The Life of Lips (biography fanfic)


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Apr 24, 2012
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Hey guys! I decided to write a bio fanfic for Lips! Plz enjoy!

A beautiful summer morning in Austin, Texas. As jazz was born to this world, a star was born. Not Dizzy Gillespie. But a Muppet star.

Our story begins in some field somewhere in Austin. There was a house that was very well-made. All pale white that's two stories high. Beautiful view of the field. There was the sound of whimpering twins. Inside, in the master bedroom. There was a man, who was holding one item while the woman held the other.
The man, Mark Armstrong, had medium black hair, brown skin and purple eyes. His nose was round and hot pink. He was wearing a white dashiki and brown leather pants. His red sandals were on his feet at all times.
His wife, Kayla Armstrong, was in bed. She was in her night gown, blending in with her African-American skin. Her hair was a long, curly afro, her short bangs were covering her blue, squinted eyes. Kayla had just given birth to twins. A boy and a girl. They both had Kayla's hair, eyes and smile. They also have Mark's nose and skin color. Kayla was holding the boy and Mark was holding the girl.

The twins were both fast asleep in both Mark and Kayla's arms.

"Oh Mark," Kayla whispered happily, "Aren't they just adorable?"

"Very." Mark replied, cradling his first daughter.

Kayla looked at her daughter from where she's sitting. "She looks like a Lisa to me."

"Then Lisa is her name." Mark replied, cradeling Lisa. He looked at his son and smiled. "My own son." he said, "He looks like a Lionel to me."

"I was thinking the same exact thing." Kayla said, nodding her head, "Hi little Lionel." She started petting his hair so gently, Lionel started to wake up, fall back asleep, and smile in his sleep. "Aww..." Kayla whispered. The couple heard little whimpers coming from Mark's arms. It was Lisa. She was hungry.

"Here, take Lionel," Kayla said, "I'll feed her."

Mark did so and cradling Lionel for the first time. "Hey li'l buddy," he whispered, "You're gonna help me in my store one day..." Lionel smiled in his sleep, hearing his father's voice for the first time.

"Honey?" It was Lisa.

"Yes dear?" Mark answered. "You can come back in now. Lisa's asleep again." Mark walks back in the married couple's bedroom. Lisa was sound asleep in Kayla's arms. "Is Lionel asleep?" she asked. Mark nodded. He took Lisa out of Kayla's arms and takes the twins. He puts the twins in their cradle. Kayla gets out of bed and waddles to where the twins were sleeping. Kayla and Mark can see Lionel and Lisa, cuddled close to each other, holding their little hands while they were sleeping.

"Aww...they're so adorable when they sleep together." Kayla complimented.

Mark nodded in agreement. He helped his wife back to bed and left the room.

Meanwhile, back in the cradle, Lionel slowly woke up. He saw his sister, sleeping soundly. Lionel smiled and fell back asleep.

About a few years later, Lionel and Lisa were now 5 years old. They will be starting preschool soon. Lisa was very excited. Lionel, however, not so much.

Kayla, Mark, Lisa and Lionel were at the store getting school supplies. Lionel looked like he wasn't interested. Kayla started to take notice. She knelt down and cupped his cheek.

"Lionel?" Kayla asked sweetly, "What's wrong? Aren't you excited?" Lionel shook his head sadly. "Why not?" she asked. Lionel starred to the floor. "Are you worried about those mean
boys who tease you?" she asked, taking a good shot of the question. Lionel nodded slowly.

"Don't forget, shy, mommy!" Lisa added. Lionel gave his sister an annoyed glare, sighed, then nodded in normal speed. A tear fell down his cheek and Kayla wiped it away. "Lionel, honey, it's gonna be okay." Kayla said, "You're gonna be just fine. I promise." Lionel jumped into his mother's arms and cried a little bit. Kayla rubbed his back in a circular, relaxing motion. She started humming his favorite song, he started to calm down.

Kayla carried him through the entire shopping trip and on the way home, Lionel sat next to Lisa in the back of the car. Lisa took his hand and squeezed it. Lionel look and saw a smile on Lisa's face. "No way some boys are gonna mess with my brother." she said, smiling. Lionel smiled and let his sister hold his hand on the way home.

OKAY! New chapter coming soon! Stay tune, loony tunes! I just came up with that phrase just now actually. :3


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Apr 24, 2012
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Here's Chapter 2!!!

It was a sunny Monday morning in Texas. Lionel and Lisa were getting ready for school, their first preschool day. Lisa was getting dressed in her white t-shirt and brown dress, with black shiny shoes. Lionel was in his white shirt, yellow sweater vest and brown boots. He was worried about what will happen at school that day.
Lisa took notice. She walked to him and smiled. "It's gonna be okay, Lionel." she said calmly. Lionel showed a small smile, hiding away his fear and shyness.

"Kids! C'mon! The bus is gonna be here any minute!" yelled Kayla from downstairs. "Coming, mom!" Lisa replied back. Her and Lionel both grabbed their backpacks and ran downstairs. They quickly ate their breakfast and ran outside for the bus. Kayla and Mark ran with them. They waited patiently for about 5 minutes and then a yellow bus approached. Kayla stopped Lisa. "Keep an eye on Lionel." she said. Lisa nodded and held Lionel's hand. The two walked inside. Lisa spotted two of her child play mates, Jenny and Abwai.

"Lisa! Sit by us!" Abwai exclaimed. Lisa nodded and did so. Lionel walked to the very back and sat there. His eyes widened when he saw the boys that were teasing him. Hector, Sammy, Blaine, and Wilson. Lionel hid his face behind his backpack the entire time. Unfortuneatly, Lionel was spotted by Sammy.

"Well look whose in the back." He said, forcibly removing the backpack out of the way and on the ground. Lionel's face was discovered.
"Well, well, well, if it ain't, Lionel Armstrong." Hector said, sarcastically, "Or should I say, quiet lad!"

Lionel's hot tears streamed down his face. He was wondering, why isn't the bus driver noticing this?

Lionel couldn't help but cry. He was really shy, when it comes to being around a bunch of people. He was surrounded by the boys. He was always silent. But this time, he had no choice but to finally, for the first time, yell for help.

"LISA!!!!" he screamed. Hector slapped him, causing to fall off his seat.

Lisa turned around, hearing his brother cry out her name. She leaped out of her seat and pushed through the boys. She saw Lionel, laying on his side, crying in fear. She could see a slap mark on the one side of his cheek. Lisa ran up to the bus driver and explained what happened. The bus driver slammed her brakes and stopped the bus. He walked behind the bus and shoved the boys out of their way and had a loud, quick talk. As he was doing so, Lisa ran to Lionel, who was crying in fear. She helped him up onto his feet and grabbed his backpack.

"C'mon Lionel. I saw an empty seat close to mine." she said calmly. Lionel's whimpers started to calm down. Lisa sets him in the empty seat right across from where she was sitting. They both sat back down. The bus driver walked back up to the bus and he started the bus and drove off to the next stops.

The bus stopped at the school. As Lisa and Lionel got off, the bus driver stopped them. "Girly, you might wanna get him to the nurse before class starts." he said. Lisa nodded and escorts Lionel out of the bus. They stopped at the nurse and she kindly gave Lionel an ice pack. They walked to their class. They sat down and tried to forget what happened that day.

Lunch came by. Lionel watched as Lisa sat with Jenny and Abwai. She was lucky. She's made friends already, or at least, she's had friends. Lionel found a table with no one in it. He sat there. The one good thing that Lionel, is that those boys won't bother him, at least, not all day.

On the way home, Lionel sat close by his sister again. This time, with her and Abwai. Jenny had a car ride home. Lionel couldn't stop thinking about what happened that morning. He had to keep the ice pack and the nurse informed his parents what Lisa informed. Lionel held his sister's hand the entire time.

When Lisa and Lionel got dropped off, Kayla and Mark were waiting for him. Lionel ran to his mother, starting to cry again. Kayla knelt down and stared at his mark. "Oh Lionel..." Kayla said sadly, hugging her son in comfort.
Lisa looked down in guilt. Lionel turned to her and hugged her tight. "Thanks for being here with me, sis." he whispered. Mark and Kayla smiled. Lisa hugged back.

"No problem, Lionel." she replied and held him tight.

Chapter 3 is up soon!


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Here's Chapter 3!

Fast forward a few years later, Lionel and Lisa were already seniors in Muppet High School. Them and their family had moved to Los Angeles. Mark's job had to move to Los Angeles because it was so popular. Lisa had already made new friends that already knew her taste. Lionel hasn't made any friends yet. He had a job working in his father's music store.
One day, Lionel was walking down the street on his way to his father's store. He saw a man, blowing away on his trumpet. Many people enjoyed it. Lionel listened to the music and it seemed to interest him. He walked over to where he performed. As he finished the performance, the 18 year old, Lionel, watched the man put away his trumpet.
Lionel took out a five dollar bill and held it to the man. The man turned around, he looked familiar to Lionel! He was none other than, Dizzy Gillespie.

Dizzy took the dollar. "Why thank you, my boy!" he said, "You must've enjoyed that performance, eh?"

Lionel was shocked to see his idol. He always wanted to perform trumpet, though his father wouldn't due to his low budget. Lionel just nodded happily.

Dizzy smiled. "You know, I remember seeing your face in Mark's Music Store! Are you Mark's boy? Lionel, is it?" he asked. Lionel nodded surprisingly. His shyness was somehow not in his system as of now.

"H-how did you know?" Lionel asked curiously. "Well your dad told me about you! How interested you are in trumpets as well as mine! He said something about low budget?"

Lionel nodded. Dizzy motions him to sit down next to him. "Now listen, boy," Dizzy said, "I want you to come by my apartment tomorrow at your lunch hour. Meet me there, okay?" Lionel nodded excitingly. Dizzy took out a marker and took Lionel's arm. He started to write his address and phone number on his arm. Lionel giggled to himself because it tickled. He held his laughter quietly. Lionel gazed at his arm. It had Dizzy's address and phone number on it.

"Come on down tomorrow, okay?" he asked.

Lionel nodded and they exchanged their goodbyes. Lionel ran in the direction to his father's store. He reached to the store and ran in and did his work.

Later that day, Lionel was working on his homework for school, he couldn't stop thinking about seeing Dizzy Gillespie. His thoughts were disturbed by another customer. Or more! There was a group, they looked familiar to Lionel.

They looked like about his age and looked like they went to school with him. One boy had bright orange hair, green skin, orange nose, blue eyelided shades, wearing a red sweater, blue jeans and black boots, and had a big smile. Another boy had long red-orange hair in a pony tail, purple-pink skin, pink eyes with light purple eyelids, long orange nose, and wearing a red sweat shirt, grey jeans, brown boots, and his hair was in a pony tail, plus he had a shadow where he'll soon have a mustache. Another boy had crazy red hair, a mean look in the eye, a spiked leash, and was wearng a yellow jacket, red shirt underneath, brown jeans, and possibly not wearing any shoes. Another boy had blue skin, short blue curly hair, shades over his eyes, and was wearing a green jacket, a red turtleneck underneath, brown leather jeans, and brown boots. A girl had long, blonde hair that reached her shoulders, tanish-bronze skin, big, red lips, hot pink eyeshadow, closed eyes, she had on a pink tank top with a white long sleeve underneath, a blue gray mini skirt with bright pink leggings, and white boots that reached her knees. She looked cute to Lionel, but really not his type.

The five walk to where his father was standing. One gave Mark tons of their money so they could buy instruments. Mark instructed them to look around to find what they like. Lionel watched them. He had just finished his homework and decided watch them. The boy with the long redish orange hair looked at him suspiciously. Lionel looked down. His shyness had returned.

It took the five kids about five minutes on the instruments they want to buy. The green boy bought a black yahmaha keyboard, the pinkish-purple boy bought a red fender bass guitar, the red boy bought his own pair of drumsticks and drums, the blue bought a saxophone, and the girl bought a white electric guitar. But, before they left, they saw Lionel and walked to him.
Lionel can feel himself be ready to faint. His shyness took him to a higher level. Mark took notice and ran to him. "I see you've met my son, Lionel, here." he said, rubbing Lionel's shoulder in comfort. It seemed to calm Lionel a little.

"Lionel?" the green boy asked, "As in, Lionel Armstrong?"

Mark nodded, Lionel did the same. "Heey! You're that new kid!" the pinkish boy said. Lionel was surprised they knew who he was. Mark smiled, "Son," he said, "Why don't you help them get their stuff in their vehicle outside."
Lionel nodded and gently picked up the keyboard and bass guitar case outside.

Back inside, while Lionel was busy with the instruments, the 5 kids were talking to Mark about Lionel. "He seems to be a shy dude, if you ask me" said the blue boy. "Oh that's how he is. Always shy." Mark replied, "Say, can you guys try and hang out with him? Ever since me and my family moved here, he's got no one to hang out with."

The green boy nodded. "Sure, man, sure!" he said, "We'll see what we can do."

The kids and Mark saw Lionel walk in and try to lift last of the drum set. He was struggling. The pinkish purple boy ran to his aid. "Here, lemme help you there." he said as he helped him lift the drum set. Them and the rest of the guys went outside to put the last of the instruments in the back of a van.

"I must thank you, my friend." the green boy said, shaking Lionel's hand.

Lionel nodded his head. The kids surrounded him. "Say, we didn't introduce ourselves, did we?" he continued. Lionel shook his head. The green boy stood in front of him. "My name is John. John Teeth. But you may call me Dr.Teeth." he said.

The pinkish-purple boy walks next to Teeth. "I'm Floyd. Floyd Pepper." he said, then pointing to the blue boy, "That there, is Zephyre. But we call him Zoot cause it sounds better. Ain't that right, man?" Zoot nodded and brought the girl closer to him.

"This here is Janice," he said, "My main squeeze if you know what Floyd means.." Zoot leaned over and kissed Janice's head. Janice smiled, "Fer sure, rully. Nice to meet you!" she said, shaking his hand.

Lionel suddenly got pounced on the ground. The red kid was trying to hurt him.

"Animal! Sit!" Floyd said, yanking his leash, causing the creature to get off of Lionel. "Eh, sorry 'bout him." Floyd said, petting his head, "He won't hurt ya. This is Animal. Go on and pet him. He won't hurt you."

Lionel nervously walks to Animal and pets his head. Animal started rubbing his head on Lionel's leg. Lionel smiled and chuckled. "Say like, why don't you come sit by us Monday at lunch?" Janice offered. That made Lionel smile. "Yeah, alright. I'd like that." Lionel finally said.

The kids left, Lionel waved and a smile appeared on his face. Mark took notice. "So, how did it go?" he asked. "I think I'm just gonna wait till I spread the news to you and the folks at home, dad." Lionel said.

"That's alright, my boy!" Mark replied, patting his son's back, "Now I gotta help this last customer and then we'll be heading home soon, okay?"

Lionel nodded and went to pack his stuff. He couldn't wait to tell his father, mother, and Lisa the news!



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Chapter 4 is here! And please comment good comments, please? No pressure.

The next day, Lionel was at his lunch and went to the address written on his arm. Dizzy's apartment. He was nervous yesterday about meeting his idol for the first time, but now he's ready, hopefully. He approached to his apartment door. Knocks it.

"Come in! It's unlocked!" a voice replied. It was Dizzy. Lionel opened the door and found the famous trumpeter, on his sofa, playing his own trumpet. Lionel saw another trumpet case right by Dizzy.
Dizzy looked up and saw Lionel and he grinned.

"Ahh, Lionel Armstrong! Glad you came, boy!" he said, "Come in! Come in! Grab a seat while I grab you a drink!" Lionel did so and took a seat in front of him, on the recliner. Dizzy grabs a Coca-Cola and hands it to him. Lionel nodded in thanks. Dizzy sat in front of him, back on the sofa.

"Glad you came, boy." Dizzy said, "Consider me as a friend, and your music mentor!" "Music mentor?" Lionel asked.

"Yes!" he replied, "Yes, my boy! I am going to teach you to play trumpet!" Lionel's grin grew wide. "R-Really? Are you really?" Lionel asked. Dizzy nodded.

"Why would I not?" he said, "You look like you deserve it! In fact, I want you to have this." He hands Lionel the extra trumpet case. Lionel slowly opened it and Lionel was speechless at what he saw.

His very own trumpet.

Lionel starred at the trumpet and smiled. "I-I don't know how to thank you! Thi-this is the best gift ever!" Lionel said, cheerfully. Dizzy pats his back. "You deserve it, boy." he simply said, "Now let the lessons begin!"

The two had a long lesson or two. Lionel had done a very great job. "Very good, boy!" Dizzy said, "Say, not to be mean, but you look more like a Lips to me!"

Lionel gave a curious look to Mr. Dizzy Gillespie. "Lips?" Lionel repeated.

"Yeah, boy," Dizzy agreed, "If you were able to change your name, Lips is the one! I can picture your name! Lips Armstrong! If you do change it, Lips, can be reflected on what a champion trumpeter you are!"

Lionel thought and thought about it. Maybe he will, maybe he won't. But it did sound like a great idea. Lionel checked his watch and gasped. "Oh man! I better get back to the store!" He said as he grabbed his trumpet case, with his new trumpet in it and was about to run out the door. Dizzy stopped him. He handed Lionel another coke. "You take care, Lionel." Dizzy said, "Your new nickname is Lips, 'kay?"

Lionel smiled and nodded. "We'll keep in touch, bro!" Dizzy said as Lionel left the apartment.

At the store, Lionel walked in quickly with a smile on his face. Mark took notice. "There you are, Lionel!" he said, smiling, "Where were you? I was worried about you."

Lionel kept smiling. "Sorry dad, I was at Gillespie's place." "Were you now?" Mark replied, "That explains the trumpet, huh? Where did you get that?"

"Dizzy Gillespie gave it to me. And gave me lessons! I play like a pro!"

"That's great! I'm sure Mom, Lisa, and I would love to hear you play after dinner tonight."

"That'll do!"

Later that night, after dinner. Lisa was grabbing Lionel's arm. "C'mon, bro!" she said, "Play your trumpet for us! Pleeaaasseee?" She even gave Lionel the puppy dog eyes and quivered. "Okay, as long as you don't gimme that face." Lionel said, rolling his eyes and smiling.

Mark, Kayla, and Lisa sat on the sofa and watched Lionel play his trumpet. He blew and he blew hard and hard. As he finished his solo, Lionel took a sip of water as his folks applauded. "That was wonderful, Lionel." Kayla said, "You played like a pro."

"Very great, son!" Mark said.

"You should join jazz band at school!" Lisa exclaimed. "Sorry sis, can't." Lionel replied, "Shyness and you know about my stage fright."

"You performed fine around us." Mark said.

"That's because my eyes were shut." Lionel said.

"At least join band." Lisa said. Lionel rolled his eyes. "I'll think about it."

Kayla walks to him and hugs him. She leans over and kisses his cheek. "moom...." Lionel groaned, "it's embarrassing." Kayla smiled and watched Lisa ruffle his hair, Lionel hated it, but giggled. Lionel couldn't wait to tell his acquaintances at school tomorrow!

Chapter 5 soon!


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Here's Chapter 5!

That next day, in High School, it was lunch time and Lionel was trying to find a place to sit. It was a big cafeteria. It was going to be really hard to find someone to sit with. Then, Lionel remembered Janice telling him that he can sit with her and the guys.

"Lionel! Over here, man!" Floyd yelled from the table a couple tables down. Lionel quickly turned to find John Teeth, Floyd, Janice, Animal, and Zoot, sitting at a table. Lionel smiled and walked to where the guys sat.

"Good to see you, man" Floyd said, patting Lionel's back.

Lionel took a seat between Zoot and Floyd. "So, you guys packed too?" Lionel asked.

"Yeah, here's a tip." Zoot said, "Don't buy what the Chef in the kitchen makes"

"That bad, huh?" Lionel asked, taking a bite of his sandwich.

The group nodded. "Very." John said.

"So Lionel," Janice asked, leaning on Zoot's chest, "Any girl you like, got your eyes on? Fer sure?"

"Uh, well, other than my sister and the fact I just met you, Janice," Lionel said, "No. I just moved here during the 1st semester and now it's already the 2nd semester."

"Oh right, rully" Janice said, understanding.

"From what we heard from your papa bear," John said, "That you have received trumpet lessons from Mr. Gillespie?"

"Yeah. It's cool. He said about that I should change my name to Lips because of how good I play it." Lionel explained.

"Lips, huh?" Zoot said, "That doesn't sound like a bad idea for a name."

Lionel just smiled. He thought about it and thinks that Dizzy and his friends are right. He should change his name to Lips.

Just then, the principal took the megaphone and had an announcement.

"Hello, students!" he said. Everyone covered their ears due to the megaphone being so loud it squeaked.

"I have an announcement for all seniors," he continued, "Are you seniors interested into saving our country? Sign up for the army today! That is all for now!"

"Anyone signing up?" John asked. Everyone, including himself and Lionel, shook their heads. "Just because I wear an army hat," Floyd said, "Doesn't mean I wanna sign up for the army."

Lionel looked behind him and his eyes widened what he saw. It was Lisa. She was signing up for the army! Lionel excused himself from the table and ran to her. He grabbed Lisa by the arm and hugged her close. "Y-you can't..." Lionel whispered quietly so no one knows that he's crying.

Lisa strokes his head softly. "Lionel, it's been my life long dream to be in the army. You know that."

Lionel refused to let go. Lisa looked at his friends and waved for one of them to come to them so one of them can make sure she signs up. Floyd handed Animal's leash to John and walked over to where Lionel and Lisa stood. Floyd helps Lionel back up from the floor and leads him to the bathroom.
Poor Lionel didn't want to cry around Floyd. He just met him and he didn't want Floyd to see him like this. Surprisingly, Floyd opens his arms and Lionel took in the offer. He ran into Floyd's arms and whimpered.

"This can't happen..she-she can't leave!" Lionel cried.

Floyd rubbed his back in comfort. "Take it easy, man. Take it easy." he said, "I ain't being mean. But if this is what your sister wants, she's going to do it."

Lionel wept to the point that he felt dizzy. He fell in Floyd's arms and blacked out.

A few hours later, Lionel woke up to find himself in his room, where Kayla sat right by him in his bed. "Hey sleepyhead." Kayla whispered, petting Lionel's hair.

Lionel's eyes opened again, checking he was dreaming. He wasn't. "Wh-what happened?" Lionel asked.

"Your friend, Floyd, told me you passed out in the men's room so he called the nurse. Your father and I got to the school in a hurry so we can bring you home." Kayla explained.

"D-did Lisa tell-" Lionel asked. A 'yes' came out of Kayla's mouth before Lionel can finish his question. Kayla rubbed Lionel's hand and kissed his cheek. "It's gonna be okay, sweetheart." she said, "Lisa was very firm about this. She said she was going to tell everyone at dinner, but ever since you came home, she had to tell me and your father before we left."

Lionel sat up and hugged his mother. "Sh-she can't leave me, mom..." he said, "She promised to be right by me."

"I know...I know..." Kayla cooed, "But this is Lisa's choice."

Lionel was shocked about the news. Lisa is going to leave for the army. "oh and one more thing," Kayla said, "After school, your friends came home right away to see you."

Kayla got up and left the room. John, Floyd, Janice, Zoot, and Animal walked in. "Heey, buddy." Floyd said, sitting by him, petting his leg.

"Like, how're you feeling?" Janice asked.

Lionel sighed. "Devastated." he said Floyd and the others frowned. "Don't you worry, buddy." John said.

"Yeah, if you want to talk to us about it," Floyd said, "You give us a holler and we'll be here by you. okay? Consider us as your best buds."

Lionel smiled and nodded. Everyone gave Lips a group hug and it made Lionel cry again.

CHAPTER 6 COMING SOON! I don't know what happened with the that's a li'l unexpecting. But there will soon be more!


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Here's Chapter 6!

After a successful graduation, Lionel overheard that his friends moved off somewhere in California. Today, him and his family were at the airport. The entire students who signed up to the army were saying goodbye to their families before heading off to Iraq. It meant to Lionel that it's Lisa's time to leave.

Lisa had her army uniform on. Her luggage behind her was in hand and hugged Kayla and Mark. "Oh, we'll miss you, Lisa!" Kayla said while crying on Lisa's shoulder.

Mark pats her shoulder as they joined in the hug. He kissed her head while doing so. Lionel just stood there. He felt like crying but held back his tears. As Lisa and her parents embraced, Lisa turned to Lionel and walked up to him.

"So....this is it.." Lisa said quietly. Lionel nodded slowly.

"I want you to have something." Lionel said quietly. He pulled out what looked like a dog tag necklace. It had two dog tags. One said 'Lisa' and the other said 'Lionel'. "At least wear them so you can remember while you're saving lives." Lionel said.

Lisa was starstruck. She smiled and kissed her brother's cheek. "I want you to have something, too, Lionel." She said. She pulled out from her pocket, her old locket.

"Grandma's old locket?" Lionel asked, also starstruck, "I couldn't! Grandma gave it to you!"

"I wore it everyday. It's important you have it so you can remember me by." Lisa said. She takes Lionel's hand and puts the locket there.

"Besides," Lisa continued, "Grandma would've wanted for you to have it."

Lionel kept the locket in his wrist as he slipped it in his pocket. He grabs Lisa and holds her tight. He couldn't hold back tears anymore and started sobbing.

"I wish you didn't have to go." Lionel said.

"I have too. It's my duty." Lisa said, firmly.

Suddenly, the commander calls for Lisa to hurry up. "I gotta go." Lisa said. She hugs her parents one last time and hugs Lionel tight. She kissed his forehead. "I love you guys," Lisa said, before leaving, "I'll never forget you."

Lisa walked off and joined her army group she was assigned to. Lionel just stood where he stood. Him and his parents watched as Lisa disappeared with the rest of the group.
Lionel and his family just stood in front of the airport windows and watched the plane to Iraq, fly away. Lisa was gone. She was following her dreams already. Lionel didn't know when he was going to see her again.

Later that night, Lionel layed in bed and kept thinking in his thoughts. He missed Lisa already. Also, the thought of him changing his name from 'Lionel' to 'Lips'. He keeps thinking that it's a great idea. Lionel sat up. He walks to where his wallet was. He found his birthday money. $50. Enough to change your name at City Hall.
Lionel starred at his money and nodded to himself. Starting tomorrow, he was going to change his name.

The next day, Lionel and Mark were about to head to the shop to open for business. After they got in the car, Lionel finally spoke.

"Hey dad?" Lionel asked. Mark was slowly trying to get over that his daughter was in Iraq.

"Hmm?" Mark replied. "Can we stop somewhere before we head to the shop?" Lionel asked.

"Why, sure, son. Where to?"

"City Hall."

Mark froze before turning the ignition on. "Why there?" Mark asked.

"I made my decision. Remember when I told you what Dizzy suggested?" Lionel asked, "About changing my name to 'Lips'?"

Mark nodded.

"I'm going to do it." Lionel said. "Are you sure?" Mark asked his son, "it'll be forever never chan-"

"I'm doing this for my future," Lionel interrupted, "Besides....Lisa would've wanted me to do it."

Mark wiped his face with his hands and thought a minute. He nodded slowly.

"Okay." Mark said quietly. He turned the ignition on and the two drove off to City Hall.

It took Lionel about ten minutes for him to be in City Hall. Lionel finally came out, smiling. Mark took notice and smiled.

"How did go, Lionel?" Mark asked.

His own son, smiling as he got in the car. "Who's Lionel?" he said, "The name's Lips."

Mark smiled. "I'm proud of you, son." he said, hugging Lips, "You're sister would've been proud."

"You think she would be?"

"Yeah. Now let's head to the shop."

The two drive to the Music shop and opened before people can get a lawyer.

Speeding a little bit.

After a couple years,, Lips, was already in his mid-twenties. His small beard finally grew and his afro was much big and fluffy. He had to stay with his parents because he didn't want to feel lonely and think of his sister.
Lisa and Lips had been writing letters to each other, as well as sending photographs to each other. From what Lips had heard, Lisa was in Afghanistan for a new mission for her army group. Lips was proud, but missed her.

One day, at the shop, Lips was helping out him and his father's customers by putting instruments in their vehicles. It was the mid-hour that day, Lips was on his lunch break. He heard the door swing open, revealing Dizzy Gillespie himself.

"Mark, my man!" he greeted.

"Afternoon, Dizzy!" Mark greeted back, "What brings you by?"

"Came here to buy a new set of reeds for my horn." Dizzy replied.

"Ahh, I'll get those for you." Mark said. He went to the shelves to find some.

Dizzy peered over and saw Lips, finishing up his hamburger.

"Lionel, my boy!" Dizzy said, patting Lips' back, "How're you doin', boy?"

"Actually," Lips said, "It's 'Lips'."

Dizzy laughed happily. "I knew you would do it!"

Mark hands Dizzy his reeds. "What's the special occasion, Gillespie?" Mark asked.

"Oh I'm gonna be at the Muppet Show tonight!" Gillespie replied.

"The Muppet Show?" Lips repeated.

"Yeah, boy! Hey! Their band, The Electric Mayhem, are looking for a trumpeter! You'd fit that part!" Dizzy said.

"Electric Mayhem?" Lips repeated.

The conversation continues next chapter! Chapter 7 up soon!


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Sorry that took's the continuing part!

"Electric Mayhem?" Lips repeated.

"Boy, have you seen the Muppet Show?" Dizzy asked. Lips shook his head.

"We've been so busy with the shop and all we never got the chance to look at the TV." Mark explained.

"You should watch me tonight!" Dizzy said, smiling, "I'm gonna blow my horn! And Lips, my boy, should audition. I should tell the Muppets about you! You seem intersting."

Lips smiled. "Maybe..." he said.

"Better idea!" Dizzy said, handing him a ticket, "Here's a ticket to tonight's show! It starts at 7. Try and get a front row seat!"

Lips looked at the ticket then back at his dad. "Is it okay if I go, dad?" he asked.

Mark scratched his chin and nodded. "Sure." he replied.

That night, at 6:30, Lips arrived first at the theater early. He gave the ticket to an old man sitting in the ticket booth. "Okay, sonny," he said, his name is Pops, "You're in seat number 3!"

Lips nodded and went to his seat. He could see the orchestra getting settled in before the show can start. The sax player, bass player, drummer, and guitar player looked really familiar. He squinted closer and now realized it.

It was Floyd, Zoot, and Animal.

Lips looked at them. He hasn't seen them in forever. Not since High School.

Floyd looked at him.

"Lionel?" he asked, "Lionel, is that you, man?"

Lips stood and nodded. "Ey Zoot, Animal!" Floyd said, "Look! Our ol' pal Lionel is here!"

Lips smiled and walked towards the orchestra pit. "Finally changed my name." Lips said, "It's Lips, now."

"Hey, Dizzy told us about you earlier!" Zoot said, "how's the ol' trumpet?"

Lips shrugged, "been playing the blues. Lisa left for the army." Lips said.

Floyd pats his shoulder, "aww, sorry to hear, man. Why didn't you call us?"

"Because you didn't give me your numbers." Lips replied.

"oh" Floyd said.

"Ey Del! Where you been?" Zoot said.

Lips turned to the person Zoot was talking to. His eyes widenend to see a lavender whatnot. So beautiful with her very short curly blonde hair and black eyes with light blue eye shadow. She had a lavender tuxedo on and her skirt reached her knees. Lips started to blush like crazy and his shyness started to approach him.

Floyd broke his thoughts.

"Lips?" Floyd asked, "You okay?"

Lips smiled and nodded. He headed back to his seat and sat down. He watched the girl. And the show began.



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Sorry this took forever. Here's chapter 7


After the show. Lips stuck around and talked to Floyd, Zoot, and Animal.

"So how you been, pal?" Floyd said, packing up his bass.

Lips shrugged. "Still livin' with my parents. Lisa's still in the army."

Zoot nudged him in the arm. "You're still blowin' that trumpet of yours?" Lips nodded. "Yeah."

"Hey Floyd, Zoot, Animal!" yelled out a gruff voice, "where you at?"

Lips turned his head, seeing Dr.Teeth and Janice.

"Yeah man we're down here!" Floyd replied, "And look who came to visit!"

Janice ran to Lips and hugged him like crazy. "Like, Lips! Oh wow like it's been so long!" She was hugging so tight that he couldn't breathe. Of course, Dr.Teeth's hug was worse. But he was happy to see them.

Dr.Teeth gave Lips a wack in the back. "How're you doin'?"

Lips smiled. "Doin' good."

Delores walked over to the group. Lips saw her and smiled brightly.

"Hey Teeth." she said, "Is it okay if I spend the night again? Parent troubles....again......."

"No problem, Del. You're always welcome." Dr.Teeth replied, patting her shoulder.

Lips noticed a trumpet in her hand. A trumpeter!

Delores turned to Lips and stared at him in 'awe'. Mayhaps, she likes him too.

Floyd noticed. "Oh sorry. Lips, this is Delores. the Muppet Show's and Orchestra's 2nd trumpet player. Delores, this is Lips."

Delores held her hand out to shake it. Instead, Lips takes her hand and kissed it. He was blushing nervously and in embarrassingly. Delores smiled and giggle and it made Lips feel bad. He felt a little queasy but he ignored it.

Janice interupetd. "Like, Del. Can I talk to you in private?"

Delores nodded and waved at Lips. He waved back.

Floyd wrapped an arm around Lips. "Care to spill?"

"She's an angel...." Lips whispered.

"Hey watch it, Jani's with Floyd now." Zoot pointed out.

"Not Janice." Lips said, "Delores....oh why did I kiss her hand?! I just met her!"

Dr.Teeth patted his shoulder. "Lips, my friend, to be honest, I think that's how you tell a girl you really like her. In my opinion-ous ways. Delores willl soon be your angel. Trust me."

Lips sighed.

"Need a ride home?" Floyd asked. Lips nodded. "You're still livin' at that same house, right?" Zoot asked. Lips nodded.

When Lips returned home, Lips had recieved each of the Electric Mayhem's phone numbers. He kept thinking of Delores. Before he left the bus, he wrote a note and placed it on her lap before he can leave the bus.

Delores watched him leave and looked at the note. She opened it and noticed he had written much. He spelled her name wronge unfortunatly, but that didn't matter. She started reading:

Dear Doloros,

It's really nice to meat you. I rully like you. Oh gosh I'm blushing. Anyways, I think your very pretty and kind and sweet. Also, sorry to hear about your famaly. if you wanna talk about it, call me and lemme know.
So anyways, I'ma trumpeteer like you and a fan of Dizzy Gillespiee what about you? Gosh, this is my first love note, also last minut. So....mabe we can hang out...? Would you like me to buy you coffee this Friday? You can tell me if you want....

Love, Lips

Delores' eyes widened and she smiled. She hugged the letter close to her chest. She knew that she had to write him back.

The next morning, Dr.Teeth, Floyd, Janice, Animal, and Zoot all hung out with Lips to catch up on old times. Floyd and Janice were cuddling together on the loveseat. Dr.Teeth sat on the one side of the couch and making sure Animal doesn't crash the place. Zoot relaxed himself on the recliner and felt like falling asleep. Lips just chilled on his bean bag.

"So how was Delores? She okay?" Lips asked.

Janice sighed sadly, "Oh like, she went home this morning. She told me like, last night that she was going to leave her parents house. She rully can't take it there anymore."

Lips sighed sadly. "I better go call her, like, see if she's okay. is it okay if I like,-"

Lips smiled "Go ahead Janice." Janice nodded as a thank you and used the telephone.

Zoot pulled something out of his pocket and handed it to Lips. "What's this?"

"Beats me. Del asked me to give it to you."

Lips quickly opened the envelope and saw a letter. He opened it and saw how pretty Delores' cursive writting was. He started reading it.

Dear Lips,

It's very nice to meet you too! I'll tell you're my first love letter too. I really like you too. I would love to go have coffee with you on Friday! I could really use some company....I hate my mom and's your parents? Are they mean to you too? Anyways, I can't wait to see you Friday. Here's my can call me if you want.

Love, Delores

p.s. you might want to work on your spelling...

Lips chuckled silently, but he blushed nervously because of his spelling. Now he felt like an idiot for not only his spelling but kissing her hand. But on the other hand, he's getting coffee on Friday!



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Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Here's chapter 8.

On the Friday of the coffee date, Lips was waiting for Delores to come. He was very excited to finally see her and finally being alone with her, well, other than being surrounded by other customers. Lips was relaxing on his chair and kept looking around for Delores.
That moment when Lips saw her, sparks flew around him. He had never seen a beautiful girl before in his life. Everything of Delores made him have butterflies in his stomach just seeing her beautiful eyes and smile. He loved everything of her. Her lavender skin, short, curly, blonde hair, beautiful smile, lovely eyes, loving personality, but hearing about her and her family, Lips felt bad.

"Lips!" called a cheery voice. Lips turned around and saw his crush walking towards him. Lips smiles. Delores was wearing a white floral short sleeved shirt, orange floral skirt and black heels.

As Delores approached Lips, the two shared a hug. "Hey Delores!" Lips greeted, "How's things?"

Delores sighed, "oh same ol' same ol'. What about you?"

"Fine, just fine." Lips replied and went to her seat, "Here, let me." As a gentlemen, Lips removed Delores' jacket and pushed her chair back for her to sit down. "Oh well thank you..." Delores said, smiling. Lips sat down and ordered the coffee.

As they waited and recieved their beverages, the two started to talk.

"'s your folks?" Lips started out. Delores went blank and just stared at her coffee. Lips started to pet her hand. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to ask...I'm sorry."

"Oh no, no you're fine..." Delores said, feeling Lips' gesture, "It's family's just..well, not good."

Lips started to move closer. "Hey, you don't have to talk about it." he said, rubbing her back. "No I think I feel comfortable." Delores replied, "anyway, they're against me of being a musician....they never loved my lifestyle. They never loved anything about me...." Lips' heart started to sink and started to rub her back in comfort. He can see Delores' eyes starting to water. Lips quickly grabbed a tissue and wiped her eyes for her.

"oh thanks..." Delores whimpered, wiping her own eyes with her wrist, "I'm sorry, Lips. You shouldn't see me like this..."

"No no no's okay," Lips said in a gentle tone that his mom would use, "I'm right here, it's okay...." He brought Delores close for a hug and hugged her tight. Feeling this gesture, Delores hugged him tight and started whimpering on Lips' shoulder. Lips stroked her back and him and Delores embraced. Lips wiped her eyes with his thumb.

"What are your folks like?" Delores asked.

Lips sighed and smiled. "They're the best parents a son could ask for....I guess. Heh, they took care of me well...heck, I still live with them."

Delores giggled through tears. "You're so lucky."

"I know." Lips replied, "And hey, if you want to, I can let you come over today over to my place and introduce you to my parents. Maybe I can talk into them into you moving in with us!"

"R-really? Y-you'd do that for me?" Delores asked happily.

Lips nodded.

Delores started to hug him like crazy. "Oh thank you! You're the best!" she exclaimed happily.

Lips hugged her back and stroked through her hair. "D'awww you're welcome."

Lips and Delores finished their coffee and they held hands on the way to Lips' house.

Mark and Kayla are sitting at home. Mark was reading the paper and Kayla was knitting a scarf to send to Lisa to Afghanistan.
The door unlocked and Lips entered in with Delores in his arms.

"Son!" Mark said, "I forgot you were out today!"

Lips smiled. "It's fine dad. I left you guys the note on the counter."

"Oh we know." Kayla replied putting her knitting to the side and hugging Lips, she noticed Delores.

"Whose this,honey?" Kayla asked.

"Oh right!" Lips said, taking Delores' jacket off again, "This is Delores. She's a friend of John and the other guys. She's a trumpet player, just like me!"

"Oh!" Kayla said, smiling, "Well nice to meet you, honey!" She took Delores' hand and shook it. Mark sat up and did the same thing. Delores blushed and started to hold Lips' hand.

"Delores, honey why don't you stay for dinner?" Mark asked.

"Oh if...I'll have to ask..." Delores replied. "Delores it's fine. I'm sure your parents won't mind." Lips butted in, rubbing her shoulders. Delores smiled and looked back at Mark and Kayla. "Sure." Delores replied.



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I bet you guys are wondering, "Wow LXZ you haven't posted since January!". And you're right! Sorry, school and stuff.

Here's Chapter 9!

It was a lovely dinner Mark and Kayla ate. As Kayla and Delores sat in the living room to chat on lady/girl stuff, Lips and Mark were in the kitchen, washing the dishes and putting away food that was left over. Lips knew now was the time to ask if Delores can move in with him and his parents.

"I'll give you some advice, son," Mark said, wiping off a plate, "Once you have a wife, you'll probably be the one mostly doing the dishes."

"But mom did most of it sometimes." Lips replied, putting a stack of plates back in the cabinet.

"Yes I know, but her and Lisa insisted on them doing most of the work themselves and telling us to relax bec-"

"Because we work in the shop all day."

"Yes. But now that Lisa's not here, we're going to have to be the ones with the dishes until she comes home."

Lips sighed. He peered to the living room, seeing Delores slowly get used to his mother. Lips smiled, knowing how Delores had a hard time with her family, she's getting more comfortable with his folks.

"Something wrong, son?" Mark asked, finishing the last of the dishes.

Lips snapped out of his thoughts and turned to face his father. "Dad, can we talk about something?" he asked.

"oh sure! Grab a seat!" Mark replied, taking a seat at the table himself. Lips sat himself down and twiddled his thumbs.

"Is there something bothering you?" he asked. Lips shook his head.

"No. See-uh, it's about Delores. I-uh, was kind of hoping..well..."

"You're proposing to her in marriage already? Son, you just met her!" Mark said.

Lips shook his head in shock. "No! Dad, I know I just met her, but she's going through a lot and I wanna help her."

"What do you mean?" Mark asked, understanding Lips' request so far.

"I wanted to ask you and mom if Delores can move in with us..." Lips replied.

Mark's eyes widened and starred at his son, confused and pitiful. "Why ask a question like that?" he asked.

Lips was nervous he was going to hear a no, but Lips sighed and continued. "Well, Delores said that everyone in her family doesn't love her anymore. They're against her for becoming a musician. From what I heard from Janice, Delores said that she can't stand to be with her family anymore. I'm willing for her to come stay with us so she'll be safe from harms way. I don't want her to get hurt. I don't want her to suffer anymore, dad."

Mark looked at his son in awe. From what he heard touched him. Mark reached over and took Lips' hand and petted it with his thumb. "Son, that is so thoughtful of you to do such an offer. I never knew that Delores had such a hard time. With Lisa gone, I-I don't know..."

"Please, dad..." Lips said, "I don't want my true love to suffer anymore."

Mark sighed and smiled. "Let me talk with your mother and we'll see what we can do."

Lips smiled and hugged his dad. "Thanks dad." he said, "I'm sure Lisa will be proud." Mark smiled, "I'm sure she will. Now why don't you take Delores upstairs and you can hang out with her upstairs. We'll come up after."

Lips nodded and went in the living room. He took Delores upstairs while Mark and Kayla discussed about Delores' new home.


Lips and Delores were upstairs looking at a photo album that Lips and Lisa made. A knock came on the door.

"it's open!" Lips called out. Him and Delores finished the book and Lips closed it when Mark and Kayla entered the room. Delores held Lips' hand as they were going to expect the results.

Lips held her hand as well. "Well?" he asked in worry.

Mark and Kayla looked at each other and smiled, then they looked back at Lips. "Delores, we decided that it's best for you to move in with us." Kayla said.

Delores smiled and was in tears. "Oh my gosh I don't know how to thank you!" she said, hugging Kayla and Mark. Lips smiled and patted Delores' back in comfort. "I promise I'll pay you two back in rent!" Delores said, embracing the couple to hug Lips.

"No need." Mark said, "It's on the house."

Delores smiled and hugged Lips. Lips hugged her back, knowing he was going to be more close to Delores from now on.

A few days later, Delores' parents were more than happy to have their daughter out of their house for good. Delores didn't mind, she was happy that her dream finally came true, to have a kind, friendlier, and sweet family who cared about her.
When Delores was adding her stuff in Lips' parents' house, the Electric Mayhem gratefully helped out in the big move. From what Mark told Lips, Delores will be sleeping in his room in a spare bedroom that's close to his and Lisa's bedroom. The only reason for that is because Mark and Kayla want Lisa's remaining stuff to up when Lisa returns from the army, which Lips gratefully agreed.

As the Electric Mayhem left and when Mark and Kayla went to bed that night, Lips and Delores were talking in Delores' new room.

"Well how do you like it?" Lips asked,

Delores sat on her bed and looked around, then turned back to Lips. "I love it. It's much better than my old room." Delores replied. She walked up to Lips and hugged him tight. "It's all thanks to you." Delores said, hugging him and petting his back.
"Hey, well my parents helped too, ya know." Lips said. Delores giggled, "I know."

"Well I better let you rest." Lips said, leading her to bed, "I gotta bring you to the Muppet Theater for practice tomorrow morning on my way to the shop."

"Ugh you never met Nigel. He's too bossy around us orchestra players." Delores said, getting into bed. Lips slightly chuckled. "Oh really? That bad?" Lips asked, tucking her in.
Delores nodded.

Lips chuckled, "Well don't worry I'll pick you up after practice tomorrow and you don't have to worry about a thing." Delores smiled. "Gnight Del." Lips said. But just when Lips was about to leave, he felt Delores grab his wrist. "Cmere a sec." Delores said.
Lips smiled and sat at the edge of the bed and leaned close. Suddenly, Delores quickly sat up and kissed Lips' cheek. Lips sat up and turned red. "That's a thank you for everything." Delores said. Lips smiled, still red. "Gnight Del." he said, smiling.

Delores smiled and her eyes closed. "Gnight Lips."

Lips left the room and back into his room, he hopped in bed and smiled as his face went back to his normal, yellow color. He smiled and fell asleep, knowing he's going to dream more about Delores than you think.

More soon!