The Muppets Episode 10 - Single All the Way

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Apr 11, 2002
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Tonight make plans to watch "The Muppets" new episode "Single All the Way" at 8|7c on ABC. Then join the discussion immediately afterwards in the Muppet Central Forum.

Episode 10 - Single All the Way

Mindy Kaling is the guest for the annual "Up Late" live Christmas special, and the crew are hard at work as Animal's in charge of the tinsel, Sweetums hangs the lights and Sam Eagle places the mistletoe. Meanwhile, Miss Piggy gives relationship advice to Fozzie; and Echosmith perform at the staff Christmas party.

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Apr 6, 2015
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As I said in the spoiler thread...

Single all the Way" review in 3 words ... BEST EPISODE EVER. (and all around amazing Christmas special)

They got everything right. Comedy? Check. Characters acting normal? Check. Musical numbers? Check!! Heartfelt moments? Check. Muppety goodness? CHECK CHECK CHECK!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was AMAZING and I really hope that this is the direction the show will be going in, come February.


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Mar 2, 2015
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I always loved the christmas themed muppet stuff and this didn't disappoint. It was very cute and I wanna hug the muppets. Them all nicely giving yolanda presents even after they find out what she does, and uncledeadly trying to comfort piggy, the ending of the episode. :3 DAWWWWW
and I didn't know Rowlf had a thing for eating mistletoe. XD


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Aug 12, 2015
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Oh my goodness that was great. I want Mindy Kaling to sing at my wedding,she has such a beautiful voice:wink:


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Apr 10, 2013
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Absolutely delightful!

Usually, I’d write this thing under different titles, but I don’t think I need to this time around. The entire thing was simply wonderful. Christmas and the Muppets have gone hand in hand since day one, so the episode was everything I expected- and perhaps a little more! It was just all over Muppety and felt very much in the style of the Muppet Show with the exception of the backstage stuff happening leading up to the show rather than during it.

Not only did the atmosphere feel Muppety, but the characters actually felt Muppety! Prime example is the troupe deciding to give Yolanda their gifts despite the fact that she had done a selfish thing by rigging the Secret Santa. Rather than getting angry over it, the gang immediately understood that she had felt horrible about being left out the previous Christmas. No grudges. Just acceptance. This is what the Muppets do best; demonstrate how to reach a level of tolerance when it comes to other people’s actions. Forgive and forget.

Now let’s talk relationships:

I’ll start with Sam and Janice. Probably the weirdest thing to come out of this show thus far (even with the addition of Chip). Sam may be a patriotic all-American bald eagle, but on the inside he is a fledgling chick struggling to make his first flight when it comes to Janice. I’m not quite sure whether to consider this thing a legitimate storyline or an extremely long running gag. The mistletoe was a funny bit and at least he got his kiss in the end. I have yet to come to a conclusion on how I feel about this.

There was a great draw of parallels as Fozzie observed Miss Piggy’s technique on how to get over relationship woes. ‘Stuff’ is not a good answer to ones problems. Maybe Piggy should have made a little more effort to get Kermit back, but in the end, what good would it have done her? Really? Fozzie’s issue was simple enough to resolve; he just needed to grow up a little more, and that break-up scare seemed to do the trick.

As for Piggy and Kermit, I’m glad they didn’t just jump back into the old routine. Kermit still has Denise (strangely absent). They seem to be coming together in a healthy friendship, which in the long run could be beneficial when they finally reunite as lovers. It’s a maturing aspect. They will always be there for each other no matter their relationship status, even if they are finding themselves with mixed feelings during the holiday season.

Notes I took during the show:

· Beaker in those antlers! Cute!
· Geeze, that little girl with her hair braided to the side looks really grumpy rather than concerned about the fact that Santa is crying.
· Yay, more Ken! Cut your nails Ken! You’re not a Spanish guitar player!
· I love how all the Muppets are getting to do their traditional bits.
· This crush on Janice has turned Sam into a 12 year old boy who just discovered his hormones! Very funny though!
· Okay, Mindy is a little out of key……Sorry, did I say a little? I meant to say that she sounds like a cat drowning another cat and neither of them can sing!
· I can’t be the only one who wants to meet the Swedish Chef’s wife!
· RIZZO AND PEPE! OMG that was funny. Poor Rizzo! Popped right in the kisser!
· Darn it Uncle Deadly! Darn it Matt Vogel! Too ridiculously fabulous for your own good!
· Piggy and Fozzie were great! I think that scene is the biggest interaction we have ever seen between them. Eric was on point throughout the entire thing. Of course he was, it’s Eric we’re talking about here!
· Honestly, I would have preferred Aerosmith over Echosmith any day of the week.
· Jeeze, when was the last time we saw Sam and Rowlf have a moment?......Wait, was that a gag about a drug deal?
· Careful Piggy! Don’t spill anymore worms out of that can!

One more thing! When Kermit went to try and coax Piggy out of her dressing room, I honestly thought we were gonna see Manipulative Kermit again. Luckily I was dead wrong! Kermit telling Piggy that she was always his favourite show was very sweet. And hey! Piggy called the frog ‘Kermie’ again! No wonder the Boss Frog was having mixed feelings afterwards!


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Oct 2, 2002
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This WAS the best episode so far. I think it was great from start to finish. From Carl, to Piggy and Fozzie.....and the stuff she had to comfort her, to Kermit talking to Piggy after Fozzie made her think about why she had not try to get back with Kermit.

Plus Sam trying to get Janice to kiss her....which she did at the end, to Yolanda getting all of those presents because she had been forgotten last year and got nothing.


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Sep 8, 2003
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I loved this when Piggy was talking to Kermit I got just a little teary eyed.