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The Official Top 10 Anything...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Greengables95, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Top ten scenes/lines from Space Jam:
    10. Bugs thinking he's easily tricked the Nerdlucks only to get a big surprise.
    9. Spit shine!
    8. Michael Jordan being sent down the golf hole, Stan points his camera at Bill Murray who tells him "don't point that camera at me!"
    7. Swackhammer deciding to capture the Looney Tunes for his park
    6. Sniffles' cameo ("I love basketball, I've always loved basketball...." this is probably the part I quote the most)
    5. "You shouldn't be watching this. It's bad for you."
    4. "Larry's not white. Larry's clear."
    3. The big traffic jam on the way to the game.
    2. The "Basketball Jones" montage
    1. "Holy putty tat!"

    And pretty much any scene to feature tons and tons of Looney Tunes characters in the background.
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  2. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Top ten official Sesame Street 50th anniversary “collection” videos I’d like to see on YouTube:

    10. A “People in Your Neighborhood” collection, perhaps showing an hour or more of various different segments

    9. A collection of segments produced but never aired on the show

    8. A collection showing on-screen appearances by Muppet performers and crew members

    7. A collection spotlighting the shows most obscure characters of all time

    6. Collections chronicling the evolution of Big Bird, Oscar, Grover, Elmo, and Telly (maybe also Cookie Monster)

    5. Collections representing each individual season

    4. a Monsterpiece Theater compilation (also Sesame Street News, Waiter Grover, Super Grover, and maybe complete collections for some of the inserts with a very small number of installments)

    3. A collection focusing on the human cast

    2. A collection featuring clips of EVERY recurring Muppet character (even if some have to be short clips lasting a few seconds as opposed to full segments)

    1. A collection of Kermit the Frog appearances
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  3. vettech28

    vettech28 Well-Known Member

    Top 10 Season 2 Fraggle Rock episodes:
    1. Fraggle Wars
    2. The Secret of Convincing John
    3. The Day the Music Died
    4. Mokey and The Minstrels
    5. Manny’s Land of Carpets
    6. Wembley’s Egg
    7. Boober Rock
    8. All Work and All Play
    9. Boober’s Dream
    10. Uncle Matt Comes Home
  4. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Top ten pages I thought about creating (if only as sandbox) for Muppet Wiki (most of them Sesame Street pages).

    10. Kermit and Grover sketches (long ago I thought it'd be redundant with the "Kermit at Home Sketches" page, which lists any sketch with Kermit at his home, not just with Grover, but there are a lot of sketch guides that overlap with other sketch guides, so why not?)

    9. Sesame Street on location in New York City (is there a page about Sesame Street scenes taking place on location? I have been a bit more interested in this after seeing so many episode pages list "NY Remote" and realized that season 10 and so have quite a few segments shot on location in New York City)

    8. Segments that have had alterations in later episodes (actually I did suggest this on the forums, I think they thought it’d be too complicated to keep track of)

    7. Inconsistent sketch titles (mainly segments that have had many different “official” titles over the years – including titles in scripts, official online releases, DVD chapter stops, slate board titles, and possibly any cases where an animation/film company gave a segment a different title from what Sesame Workshop uses)

    6. Street scenes/stories featuring Jim Henson’s involvement

    5. Characters who wear wigs

    4. Sesame Street episodes that begin with inserts (not counting street inserts that make their first appearance in the episode, or episodes where the street story is completed).

    3. Sesame Street segments by season (I did start a sandbox page for known first appearances of segments in the first season, haven't done much with it since I started, but listing all segments by season might be better)

    2. Street inserts

    1. Inserts that started out as street scenes (which might be redundant with the above, I feel that could use a section on street scenes that started out as part of a street story.... are there many inserts that started out as part of a main street story that did not take place on the street?
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  5. LittleJerry92

    LittleJerry92 Well-Known Member

    Top 10 Sesame Street skits I hope to see in its entirety/in English:

    10. The Old West James twins skit (I’m actually positive this aired at least once in the around the corner era)

    9. “Help!” (don’t see this happening anytime soon though)

    8. “Up, Up and Away” (again, don’t see this happening anytime soon)

    7. Lefty sells Ernie a snowman

    6. Kermit’s wall lecture (I want to see what his reaction in English is like)

    5. “Barbershop Quarter B” song or whatever it was called

    4. “Come Join Us”

    3. Any of the Thelma Thumb skits (I love Korty’s animation)

    2. Don Music sings “Old Macdonald”

    1. “SURPRISE!” (Little Jerry.... Yeah, surprised, herp derp, right? :shifty: )
  6. newsmanfan

    newsmanfan Well-Known Member

    There isn't a decent college rock station in my area, so I haven't bothered with local radio other than WPR in years. I actually kinda miss the local indie station in Tucson. My new music finds come from reddit or metafilter.
  7. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Recommended episodes to look at when every Sesame Street episode is digitized for public viewing, mainly for those who might want to go and watch episodes more for the sake of editing Muppet Wiki.

    10. Early episodes with Irvine – some scripts call her Irving, was that name used in the actual episodes?

    9. Season nine episodes (including episode 1184) with an unnamed dog who may or may not be Barkley

    8. Suzanne Farrell – Scarecoe’s to do list on his user page mentions “At the Barre” naming Herry and Telly in one script, another naming Grover and Herry, and episode 1334 has a sketch that could be this (maybe both were the same but listed a little differently), with Suzanne Farrell getting Grover, Herry, and another monster to stretch on a barre – could that monster be Telly during his transitional period between his original television-obsessed personality and when Brian Meehl gave him the personality he’s known for (Telly likely wouldn’t have been identified by name in any scripts from that period)?

    7. Can You Guess? – is Big Bob the puppet that would become Guy Smiley? What puppet was used for the contestant, Billy Monster (I doubt it’s the same Billy Monster from the later Here and There sketch with Grover and Herry)

    6. Episode 21 (Balloons segment – which monster is used?)

    5. Episode 372 (It includes “Before and After”, are the parts with Buddy replaced with a different character? )

    4. Episode 441 (I’ve been told that the script notes that the first season sketch “everybody scratch” ends with Bernice on Bert’s back, when the segment is known to end with Beautiful Day Monster scratching Bert’s back; was the whole segment remade by then and the script doesn’t make it clear? Did the script make a mistake? Was there actually an alternate ending filmed?)

    3. Episode 1259 – I’ve been told that Bruno has a lot of dialogue in the script but it’s pointed out that a lot of that could have changed by the time it aired, would be great to know if his first appearance was dialogue-heavy

    2. early Elmo episodes – to determine Kevin Clash’s first performance as Elmo (and maybe to determine Richard Hunt’s, though I have a feeling that’s the first after Brian Meehl left)

    1. Episodes where the trusted sources were unable to provide the wiki with a full rundown (including episode 2806, 2823, and 2974; the script sourced for episode 1389 is missing a page; The script sourced for 2600 was an edit for a pledge airing; I've heard that one season 11 script isn't the final aired version but can't remember which one)

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