Sesame Street Season 3 Episode 359 - Bert Leaves Ernie to Live with Big Bird and Oscar


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Apr 11, 2002
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Episode 359 - Bert Leaves Ernie to Live with Big Bird and Oscar
PBS Premiere: Thursday March 9, 1972
HBO Max Premiere: Wednesday May 27, 2020

Bert is frustrated with Ernie's shenanigans and decides to move out of the apartment. Bob asks if the two could possibly resolve it, but Bert already decided to never go back to Ernie. He imagines living outdoors but rain or snow would be a nuisance. Oscar the Grouch says Bert can stay with him in his trash can. While Oscar shops for groceries, Bert starts to clean up the trash can by removing rusty cans from the swimming pool and old shoes from the piano. Oscar explains that he likes his junk as is, and suggests Bert find another place to live. Next Bert stays with Big Bird but leaves once he tastes the birdseed and sees the rubber worm Big Bird offers for them to play. Bert eventually decides he wants to go home, and Bert promises he will never leave Ernie again.

55 MIN

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This is the first time this episode has been commercially released or streamed since it's original broadcast.

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