Speculation: Potential Sequel for "The Muppets"


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Apr 16, 2002
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Some of you are just blowing smoke out of your butt for no reason. You are given the vaguest of vague ideas and all of a sudden, "NOPE!! I DON'T LIKE THAT!!!" Really? Get a grip. You don't even have an official synopsis from Disney. Stop acting like you are the only person who knows what this franchise should do when you have no idea. Disney had a great critical, fan, award winning, and audience success with the last film using most of the same team. Stop showboating and trying to look like the biggest (and most pretentious fan) and remember that.
Agreed fully. As long as they don't get Rob Schneider back for this film, I see nothing even questionable, let alone objectionable.

This film will be at least on the same level as the last one, and the general consensus is that it was the best of the modern era films. That's all I need to go on, and I'm nothing but excited for seeing a second film. After all, when we heard about the first, the first thing we thought about was another.