The Muppets Episode 15 - Generally Inhospitable

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minor muppetz

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Jun 19, 2005
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While Miss Piggy was in the hospital, I wonder why the network refused to air a rerun.

Watching that Veterinarian's Hospital sketch, it seems like the patient didn't know she was going to be in a sketch. Maybe I'm wrong and her reactions were just acting, but it seems odd they would just put a patient into the show without consulting her.

Now that I think about the sketches that have been shown, they kind of don't seem like sketches. Seems like they're more along the lines of unscripted things you might see on a talk show. The sketches have consisted of two games (assuming they were sketches, I think Friendly Feud is more likely to have been a sketch than "Piggy or Kardashian"), on-location footage of Pepe driving a limo and having unscripted conversations with passengers, Bobo doing a script reading, and The Swedish Chef doing some cooking with help from Bunsen and Beaker (not to mention an on-location Veterinarian's Hospital that, as I said, seems like it wasn't really planned much). On The Muppet Show, it seems like the sketches weren't written, either (at least in-universe), but, if the show gets another season, I wonder if we'll get more sketches like the Sherlock Holmes sketch, Cowboy Time, or the diner sketch with Nancy Walker (or even something like the described-but-not-shown Dancing with the Czars or Bachelor Elf).

And it seems hard to determine whether Up Late with Miss Piggy is live or pre-recorded. I know that most late-night talk shows are pre-recorded during the daytime and broadcast as-is at night, but some episodes seem like it is broadcast live. This one, "Going Going Gonzo", not to mention in "Single All the Way" Kermit and Piggy both panic when they realize they've only got 30 seconds before the show starts (if it's pre-recorded, couldn't they wait a little longer if needed, as long as the shows completed in time for broadcast?). In "Going Going Gonzo", it's clear that the show is shot during the day time, and the show has "Up Late" in the title, so it couldn't be live, right?


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Feb 14, 2007
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A bump bump here, and a bump bump there...

Poor Piggy! Breaking her leg like that. I really enjoyed this episode. It had a lot of funny bits like Piggy high on morphine and acting all goofy, Carl swallowing Pache’s phone and the gang dancing along to his ringtone. Willie Nelson’s performance at the end was great too.

Overall, a good episode!