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The ABBA Fanclub

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JoeyMuppet, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. JoeyMuppet

    JoeyMuppet Well-Known Member

    The U.S. ABBA-Fanclub Celebrates 1 yr. on the web

    Well on September 15th, the 1st U.S Abba-Fanclub( http://abba-fanclub.blogspot.com/ ) will celebrate its 1st aniversary. To start the new year of this beloved Abba site, I'm going to start off by posting a couple new reviews. They are going to be about "ABBA-Gold" and "ABBA-The Movie". Also other than those couple new reviews, I'm going to post more Abba video clips and updates on my Abba musical idea. I have something planned for the aniversary, so I won't post on there until the 15th. Please tell me what you guys or gals think of these new plans, Thanks.
  2. Ilikemuppets

    Ilikemuppets Well-Known Member

    That's cool!
  3. JoeyMuppet

    JoeyMuppet Well-Known Member

    ABBA FANCLUB has found a New Home!

    This evening I moved my ABBA FANCLUB page to a new and improved blog website.. www.wordpress.com . And Yes, this is and was the blog website that "The Muppet Cast" is on. On the first post; I decided to tell what's been going on with the group "ABBA" during the past 2 yrs. since the orginal "Dancing Queen-ABBA Blog" ended.. during September of 07. I also told what the latest ABBA events are. Coming soon on the blog.. I'm going to have about New ABBA News, Cd’s, DVD’s, ABBA Related Bio’s, and Classic and New ABBA Video Clips. And I'm also planning to tell what's going with the ABBA Tribute Bands "Bjorn Again" and "Dancing Queen". Please let me know what you guys think of the updated version of the ABBA Blog, and feel free to give me suggestions of ABBA related things you want me to discuss on there. Thank you very much.:)

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