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She'll Make Me Happy


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Mar 18, 2012
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*Sigh* I had high hopes that a tipsy, lonely Kermit might actually break down and plant a smooth on his lady pig, or at least throw his skinny little arms around her and tell her she's swell. Come ON, Kermit--you had it together in the theater--get it together on the homefront! Any frog who can't score in the middle of the night with his favorite girl beside him on his own couch and in her bathroom obviously needs to brush up on his dating skills.

Hang in there, Piggy--he'll get around to saying or doing something romantic before 2015....

More, please, and not just quantitatively!

Thank you so much for the comment! So glad you're enjoying it Miss Ru!! I'm very proud of this so far. There need to be more Pig & Frog stories!

But I also enjoy keeping you guys on your toes. Just you wait and see... next chapter... well, you'll see! :wink:


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Nov 19, 2007
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What a good chapter. You write Kermit in turmoil so well, but it's so heart-wrenching! He needs to SHOW Piggy how he feels instead of keeping it all inside. I'm sure that Piggy feels just as lonely and miserable as he....would like to see a little bit more of that too. Glad that they are finally going to talk and I'm dying to read what comes next so please post more soon!!!


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Oct 27, 2011
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Kermit! You told her you missed her!

I swear I cried when kermit was saying he was sorry...
Poor kermit.

More please!


Well-Known Member
Mar 18, 2012
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Kermit! You told her you missed her!

I swear I cried when kermit was saying he was sorry...
Poor kermit.

More please!
Oh wow!! My first (admitted) tear jerker!! So glad you're enjoying it and that it's emotional enough for you! ;D


Well-Known Member
Mar 18, 2012
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What a good chapter. You write Kermit in turmoil so well, but it's so heart-wrenching! He needs to SHOW Piggy how he feels instead of keeping it all inside. I'm sure that Piggy feels just as lonely and miserable as he....would like to see a little bit more of that too. Glad that they are finally going to talk and I'm dying to read what comes next so please post more soon!!!
Thank you so much! You're also right, there needs to be more from Piggy's POV, I don't know why it keeps leaning more to Kermit's... But i will keep that I mind. :smile: I think you guys will be really happy and feel better come the next chapter. Trust me, it's gonna be a GOOD one! I have written a lot if it, just need to fill in the holes. Update hopefully on its way soon!


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Mar 18, 2012
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Wow!!! Over 1,600 view?!? I think that deserves another chapter, don’t you?

Happy New Year everyone!!!


And so they talked. For over an hour and a half the pig and frog talked. If they had become tired, neither seemed to acknowledge or notice it. They were too busy enjoying the time they were finally sharing to care. In fact, time no longer seemed to have any purpose as they became completely lost in the late night conversation.

Miss Piggy did most of the talking. She talked passionately about Paris, about how she found jobs in modeling and fashion over the years and eventually worked her way up to being an editor. Kermit didn’t say much, but once in a while offered sounds of acknowledgement, and even brought up a few related experiences he thought were worth mentioning. But even though he didn’t say much, Kermit really was just happy to listen. He was glad to hear that Piggy’s life had been fulfilling and productive. Unlike his.

Watching her chatter on, Kermit couldn’t help but smile throughout the entire conversation. He had missed her so much more than he had expected, and so much more than he had wanted to. Seeing her sit next to him on the couch, enjoying each other’s company... it was just like old times.

Many a time in the past he had found himself in her dressing room or at her condo with the vulnerable lady pig confiding in him with conversations of comfort. He had even found himself confiding in her once in a while, which would often led to more trouble than he ever meant to get himself into. But regardless, those were some of the best conversations he’d had in his life, and these were the moments he had missed the most.


“Oh, yes Piggy?”

“It’s been such a long time. Do you think Moi am still beautiful?”

“Piggy, you look more gorgeous every day that I see you,” Kermit said without hesitation. “You’ve always looked beautiful.”

“Really?” She was obviously touched.

“Well,” Kermit said with a confident smile, “you don’t think I would let just any beautiful pig have her own dressing room, do you?”

Piggy giggled at his flirtatious quip. She knew she did not really need such affirmation from him, but she still enjoyed hearing it, especially since it had been so long since they’d seen each other. Even if he too knew she was just seeking attention, it was all in good, modest fun.

Kermit was glad that their playful banter had eased the tension between them. They had already shared quite a few laughs together that evening, and quite a few glasses of wine, as well. In fact, he worried that it might have been the one problem. He was trying desperately to not notice how magnificent she was. To be in the presence of her cheery personality again was so wonderful. She made him feel more relaxed than any glass of wine ever could. And she really did look incredible. Even though her figure was wrapped in her pink-laced robe, everything about her was absolutely divine. The white, fluffy trim on the opening and cuffs also kept distracting him. Somehow, it made her seem even more delectable than she already was.

He gulped, wishing he could kiss her soft lips and hold her in his arms. He also wouldn’t have minded slipping that robe of her’s off and taking her somewhere quiet...

Calm down, he thought to himself. Don’t let the wine hit you too hard.

He had been the one taking sips from the wine glass for a while, and right now he wished he wasn’t the one holding it. As if she read his mind, Piggy gently took the glass from him and took her own sip. She knew it wasn’t such a bad taste, once she had gotten used to it.

“A frog giving a pig her own dressing room?” she asked teasingly. “I don’t know... seems pretty unusual.”

“Well, I am a very unusual frog, after all,” Kermit said, smiling.

“An unusual frog with unusual ideas? I’m sure I couldn’t imagine a such a thing.”

He chuckled. “Those unusual ideas got us all somewhere, didn’t they?”

“For a while they sure did,” Piggy said before taking another sip of the wine.

Kermit’s smile faded slightly. He knew she didn’t mean it, but the comment still crushed him a little inside. Piggy saw this and immediately tried to recover.

“For the record, I happen to like this unusual frog with unusual ideas,” she said with a genuine smile as she set the glass on the table.

Her smile, unfortunately, only seemed to crush Kermit even more. He looked at her, staring once again at those ocean-blue eyes. She looked like an angel sitting next to him, her blonde hair glowing like a halo. He knew he was not worthy of her angelic presence.

“You’re too good for me, you know,” he replied flatly.

“No I’m not,” she said, still smiling.

“Yes you are, Piggy.”

He was becoming serious, and she was starting to notice.

“And why would you think that?” she asked, her smile fading.

“Because I know I haven’t always been fair to you. I’ve said and done a lot of things that I regret. I’ve made you do things that I know I shouldn’t have.”

Piggy shook her head. “Kermit, you never made me do anything.”

He wasn’t so sure. “Maybe... But I know that we’ve done things that... well, only two people who really love each other should do... and... I’m pretty sure I deceived you more than enough times...”

The subject was starting to make him uncomfortable. Piggy smiled at his shyness, knowing what he meant.

“Well, I loved you,” she said with a light giggle.

Kermit smirked sarcastically. It wasn’t like he didn’t know this, but it was comforting to see that Piggy was trying to make light of the conversation.

“And I know you loved me, too,” she pressed on.

He suddenly became interested. “And why would you think that?”

Miss Piggy paused for a second, thoughtfully, and then she continued.

“Because I knew you cared deeply for me. I mean, yes, we’d argue and you’d deny that we could ever have anything more than a friendship or a professional relationship, but I also knew you found me attractive and enjoyed my company. Once in a while I’d catch you watching me when I performed. You’d get incredibly defensive whenever I tried to flirt with you in public. You always wrote us as a couple in our films. And... I know you weren’t always being honest, but I could hear it in the way you’d sweet talk me in private, and in the way you’d make love to me. Even if you wouldn’t admit it to yourself, I knew that deep down you loved me...”

Kermit listened to her list the reasons and nodded. He could really beat himself up right now for not always being honest with her. He knew one of his worst faults was not being able to say how he really felt about these sort of things.

“And it was very easy to make you jealous,” Piggy finished with a smile.

Kermit lifted his head at this. “Jealous?! W-When do you mean jealous?! If anyone was jealous, it was you, Piggy! Do you know how many times I had to pry you off of the male guest stars because you were the one trying to make me-”

Piggy watched him react, and she shook her head a sly smirk on her face. Kermit saw this and immediately stopped, seeing in her eyes that he wouldn’t win this debate even if he tried. He tugged at his red robe and shifted his weight uncomfortably, avoiding her gaze. It didn’t feel good having her beat him in an argument so quickly.

“Kermit,” Piggy said softly, changing mood, “do you mind if I ask you something?”

“What?” he replied with a calm, but frustrated grunt.

“Well, all those years ago, when we were in your office... did you really mean it when you said I would never be your wife?”

Kermit was surprised that she had brought this up. He didn’t say anything at first, feeling she had just asked an incredibly loaded question. Still, she did deserve an answer, even if this wasn’t the most appropriate time to discuss it. He crossed his arms in discomfort and tried to think of the most honest answer.

“Maybe I meant it at first,” he said, still looking away. “I don’t know. I guess I was angry. And people who are angry... they sometimes say things that they don’t normally mean. I didn’t want to fire you or say that... But Piggy, at that point I was so fed up with feeling like I couldn’t trust you anymore. I know that’s not an excuse but-”

“No, it’s not,” Piggy said defensively, standing her ground.

Kermit began to tense up. Was she not going to let him finish? He went on, keeping his cool.

“Piggy, you know I care about you. I always have. You’re one of my closest friends. But you have to admit, you were out of line with this whole arranged wedding you put together behind my back.”

Miss Piggy frowned at this.

“I was not out of line,” she protested. “I was tired of waiting. I was tired of putting my life on hold for you, and I couldn’t wait for you to make up your mind anymore. I had to do something to make you realize how you felt. So, yes, I made a decision. When we filmed the wedding scene for the movie, I hired a real priest and made sure our marriage was valid. I built a house for us, I made sure everything was perfect... But, when you said...”

Kermit took a deep breath. He knew this was coming.

“When I said what?” he asked.

“When you said... that I would never be your wife, I realized what a fool I’d been to think you would accept things as they were. I know it was wrong to trick you, but I also couldn’t believe that after everything we’d been through, you’d say such awful words to me...”

Kermit heard her voice beginning to break, but he was not backing down. He wasn’t going to let her overdramatic nature put a soft spot on the conversation.

“Piggy, did you really think I would be okay with you having us wed behind my back?” he asked sternly.

Piggy thought about this for a moment. “I knew that you would probably be surprised. I knew you might possibly be a little angry. But I never expected you to react the way you did.”

Kermit sighed. He knew talking about these things hurt her, but he still felt he had to get this off his chest.

“Piggy, you... you can’t just do things like that and expect-”

“Kermit!” Piggy almost yelled, and she quickly stood on her feet in a frenzy, pacing the floor. “I know it’s crazy, but I suppose back then I thought... once you found out we were married, you would realize how happy you were and you would go along with it. But then you were so nasty... and I didn’t know what else to do...”

Kermit turned to watch her. “Piggy, I know I probably embarrassed you-”

“I was humiliated!” She walked behind the couch, looking everywhere but at him. “I couldn’t face you again after that! I had to get away... and I moved everything to Paris as fast as I could, before you’d find out that I was leaving. I couldn’t stand being here. I had to go to a place where everything didn’t reminded me of you...”

Still facing away from him, Piggy now stood next to the piano. She saw how dusty it was, just like everything else in the house.

Is there nothing in this house that’s clean?! she thought with frustration.

It looked as though no one had played or tuned it in years. She then turned her attention to the framed photos that sat on top of the piano, many of them of Kermit with friends or celebrities. Seeing that there was no escaping his eyes no matter where she looked, she turned to the window in front of her instead.

“And Paris was the best place for that?” Kermit asked, staring at the back of her head.

Piggy nodded, looking out the dark window. “Yes. But before I left, I immediately filed for the annulment...”

Kermit could hear more hurt in her voice. He knew this wasn’t easy for her to admit.

“I know,” he said. It hurt him to admit it too.

Piggy continued. “When I hadn’t heard that you finished the papers, I thought... maybe you never received them, or maybe you didn’t want to sign them. But when I found out you did, that’s when I promised myself I’d never come back. I had no reason to anymore.”

Kermit nodded. “I thought it would be the best way for me to stop thinking about you. I thought it would be the best for us.”

“I didn’t file the annulment because of you, Kermit,” Piggy chimed in. “Well, I suppose partially, but it was never about what was best for us. It was about what was best for the Muppets. I meant it when I said I came back here for them. Back then, I didn’t see a reason to stay if all I was doing was causing trouble for you and everyone else.”

“Yeah, and look at where that got us,” Kermit muttered, remembering that everyone had left after she deserted them.

He half expected Piggy to spat some sort of witty if not harsh comment back at him, but she remained silent. He continued to stare at the long, blonde hair on back of her head. He looked for any possible sign of a response, and suddenly wondered if he’d gone too far.

Miss Piggy had heard his words, but continued to stare out the dark window. She thought about his confession from earlier that evening, when he finally admitted that he needed her, and then later when he asked her to stay. She had been absolutely overjoyed, and it was probably the most true and romantic moment that had ever come between them. She may have come back to help her friends and save the studio, but she could not deny that she needed him just as much as he did, and that was why she chose to stay for him. So how come right now he could not see it on his own? Why did he have to make this so difficult? Why did she always have to be the one to tell him like it is? Why?! Why did he have to be such a stupid frog?!

Piggy suddenly cut herself off guard as a small whimper of vulnerability escaped her throat. She immediately covered her mouth, forcing herself not to make another sound. She refused to cry or show any weakness, and she hoped that Kermit hadn’t heard her.

But of course he did, and he knew that the conversation had gone on long enough. He had hit a nerve and it was time to pull back. It pained him to see her hurt like this.

“Piggy I...” he wanted to apologize, but he knew the words would not come out right if he tried. In the awkward silence, he let out a weak chuckle instead, trying to find humor in the situation. “You know, when I said we should talk, I didn’t imagine it would be like this.”

Piggy found control and let out a frustrated huff.

“Yeah, well,” she said with a sniff as she folded her arms, “these things never really turn out the way we want them to, do they?”

Kermit assumed she was referring to the predicament they had gotten themselves into, and knew he probably deserved that. But despite all odds, he was determined to reach out to her.

“Piggy, please come back here and sit with me.”

She heard him, but she did not move.

“Please...?” Kermit pleaded. He had to make her feel better somehow.

Miss Piggy turned her head only slightly in acknowledgment, and she clenched her robe in frustration, knowing she couldn’t resist his request. Still avoiding eye contact, she slowly made her way back to the front of the couch. Kermit moved so that she was now sitting just to the right of him, with still quite a bit of space separating them.

Piggy kept a hand over her face, trying fiercely to not let any tears escape. Kermit saw this, and he desperately fought the urge to wrap his arms around her. Instead, he stayed where he was, fearing that she may fling him across the room if he tried.

“Piggy, can I get you anything?” he asked. “Maybe some water-?”

She shook her head. Even in her stubborn state, she did not want him to leave her side.

“Well,” Kermit continued, “is there anything I can-”

Piggy quickly pointed to the glass of red wine on the table where she had left it. Kermit reluctantly offered it to her, and she nearly snatched it from his grasp. She took a few sips, feeling a little better, and handed the glass back to him. She then wiped the barely-escaping tears from her eyes and took a deep breath, doing everything she could to keep it together.

“I know you cared for me,” she said, still looking away. “But I also know in your heart that you felt the same way I do.”

Kermit looked at her. “Piggy I never said I-”

“Even if right now you won’t admit it... I know that you loved me...” she softly insisted.

Kermit heard her, and he then realized this was probably the most sincere he had ever seen her. She wasn’t being dramatic, she wasn’t making things up. She was speaking out of tenderness. She was being... serious.

“Piggy... I’m so sorry,” he said as he too turned away, ashamed. “I can’t tell you how many times I wished I had handled things differently. I know you must hate me for everything I’ve done to you. Why else would you just up and leave and never talk to me again?”

Piggy turned to look at Kermit, watching him with guilt in her eyes.

“No,” she replied, shaking her head and looking down.

Surprised, Kermit turned to her again, curious as to what she meant.

“No, Kermit. I was very... angry. I was angry with you, angry with myself for pushing you away... I was angry for a long, long time. But I could never, ever hate you. That is impossible...”

Kermit nodded and looked away, nervously taking a sip from the wine glass. He was avoiding her gaze again.

“What?” Piggy asked when she saw this, wondering if she had said something wrong.

“Nothing,” Kermit said, setting the glass on the table. “I just... I’m just really glad you’re here, that’s all.”

Kermit smiled and rested a hand on hers in reassurance. He found himself looking into her eyes again and he felt a sudden calm settle over him. For the first time in years, just staring into her eyes brought so much peace and made him feel at ease. All of the tension from the previous weeks completely melted away just from staring into her deep, sparkling blue eyes.

Piggy also found herself looking into the eyes of her frog. It was always so hard to not get lost in those eyes. Those big, curious, kind, wondrous eyes. And that face... that handsome, green face she had fallen in love with the first time they met. Every part of him made her feel comfort and tenderness, forcing her heart to ache with want. She was unable to look away. She couldn’t stop. She could no longer keep it in...

Piggy gently gripped the collar of Kermit’s robe, pulling him closer to her. She puckered her lips and lightly touched them to his. Kermit, although hesitant, stayed in the kiss for a few seconds before he broke it and turned away.

“Piggy we said-”

“Forget what I said...” There was a soft command in her voice, and she delicately moved her hand to his cheek, forcing him to look her way.

They were so close to each other now. So close that if he just moved an inch forward their lips would touch again. And Kermit, completely entranced by her hypnotic eyes before him, didn’t say another word, for there was a command in those eyes as well. A command that said, I know you want it, too, now don’t hold back. He gulped, and finally letting instinct take over, he decided to obey.

Slowly the two slowly leaned in for another kiss, unable to deny the sweet temptation. Their lips touched again, and Piggy kept her hand on his cheek, doing what she could to encourage him that this was okay, and that this was right.

Whatever she was doing it seemed to be working. Giving in to the kiss, Kermit brought his hand up to the back of her head, and Piggy’s body trembled as she felt his fingers soothingly brush through her soft hair and massage her scalp.

They could taste the wine on each other’s lips, but that only made them want this even more. They moved into a closer embrace, feeling the warmth of their bodies against to each other. The kiss became more passionate as their hearts began to beat faster with anticipation.

Piggy moved her hand from Kermit’s cheek back to resting on his chest. She began to slip her fingertips between his robe and bare skin, moving it away and exposing his green chest.

Kermit felt her doing this and, still in the kiss, moved them both to lie on the couch, resting her head on one of the cushions.

He grabbed the belt of her robe and began to loosen it. He had wanted to get this thing off her all night and the excitement was killing him. Without any patience he slipped it open, eager to see what she had underneath. He pulled away to find a very skimpy but still somewhat sweet, purple negligee draping her delectable figure.

“Oh, wow,” Kermit observed with a smile before immediately plunging his lips back on to hers, making her giggle with happiness. She knew exactly how to turn him on.

Then a thought struck him and he broke the kiss to look into her eyes again. She looked up at him with surprise and concern in her expression, wondering why he had stopped.

“Piggy, can I ask you something,” Kermit said, searching her face.


“If you didn’t come here for me in the first place, can I ask who this was supposed to be for?”

He was obviously referring to the negligee. Piggy didn’t answer and gulped. He had caught her. And then suddenly he knew. She had planned this all along.

Not just the evening. She had planned for this ever since the first day they met. Although the diva pig was obsessed with fashion and looking her best, Miss Piggy would not have normally worn something as alluring as this. Not even for photo shoots. Her modest nature often forbade her from wearing anything thisrisqué, unless it was for a “special someone”. So why else had she packed the negligee with her? Why else had she worn it on this particular evening?

It was for him. It was just for him. It was always just for him. She may have come back to Los Angeles to help save the studio, but she was also prepared in case her love finally decided to announce his devotion to her, just like she always knew he would.

Realizing this, it then occurred to Kermit that they had gotten carried away again. Just like they had done several times before. He gently removed himself from her embrace, adjusting his robe and regretfully turning himself away from her.

Miss Piggy sat up too, confused by his withdrawal.


Her sad tone was heartbreaking to him.

“Piggy, we shouldn’t do this. We said we would be good. Plus we’ve been drinking... and, um...”

He was starting to run out of excuses.

Piggy looked at her frog from where she was, realizing that he was holding so much back just for her. Her heart ached at watching him hurt like this. Yes... Perhaps, there was still more that needed to be said between them, but for now, she knew that she had heard enough to trust him, and she knew he did not need to suffer anymore.

“Kermit, have you missed me?” She was wrapping an arm around him from behind.

“You know I have.”

“Do you need me?”

“Of course I do.” He placed a hand on hers. “But-”

“Do you want me?”

Kermit cleared his throat, trying not to choke as she asked this question. More than anything he wanted to show her how much he cared for her. Both verbally and physically. Of course he wanted her, but that wasn’t the point. The point was that they should be setting a good example for each other... and...

Kermit felt her warm lips begin to kiss his neck and couldn’t take it. He groaned, trying so hard to resist. He then gripped her hand, knowing it was impossible to do so.

“Piggy... sweetie...”

He felt one final kiss from her on his cheek before she parted from him, standing up from the couch and moving into his view. He looked up at her, saddened that she had left his side. But she smiled at him reassuringly.

She began to back away and slip her hand from his, until she finally let go, leaving him sitting there, awestruck by her beauty. Her blonde hair framed her face beautifully. Her robe was open. The negligee draped her body perfectly. Her legs were in full view. And now she was backing away from him. Kermit stood, knowing he had no choice but to follow.

Piggy smiled at his obedience. She leaned her head against the doorway. Grabbing the belt of her robe, she did a lazy twirl with it, just to tempt him even more. Kermit chuckled as he approached her, knowing the game she was playing with him. He reached out to hold her, but just as she was within his grasp, she quickly turned and walked away even further.

Kermit was dumfounded for a second, but then Piggy turned back, urging him to follow. Once more she turned away, heading for the stairs. Kermit shook his head with an amused smile.

“What a tease,” he said to himself with a sigh.


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Sep 29, 2011
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I definitely like this story. I'm not normally a huge fan of relationship-themed stories, but I think you do an excellent job out outlining the the depths of the Kermit and Piggy relationship through honest conversations and emotions. Thanks for sharing!


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Oct 27, 2011
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You're so AWESOME!

They kissed! THEY KISSED!
The universe actually wants me to have something. :stick_out_tongue:

And Piggy, planning it... WOW!
And Kermit wasn't holding back.
Is there anything more to ask for?
Oh, yes...


:smile: :smile: :smile:

More please!


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Mar 18, 2012
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I definitely like this story. I'm not normally a huge fan of relationship-themed stories, but I think you do an excellent job out outlining the the depths of the Kermit and Piggy relationship through honest conversations and emotions. Thanks for sharing!
Awww!!! I'm glad I could help turn your head this way! Thank you so much for reading and enjoying! More will be coming soon!! :smile: