have the time or even the knowledge, he did have Scooter.

Unfortunately, so did Piggy.

As expected, as soon as the diva had piled cookie upon cookie and cupcake upon cupcake on the bear, she was still left without a reasonable explanation as to what exactly Kermit might be up to. And while Scooter was Kermit’s man through and through, he was also Piggy’s boy through and through and when the leading lady needed something, if she couldn’t get it from the frog, she’d usually get it from the page.

Which of course fit perfectly into said page’s hands.

“So the bear wouldn’t talk.”

“And that surprises you because…?”

“Sweets always make him talk,” Piggy replied. “What’s he know that I don’t?”

Scooter blew out a breath before turning to glance at her. Looking around quickly for any prying eyes, he pulled Piggy to a little alcove near the back alley entrance of the theater. “You certainly didn’t hear this from me,” he began.

“Go on.”

“Kermit’s planning a trip to New York.”

“I got that from the bear,” the pig huffed. “But there’s more to it than that.”

“Of course there is,” the assistant retorted. “Obviously we’re doing a show out there, but like I said, you didn’t hear that from me.”

“That’s what all the secrecy’s about?”

Scooter raised an eyebrow, before giving her a smirk. “Oh,” he said. “I guess you were hoping to learn about that other surprise of his.”

“Spill it.”

“You, darling Piggy, are going on a trip.”

“With the frog?”

“The one and only.”

“None of you are going?”

“The only people who know about it are you, me, the frog, and the floorboards.”

“A surprise trip, huh?”

“Nothing less for the loin of his dreams.”

That earned him a look.

“I meant that in the best possible way.”

“Of course you did.”

Leaning in closer, Scooter whispered, “In all honesty, he is crazy about you. I mean, this isn’t just some little trip. We’re talking big spender.”


“If anyone knows the frog’s budget…”

“Any idea where?”

Scooter leaned back and smiled. “If I told you, it wouldn’t be a surprise, would it?” he questioned. “Besides, you know how the walls have ears.”

The fact that Piggy believed the lie – which wasn’t exactly a lie, per se, but wasn’t exactly the truth either – spoke volumes on just how much she not only trusted Scooter, but that she trusted the relationship that stood between him and Kermit. That of course is what made the plan work.

With Piggy now on the hook about a vacation and word beginning to spread about a return trip to New York, the die had been cast – thankfully – in their favor and best of all, Piggy was none the wiser.

While it would’ve been better for the two of them to actually go down to a local jewelry store, it was out of the question; should a random passerby notice or worse, the paparazzi discover that Kermit was in a jewel store, the whole plan would be blown. Discretion was the key and that meant having to hit the Internet first to check out rings and then scope their local equivalents to see if pricing and look were just as good in person.

Unknown to both Kermit and Piggy, Scooter had been searching for engagement rings for the two of them for decades; you get to know a lot about people, especially those in a couple, when you’re running their errands or playing referee to any fight they may be in. Piggy may have loved the spotlight and may have loved the grandiose designs that any starlet would, she was not the type of woman who wanted a huge giant rock on her hand to showcase.

That’s what she had BK for; whether it really stood for ‘before Kermit’ as everyone assumed, the world would probably never know, but it was a far cry from what she wanted from the frog should he ever propose. The simple fact of the matter was that Piggy longed for the commitment more than the actual question; the very promise that Kermit was hers, now and forever, was enough.

That he would declare it to the world was even better, but he didn’t have to. And Scooter knew this. Just as he knew Kermit wasn’t about to get some elaborate decoration to place on that pig’s finger.

So when Kermit asked him to bring some pages of rings to him, he was already prepared with a portfolio of all the rings he considered to be the best of the lot, along with their location and their pricing; he had every number on speed dial, just waiting for the word to call. In fact, the frog had been quite impressed by the work, having no idea that the portfolio had been in play for a number of years.

Now all Kermit had to do was pick a ring. Which proved to be harder than he ever imagined.

It wasn’t to say that the rings Scooter brought him were ugly or any way defective, they were all quite beautiful in fact! The problem was none of them screamed ‘Piggy’; none of them cried out to him stating they wanted to be placed on one of the greatest fingers on earth. None of them were singing to him that they would sparkle in those big blue eyes every morning or bring a smile to that lovely face every time she saw it.

He was convinced he was being picky, way too picky. It was jewelry, a piece of bling as the kids called it that went on someone’s hand; he really tried to justify that reasoning to himself and to anyone who knew of his dilemma. But it wasn’t just a piece of bling on a hand; it was a symbol of something, something that went on the fourth finger of the left hand. In Hollywood, weddings and marriages were a dime a dozen sometimes, flashes in the pan that happened every day of the week and continued on like business every day.

That was the major reason Kermit had been so against starting anything with Piggy in the past. His parents seemed to have been married forever and that was the kind of marriage he wanted, and he wasn’t going to settle for anything less. Anything less meant that any union he’d enter would head down that unforgivable path of divorce and it was something that Kermit had never wanted, ever.

It didn’t mean he didn’t understand that sometimes things didn’t work out; of course not. He had never blamed his brother or his wife for splitting up; they had tried and tried, but something was just broken that couldn’t be fixed.

When he and Piggy were on the outs with one another, he had been convinced that whatever they tried to have together was just broken and no amount of trying to stay together or get back together would ever fix that. Wasn’t that the very definition of insanity?

Well, Kermit the Frog was certifiably insane because he could not quit Piggy and heaven knew, he had tried on many an occasion.

That, along with what his parents had, was the driving reason behind wanting to get the perfect ring for her. After everything they had been through, it stood to reason that nothing could possibly knock them down that didn’t already. Besides, he was making a promise to her; he was ready this time around and he wanted her to know that he was in this for the long haul, for however long she wanted him to be.



Fall was swinging and missing on the west coast, with temperatures still within the eighties and ninties and showing no signs of stopping. And while the weather outside was delightful, the mood inside a certain theater was not. In any normal instance, the month of October was spent getting ready for scary haunts and trick or treat and avoiding the temptation to break out into Christmas songs like the retailers were hoping.

This October however was spent juggling multiple endeavors – along with the weeks of Halloween tradition, there was the prospect of getting a show ready for New York. The buzz had been around for months until last month, when Kermit and Scooter made the official announcement that the group was heading back to the Big Apple for a month of show stopping, toe tapping performances. While that should’ve been enough to keep the masses at bay, it did the exact opposite; so instead of getting acts ready for the shows they were already performing, most were preparing in advance for what they wanted to accomplish; couple that in with getting stars booked far enough in advance for their shows was enough to turn any excitement into shoving, groveling, name calling, foot stomping, show cutting antics most parents expected from their wayward children.

And the show stoppers were certainly not immune.

As with any best friends who had known each other for years and decades, it wasn’t unheard of for cast and crew to argue on occasion and there was no better occasion than the stress of a big time show. And, true to form, when the ripples began, the power couple started in on each other.

It never mattered how it started or why it started, the point was the two had started before they even left their house that morning.

“Darlin’,” Kermit began, stopping short of hitting the exit from the kitchen and turning on Piggy, who was trialing him. “I love you, but yes, you do have a way about you that can – at times – make me a bit mad.”

“Really,” the diva responded. “Please do tell.”

“You’re demanding, you’re bossy, and you’re just a little bit selfish.”


“Only about 90% of the time,” came the retort.

“I see.”

“You chop first, ask questions later,” the frog continued. “You never do what you’re told and when you actually manage to listen to me, it’s never what I said. You’re sneaky, manipulative…should I go on?”

“Please do,” Piggy snapped back. “You seem to be picking up speed, with the way you’re flapping your arms.”

“Secretive, cunning…”

“I’m sorry,” Piggy interrupted. “Cunning is a fault?”

“It is when you use it.”

“Ah,” the pig sighed. “Okay. Is it my turn yet?”

“By all means.”

“Let me see,” the diva began. “You’re stubborn, bull-headed…”

“I believe those are the same words, dear.”

“Don’t interrupt me when I’m insulting you,” Piggy said. “Petty, inconsiderate, brutish…”


“There are times when you can be a bit cruel, cold, heartless, unemotional…”

“I’m sensing a theme.”

“Oh senseless,” Piggy finished. “Thank you.”

“You know,” Kermit huffed. “I could easily throw these back at you.”

“Do it.”

“Woman,” the frog stated. “Don’t think for one moment you’re so high and mighty that you haven’t been the cruel and senseless one at times. And if you want to talk petty…”

That conversation just migrated from the kitchen of the house in to the theater proper, where no one batted an eye, so used to hearing the frog and pig argue on a daily basis it was more like background noise than anything that should worry them. The argument actually managed to hold for about two days, stalling itself thanks to Piggy’s previous commitment in Seattle for a local talk show, which left Kermit an angry, frustrated, and miserable mess while she was away.

It wasn’t as though he was happy about Piggy being gone, he wasn’t; in fact, after he had calmed down – how dare she think he was brutish? – he noticed her absence completely as soon as he had gotten home. He had a big house to himself once more and just like in the past, the frog found that he was sorely missing the warmth that he got when she was around.

If he ever had a reason to want her by his side for the rest of their lives, it was in the moment of not having her around.


Seattle’s weather seemed to match her mood, as she sat within her hotel room watching the rain pour down outside. Her local radio show commitment had been postponed for the next day, so Piggy had no choice but to spend the rest of her day inside when a downpour started about five minutes ago.

The rainy day was exactly the way she felt; oh, she always calmed down after one of their fights, wishing she could take back some of the things she had said in the heat of the moment. Her fights with Kermit nowadays weren’t as stabbing as they had been, usually because they weren’t tinged with hurtful words anymore; they did a much better job of actually stating what their exact issue with the other was, which made things that much simpler and made making up easier too.

Piggy sighed and leaned her head against the wall, as she watched the rain continue its siege on the city. This certainly wasn’t the first time they had an argument before one of them left on some trip somewhere and were left with the lingering thoughts of not having the other there when they needed someone, but for some reason, Piggy felt especially melancholy. Knowing that her frog had been planning a trip just for them and knowing that this stupid fight of theirs could have jeopardized it was weighing heavy on her mind.

The knock on the door only interrupted her thoughts temporarily and she almost let it go, but the thought of it being something important made her reconsider and caused her to call out for the caller. “Delivery, Miss Piggy!” the attendant called out, walking in a placing a beautiful bouquet of roses on the coffee table in the living area.

Stunned by the present, it took Piggy a few seconds to acknowledge the man and give him the tip he deserved for bringing up such a basket. The card was apparent as she looked for it and a smile grew on her face when she realized who the roses were from.

“Demanding, bossy, and selfish. You’re also the most determined person I know; you know what you want, when you want it, how you want it, and you do what’s necessary to get it. That selfishness hides a heart bigger than anyone could ever imagine and that heart just happens to reside the most gorgeous woman in the world.

Enjoy the flowers. Love, K”

“Softie,” she cooed, reading the card a second time. It would have been easy to call him and tell him that she was over the moon for him and some other dribble that could easily pour from her heart and soul, but instead, she reached for her phone and began dialing another number.

“Darling boy, how would you like to do me a favor?”

“Name it.”

“You know those little ‘special’ candies that Kermit loves? Do send him some with a card from me, okay?”

“Done and done,” replied the voice. “What do you want the card to say?”


Another crazy day at Muppet Theatres was enough to drive Kermit to his studio office, if just to have some peace and quiet. They hardly ever used these studio offices during show runs, so it was a good place to go off and hide if you needed the privacy or the quiet that it afforded.

Kermit had made the hastiest of retreats in order to escape the madness that were the Muppets in general, missing one of his handlers and the one that he leaned on the most. His studio office was a place of reflection for him personally, even more so than his own home; it was the place where deals had been done, secrets revealed, traded, and many secret rendezvous that he didn’t want to admit out loud and especially not in ear shot of his nephew.

Having not seen his office in a while, he was clearly aware that something was different about it, notably the big heart shaped box that sat on his desk with a card attached to it. Looking both ways, Kermit had to wonder where exactly the box came from, especially when he was generally the only one who had keys to his office.

Other than Piggy of course.

“Oh, you’re good,” he murmured, picking up the card. How she managed to get in his office while being out of state was a trick he couldn’t figure, but he certainly wouldn’t put it past her. Opening the envelope, he pulled out the card, smiling as he began to read.

“Stubborn, petty, and heartless. I’ve never known a more stubborn person in my life, but it’s also the reason we’re where we are today. Sometimes you forget things, only because you’re trying to do everything you can to make the world a better place and that’s why the universe has a piece of your heart, from strangers, our friends, and our family. You are the only man I have and will ever love.

Thx for the flowers & enjoy the candy. XOXO

Opening the box, Kermit’s smile only grew in the knowledge of his favorite treat sitting in the box. “Oh Miss Piggy,” he replied to himself. “I am so going to marry you.”


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Hello boys and girls!

It's been a crazy long time, I know, but guess what? 1. I'm on a vacation until next week and 2. I figured I'd take the time to, you know, actually work on something. And this is how I got this going again. I will also be updating 2 Ball as well, though to be fair, I've had the thing updated for months and just haven't gotten to finishing it and posting it.

Anyway, cause it's been so long, let's do a summary yeah? Kermit the Frog has gotten an idea in his head and that's proposing to Piggy. But how and when? This is the story of that idea. Last time, a big fight lead to the two apologizing with flowers across the states and Kermit reaffirming that he was going to marry that pig. And now....



The end of the year always marks the time in which the world begins to get frantic. Before Halloween even graced the stores, people were already in the throws of getting ready for the family filled weeks of both Thanksgiving and Christmas, planning out their Black Friday stakeouts and deals, while figuring out who went where for the holidays.

For the Muppets, their Christmas plans were set - they would be heading back to their second home of the Big Apple to put on a show for their fans there. The final touches were being put in place, with acts set for the month long lineup and celebrity hosts down for their week long stint. It was all a part of a grand scheme that started months earlier with the frog director, a scheme that would finally put a ring on his divine diva's finger and that would culminate in the end of their off/on relationship; hopefully.

Now that the dates were getting closer and closer, Kermit the Frog was getting more and more uneasy and nervous. This should have been the best month of his life so far and a huge weight should have been lifted from his shoulders, but as with many things Kermit devoted himself to, it actually managed to do the complete opposite of what he wanted. Instead of sitting back and watching his plan come to fruition - he had gotten the place, he had gotten the ring, he knew the day, and he even had his own minions working on this - insecurities were beginning to crop up for the most unlikely things.

The show itself should've been something he wouldn't need to think about, but it was heavy in his thoughts as well. What if some of the acts didn't come together? What if his celebrity hosts bailed on him? What if no one came? What if Piggy said no?

As with many things, when Kermit became agitated about something, the others pretty much picked up on it immediately, quickly enough that a small group of them had called a meeting without the frog's knowledge. "Dere's some ting wrong with Kermit, h'okay?" Pepe the King Prawn stated, as soon as everyone was gathered inside the cantina. Link Hogthrob had volunteered for the job of keeping the frog busy, claiming that he needed help on his act and no one would help him; basically the sort of thing Kermit expected from the male diva.

Piggy, who normally wouldn't have been in this type of meeting, was the one who had called it, with help from Scooter and Rizzo the Rat. While Scooter was well aware that Kermit was under pressure - what with the show and his plans to propose - the page couldn't help but think that the frog's imagination may be running away with him, coming up with all horrible and deceiving possibilities of everything going wrong. He and Piggy had been, he thought, discussing the situation in an undisclosed area of the theater, but leave it to the rats to know everything that went on (usually).

Rizzo had overheard and had immediately wondered what was going on with their boss, leading to this impromptu meeting without him.

"Like yeah," replied Janice, guitarist of the electric Mayhem. "I haven't seen him this worried since our last movie and even that was nothing compared to how he's acting now!"

"I think he may have been having some sort of episode earlier!" piped up Lew Zealand.

"What sort of episode?" asked Scooter, hearing about this for the first time today.

"I think he means Kermit was having some sort of panic attack," Walter said, raising his hand politely in order to hold the floor.

"That's not like Kermit," Piggy whispered, turning an eye on Scooter.

"Listen you guys," Rowlf said. "This is a pretty big deal for all of us, this show coming up, so of course Kermit's nervous about it. Not to mention we've got Thanksgiving coming up and you've got a recipe for disaster."

"So like, what do we do?" Janice asked.

"Simple," Scooter began. "We make this easy, because you know we don't make this easy."

"No whining, no crying, no baby stuff," Piggy declared. Throwing a look at both the rat and the shrimp, she finished with, "I mean it."

"Hey," Rizzo said, holding up his tiny paws in surrender. "You'll get no arguments from us, Princess."

"Fozzie, Gonzo, Rowlf, and Moi will take care of Thanksgiving..."

"We will?" Fozzie piped up, surprised that the diva would include any of them in their Thanksgiving preparations. The look she threw him answered that. "Of course we will! Who else would?"

"Moi is confident that you have the show under control, Andrew?"

"Of course," the page nodded. "Walter, Robin, I'm gonna need your help."

"You got it, Boss," Robin the Frog spoke up.

"Anything else to worry about?"

Piggy didn't notice - or at least pretended not to notice - the shared looks between four of the group, but Scooter was quick to add, "Whatever else, we'll handle it."

The assembled group seemed to think everything settled, so the majority began to head back up to the theater to continue working on their acts or to figure out their Thanksgiving plans, if they had any. Before Piggy could head up herself, Scooter stopped her with a gentle hand on her arm.

"I'm sure you can help to...mellow out the frog?" he asked, in the same manner she had asked him about controlling the show. It wasn't even a question - of course he would manage the acts and upcoming show; Kermit had all but trained him to take over duties should something happen.

Piggy smiled. Of course she'd make sure that whatever was bothering Kermit would be put to the back burner once she got in his line of sight.

"Leave it to Moi, Scooter dear."

"I always do."



Piggy always thought Thanksgiving was just the lead in to Christmas, a dress rehearsal if you would for a holiday that would end the year and start the beginning of a new one. Thanksgiving was never her holiday – something about the alternative of ham may have something to do with it – but for the others, it was a big one, especially when they may not be able to get back to their own families during the holiday season.

Both Thanksgiving and Christmas had been huge within the group – holidays spent with family and friends, especially when the group managed to be both at the same time. The diva certainly couldn’t dismiss the camaraderie from the others; she hadn’t been back home herself in decades at this point and she didn’t think anything short of death would ever bring her back. But some of the others weren’t like her – Fozzie, for instance, had always looked forward to heading out to New York to visit his mother as much as he could before her death. Afterwards, they had all tried to give the bear the same sense of joy he got whenever he had his family around him.

And, if she was honest with herself, she did enjoy the aspect of basically putting on a party, which was what each of these events turned out to be. Thanksgiving was more about the food than anything else, allowing for the group to make anything they wanted – though Piggy always did have the thing catered – and the rest of the days were spent either telling wild stories about previous Thanksgivings or older tales they had swapped back and forth. On the occasion when they had to be in New York or LA for a parade or float, they still managed to get together afterwards, keeping in the tradition of gathering together for the holiday.

As a rule, no Christmas songs were sung until the beginning of December, something that seemed to be increasingly lacking in the rest of the country. The diva wasn’t in the Christmas spirit at Halloween or even Thanksgiving, but when December 1st came around, then she could start counting down the days in which she’d be getting presents. For this holiday however, Piggy couldn’t help the knowledge that something was obviously bothering her frog; Kermit had been in a tizzy all week long and it literally did take all of her wiles to figure out what was going on.

She never quite got an exact answer, but it did seem as though he was concentrating on their upcoming winter show a little too much, more than normal is what she would say, but it was Kermit and of course he always worried about upcoming shows, especially shows like this where all eyes were on them. So of course she would do what was needed to help him out in this – being the diva and queen of the group that she was, Piggy took care of all the preparations for their annually Thanksgiving dinner.

Knowing that the weeks leading up to the holiday would be murder, the diva immediately put in their dinner order weeks in advanced, making sure that her favorite catering place knew the consequences should any mix up occur. It had happened once and only once, but since then, whenever she called, she was immediately put to the head chef, the manager, or the owner to ensure everything was set exactly the way she wanted it to be.

Besides, with nearly a hundred people to feed, the bill was a nice bonus to those that had to set everything up on the holiday.

With the food ordered, Piggy then employed her own set of minions – unaware that these were the same minions that Kermit had employed – to help her set up the house for the oncoming throng of people that would be coming in. The boys brought in the elegant long table that sat a good majority of them, as well as bringing over extra tables just to be on the safe side; they never knew exactly how many people would show up. Depending on separate plans, there had been the occasion when flights or drives had gotten canceled or plans had been pushed back and people just showed up, considering their house almost a home base of sorts.

While none of them were exactly heavy drinkers, a few glasses of spirits didn’t hurt and certainly during the holidays, it was okay as long as there was the understanding that 1. there was a designated driver in a group or 2. if the driver had been drinking, then the group was staying at the house overnight. Piggy never needed to worry about a bartender – Floyd and Gonzo seemed to take up that job, creating favorite and popular drinks for requests or serving up the wines if asked for.

And speaking of wine, Piggy had already poured two glasses – one red, one white – and was just waiting for Kermit to walk into the kitchen on Thanksgiving Day. She had managed to stop his tossing and turning last night with some well-placed kisses and cuddles, so thankfully he had been a real bundle of sunshine when he had woken up. Right on schedule, the frog walked in to the kitchen, eyeing the glasses on the corner before giving Piggy a look. “Isn’t it a bit early to be drinking, dearest?” he asked.

“First of all,” she noted. “It’s after twelve, so we should be fine. Second, it’s just one glass, unless there’s something you need to tell me and third, I think you need at least one glass before the horde comes walking through those doors.”

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d like you were trying to liquor me up.”

“Moi doesn’t need to try, sweetheart,” she smirked at him. “In fact, Moi believes last night was a testament to that; no liquor involvement at all.”

“The day you need to liquor me up, darlin’, is the day our relationship has really hit the skids,” he retorted, though with a smile on his face and an arm reaching for the glass holding the white wine.

“You gonna tell me what has you so up in arms lately?”

Pausing in the action of drinking, Kermit looked up at the question. “What makes you think I’m up in arms over something?” he asked, suspiciously. That didn’t do him any favors, as a slim eyebrow raised itself as she looked at him. “Okay,” he sighed. “I’m up in arms over the show and today and everything in between.”


Giving her his own look, Kermit finally took a sip of the wine. He wasn’t a big alcohol drinker, but if he had to drink something, he preferred wine or champagne, usually being a bigger white wine fan than he was a red wine one. Piggy could drink either, but usually went with red, so it was telling that she not only knew his preference, but knew the brand he enjoyed as well. All the more reason to make this living situation a permanent one.

“I know I’m unbearable around this time of year…” he began, but was immediately stopped by her holding up one finger.

“Kermit,” she replied. “We all know, Moi more than anyone I suspect, that you do everything in your power to keep us afloat, even if it means you drive yourself crazy doing it.”

You have no idea, he thought to himself, knowing that she was just hitting the tip of the iceberg this time around. It wasn’t just the show he had on his mind, but the set up and ultimately, her answer to his upcoming question. Logically, he knew she would say yes – after all, she was usually the one that brought up talk of marriage – but there was still a thought, a point in his heart that maybe she wouldn’t say yes, that maybe he had wasted so much time that she had just figured he never wanted to make a commitment and she would realize that staying together seemed…pointless.

“You really need to relax, Mon Capitan.”

Kermit looked up at the complaint, sending a light smile at its source. He did have issues just relaxing, but he knew she would always be there to help him with that aspect. He only hoped she would be happy doing it for the rest of her life.


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Hey Mupps, what it is! Merry post Christmas to everyone, Happy post Hannakuh, Happy Kwanza, and all of the holidays! So I was a little sick this week, but I really wanted to find something holiday related to post and lo and behold, this bad boy came back to me and I realized that 1. I actually wrote the next section and 2. this thing is almost done.

So, like the others, it's been a hot minute since we got here, let's summarize, yeah?

SUMMARY: On the last show of a Muppet Show Special held in New York, Kermit the Frog dropped all pretenses and dropped to one knee to propose to Miss Piggy in front of a live audience. Flashbacking, we see the lead up to this all began with the special Valentine's Day show they had done the night before (from the Pool Hall Series story, Five Ball Cha-Cha), where Kermit - after learning some truth bombs - finally puts his head and heart on the same table.

From there, thanks to his crackerjack team of cohorts, Kermit makes plans to surprise Piggy with a proposal. When we last left off, those not in the know, come to Piggy before Thanksgiving to state that they are starting to get worried, while during Thanksgiving, Kermit apologizes for his increased stress levels, all the while realizing that he likes and wants the diva in his home permanently. We pick up in the month of December, where the beginning of our story...well...begins!



It was here. Finally!

After all the planning, scheming, and sneaking around, it was finally December and they were finally in New York. The big Muppet to do had been promoted the month before and from what Scooter had told them, ticket sales were through the roof; needless to say, it was going to be a great month of shows, which meant they needed to make sure that the actual shows were equally good.

The holidays always seemed to bring out the best – and worst – of the group, a combination of good Christmas cheer and stage fright preparations that could cause them to wish each other happy holidays in the same breath they cursed one of the acts that had just come off or was on stage. Kermit loved this time of year, even when it meant the extra stress that came with both putting on a show and dealing with the prospect of presents for literally a thousand and one people. The holidays were always an issue with Kermit, the knowledge that his very large family wouldn’t be able to help celebrate the season with him; often times he had to go back and forth between California and Mississippi in order to make sure he could see everyone he knew.

This year, his nephew Robin would start living with them for an undetermined amount of time. Robin, who was his younger brother Jimmy’s son, was going through the normal teenage angst, which was compounded by the recent death of his mother and the depression that it caused within his father. When Kermit and Piggy had gone down to Leland, Jimmy had been understandably inconsolable on the death of his wife; despite no longer being together, the younger frog had never stopped loving her and to lose her had hurt him deeply, to the point that he wasn’t sure he could care for his teenage son the way he should.

The decision hurt not only Robin, but Kermit as well; it had been a surprise that his brother wanted to turn over his parental rights for his son over to his older brother, but Kermit had never denied his little brother very much when they were kids and he certainly wouldn’t deny him this now, especially with Robin, whom Kermit felt was like his own tadpole. To Kermit’s great surprise, Jimmy had included Piggy in that global plan, admitting that he had wanted to make Piggy Robin’s godmother until he had been overridden by his then wife. But now that she was gone, Jimmy was able to go ahead and make good on the wishes that he had wanted to do, including allowing Robin to do what he had wanted to do since he had been a child – wanting to go into show business just like his uncle.

While being able to see Robin was a great treat, especially when he would be helping with this big show, it wasn’t the same as having his whole brood around. Getting tickets for his family to fly to California was a massive undertaking, both emotionally and financially and Kermit had never really been able to do it. Oh, he knew they all understood and every once in a while, he could get one sibling to come out, but that was about it. He would’ve loved for his parents to be able to see him on stage at least once in their lives.

He was a sensible frog, if not sentimental, and he knew his parents were getting up there in years. Frogs only lived so long, of course, and Kermit felt – as the oldest – it was his duty to make sure his parents had everything they needed and he would certainly do everything he could to make sure of that. That was also one of the reasons he wanted to make good on promising his father that he wasn’t going to let his leading lady go again; his parents – and family in general – all loved Piggy and there was never a time in which he was down Leland way that someone wasn’t asking about her or about them.

If everything worked out well, he’d be able to take Piggy down to Leland for the new year, giving his family the long awaited announcement they had been begging, pleading, and threatening to hear for years.

Being in New York was equal parts business and pleasure; during the day, the Muppets went through their rehearsals, while the nighttime was spent enjoying one of their favorite cities. Though the majority of them would end up hanging out, Piggy was surprised that she and Kermit had been relatively left alone, allowing for her frog to literally wine and dine her, using his adorable looks and undeniable charm to make her fall even more in love with him. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d had a moment alone with the frog, their living situation notwithstanding, and the fact that the others had been more than happy to allow the two this moment should’ve raised suspicions, but the atmosphere, the drinks, and the company had lulled the diva into a wonderfully false sense of security.

If Piggy had paid any attention, she would’ve seen Gonzo and Rowlf put off any lingering conversations that Fozzie or Scooter wanted to have with the frog, lest they interrupt the very romantic gestures both members of the power couple were putting out towards each other. If Piggy had been paying attention, she would’ve taken note that some of their musical acts had been moved and switched, in order to make room for the last show’s surprise.

On the other side, if Kermit had been paying attention, he would’ve noticed that Piggy had been sending a variety of text messages to a number of people, though the majority were going to Rowlf, Scooter, and unknown to Kermit, his nephew Robin. If Kermit had paid attention, so distracted by the beautiful image that was Miss Piggy in the big lights of New York, he would’ve noticed that Piggy seemed to be steering him away from their hotel and any area that was even remotely near Madison Square Garden, where they would be performing.

Those little rascals…


T’was the season of sneaky surprises,
With various Muppets displaying guises.
A week of shows and special guests,
But also the final in a group of tests.
With Kermit planning for a permanent home,
Piggy’s got a surprise of her own…

A week before Christmas and two shows before their finale, Kermit the Frog was in a literal and figurative tizzy. So far, their first few shows had been a roaring success, both in terms of stage presence, guests, and audience participation; the minor mishaps they’d manage to encounter, they did what they normally did, which was roll with the punches and act as though whatever was going on – including the small fire that broke out on stage – as a normal part of the act.

Because of this, one would think that the frog would be less stressed, not more, however as every successful show finished, it meant that he was getting ever closer to the moment where he would get down on one knee and propose and it was, quite frankly, terrifying. It wasn’t that he was getting cold feet, he wasn’t, but his mind had been giving its own proposals, such as reasons as to why Piggy was most certainly going to say no. He really needed some advice and for some reason, whenever he called his parents’ house, no one was answering, which managed to get him even more upset because where in the world could they possibly be??

Worse, whenever he tried calling his nephew, Robin seemed to rush him off the phone, an almost certain indication of his growing teen independence. While that was fine and certainly expected, it still managed to put Kermit off his own game; with everything else going on, it dawned on the frog that they hadn’t actually gotten ready for his nephew’s stay. In fact, he couldn’t even remember Piggy bringing it up or even him bringing it up to her.

This was not good.

It was show night and of course, he couldn’t find the people he needed to find. He honestly couldn’t remember seeing Rowlf or Scooter since last night and it was never a good sign when he couldn’t find Gonzo anywhere; Fozzie he had at least seen coming into the theater, but after that, he had no idea where the bear could’ve gotten to.

And where in the heck was Piggy??

So consumed with concern, Kermit hadn’t been aware of the special guests that had been escorted backstage, at least until something had bumped into him. Or rather, someone, who was squeezing him around the waist. Looking down, Kermit saw the top of a small head, clearly attached to a toddler, who quickly looked up and smiled widely at him. “Unca Kermit!”

“Darla Jean?”

Darla Jean Frog was the namesake of both his sister and mother, respectively, was newly turned five years and was on her very first adventure outside of Leland. This place was so big, with pretty lights, and giant colorful signs…she wasn’t sure who got to draw them all, but that’s what she wanted to do when she was bigger. “Is big!” The girl continued, assuming that her uncle wasn’t aware of just how big this entire place was.

“Sweetheart, what…what’re you doing here?” Kermit stumbled, trying to wrap his head around why his youngest niece would be here in New York.

“Hey Uncle Kermit!”

If seeing his youngest niece in New York was a surprise, seeing his nephew was an even bigger one. Especially when he was accompanied by Rowlf and his parents. “What…is…happening, right now?” he asked.

“Visiting!” Darla Jean shouted, bringing Kermit’s attention back to her. “We visited you!”

Kermit chuckled, still stunned by everything that was happening. “I can see that.” Looking over to his parents, who were reaching him, just as Robin was slinging an arm around his shoulders. “What…how…?”

“Uncle Rowlf picked us up,” Robin grinned. “From the airport, I mean.”

“Scooter’s getting everyone else,” Rowlf stated, sending Kermit a smile.


Darla Jean would’ve been content just to continue hugging her favorite uncle, if she hadn’t seen a new arrival coming down the hall towards them. “Aunt Piggy!” she screamed, rushing towards the diva as she approached. Piggy, seeing the small family gathered in the hallway, was ready for the little tadpole as she came running at her, picking her up in her arms as she caught her and placed her on her hip. “Hello, sweetling,” she cooed, watching as the little girl swung her arm to show her something. “What’ve you got there?”

“It’s wings!” the girl crowed. “We was on a plane and the lady gave me them. From the fly guy!”

“The pilot, huh?” Piggy asked, bumping her other hip against her honorary nephew. “What about you, Robbie? You get a set of wings too?”

“Nah,” the pre-teen replied. “I’m too cool for school.”

“I bet.” Turning to face Kermit’s parents, she returned their smiles. “You guys get in okay?”

“Just waiting on your boy to get here with the others,” James Frog said. “How you doin’, sassy?”

“Oh, much better now that I get to see your handsome face, James.”

“I am so confused,” Kermit murmured, shaking his head. “And deeply disturbed. What is happening right now? What is this?”

“This, my darling frog, is your Christmas present,” Piggy said, smiling shyly. “Supposed to be a surprise.”

“Oh, I think he’s sufficiently surprised,” Jane Frog giggled. “It’s so good to see you again, Piggy.”

“You did this?”

Piggy shrugged a shoulder. “They were supposed to come in next week,” she whispered. “But then you had this grand idea for a show and I couldn’t remember the last time your parents had seen us perform, so…”

“It’s perfect,” he whispered, gazing at her. “You’re perfect.”

Piggy couldn’t stop the blush from raising on her face. Kermit rarely spoke his feelings out loud, especially about her and especially in front of others, and certainly had never heard him say such things in front of his parents. She hadn’t thought anything about this, just that Kermit had wanted to see his family and very often got to, especially when he came from such a large one that rivaled even hers. But this was the best present she could think of, even when her plans had been slightly derailed thanks to his impromptu New York shows.

She couldn’t get everyone, but she had tried – both James and Jane, his parents, Robin of course, Darla Jean and her parents, and his brothers Bobby Lee and Wade. It was a small amount compared to spending time in Leland, but she had wanted to give him something he could enjoy. Sending him a shy smile, Piggy turned her attention back to the five year old in her arms.

“Hey sweets, you wanna go exploring?”


“Hey Robbie McCool,” she teased, looking at Robin. “You wanna come with?”

The teen shrugged. “Sure,” he said. “Gives me ample places to hide and jump out at Scooter when he least expects it.”

“If he smacks you, Moi is not protecting you this time.”

“Robin,” Kermit sighed. “Do not antagonize Scooter when he gets here.”


The power couple shared an annoyed, if not amused, look with each other before Piggy turned and headed back down the way she came, Robin and Darla Jean both trying to clamor for her attention. Kermit watched them go, a stray but ever more persistent thought bouncing around his head as he did. “You got that look about you, son.”

“And what look is that, Daddy?”

James leaned closer to his eldest. “The same look I had when I first saw your mother holding you,” he whispered, not at all surprised that he didn’t receive the usual blustering or sputtering whenever he or anyone for that matter mentioned the prospect of Kermit being the father to Piggy’s children.

“She’s certainly had the practice,” Kermit quipped, though he wasn’t too far from the truth. Her disastrous turn babysitting had convinced the diva that she wasn’t very good with kids, but anyone with eyes could see how well she handled the various tantrums that went on backstage at the theater. She was a natural and all it took was watching her interactions with Scooter or Robin or any one of his other nieces and nephews.

Surprised at the wistful tone, James studied his eldest. “You got something planned, boy?”

“Moi?” questioned Kermit, turning to view his father. “Nothing other than spending time with my wonderful parents and siblings. Why do you ask?”

James chuckled. “Okay,” he said. “I hazard to guess the less I know, the less Piggy knows.”

Kermit nodded, a smile on his face. He hadn’t expected this, but it was perfect – the fact that his two families would be there when he proposal seemed like a destined Christmas miracle, something he wouldn’t trade for anything. “So glad you’re here, Daddy,” he replied. “It’s good to see you.”

“Good to see you, too, Mitt.”

We're nearing the end! One more section to go!
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Hello me heartys! Happy New Year's Eve and with this last day of December, I'm bringing you the last section of New York Minute and finishing up this first half of a two part story. Didn't I say I'd finish this before the new year? right? LOL

Anyway, I'm hoping to have a productive last day and first day by finishing this and 2 Ball for you, but we'll cross our fingers on the latter. Quick error in our last chapter - I completely forgot that Robin was already back with the Muppets in November way back in the chapter before the last, so his showing up in the last chapter was a mistake.

So to retcon that, I'm just gonna say that Robin was visiting for Thanksgiving, being able to hit up Beverly Hills and will be making the semi-permanent move there after Christmas. This is what happens when you update a story years later *cough*endless, unneeded sequels, Hollywood*cough*.

And now, without further ado...a conclusion!

While James and Jane Frog had certainly seen their eldest son perform, they hadn’t ever seen him perform live. In most cases, Kermit usually came down to Leland for a visit meaning he was on a break from the Muppet Show – or worse case scenario, on a break from Miss Piggy – and he was there to spend time with the family. On the very rare occasions that any of them had been able to make it to Hollywood, usually Robin, their eldest was all about spending time with them or introducing them to his west coast family.

So when Jane had gotten that phone call from Piggy around September, she had almost been ready to console the diva. It wouldn’t be the first time Kermit’s mother had gotten a call from the starlet regarding her son and if her boy was aware of it, he certainly didn’t show it and clearly Piggy had never shared it. It was a testament on how much Jane liked, no loved, the diva that she would allow her to call when things were tumultuous with her son and showing that no sides were drawn down the line. Oh, there were things Piggy was in the wrong for and the matriarch absolutely told her so, but her eldest son could also be stubborn and dense like a fog when he wanted and Jane often couldn’t wait to tell Kermit that either.

Receiving a call from Piggy wasn’t unheard of, especially now considering that one of Jane’s grandson would soon be living with her and Kermit in a few more weeks. While Piggy worried about being a good influence on the young frog and the role Leaper had foolishly believed she couldn’t handle, Jane had seen Piggy with the grandkids – old and young – and there was no doubt in her mind that the diva would be just fine when it came to raising a child and of course, if that child just happened to be between her and Kermit, more’s the better.

Piggy, knowing the insight of her frog, was well aware that Kermit wouldn’t be able to make it down to Leland for Christmas that year, but that didn’t mean that his family couldn’t at least see him. The diva knew she wouldn’t be able to get every single member of Kermit’s family there – Piggy had money, sure, but bringing nearly a thousand plus members of The Frog family would easily bankrupted her – but she absolutely wanted Jane and James to be able to not only visit their boy, but also see the other members of the Muppets and the city they lived in.

The Frogs had of course played host to a number of Kermit’s friends over the years – Fozzie was the most common culprit, usually stopping by with Kermit before the two made their way up to see Fozzie’s mother in New York; Rowlf had come along a few times, if just to not spend the holidays the usual way that he did; they had only met Gonzo and Scooter once, but they were well aware of both, especially the latter known as the boy wonder. Scooter was normally the person who ended up booking the tickets for everyone’s travel, almost instinctively knowing when Kermit wanted to see his family and when.

But it wasn’t his role that endeared him to the family.

Kermit also spoke highly of Scooter, the same way James tended to speak when mentioning what their children were up to and how they were getting along in their lives. Her eldest’s voice was always tinged with fatherly pride when speaking about the younger Muppet and Robin certainly looked up to him the way a younger brother looked up to his eldest. Sometimes Jane could only shake her head – how did those two crazy Muppets not see not only how perfect they were for each other, but that they would be fantastic parents once they had their own children.

They had clearly raised one son to near perfection, any others would be cake.

Sitting in the audience with her husband and some of her children had been a thrilled. She had never been to New York before, though James had once been a long time ago before they had met, so the city was so big and exciting. Piggy had told them the change of plans, noting that Kermit had gotten the sudden idea to host several live shows in one of their favorite cities, which actually made her Christmas gift all the better; not only would Kermit be able to see his family for Christmas, they’d be able to see their son and nephew perform live in one of the most lively and performance heavy cities in the world, and the tickets would be a heck of a lot cheaper.

The show, the last one in the city and for the year, was a live version of their popular television show. The guest for the night was the popular singer, Lady Gaga, who was already a huge fan of the Muppets and had become friends with several members. Scooter apparently counted himself as the president of the North Hollywood Lady Gaga Little Monsters.

If anything, the antics were more unscripted and on the fly, so it was actually hard to tell what was scripted and what was ad-libbed. Each segment gave the Frogs a sense of just how talented their family members were – Kermit, as the head honcho, had to manage to constant ongoing hurricane that were the Muppets, always coming off as the only sane member of the troupe; however, as the show well…showed, their leader was just as insane as the others.

Robin, until the birth of little Gregory, had been the youngest of James and Jane’s grandsons, but it was clear that he was and had grown into a sweet and apparently suave teenager. Fourteen and going on forty, the young frog seemed drawn to the more mellow and romantic genre, something he had displayed during the group’s Valentine’s Day show; for their New York show, the teen had done the classic duet of You’re All I Need by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell was perfect for the frog and his honorary aunt, a highlight of not only the last show but a growing testament of their relationship.

Robin had always idolized his uncle and upon meeting the imposing diva, the five year old wasn’t sure what to make of the over the top way the diva seemed to present herself or the clever and determined way she announced that he could call her Aunt Miss Piggy. But an impression had been made, leading the young tadpole to immediately tell his family about the strange pig who his uncle was apparently dating and would eventually marry one day, something Kermit had vehemently denied quickly afterwards. Leaper, Robin’s mother, had never liked the Muppets, she certainly didn’t like Miss Piggy, and she resented the fact that her in-laws were more than happy to let her little boy chase frivolous dreams that would amount to nothing.

This show had started with a bang, with an on point rendition of the popular song Bad Romance and backed by the musical tastes of their guest star; Gaga counted herself as an old soul when it came to music, so many of that night’s songs were a showcase of that, ranging from the pop star’s own songs to classic Motown and rock fare, and even some jazz standards, a wonderful blend of voices between her and Rowlf. Piggy had warned them that the normal hour show could bleed into two hours if they weren’t careful, which of course they weren’t as they were enjoying themselves too much.

But every show has to end and the ending of this show was here. Walking on to the stage one more time, the Frog family watched their eldest try to corral the audience to quiet down. “Thank you,” he began. “Thank you. Thank you very much. Firstly, I’d like to thank all of our guest stars who helped us with bringing you the show you all deserved. We also wouldn’t have even put on this show if it wasn’t for you, our fans.”

Kermit went on to introduce some of his starring cohorts, leading to Fozzie, Gonzo, Scooter, Rowlf, Robin, and of course Miss Piggy to coming out onto the stage. This was a standard fare for the previous shows, similar to how they ended their weekly theater shows, saying thank you and goodbye to their guest star and bringing out everyone onto the stage. It was a familiar showcase, something that Saturday Night Live show did that as well during their show, clearly something they had borrowed from the Muppets.

“Behave,” they heard their son murmur, as soon as Piggy passed him and stepped into a waiting hug from Rowlf. “Actually, I hope you all don’t mind, but I figure as long as Piggy’s out here, I’d give her a present.”

“A present?” the diva asked, smiling at their son. “I love presents!”

“I know you do,” Kermit nodded, waving to a stagehand to come out with a medium sized box that he quickly put into the hands of the leading lady.

“What’s this?”

“That’s your Christmas present.”

“A box? Just what I’ve always wanted.”

From the casual banter, this seemed like another part of the show, a good ending for a great set of shows. For Jane, it seemed just as it looked – her Kermit was just giving Piggy her Christmas gift early, perhaps jewelry of some sort that he wanted to make a grand statement with; for James, there was a look on his son’s face that he could see even from their position in the audience that made this little gift exchange seem…different somehow. He could see it in Kermit’s face when they spoke earlier, the surprise at seeing his parents, brothers, and sisters, even if it was only a small amount of them, slipping away as his attention turned back to Piggy.

This little present exchange, while seeming like a part of the show, somehow seemed different. And by the time Piggy had gone through four boxes – an idea Kermit had gotten from Fozzie and something that wasn’t as funny as the comic had originally thought – the final box was small and velvet. Granted, there could be anything in there, but most of the time only one thing came in a small, square velvet box. And then Kermit said the first in a series of sentences none of his family or friends thought he would ever say:

“Left hand, if you please. I refuse to marry you if you put that on your right hand.”

The statement alone managed to quiet everyone in the audience. Was this it? Had they heard right? Apparently, even Piggy thought she had heard wrong because she asked Kermit to restate what he had said, receiving a smart aleck quip in response. Even Gonzo, though by obvious design, managed to throw an arm around the frog’s shoulders and ask his intentions.

“My intentions, Gonzo? My intentions, which even by my own count are way overdue, is to do this.” Without wasting a second, James, Jane, Darla Jean, Jean, her husband, Bobby Lee, and Wade – along with the thousand something people in the audience already – watched as Kermit the Frog got down on one knee on the stage. “I love you and I have always loved you. No one knows me better than you, no one can drive me crazier than you, and…my life has never been the same since I met you. I don’t think there’s anything more to say except…

“Miss Piggy, will you marry me?”

A million pins and needles could have dropped from the sky and still not made a sound within the audoritium, as everyone on stage and below watched the scene unfold. Scooter, always noted for his ability to be where anyone needed him, seemed to have already up behind Piggy and saying what everyone was thinking.

“Survey says…”


Miss Piggy was having an incredible dream.

She was on a stage in New York, her loyal and passionate fans cheering her as she stood looking out before them. The others were all standing on stage, waiting for her arrival, bowing down to her in reverence; she would never admit it out loud – and certainly not in front of the others – but these were her boys, her Kermit, her Rowlf, her Fozzie, her Scooter, her Robin, and heaven forbid, her Gonzo. As strange as it was, even to her, but she loved these idiots, more than she could’ve ever imagined.

They were the family she needed, when she needed them and even after that. While they were still a week away from Christmas, the year was winding down and a new year would be upon them; as with everyone else, it was a time to reflect on times past, to go over regrets, mistakes, and missteps that were taken and learn from them in order to avoid the same issues from before. That was literally and figuratively how she would describe her relationship with one Mr. Kermit the Frog.

Their relationship now was a reflection on their past mistakes, their past hurts, and their past hang ups that had led to their major blowup and then break up, which had put a dividing line between their little group of crazies. Piggy hated that, hated that when the two of them fought, it caused a split between the group into Team Kermit and Team Piggy, especially when that wasn’t what either one of them wanted; but as what often happened, their arguments took on a life of their own, sending out sparks of electricity to whomever was in the area and sweeping them up in the chaos that came whenever she and the frog were at odds.

But the year had been good, great, and seemed to be getting better. The arguments they had now were literally tame and not the heart piercing ammunition that it usually turned into, the type of arguments most couples had over the kind of peanut butter they should have or who ate what and now they were out of it. It was good to the point that Kermit had asked for her to move back in, officially that is, seeing as she had pretty much been living back in the house for nearly eight months beforehand anyways.

Piggy couldn’t lie, if this was how their relationship would continue to be, she could live with it, live the rest of her life with Kermit this way, no ring required or even needed, to be honest. She had been feeling this way for quite some time now, the craze of getting her frog on the hook of marriage so they could have the happily ever after she had often dreamed of; but after all the heartache and pain and misunderstandings between them, the diva had landed in a better and healthier mindset about everything.

What was marriage, after all? A piece of paper that held up the end of a bargain between two people? So many people in this crazy world and more in this crazy town who got married and it all ended in misery; then there were people who had gone against the grain and lived their lives with their partners for decades, happy in the notion that they would live out their lives together, no piece of paper required.

Was love really measured in a piece of paper?

No, Piggy had decided.

It was not.

She loved Kermit, with all her heart, and as long as he loved her as much as she did him, they could be happy together. Oh, getting married was like the icing on the cake at this point and not the whole cake she had tried to base everything on; maybe it wasn’t even the icing. Perhaps it was just the cake topper, but it definitely wasn’t the defining point in their relationship in anymore. And with Piggy backing off on marriage, it seemed as though the pressure of it lifted from Kermit as well, with him making more overtures towards getting back together with the pig and sticking to his commitment on keeping their relationship afloat.

It was probably the first time in their entire whole of their coupling that both of them were on the same page, at the same time.

And it was the first time the two of them had even been, well, friends honestly. As such, those barbs they threw at each other were far friendlier than they had ever been and any kind of criticism was now done with the point of doing so to help and support their partner, much in the same vein they did with the group as a whole.

This dream seemed to bring her beloved Kermit into focus, her feelings clearer than ever before. He was dressed in a tuxedo, looking so incredibly handsome she nearly lost her breathe and speech. They all looked good, not just Kermit, but all of her boys cleaned up well, even Gonzo with his ridiculous purple striped jacket; it still made him look good in his own unique way.

The dream seemed to speed up, past whatever else was happening until Dream!Kermit was kneeling before her, ring in hand, and asking her to marry him. It was a scenario she had dreamt about for…centuries and for the first time she could remember, her first response was going to be no. No, she wasn’t going to marry him because she loved him just as he was and he didn’t need to prove some crazy ideal from her or society about marriage; she didn’t want to marry him.

Not if getting married meant they would go back to what they had been.

Because she didn’t want that. She would give up her ‘marry Kermit’ dreams and any reality in which they were married if it meant she still got him at the end of the day, loving her the way she loved him.

And then the dream ended, the scene going black, the way an old movie would fade out after the last scene and the credits would roll. The difference was that her credits were the very bright lights that were shining in her eyes from what looked like the dressing room they had in the back of MSG.

“Wha’ happened?”

“There you are, baby,” Kermit or what sounded like the voice of Kermit replied, hovering above her before his green vestige finally appeared before her. “As to what happened, I proposed to you in front of thousands of people and you fainted.”

“Eh?” she asked, squinting her face in confusion. It was at this time she did indeed recognize her dressing room from the vanity that sat across from the lounger she was apparently laying on. “No…that…that doesn’t sound right.”

“I’d knew you’d be speechless, darlin’, but I didn’t think I made you so weak in the knees.”

More to come!


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Mar 26, 2012
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Happy 2020, everyone! Yes, I did say I was gonna finish this yesterday, but you know...NYE and what not. But I am here to actually bring you the conclusion. A day late or something to start off your new year, right? Let's go with the latter, yeah?

Also, side note - I literally can not remember where in the world I heard that Piggy - or the rest of us - call that big rock ring of hers BK, aka, 'before Kermit'. Was this something that she said in an interview or something? I seem to vaguely remember that being the case, but honestly half the time things I think that have happened are actually dreams I've had and dreams I've had have sometimes been real and I've only had one cup of coffee and may have a hangover, so I'm confused.

Suddenly, Piggy’s very vivid dream was starting to become recollection and the scene she had been imaging in her head just a few moments ago was reality that had happened about twenty minutes ago. Everything she had seen – her boys waiting for her on stage, the audience cheering her on, and most importantly, Kermit proposing to her had actually happened…and that was all she could remember at that point.

“You know,” she huffed, propping herself up on one arm to glare at the smug smirk the frog was giving her. “If I remember correctly, I haven’t said yes yet, so maybe you should put a cork in it.”

In times past, that type of cheek would’ve gotten her into trouble, but as another testament to their ever changing and ever growing relationship, the only reaction Kermit had was to chuckle before sliding off the side of the couch directly on the floor to face her. “First and foremost, are you okay?” he whispered. Joking aside, Piggy had nearly collapsed if not for Scooter and the others being right behind her. While they had been pretty sure there was nothing truly wrong, Kermit couldn’t lie that he’d just about had a heart attack watching as the diva had swooned backwards.

Piggy rolled her eyes. “The less said about Moi’s fainting spell, the better,” she quipped, though it didn’t have any bite to it. There could have been a number of different reasons for what happened, the most likely cause was either the bright lights on the stage getting to her or making the dumb unconscious decision to lock her knees, either way, each was a lesson she had learned long ago and for her to make the same slip was, in a word, embarrassing.

Despite the comment, she noticed that Kermit was still looking at her with a worried glance, so she tried to alleviate any more fears from popping up. “I’m okay, Kermit.”

“Okay,” he replied, nodding slowly. “Second, not sure if you remember my little speech out there…”

“Something about knowing you better than yourself, loving me forever, and that your life has never and will never be the same without me.”

Narrowing his eyes at the…slightly amended details, the frog none the less muttered, “Not so faint as one would believe” before moving out of the way from the playful the slap she aimed at him. “But yes,” he continued. “It went along those lines. And yet, I still love you with all my heart and I want you to marry me.” Pulling out the ring he had presented earlier, he ducked his head shyly and said, “That is…if you still want to marry me, after all this time.”

Kermit the Frog had a way with words, both literally and figuratively, negative and positive. As he plotted their course towards fame, he always managed to deliver an uplifting speech to the masses, rallying them to the next point or bolstering their confidence when things fell apart. Piggy had been on the end of those great speeches and she’d also been on the end of the vitriol that could come spewing from his lips like a volcano; the latter she was usually ready for and could handle – usually – but the former also tended to surprise her, especially when those words were for her and her alone.

Placing a gloved hand on his cheek and turning him to face her, she replied, “Kermit, I have always only ever wanted you, in any capacity I could get it. I would spend my life with you, married or not, as long as I had you.”

“You have me, Piggy,” he whispered, with steely determination. “Now and forever. Please say yes because I can’t take this ring back without losing my deposit.”


Kermit laughed, catching the hand that pushed against him. He didn’t say a word, he didn’t really need to, he just did what he had since her return from France.

He waited.

“Yes, Kermit,” Piggy whispered. “Of course yes.”

The frog couldn’t help the silly smile that plastered itself on his face, even as he went in to kiss his diva and make it official, his smile carried through. And when it dropped slightly, Piggy could feel it against her own lips. “Wait,” he said, pulling back slightly to look at her.


“I can’t give you this ring.”

“Excuse me?”

Quickly knowing that he was about a karate away from botching this second proposal, Kermit still managed to straighten up in his sitting position and move the velvet box just out of Piggy’s reach. “I can’t give you this ring,” he repeated, looking at her. “Until you give me that one.” He immediately pointed to the always there reminder that rested on her left hand – the so-called ‘BK’. Now, whether or not it did actually stand for ‘before Kermit’ or some other strange acronym, Kermit didn’t truly care.

That ring had been a bane in his side for most of their relationship because it was a constant reminder that, at some point, there had been someone else or some other reminder to Piggy that rested on her hand. And just her hand, her left hand; it had irked him at some point, with the constant questions of whether or not that was the ring he gave her, and at some point, the sight of it just began to irritate him.

Well, that was going to change.

If Piggy was going to wear his ring, for as little or as long as she wanted, he wasn’t about to see it sitting next to BK. While all of that made perfect sense to Kermit, it confused the heck out of Piggy. The ring, yes at this point comically referred to as ‘before Kermit’, was just a stylistic choice for the grand dame that she was; it didn’t necessarily mean anything and she could certainly switch it to the other hand if he was that concerned about it.

“Why?” she asked, that same look of confusion looking back at him.

Nodding to the ring again, he asked, “Well, that’s the ‘before Kermit’ ring, right?” Holding up the box, he said, “This is ‘with Kermit’ and ‘after Kermit’s stupidity’ ring. And if I may, it’s the ring that I want to see on your finger from now on.”

“Jealous much?” she quipped. Giggling at the look he sent, Piggy still did as instructed, removing the ever infamous ring from her finger and handing it over to Kermit. “Feels like the end of an era.” And wasn’t that a statement in itself? A week before Christmas and two weeks before the end of the year and the start of a new one, it did seem as though the two of them were closing a very long chapter on their lives.

Or maybe they had just reached the end of their first book together and were embarking on their long awaited sequel.

The frog immediately replaced the ring with the one he had finally managed to pick out, the one that screamed Piggy to him and one that he hoped she liked. It wasn’t nearly as large as BK, in fact was a third smaller, but Kermit knew Piggy’s bigger than life persona didn’t necessarily relate to the person he knew and loved; Miss Piggy was the performer, Piggy Lee was the girl behind it and as much attention as she claimed she enjoyed, sometimes the diva just liked things to be simple.

That had been the major disrupt in their relationship – Kermit would always crave simple because he came from simple, while Piggy would always want the spotlight. There was nothing wrong with either side, but the two of them had been so stubborn in making the other bend to their will that there had been no room for any kind of compromise. It took years, a heck of a lot of fights, and a devastating breakup to not only get to the point of compromise, but to actually understand what that meant to each other.

“Well,” he said, slipping the ring on her finger. “Here’s to the start of a new one.”


Nearly thirty minutes later, both Kermit and Piggy managed to stumble out of her dressing room to find Gonzo, Rowlf, and Scooter waiting for them. The three had of course come backstage to check on the pig, letting Fozzie, Robin, and the rest of the cast handle the worried crowd out front. To no one, or rather Gonzo’s, surprise, the pig and frog were no worse for wear, however from the flush on both of their faces, Kermit’s undone tie and shirt, and Piggy’s slightly rumpled gown, the two had been doing more than just a standard ‘check-up’. “And what’re we doing standing around here?” Piggy asked, breathlessly, before clearing her throat.

“Oh, waiting for you,” Gonzo replied, a smile on his face.

“We were worried,” stated Scooter.

“So we thought we’d come back here and make sure you were okay,” Rowlf interjected. Nodding to the two of them, he continued with, “Though it seems you were in ‘good hands’ with Dr. Kermit here.”

The power couple couldn’t help giggling at the insinuation. Normally, they tried to keep any personal interactions with each other on the downlow, keeping that aspect of their relationship under the wraps as best as they could; which is to say that they managed to fail at that as much as they excelled at arguing with each other. At any other time, Kermit would have huffed and denied that anything unprofessional had happened, while Piggy tried her best not to turn her face red by blushing hard.

Tonight however, the combination of a proposal gone right, a show done perfectly, and Kermit’s family able to finally see him live on stage and being a part of this, was too much. They were just so very happy right then and there, they didn’t care about the teasing; in fact, they were so used to it at this point, it almost felt like a waste to let it go unchallenged.

Especially now.

“That sounds like jealousy, Rowlfie,” Piggy cooed.

“No doubt,” the pianist smirked. “Have you seen you tonight?”

“Not as much as Kermit has,” Gonzo quipped.

Kermit shrugged, though he had grin on his face. “C’mon, guys. I only had twenty minutes.”

Piggy tried to contain the chortle that had bubbled up, to no avail. “Should we really be having this conversation in front of Scooter?” she asked.

Never one to back down, especially now that he was at an age to not only get these types of joke, but throw them back as hard as they could, Scooter smirked. “You know how I spent my Valentine’s Day.”

“Nope,” Kermit said, or rather, tried to not chuckle. “Stop, we’re done now. Do not go any further than that.” Love Scooter as he did and as proud of him as he was, the red head would always still be a teenager to him, to everyone, and the very idea that he was doing to his girlfriend what Piggy was trying to get Kermit to do to her was still unsettling and the frog wanted no part of it. “Anyway, I’m going to guess we still have a very large crowd of worried audience members we need to address, so…”

“Quite right, Chief,” Scooter said, nodding at both them. “We should get back out there. Love bites and all.”

This time, Piggy couldn’t stop the slight blush that rose to her cheeks. “Moi should probably get a scarf,” she murmured.

Ever the gentleman, Kermit immediately handed over his jacket, which he had just been carrying with him after retrieving it from the floor before they had headed into the corridor. “Here, baby.”

“Merci, Kermie.”

Scooter smirked at the diva. “Funny how you thought I was talking about you.”

The assistant manager walked off, chuckling as he did and calling out a few last minute directions. “That kid gets no tip,” Kermit muttered.

Fate must have thought so too cause Scooter had only gone a few feet when a green blur jumped out from his left, causing him to curse amid the laughter that came from Robin. Keeping good on his promise from earlier, the young frog had been also coming backstage to check on his aunt when he saw the perfect opportunity to jump Scooter from behind.

That of course led to said page chasing down said stagehand.

“Robin!” Piggy called out.

“Boys!” Kermit shouted, watching as the two went racing down the hall.

Gonzo and Rowlf just added to the mayhem by laughing, making their way back to the stage proper. “Two rambunctious boys?” Gonzo commented. “The two of you are gonna have your hands full.”

“We’re having girls, thank you very much!” Kermit retorted, causing Piggy to look at him, before the frog immediately turned back to her. “We’re having girls, right?”

“That had been my sentiment.”

“Oh good.”

“We may want to throw a boy in there at some point.”

Kermit nodded. “Right, right,” he murmured. “The last thing we want is to have two teenage girls in the house.”

“Oh god no.”


As worried as the audience had been earlier, they were all thunderous applause when Kermit and a very okay looking Piggy graced the stage with their presence again. Even better was receiving the answer to Scooter’s earlier question.

“Survey said…”

Holding up her left hand with the new engagement ring on it, Piggy proudly declared, “Survey said yes.”

And there was much rejoicing.

And that, my friends, is the end of that! There was a cut scene in there I may put into the One Shots at some point, but that is the conclusion to part one of this piece! What's up next, G?

Well, I gots 2 Ball to finish, which I will absolutely finish this month. And then...yeah, we're gonna start to work on that season 2 stuff I said I was gonna do. This is gonna be the year for it. Of course, as this story is part one of two, there will be a part two to this and, this year, we will be saying goodbye to our Pool Hall series and I will hopefully finish that up with our last story, One Ball Free for All.

I wanna wish everybody here a great 2020! We've got some new Mupp stuff coming our way, so let's hope it all works out and stuff!