The Life of Lips (biography fanfic)


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Apr 24, 2012
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Some feedback for you guys, I'll try and post more of this story and post more of my art on here when I have some time. I got huge amounts of testing coming up tomorrow and next week. Thankx!


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Apr 24, 2012
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I bet you all are like, "What the hey, LXZ? you haven't posted!". Well I get it, but I've been busy. So here's chapter 10
The next day....

Lips was driving his way home from his father's store. He sighed. Doing his part in the store was getting difficult now that Lisa wasn't living in his home anymore. Mark was especially stressed out. He spent most of his time in his office, filing and organizing paperwork and bills. Lips spent most of his time taking over the shop on his own, which was getting more and more difficult than he expected.

Lips turned to the front of the Muppet Theater and parked next to the building. Delores said that she'll meet him outside, but she wasn't there. Lips scanned at the clock. Delores said that Orchestra rehearsal ended at 8:30. It was 7:34. Lips was early. He decided to walk in the building and surprise her.

As he walked in, he heard horrible music travel through his ears, he covered his ears as he walked in.

"NO NO NO!" Nigel bellowed angerly, slamming his conductor stick on the floor, "I don't see why it's not right!"

"Dang, Nigel," Floyd said, "No offense, I think you need to chill out."

Nigel looked at him very angerly and sarcastically. "Chill out?! CHILL OUT?! I will not chill out! I'm perfectly calm!"

Lips unplugged his ears and listened to the conversation between Floyd and Nigel. Delores wasn't kiddin', he said to himself, Nigel IS a pain....

Lips started approaching to the stressed-out Delores, who was about to have a headache. "Psst" Lips whispered to Delores throughout the entire argument. Delores's head perked up and looked over to see her house-mate, smiling at her.

"Hey..." Delores greeted as she hugged him tight, she sighed tiredly, "Ugh, I wish I didn't have practice today. We're doing everything right, but he's just thinking it wrong.....Lips I don't know what to do..."

Lips rubbed her shoulder in comfort. "I saw. I heard the song on the way in here. You weren't kidding about what you said bout that guy."

Delores nodded, he saw some tears streak down her eyes and Lips brushed them away with his finger. " look really stressed. How 'bout I take you home and I'll make you some tea so you'll relax?" Delores looked at him tearey-eyed and smiled. "Sure, I'd like that." she said shakily, "I'm scared to tell Nigel....."

"Shhh" Lips said as he shushed her gently, "It's okay...." He embraced her tightly and Delores accepted the hug as she cried on his chest in stress and frustration.

Zoot took notice and left the argument to join the two. Zoot laid a hand on Delores's shoulder. "Del? You alright?" he asked, but the answer Zoot got was sobs and whimpers. Lips looked at Zoot and shook his head. "Too stressed," he replied, "I-I was gonna take her home with me early-"

"Say no more, man," Zoot replied, smiling, "I'll punch her out. You go ahead and take her home. Might wanna grab her stuff from the Musicians Lounge before you go."

"Where's it at?" Lips asked. "Grab Del and follow me." Zoot replied as he wrapped his arm around Delores's shoulders. Together, Lips, Delores, and Zoot went up to the Musicains Lounge. The whole Musicians Lounge looked more like a groovy dome. Dr.Teeth and Janice were on the couch, talking about music and such when Janice saw Delores, crying.

She gasped as she ran to her. "Oh Delly!" Janice cried out, hugging her tight, "Did Nigel stress you out again?" Delores nodded as she sobbed on her shoulder.

"I outta tell Nigel to cool down a bit when Delores is by his territory!" Dr.Teeth mumbled, then he saw Lips and his eyelids rose. "Lips! What brings you by so early?"

"I pick Delores up now, but I came early. I'm actually glad I did." he replied as he stroked Delores' back. Dr.Teeth ran to get her stuff and brought it to her, which was just a handbag of her clothes and her purse. Zoot punched her time card out and joined the others. "Doc, will you tell Nigel about Del leavin' again?" Zoot asked, which Dr.Teeth nodded and left before patting Delores's shoulder.

"Like, c'mon Del, like, let's get you out of here, fer sure." Janice said.

Zoot wrapped his jacket around Delores's jacket and led her out of the room while Lips and Janice were having a conversaiton.

"So this happened a lot?" Lips asked Janice. She looked at him and nodded slowly. "Fer sure. Of with her stressed by her parents and with Nigel bossing her and the others around, she's got way too much stress on her mind."

Lips sighed, "'Sounds a lot like me when I saw Lisa going away to the armed forces. And that was AFTER high school." "And like, when she was signing up and you fainted in the boys bathroom?" Janice added. Lips nodded slowly. "Fer sure," Janice responded, "Like, I remember that....ya know I felt rully bad for you. Now seeing Del like that, It's rully bringing like memories to me. Ya know?"
Lips nodded. "I hear ya."

Arriving to Lips's car, Delores got in the front seat and gave Zoot his jacket back. Zoot knelt to Delores and pets her shoulder. "Be glad it's Friday. There's no rehearsals in the weekends." he said. Delores nodded in agreement. Zoot knelt back up to his feet and laid a hand on Lips's shoulder.

"Take care of her, man." Zoot said. "Oh don't worry, I will." Lips responded. Janice leaned over to Delores to hug her and gave her a sisterly kiss on the head. Lips shuts the car door as he and Delores drove away, he honked to Janice and Zoot as they waved.

As they stopped at a stoplight, Lips looked over to Delores, who looked like she was going to throw up, and rubbed her shoulder. "Just hang in there, Delly," he said comfortingly, "It ain't far from where we were now. Don't worry..."
He noticed that Delores was getting pale. Lips drove a little faster. As they pulled into the driveway, Lips quickly got Delores out of the car and inside.

A little later, Lips was tucking a sick Delores in bed. Delores threw up a little earlier ago, which Kayla said that she looked like she got the flu. Lips knew that it must've been from the stress she went through. Lips stroked Delores's cheek and it made her fall asleep. Lips petted her hand in comfort. Delores had a high fever from her throwing up and stress. Lips sighed, he knew that Delores had to go back to practice on Monday, but will she actually go? Lips had no choice, but there was one other option to save her job:

If Delores can't go to practice on Monday, then he's going to have to take her place for that day, or at least till she gets better. He's going to have a lot of practicing to this weekend.

Lips leaned over and kissed Delores on her warm forehead and left the room. Before he went to bed, Lips picked up his favorite trumpet, the one Dizzy Gilespie got him, he clicked it open and stroked it with his two fingers. "Well," Lips said to himself, while looking at his trumpet, "Looks like we got some work to do....."

Lips creeped into Delores's room and managed to grab her music notes from her purse. Lips placed those and his trumpet on his desk and wrote a note saying, 'Call the band to stop over and practice!'

Lips sighed and went to bed.
More to come!

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Here's Chapter 11

Helping Kayla make breakfast for Delores, Lips started to tell her about his idea of taking Delores's place until she's better.

"I say you can do it, Lionel." Kayla replied, "I'm sure Delores will be very happy for you to do such for her."
"True...." Lips sighed sadly, "i'm just worried about what dad will think."

"if he says no, I'll talk to him. I'm sure he'll give you some time off."

"I hope so."

Before Lips can leave to go upstairs with the breakfast tray, Kayla kissed his cheek, "Hey. It'll be okay.Call Dr.Teeth about practice and you can go." she said quietly. Lips smiled, "Thanks mom." he replied, kissing her head.

As Lips entered Delores' bedroom, to his surprise, Delores was still sleeping. Lips smiled at the sight. He puts the breakfast tray on the dresser and leaned over to Delores. 'Wake up, Delly-belly...." Lips whispered quietly as he started petting her hair slightly. Delores shifted a bit in her sleep, then moaned, and then peeked an eye open to see Lips's beaming face.
She smiled as Lips helped her sit up in bed. "Morning beautiful. Slept okay?" Lips asked, grabbing the breakfast tray from the dresser and puts it on her lap.

"Just a couple of little nightmares, but other than that, It's okay." Delores whispered. "Aww you could've woken me up.." Lips said, half-hugging her tight. Delores just shrugged.
"Anyways," Lips said, "Made you breakfast."

Delores smiled at him and took a sip of tea with honey. "So listen," Lips continued, "I've been thinking last night. Well, If you're still not better by Monday, I-I would go to orchestra practice for you. Would you be okay with that?"
Delores looked at him surprisingly. "Y-you'd do that for me?" she asked. Lips nodded, "Anything to get you out of that stress. It's only until you're better."

She hugged him tight and even kissing his head. Lips blushed gracefully. "Thank you!" Delores gracefully replied.

After telling Dr.Teeth about coming over to discuss replacing Delores for a bit until she's better and also telling Kayla to care for Delores while he's gone, Lips hopped in the car with the music sheets and his trumpet, he drove over to the Muppet Boarding House, which from what Floyd told him, that Muppets come live in there.

As Lips entered inside, Dr.Teeth led him down the basement. The basement was basically instruments with decorative music and hippie decorations all over the basement. This place was basically a big surprise for Lips and he like it.

"Alright! Lips is here!" Floyd said cheerfully, patting Lips's back, "Glad you decided to do this, man."

"Anything for Delores." Lips replied, smiling.

"l'right, man. Here's the song lyrics." Zoot said, handing the music sheets to Lips, "I have spares."

"Thanks." Lips said.

Lips has practiced and practiced in that basement for the whole day. The rest of the Electric Mayhem observed him and realized, 'Wow he's getting good!'. Dr.Teeth knew that he might have found a new band member, but that'll have to be up to Lips to decide first.

As Lips finished practicing, he saw the band clap in his performance. He even saw Nigel there, surprisingly.

"Well I haven't heard you play that horn since high school, Lips!" FLoyd said.

"Lips eh?" Nigel asked right behind Floyd.

"Yeah man! Plays great like Dizzy Gillespie!" Floyd replied.

Nigel looked at Lips in thought. Lips started packing his trumpet away and tried to avoid looking at him.

"That's it!" Nigel exclaimed gleefully, "I know what's wrong with the song! We needed a new horn player!"

"WHAT?!" Floyd, Zoot, Dr.Teeth, Animal, Janice, and Lips yelled out.

"Whats the matter with Delores's trumpet playing?!" Floyd asked.

"Stress probably." Nigel replied, "That's what's making us worse!"

"You're not replacin' her, are you Nigel?" Zoot asked angerly.

Nigel looked serious. "Of course not! We'll just move her to a different instrument!". He then went to Lips and shook Lips's hand. "You got the job, Lips!"

Lips looked stunned. As Nigel left, he flopped on the couch in shock. "Oh my god....This can't be happening...I can't replace Delores permanently....I was making it temporary!"

"I tried telling him, like, it's only temporary, but like, he didn't rully listen." Janice said sadly as she sat next to him.

"How am I gonna tell Delores...?" Lips asked.

"You won't." Floyd said, "We've known Del for about 4 whole seasons of the show, we'll tell her."

Lips smiled. "Thanks guys. I knew that I made the best friends ever."

The group smiled and group-hugged Lips.
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Since I got time, I might as well write another chapter.

Lips walked back into in his own home and went up to see Delores. He found Delores asleep, with the TV on. Lips had total guilt inside of him of what he had to now go through. He didn't want to replace Delores, he just wanted to take over for her until she's better. Lips leaned over and kissed Delores's forehead, which was much warmer. He suddenly saw tear stains on Delores's cheeks, suddenly there was the phone for her room on the floor.

'Oh no,' Lips thought, 'Nigel did not give her the call...."

"Uh Delly?" Lips whispered quietly, shaking her shoulder, "You okay? I just wanted to check on you."

Delores stirred. She slowly woke up and looked at Lips's guilty face. Delores she looked at him sadly and blinked her tears in her eyes. Lips sat next to her and hugged her. "Nigel told you?" Lips asked. Delores nodded, resting her head on Lips's chest, weeping silently. Lips hugged her tight.

"Oh Delores, I'm so sorry this happened," Lips said, stroking her short curly blonde hair gently, "I didn't ask for the job. I was going to tell him I was only talking your place until you're better, I didn't know I was getting the permanent job....I'm really sorry...."

Delores didn't say anything. She just cried on his shoulder. "I got moved to the trombone!" she cried, "I can't believe it!" "I can't either, Del.." Lips replied, stroking her hair again. "I'll make it up for you, I promise." Lips said, kissing Delores's temple. For the rest of the afternoon, Lips comforted Delores until she fell asleep.
As Lips was fixing dinner in the kitchen, a knock came on the door. Mark was in the living room watching TV so he went to go answer it. It was Dr.Teeth.

"Long time, no see, Mark!" Dr.Teeth greeted, "Is Lips home? need to talk to him urgently."

"Yeah. He's in the kitchen." Mark said. As Dr.Teeth entered the kitchen, he saw Lips preparing a dinner tray for Delores. He saw Dr.Teeth walk in and smiled a bit.

"hey doc, what's up?" Lips asked, sitting down, taking a break from the noodles.

"I was in the neighborhood and I decided to pop by!" Dr.Teeth replied, "Everything goin' groovy?"

"no....Lips replied sadly, "Nigel called her while I was visiting you guys. He told her about what's happening...she's taking it pretty hard."

Dr.Teeth's eyelids rose. "Poor girl...." Lips nodded in agreement.

"Anyways, I wanted to ask you something." Dr.Teeth said. Lips looked at him and nodded. Dr.Teeth sat next to him.

"Man, when you played earlier today. I knew I found our newest trumpeter for the band. Whaddya say?"

Lips's eyebrows rose in surprise at the offer. Join the Electric Mayhem? Joining a band? That never happened before! "Gosh Doc.....this is a big offer...." Lips said quietly.
"I know, a lot to take in." Dr.Teeth said.

Lips took a second to think about it. Lips never thought of joining something. He never thought of doing something in theaters because of his little stage fright. Then again, whenever he's in front of a large crowd, his eyes are jammed shut whenever he sings or plays his trumpet. Maybe Lips can give it a try!

"Alright." Lips said, smiling, "I'm joinin."

"Excellent! I'll tell the others." Dr.Teeth said, leaving.

Lips smiled and continued on making Delores's spaghetti. He never knew he could join a band. He couldn't wait to write another letter to Lisa to tell her the news, maybe even ask on advice on how to help Delores out.
More to come! Maybe.


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Here's the next chappy! I lost count I apologize...

Mark overheard the whole conversation by the door way entry to the kitchen. He then saw Lips and Dr.Teeth go upstairs and that's when Kayla came downstairs. She smiled at her husband.

"Oh hey honey." Kayla said, "What's John doing here?"

"He offered our son to join his band." Mark replied, sadly, "He said yes."

"Oh how wonderful! My little boy is joining his first band!" Kayla said happily, but then saw the sad expression on Mark's face, "Aren't you happy for your son, honey? This is a big moment for him!"

"I understand that," Mark replied, "But I was expecting for him to take over the shop one day when I retired."

Kayla nods slowly. She took Mark's hand and stroked it. "Honey, it's up to Lionel to decide and if he wants to do either things. He's already graduated, it's his life. He can do what he wants in his life now."

"I would much rather for him to continue working in my store." Mark declared.

Kayla sighed, "Mark. Lionel will be fine with Dr.Teeth and the rest of the guys. Plus the orchestra job will also help him. If it doesn't go well, then he can join the store again."

"But I'm planning on retirement for a long time." Mark replied, "I'm not closing my store for life!"

"Mark calm down!" Kayla said, "You can ask our other relatives. Lionel is joining the band and orchestra. Period. I'm sorry, honey, but this is Lionel's choice." She went upstairs to check on Delores.

Lips and Dr.Teeth were talking to Delores in her room meanwhile at the time.

"Del," Dr.Teeth said, stroking her cheek, "I know you're upset on this, but I believe you will be alright. You played trombone before, darlin'."

"I love playing the trumpet though...." Delores said, sighing sadly, "Although I am happy for you, Lips. I'm very proud of you of upgrading your trumpet playing."

Lips revealed a guilty smile. "I felt like you should just keep your trumpet job, Delores."

"No Lippy," Delores said, putting her hand on Lips's hand, giving a sad smile, "You deserve it. Plus it's good pay and I'll get paid the same way."

"Are you sure I should do this?" Lips asked, asking both Dr.Teeth and Delores. He received 2 nods as his answer. Lips smiled at the two. "Alright...if you insist." he replied.

"Good. We'll start rehearsing Monday." Dr.Teeth said, "Now I know there's also orchestra practice that day too, but Floyd, Zoot, and Animal know their routine so I would follow them."

Lips nodded and pulled Delores close to him. Delores fell asleep in Lips's arms in stress. Dr.Teeth looked at him and gladly smiled. "You like her?" Dr.Teeth asked.

Lips turned pink. "Well....I...I-uh..." he studdered. Dr.Teeth smiled. "Oooh you do like her!"

"Shh!" Lips hushed, "Don't let her hear you!" "My apologies," Dr.Teeth said, "I'm sure Delores has the heart for you too."

Lips smiled. "I hope so....I really like her."

Lips tucked her in as him and Dr.Teeth crept back downstairs and headed outside. Dr.Teeth gave Lips a rehearsal schedule for the band and orchestra. Lips waved him goodbye and walked back inside and up to his bedroom. He pinned up his schedules and sighed as he looked out the window.
He suddenly felt someone hugging behind him. Lips looked and saw it was Delores. "I really like you too." Delores said.

Lips's face turned from yellow to pink and then to red. He smiled and held her hands onto his chest. Lips then hugged her tight.

"We should go on a date sometime...." Delores said quietly. Lips nodded slowly. "We will. Maybe on the weekend." Lips replied, "Or when you're better."

Delores smiled and rested on his chest as Lips stroked her back gently and led her back to bed.
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Here's the next chapter.
Lips walked into the building that Monday morning. The Muppet Theater was crowded with new acts and acts he so far haven't heard before. From what Floyd told him, he was supposed to go to Kermit's main office to get settled before going into music rehearsals. Lips followed Floyd up a few stairs and came up to Kermit's office.

"Now remember, man," Floyd said, "Froggy breath is very kind to newcomers like you."

Lips nodded as Floyd knocked on the door. "Yes?" A sound answered from the door.

"It's me, green stuff!" Floyd replied, "I brought the newcomer!"

"Oh come on in!" Kermit replied. Both Lips and Floyd entered the office. Lips saw that there were photos of Kermit and a few other different Muppets with guest stars. He saw Lou Rawls, Dudly Moore, Juliet Prowse, and others. He even saw Dizzy Gillesipie. Lips sat himself down on a comfy chair in front of Kermit's big desk. He was very shy and nervous, but Lips was lucky Floyd was next to him.

"Is this him?" Kermit asked Floyd. Floyd nodded, "Yup! The one and only! Now, he's shy and doesn't really talk that much, man."

"Oh don't worry," Kermit said, "I'm sure it'll go smoothly."

Floyd nodded and turned to look at Lips, "You want me to stay?" he asked. Lips nodded.

Kermit smiled. "So first off, I'm Kermit the Frog. I run things here." Lips nodded and shook his flipper.
"And your name is, Lionel....right?" Kermit asked. Lips looked at Floyd and then back at him.
"It's actually Lips. Didn't change his name till after high school." Floyd replied. Kermit nodded and wrote on his notepad. "So Lips, did you have any previous jobs in the past?" Kermit asked.

Lips nodded. "M-my dad's music store....I've been workin' there since I moved from Texas."

Floyd smiled. "That's actually where me and the band met him in our senior year!"

Kermit smiled. "Any passings I should know?" Lips shook his head slowly, just thinking about it makes him worried about Lisa even more than before. Floyd rubbed his shoulder in comfort. Lips sighed in relief.
"Show him your trumpet playin', man!" Floyd said, smiling. Lips slowly nodded and picked up his trumpet. He started to play 'A Little Help From My Friends' on his trumpet. He played so hard, he felt tears rush down his eyes. In his mind, he can see Lisa watching him on the couch, cheering for him. Oh how he still missed Lisa. Lips hoped she'll be home in Christmas again.
Lips finished the song and laid back on the chair to catch his breath and wipe his tears on his sleeve. Kermit and Floyd smiled at his performance. Floyd offered Lips a tissue and Lips gracefully accepted.

"That was an amazing performance, Lips!" Kermit complimented, shaking Lips's hand, "you got the job!" Lips smiled at his new career. He looked at Floyd and saw each other's smiles and earned a rub on the head from Floyd that made Lips giggle.
"You start tomorrow, okay?" Kermit continued, and received a nod from Lips.

Lips smiled. He couldn't wait to tell Delores and his mom and dad at home.

Floyd then took him down to the fitting room where Hilda was going to make his orchestra suit. It was hard for Lips to hold still cause he kept giggling. As he got the suit, Floyd showed him the routines that him and the band have to do at times.

"If I were you," Floyd said, "I'd stick with me, Zoot, and Animal. We do this a lot, man."

Lips kept that thought in mind as he drove home. He walked inside with a bright smile on his face. He saw Mark and Kayla in the living room with Delores. Delores was out of bed and resting on the couch, reading 'Gone with the Wind'. Mark was reading his Sunday paper and drinking some afternoon coffee. Kayla was knitting yet another scarf for Lisa.
Delores looked up and ran to him. "D-did you get it?" she asked. Lips looked at his parents and at Delores. He smiled. "I got it! I got the job!!!" he said. Delores hugged him happily and Kayla did the same.

Lips looked at his father as he stared at Lips angerly and sadly.
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Here's the next chappy!
Lips walked into the theater with the rest of the Electric Mayhem band. Nervous and guilty as he was, he had to put on a brave face for Delores, who was still home, sick and a little stressed. Lips then saw Dr.Teeth walked away from the direction and Lips started to follow them, but Floyd grabbed him by the forearm.

"Hey-uh...c'mon we got orchestra," Floyd said, "We met up with them after. Okay?" Lips nodded as he followed Floyd, Zoot, and Animal to the changing rooms to change into their orchestra suits.
As Lips stood in front of the mirror, he tried tying his tie and kept failing. He remembered that he didn't know how. Lisa always did his tie. Lips tried to remember the way she did it, but couldn't quite remember how to cause it was years ago.
"C'mon man!" Floyd said as Zoot and Animal was about to leave the room. Floyd stopped when he noticed Lips not following him. He saw Lips struggling to tie his tie. Floyd smiled and walked over to him. "Here buddy," Floyd said, smiling, "Lemme help ya there." He took the tie and started tying it. Lips smiled shyly.

Floyd noticed as he finished tying the tie and smiled, he rubbed his shoulders. "Don't be nervous, man." Floyd said, "Nigel can be a pain sometimes, but you'll get used to it. 'Sides, you're doin' a great thing for Delores..."

Lips sighed as Floyd finished his tie. He followed Floyd down to the orchestra pit where the others were waiting for them. Nigel smiled at Lips. Lips gave a crooked smile as he sat down in the orchestra pit. He sighed as he took his trumpet out and music sheets.

The orchestra rehearsed and rehearsed for about an hour. After doing so, Floyd, Zoot, Animal, and Lips went back to change and headed to the Musicians Lounge to rehearse with Dr.Teeth and Janice. Lips plopped onto the couch to relax for a bit. Dr.Teeth smiled and pulled out a song list. "Alright gang, young Janice and I have found a song for this week's show." Dr.Teeth said, smiling.

"Fer sure." Janice replied, "We decided to perform Rockin' Robin."

"Great idea!" Floyd said.

Lips smiled as he drank his water bottle. Dr.Teeth looked at Lips and grinned. "I also suggested we should add a li'l trumpet solo in it."

Lips choked on his water. He stared at Dr.Teeth and the rest of the guys in aww. A solo?!

"R-really?" Lips asked surprisingly. Dr.Teeth nodded. Lips smiled. "Th-thank you!!!"

Dr.Teeth gave him a hug. "You desurve it, man."

Lips smiled. His first solo!
More to come!