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The Steven Universe thread


Well-Known Member
Sep 17, 2012
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A few things I've always wondered:

Will Steven ever fuse with another human?

Is he able to fuse with all humans, or just Connie? If it's the latter, then how come Connie is the only human who can fuse with Steven?

I hope these questions will be answered in the future.
If you've seen Steven Universe: The Movie,
Steven manages to fuse with his dad, Greg, and they become Steg.

Pig's Laundry

Well-Known Member
Aug 12, 2015
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The movie was, honestly beautiful, and well worth the wait. It was a very satisfying epilogue to the arcs of the first five seasons.
Zach's voice has never been better. Definitely glad he pretty much got to use his real voice for this one
ALSO OMG STEVEN AND GREG CAN FUSE NOW WHEN DID THEY LEARN THEY COULD DO THAT?! sqwrsafbxxvmkfuk. Also, I hate to say it but...I think I actually kind of like the Beach City citizens being background props, plot devices for the gems.
But OMG, Spinel's backstory hit me hard. I was not expecting to almost cry while watching this movie but, here we are. Just...just...screw you Rose.
Also, i'm pretty sure this is the longest this was the longest the characters stayed on model, lol.

Also, also, the soundtrack is amazing. I've had at least one song form the movie stuck in my head everyday ever since I watched it, and I don't even mind! Seriously, I never thought that, not one, but two songs by The Diamonds would be two of my favorites in the whole franchise!