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Sesame Street Old School Outlines

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by cjd874, Jul 12, 2014.

  1. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    Number 102 features Maria, David, Luis, Big Bird, and Oscar. Plus, Roosevelt Franklin talks about up and down, Cookie and Herry sing a duet, and several classic animations like 30 Dots, Melvin the Moving Man, and Lovely Eleven Morning!

    Sesame Street Old School Outline 102

    Season 4: David tries to learns Spanish to impress Maria/Oscar’s imaginary friend

    Sponsors: K, M, 11

    Scene 1: Maria and David are spending time on the steps of 123 Sesame Street. Maria leaves to return some books at the library. She and Luis pass one another and they have a quick, friendly conversation in Spanish. David wishes to learn some Spanish to impress Maria. David asks Luis to teach him some Spanish. Luis agrees.

    Cartoon/Song: “It’s a Lovely Eleven Morning” (art by Bud Luckey)

    Film: People and things go down (music by Joe Raposo)

    Muppets: An Anything Muppet girl explains that the number 11 looks the same upside-down as it does normally. The camera flips itself to prove her point!

    Cartoon: Melvin the Moving Man

    Scene 2: Luis uses a dictionary to teach some basic Spanish words to David, who just can’t get it right. Big Bird walks by and offers to help teach David, but his Spanish pronunciation is even worse than David’s!

    Muppets: Ernie and Bert have an appliance war, and blow a fuse in the process

    Film: An apple tree (jazz soundtrack)

    Cartoon: The M Who Came to Dinner

    Muppets: Roosevelt Franklin Elementary School: Up and Down

    Cartoon: Marvelous Martha

    Scene 3: David tries to say hello to Maria in Spanish, but the conversation falls apart quickly. David confesses that he wanted to impress Maria with some Spanish, so he had Luis teach him. Maria and Luis decide to help David, and Big Bird asks for a lesson as well.

    Muppets: The Anything Muppets cheer for the letter K

    Cartoon: K is for Key (speech balloon)

    Film/Song: Kangaroo Blues (by Joe Raposo)

    Celebrity: Bill Cosby and his twin count from 1 to 20

    Muppets: Kermit asks Fuzzyface (proto-Grover) to climb into a box as part of a demonstration of the word “IN.” Fuzzyface goes under, on top of, and next to the box, frustrating Kermit. It turns out that Fuzzyface can’t go in the box because Fred the Dragon is already inside!

    Scene 4: Oscar introduces David, Luis, and Maria to his imaginary friend, a dinosaur named Grimosaurus. The adults giggle and play along, until they feel the ground rumbling. As they exit hastily, Oscar realizes that the rumbling came from the garbage trucks approaching from around the corner!

    Film: What do birds eat?

    Muppets/Song: Cookie Monster and Herry Monster sing, “M-M-Monster Meal”

    Cartoon: A boy teaches his sister about up and down by running her up and down a flight of stairs

    Film: A clown (Dennis Allen) takes off his makeup. Which face do you like better?

    Cartoon: A girl with a guitar is drawn, while English- and Spanish-speaking children guess what it is.

    Muppets: Bert asks Ernie to put away his toys, so Ernie creates a system to sort his toys. However, Ernie’s categories apply only to his fire engine.

    Scene 5: David sorts a group of objects by size, while Maria translates in Spanish. The objects are a doll, a magnet, a ping-pong ball, a vinyl record, a salad bowl, and a potted plant.

    Cartoon: 30 dots (one shows up late)

    Muppets/Song: Grover sings “What Do I Do When I’m Alone?”

    Film: This is the desert

    Cartoon: K is for Kangaroo

    Muppets: Sherlock Hemlock solves the Twiddlebug Mystery (featuring Prairie Dawn and the Twiddlebugs)

    Cartoon: 30 dots (one shows up early)

    Scene 6: David counts to 11 in English, and Maria counts to 11 in Spanish. Then they switch roles, and David nails it!

    Cartoon: A kitten is knitting a kerchief, a kite, and a polka-dot mitten

    Cartoon: 30 dots (perfect take)

    Muppet/Kid Moment: Grover and Polly recite the alphabet

    Scene 7: Luis, David, and Big Bird play with the kids as Maria announces the sponsors. SS sign still: Mr. Hooper. CTW sign still: Bob.


    Northern Calloway as David

    Emilio Delgado as Luis

    Sonia Manzano as Maria

    Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar


    Frank Oz as Bert, Cookie Monster, Grover, Fuzzyface, AMs

    Jerry Nelson as Herry Monster, Sherlock Hemlock, AMs

    Fran Brill as Prairie Dawn, AMs

    Matt Robinson as Roosevelt Franklin (voice only)

    Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, Fred the Dragon, AMs
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  2. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    Number 103 features Susan, Bob, Gordon, Big Bird, and the Season 3-only cast members. Plus, James Earl Jones visits, Mumford talks about surprises, Cookie Monster steals cupcakes from Ernie, and the Anything Muppets star in "Hunt for Happiness."

    Sesame Street Old School Outline 103

    Season 3: Susan plans a surprise birthday party for Gordon

    Sponsors: G, R, 6

    Scene 1: Susan welcomes the viewer and says that she is planning a surprise birthday party for Gordon.

    Cartoon: The R Lecture (art by Fred Calvert)

    Muppet/Kid Moment: Kermit and Brian talk about here and there

    Scene 2: Susan goes to Hooper’s Store to buy six candles for the birthday cake. Tom counts out each candle and Susan pays with six pennies.

    Cartoon: Jazz Spies #6

    Celebrity: James Earl Jones recites the alphabet

    Scene 3: Susan asks Rafael to blow up six balloons. Rafael does so, and counts them.

    Cartoon: G is for Gorilla (speech balloon)

    Film: Tooth-Brushing Blues (by Joe Raposo)

    Muppets: Ernie tries to take a picture of six cupcakes, but Cookie Monster keeps stealing them one by one. On his last attempt to take a picture, Ernie catches Cookie red-handed!

    Scene 4: Susan, Molly, Tom, Rafael, Bob, and Big Bird are preparing for the party in the arbor area when they see Gordon coming. Frantically, Susan asks Bob and Big Bird to distract Gordon. Big Bird nearly gives away the surprise, but Bob covers for him by taking Gordon to the library while the others prepare for the party.

    Cartoon: An elevator goes up ten floors, taking more and more creatures and people per floor. On the final floor, a mouse enters and the elevator explodes.

    Muppets: Hunt for Happiness, Part 1

    Film/Song: Henson #6

    Muppets: Hunt for Happiness, Part 2

    Cartoon: Alice Braithwaite Goodyshoes presents the letter G

    Muppets: Hunt for Happiness, Part 3

    Film: Indian Baby Bath (music by Joe Raposo)

    Cartoon/Song: Country Fiddler – Six Snails (by Bud Luckey)

    Celebrity: The cast of Bonanza recites the alphabet

    Cartoon: A gorilla that knows G words goes to an employment agency

    Muppets: Grover and Herbert Birdsfoot count to 20

    Scene 5: Oscar has overheard the adults’ conversation and plans to ruin the surprise. When Bob and Gordon return, Oscar asks Gordon if he’s heard about the upcoming party. Bob foils Oscar’s plan by saying that it might be in Big Bird’s nest. Before Oscar can continue, they go into the nest area, finding it empty. They come out, and everyone else surprises Gordon with a birthday party. Oscar sinks into his can in defeat, but not before Bob puts a party hat on his head!

    Cartoon: The R Lecture (repeat)

    Cartoon: R is for Radio

    Muppets: The Amazing Mumford explains what a surprise is (cameo by Herry Monster)

    Film: The Mad Painter #6

    Cartoon: R is for Rabbit (speech balloon)

    Scene 6: Susan leads the cast in playing “One of These Things” with three gift-wrapped presents and the birthday cake. The cake doesn’t belong, but Gordon purports that it does: “All of these things belong here because they’re for me!”

    Muppets: Ernie has string on his fingers. When Bert asks him why, Ernie explains that he has to remind himself that they’re all out of string.

    Cartoon: Jazz Spies #6 (repeat)

    Cartoon: R is for Radio (repeat)

    Cast: Ralph and Wally try to unroll a rug, but there is a chair blocking their way

    Muppets: Grover presents the letter R, which rocks, rolls, runs, and rockets into the air! Grover: “That is ridiculous!”

    Film: Rhythm is everywhere!

    Scene 7: Everyone enjoys the party as Big Bird announces the sponsors. SS sign still: Bob and Susan. CTW sign still: Oscar.


    Larry Block as Tom

    Raul Julia as Rafael

    Loretta Long as Susan

    Bob McGrath as Bob

    Charlotte Rae as Molly

    Matt Robinson as Gordon

    Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar


    Frank Oz as Cookie Monster, Grover, Bert, AMs

    Jerry Nelson as Herbert Birdsfoot, the Amazing Mumford, Herry Monster, AMs

    Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, AMs
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  3. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Keep them coming dude! I'm enjoying them so much. I've almost got the first comic book drawn from one of your outlines. Now It might be quite a while cause I want to have at least 10 made before I start coloring them and getting them more art quality lookin then just pencil line drawings. I wouldn't look good. I want to get me a digital Art Pad so I can draw them that way and be able to color them quickly then having to put map colors to paper.
    Digital art is more better lookin then pencil but still I enjoy drawing on paper mostly cause I've never drawn on a pad before. Oh I was going to ask.
    Do you have like a note book that you are keeping these all in? Cause I would like to know if you would be able to point out an outline you've done that has to do with Snuffy and Big Bird throughout the whole outline? Cause I would love that to me my next comic I would start on. Like I had said before I'm not going in order on your outline (as in picking the ones I want to comic book style) and just randomly picking. I had seen one that I liked but I wanted to know if there's one I haven't seen another outline of Snuffy and Big Bird. Peace out and talk to you when I can.
  4. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    Hi! I just went through a few pages on this thread, and outlines 43, 44, 46, 49, 56, 61, 65, 73, 85 and 99 feature scenes with Big Bird and Snuffy. There isn't one that revolves entirely around them, but hopefully I will get around to writing one.

    Feel free to browse those outlines I mentioned, starting on the third page of this thread. Maybe you'll be interested in reading earlier outlines like those, and perhaps inspired to create some more comics! Good luck, and have fun drawing. Can't wait to see a few of these in the future.
  5. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the help. I've choose one that I really did enjoy. The Disco Party one. Really stood out to me. The other ones like you said didn't really center around them but this one kinda did. Thanks Again. Peace out!
  6. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    This year marks the 42nd anniversary of Sesame Street's New Mexico trip. To honor the occasion, I've decided to write a series of six outlines about a brand-new visit to New Mexico. Over this arc, the cast visits Luis's younger sister (played by actress Carla Pinza, who is rumored to have played Maria for a handful of episodes in Season 2). Featuring Big Bird, Biff and Sully, the Count, Bert, and the entire human cast! Plus, Super Grover looks for a telephone booth, Ernie does the laundry, and Maria plays Charlie Chaplin. Enjoy!

    Sesame Street Old School Outline 104

    Season 10: Leaving for New Mexico (again!)

    Sponsors: C, K, 2

    Scene 1: Big Bird greets the viewer and notices that Luis and Maria are chatting excitedly on the telephone in Spanish. Afterwards, Luis says that his sister Sofia just had a baby, making Luis an uncle! Maria says that she and Luis will travel to the Rodriguez family’s ranch in New Mexico to help with the baby. Big Bird asks if he can come, since he’s an expert caretaker. He reminds them of the time he helped babysit Buffy’s son Cody. Maria and Luis agree to let Big Bird join them. Big Bird wants to leave for New Mexico right away, but Luis and Maria tell him that he has to start packing.

    Muppets/Song: A group of Anything Muppet children sing “Just Around the Corner”

    Cartoon: C is for Canary

    Scene 2: The adults are flabbergasted when Big Bird pulls in an enormous trunk full of toys, gadgets, birdseed, and even twigs from his nest! They remind him to pack light, and Luis suggests that Big Bird make a shorter checklist…and bring less stuff!

    Cartoon: C is for Cat (limerick poem, art by Bud Luckey)

    Film/Song: Dollhouse #2

    Scene 3: Big Bird returns with a new checklist and a smaller bag of possessions. After going through the list with the adults, Big Bird wants to make another checklist…of people on Sesame Street that he can invite to New Mexico!

    Muppets: Super Grover – Telephone Booth

    Cartoon: A loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick of butter…

    Film/Song: “Touch, Hold, Feel” (by Joe Raposo)

    Muppets: Bert asks Ernie to do the laundry. Ernie prepares by putting his books, a box of cookies, a basketball, a radio, and Rubber Duckie into the laundry basket. Frustrated, Bert points out that now there’s no room for the laundry! Ernie decides to go play ball instead.

    Scene 4: Big Bird reads the first names on his list: “David and Mr. Looper!” He asks Mr. Hooper and David, who are too busy running the store to travel to New Mexico. Then he asks the Count, who can’t go because “I have the tremendous responsibility of counting everything on Sesame Street!” Big Bird vows not to give up, and moves on to the next people.

    Cartoon: C is for Candle

    Cartoon: C is for Cowboy

    Film: A Cinco de Mayo celebration

    Scene 5: Next, Big Bird asks Biff and Sully if they can come to New Mexico. Biff: “No can do, ‘cause we gotta fix some pipes on 42nd and 7th, and that ain’t gonna fix itself!” Then he asks Bert, who can’t go because he’s going to the National Association of W Lovers Convention in Walla Walla, Washington.

    Film: A silent film about an automobile that becomes long and short

    Muppet/Kid Moment: Cookie Monster and Genelle count to 10

    Scene 6: Big Bird pleads with Olivia, Susan, Gordon, and Linda to go to New Mexico, but they turn down his offer due to their busy work schedules. Big Bird loudly expresses his disappointment and sulks off.

    Cartoon: Estoy llorando/I am crying (voices by Northern Calloway and Sonia Manzano)

    Film: A warthog runs (music by Joe Raposo)

    Muppets: Grover’s “2” lecture (part 1; with the Anything Muppets)

    Cartoon: Karen the Kangaroo

    Muppets: Grover’s “2” lecture (part 2; with Kermit, the Count, and Sully)

    Cartoon: Typewriter Guy – K is for Key

    Muppets: Grover’s “2” lecture (part 3)

    Film: A Stool for Me

    Scene 7: An upset Big Bird explains his situation to Bob. “Maybe nobody wants to go because they don’t care about me, or like me!” Bob explains that everyone he’s asked has jobs to do: “But hat doesn’t mean we don’t love you, Big Bird.” Bob and the cast sing, “Don’t You Know You’re Beautiful” to cheer up Big Bird. At the end, several of the adults agree to join! The Count: “I’ve decided that I will go to New Mexico to count new things like horses, chickens, cows, and pieces of hay! Oh, it will be marvelous!”

    Cartoon: A bear counts bees while speaking in rhyme

    Cast: Maria plays Charlie Chaplin, who demonstrates long, longer, and longest suspenders as he tries to reach the door

    Muppets: Ernie plays “Touch Your Face” with the viewer

    Film: A leopard

    Cartoon: K is for Kite

    Cartoon: Pinball Count #2

    Muppets: Don Music rewrites the Alphabet Song with help from Kermit and the Anything Muppets

    Cartoon: 30 dots (one shows up early)

    Scene 8: Luis, Maria, Susan, Bob, David, the Count, and Big Bird are all packed and ready to travel to New Mexico in Luis’s truck. Mr. Hooper, Olivia, Gordon, and Linda say their goodbyes, and the truck pulls away as Bert announces the sponsors. The Friday credits follow. SS sign still: Susan. CTW sign still: Gordon.


    Linda Bove as Linda

    Northern Calloway as David

    Emilio Delgado as Luis

    Loretta Long as Susan

    Will Lee as Mr. Hooper

    Sonia Manzano as Maria

    Bob McGrath as Bob

    Roscoe Orman as Gordon

    Alaina Reed as Olivia

    Caroll Spinney as Big Bird


    Frank Oz as Bert, Grover, Cookie Monster, AMs

    Jerry Nelson as Biff, the Count, AMs

    Richard Hunt as Sully, Don Music, AMs

    Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, AMs
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  7. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    Here is Outline 105, just before the year ends. This one chronicles the gang's arrival in New Mexico and the introduction of Luis's sister and niece. Plus, Herry Monster sings about his mother, Grover assists with Prairie Dawn's pageant, and a rare but hysterical Muppet skit based on the song "There's a Hole in the Bucket."

    Sesame Street Old School Outline 105

    Season 10: New Mexico 2.0, Day 1

    Sponsors: D, F, 9

    Scene 1: The truck pulls up to the ranch and everyone gets out to greet the Rodriguez family, including Luis’s parents, his sister Sofia, and her daughter Manuela. Big Bird is excited to meet the baby more than anyone else!

    Film: This is the desert

    Cartoon: D is for Dog

    Muppets: Ernie has finished taking his bath, but thinks he’s forgotten something. Bert asks him if he washed his ears, his face, his hands, and his neck. Ernie confirms this, but then he remembers that he forgot to turn off the water!

    Scene 2: As the adults (Luis, Susan, Maria, David, and Bob) unpack their bags from the truck, they hear a familiar voice. They are shocked to find Oscar in a trash can right by the Rodriguez’s ranch. As it turns out, Oscar is visiting his grandfather, who lives in New Mexico as well. The adults meet Oliver the Grouch (played by Jerry Nelson), who is just as nasty and grouchy as his grandson! Bob: “Well, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.” Maria: “You mean the crab-apple!”

    Muppets/Song: Henry and Liza perform “There’s a Hole in the Bucket”

    Cartoon/Film: The letter D begins many useful words…

    Cartoon: Pinball Count #9

    Scene 3: Sofia shows the adults around the house. The Count takes plenty of time to count every piece of furniture, too.

    Cartoon: A hand draws farm animals

    Film: A dirty car gets cleaned at a car wash

    Muppets: Guy Smiley hosts “Beat the Time” with Cookie Monster as his contestant

    Scene 4: The adults give baby Manuela a bath while Big Bird watches.

    Cartoon: The Old Woman Who Lived in a Nine

    Film: The story of two men named Big and Little

    Muppets: Two Muppets named Frank and Jerry use measuring tape to see how far apart they are

    Cartoon/Song: Martian Beauty #9 (by Bud Luckey)

    Film: Building a log cabin

    Cartoon: Francis Fairy

    Muppets/Song: Herry Monster sings “That Furry Blue Mommy of Mine”

    Film: A man walks through the city, completely buried in the newspaper. He narrowly avoids dangerous obstacles, but ultimately gets caught in a revolving door.

    Film/Song: Henson #9

    Muppets: At night, Ernie waits for the upstairs neighbor to drop both of his shoes so that he can fall asleep. Ultimately, Ernie’s excited outburst wakes up Bert.

    Scene 5: The adults play peek-a-boo with Manuela.

    Film: The Mad Painter #9

    Muppet/Kid Moment: Cookie Monster and Jason talk about the letter D

    Cartoon/Song: Daddy Dear

    Film: Recycling bottles at a glass factory

    Muppets/Song: Little Jerry and the Monotones (Rockin’ Richard, Chrissy, and Big Jeffy) perform “Danger”

    Cartoon: Sgt. Zero leads the numbers 1 to 20 in roll call

    Transition: A rectangle charges at the screen

    Scene 6: Sofia feeds Manuela, while the Count counts how many spoonfuls of food the baby is fed. Oscar likes how messily the baby eats.

    Cartoon: F is for Frog and Fly (art by Jeff Hale)

    Cartoon: Filbert’s Flea Circus

    Cast: Gordon and Maria sort shapes

    Muppets: Prairie Dawn’s pageant about the four seasons (featuring Grover, Bert, Herry Monster, Ernie, and Cookie Monster)

    Film/Song: “Share in Your Fun With Another Someone”

    Cartoon: Guess whom I met today? (Art by Bruce Cayard)

    Scene 7: Sofia sings “Duérmete, Mi Niña” to Manuela as Big Bird listens. Sofia teaches the words to Big Bird, and then they sing the song to Manuela. Ultimately, both Big Bird and the baby fall asleep! Sofia tucks the baby into her crib, puts a wool blanket over Big Bird’s lap, and turns out the lights. Bob announces the sponsors. SS sign still: the Count. CTW sign still: Ernie and Bert.


    Northern Calloway as David

    Emilio Delgado as Luis

    Loretta Long as Susan

    Sonia Manzano as Maria

    Bob McGrath as Bob

    Roscoe Orman as Gordon

    Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar

    **Special guest star: Carla Pinza as Sofia


    Frank Oz as Cookie Monster, Bert, Grover, AMs

    Jerry Nelson as the Count, Oliver the Grouch, Herry Monster, Little Jerry, AMs

    Fran Brill as Prairie Dawn

    Richard Hunt, Chris Cerf, and Jeff Moss as the Monotones

    Jim Henson as Ernie, Guy Smiley, Henry, AMs
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  8. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    Number 106 details the second day in New Mexico! Plus, Kermit sings about pride, Ernie and Bert travel, and the classic Salvador Dada sketch. (Why didn't they do more bits with him?)

    Sesame Street Old School Outline 106

    Season 10: New Mexico 2.0, Day 2

    Sponsors: D, J, 4

    Scene 1: Bob and the cast sing, “Good Good Morning Day” as the sun rises. Oscar and his grandfather Oliver protest the singing, as usual.

    Muppets: Cookie Monster imagines a birthday cookie with help from the baker

    Cartoon: The J Story - “Don’t jive a judge by jamming a June bug!”

    Film: The Mad Painter #4

    Scene 2: Luis shows the Count various farm animals, including chickens, pigs, sheep, and cattle. However, the Count is only interested in counting them!

    Cartoon: Pinball Number Count #4

    Film: Triangles can be found in everyday objects

    Cartoon: Small d, small b (art by Paul Fierlinger)

    Muppets: Betty Lou and Charlie fight over a book, and then decide to read it together

    Cartoon: Adding and subtracting ladybugs and lizards

    Cartoon: Country Fiddler – Four Big Lions

    Muppets: Four Grovers appear to show addition and subtraction

    Scene 3: Bob, David, and Sofia notice dirty footprints in the house. They follow the trail from the bathroom into the living room, through the kitchen, out the door, across the vegetable garden, and into the pigpen! It turns out that the footprints belong to Oscar, who is taking a mud bath in the pigpen. David: “Why did you have to come into the house and track your muddy feet everywhere?” Oscar: “Well, I forgot my washcloth and a scrub brush, so I went inside and got ‘em! What kind of Grouch takes a mud bath without those things, huh?”

    Muppets: At the beach, Bert asks Ernie if he remembered to bring everything. Ernie only brought an umbrella in case it rains…which it does!

    Cartoon: J is for Jaguar (limerick poem)

    Cartoon/Song: The J Family Jamboree

    Film: Lobster fishermen at work

    Cartoon: Imagining triangles

    Muppets: Biff helps hang up numbers for Salvador Dada’s paintings in a gallery.

    Scene 4: Oscar and Oliver are sitting in the mud, reminiscing about their visits to Swamp Mushy Muddy when Oscar was little, and they sing, “Swamp Mushy Muddy.” Afterwards, Oscar challenges Oliver to a mud-wrestling match, and they start rolling in the mud. Maria walks by just as the Grouches tumble, splattering mud all over her face and clothes.

    Cartoon: He, She, and It discuss how a light bulb works

    Muppets: Lord Nelson performs, “It’s Funny” with the Anything Muppets

    Cartoon: A man tours a construction building filled with “D” items

    Film: A wombat scratches it four legs (voiceover by Ernie and Bert)

    Muppet/Kid Moment: Grover asks Heather to scratch his back

    Cartoon: D – Dog (limerick poem; art by Jeff Hale)

    Film: A marching band forms a triangle

    Muppets: Kermit adds five monkeys together

    Transition: A rectangle charges at the screen

    Scene 5: Big Bird explains cooperation to the viewers. He says that Luis, Susan, and Mr. Rodriguez (Luis’s father) are feeding the pigs, Maria and Sofia are bathing baby Manuela, and Bob is helping David and Mrs. Rodgriguez (Luis’s mother) pump water from a well.

    Film: A woodpecker

    Muppets: Harvey Kneeslapper’s “4” trick

    Cartoon: The J Train

    Cartoon: The Sign Man sounds out the word “OINK,” and encounters a pig

    Muppets: Ernie and Bert go to the movies, but their view is blocked by a woman’s outrageously tall hat

    Cartoon: J is for Jacket, Jenny, and Jeff

    Cast: Linda stars in the “Theatre without Words,” and presents the Story of the Farmer and the Seed

    Cartoon: Madrigal Alphabet

    Muppets: Kermit sings, “This Frog” with the Tarnish Brothers

    Scene 6: As the Count keeps counting livestock, Susan announces the sponsors. SS sign still: the Anything Muppets. CTW sign still: David.


    Linda Bove as Linda

    Northern Calloway as David

    Emilio Delgado as Luis

    Loretta Long as Susan

    Sonia Manzano as Maria

    Bob McGrath as Bob

    Carla Pinza as Sofia

    Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar


    Frank Oz as Bert, Cookie Monster, Grover, Harvey Kneeslapper, Betty Lou, AMs

    Jerry Nelson as the Count, Biff, Charlie, Lord Nelson, AMs

    Richard Hunt as AMs

    Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, Salvador Dada, AMs
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  9. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    Number 107 details the third day in New Mexico! Plus, Victor Borge stops by, Cookie Monster counts to 20, and Guy Smiley honors an oak tree in a classic "Here Is Your Life" sketch.

    Sesame Street Old School Outline 107

    Season 10: New Mexico, 2.0: Day 3

    Sponsors: J, U, 5

    Scene 1: David and Susan talk to the local kids about life in New Mexico. Big Bird notes that their life is much different from his life in the city! The Bird tells the kids about the traffic, tall buildings, sidewalks, and “the BEST birdseed milkshakes at Mr. Looper’s Store! Boy, you should all come and visit Sesame Street sometime!”

    Cartoon: The letter U salesman

    Muppets: Super Grover – Empty Boxes

    Cartoon: U Train (Unite, U-turn, Underground, Up, and Universe)

    Film: Gordon spends a day in an elementary school classroom

    Cartoon: A man buys five pounds of bubble gum. He chews it all and flies away with the bubble in his mouth!

    Scene 2: The Count talks with the kids about New Mexico. He is delighted to learn that they like counting almost as much as he does! Sofia calls the kids out to the garden, and the Count comes along to count all the vegetables!

    Muppets: Guy Smiley hosts “Here is Your Life” with an oak tree

    Film: A starfish

    Scene 3: Susan finds that Big Bird is homesick. She suggests that he call Sesame Street, so they telephone Hooper’s Store. Mr. Hooper answers Big Bird’s call, and beckons everyone else over. Gordon listens and interprets for Linda.

    Cartoon: J is for Jam (speech balloon)

    Cartoon: Jazz Spies #5

    Muppets/Song: The Anything Muppets sing, “J Friends”

    Film: The story of James, who lives in a pueblo in New Mexico

    Muppets: Ernie tries to fool Bert by wearing silly disguises, but Bert isn’t amused. Finally, a wolf appears, but Bert thinks that it’s Ernie in disguise…

    Celebrity: The New York Knicks bounce a normal round basketball, while Bill Cosby tries to bounce a square basketball.

    Scene 4: In New Mexico, Susan writes a postcard to Gordon. Meanwhile, Gordon writes a postcard to Susan!

    Film: Horses (music by Joe Raposo)

    Muppets: Waiter Grover serves alphabet soup to Mr. Johnson, but keeps forgetting letters. Once Grover finally brings out the Z, Mr. Johnson points out that the soup has gone cold: “Take it back and bring me another bowl!”

    Cartoon: U is for Uniform

    Cartoon: A boy buys a U for the word “up”

    Muppets: An Anything Muppet newsboy calls from his stand, “Extra, extra! Read all about it. Four people fooled!” Ernie reads the paper, but can’t find any article with that title. The newsboy shouts out, “Read all about it. FIVE people fooled!”

    Scene 5: Big Bird and Luis watch Sofia as she knits clothing for her baby.

    Film: Five ladies perform a song and dance about the number 5

    Cartoon: U is for Up (two men on a seesaw, one gets catapulted into the ceiling)

    Film: Making apple cider

    Muppet/Kid Moment: Herry Monster and John-John talk about up and down

    Film: Time-lapse video of sprouting seeds (jazzy soundtrack)

    Muppets: Cookie Monster counts to 20 with a chroma-key cloth (upon opening it for the last time, Kermit appears!)

    Cartoon: Typewriter Guy – U is for Umbrella

    Scene 6: Sofia persuades David to try a fresh tortilla made of maize. David enjoys it a lot, and asks what goes well with it. Sofia says that people eat it with meat, beans, and fresh vegetables. Oscar disagrees, and says that he likes his tortillas with spaghetti, chocolate sauce, and anchovies!

    Cartoon: A man demonstrates up and down

    Muppets: Bert notices Ernie carrying glasses of water out of the apartment, and wonders what he’s using the water for. It turns out that the faucet is broken, and Ernie’s trying to get rid of the water before the apartment floods!

    Film: George the Farmer counts 10 barrels

    Celebrity: Victor Borge talks about up and down by playing high and low notes on the piano

    Film/Song: “Pockets” (sung by Marilyn Sokol)

    Cartoon: Two heads fight over a subway seat

    Muppets/Song: The Anything Muppets sing about “The Subway”

    Cartoon: What if I popped your balloon?

    Film/Song: “Everybody Eats” (by Joe Raposo)

    Scene 7: Oscar is eating disgusting food combos on the tortillas. Oscar: “Boy, this peanut butter and roast beef tortilla is delicious! Hey David, pass me the sriracha and canned peaches, will you?” David walks in, wrinkles his nose, and quickly hands Oscar the food before announcing the sponsors. SS sign still: Bob and Linda. CTW sign still: the Count.


    Linda Bove as Linda

    Northern Calloway as David

    Emilio Delgado as Luis

    Will Lee as Mr. Hooper

    Loretta Long as Susan

    Roscoe Orman as Gordon

    Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar

    **Special guest: Carla Pinza as Sofia


    Frank Oz as Grover, Bert, Cookie Monster, AMs

    Jerry Nelson as the Count, Herry Monster, Mr. Johnson, AMs

    Richard Hunt as AMs

    Fran Brill as AMs

    Jim Henson as Ernie, Guy Smiley, Kermit, AMs
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  10. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    Number 108 details the fourth day in New Mexico! Plus, Grover pitches a weather machine to Kermit, Judy Collins sings about fishermen, and old-school Muppet legends Simon Soundman and Roosevelt Franklin are featured.

    Sesame Street Old School Outline 108

    Season 10: New Mexico, 2.0 Day 4

    Sponsors: Q, R, 8

    Scene 1: Sofia takes Luis, Maria, and Bob for a walk through the desert. Along the way, Sofia points out the various creatures native to the land.

    Cartoon: Two rattlesnakes encounter a giant rabbit in the desert

    Muppets/Song: “Women Can Be”

    Film: The Mad Painter #8

    Cartoon: A boy asks a wizard to conjure up things that start with R

    Muppets: Ernie paints a picture of Bert, but it shows Bert with a beard, long hair, and glasses! Ernie “fixes” the problem by putting fake hair and glasses on Bert!

    Scene 2: The Count has counted all the chickens, cows, sheep, and vegetables on the farm. Luis suggests that he counts plants. The Count finds a cactus and counts the spikes, but he pricks his finger in the process!

    Cartoon: The weary traveler asks the wise man to explain none, some, and all using a basket of oranges

    Film: A boy goes to the dentist

    Muppets: Sesame Street News Flash – Kermit interviews Aladdin and the Genie

    Cartoon: Q is for Quiet (tree chopping)

    Cartoon: An ant moves a giant letter Q up a hill

    Muppets/Celebrity: Judy Collins sings, “The Fisherman’s Song” with the Muppets

    Film: Wild geese

    Scene 3: Oscar wants to try riding a horse, against Bob and Sofia’s wishes. Before Oscar can properly mount the horse, the horse takes off, dragging Oscar along! Bob: “Oscar! That’s not a farm horse…that’s a wild horse! You’re not going to be able to control it!” Oscar (yelling): “All the better for me, Bright Eyes! Yee-ha!”

    Cartoon: A woman puts an “R” under the hood of her car, and it goes, “Rrrrr…”

    Muppets: Roosevelt Franklin Elementary School – Bad Luck to Be Born a Duck

    Scene 4: Maria wishes that she could ride a horse. Luis and the local New Mexico kids offer to teach her.

    Muppets: Simon Soundman goes to the music store to buy a trumpet, but the salesman keeps bringing him the wrong instruments

    Cartoon: A STOP sign causes a train to stop

    Cartoon: A guitarist is drawn as English- and Spanish-speaking kids guess what it is

    Film/Song: “I’m a Hard Working Dog”

    Scene 5: Luis, Maria, and the kids ride horses through the beautiful New Mexico valleys and forests.

    Muppets: Grover the Salesman attempts to sell a weather machine to Kermit

    Cartoon: The letter Q (what is that funny-looking thing?)

    Film: Making horseshoes

    Cartoon: Pinball Number Count #8

    Scene 6: Luis walks around the ranch by himself and sings, “My Special Place.”

    Cartoon: The “O” in the word “STOP” keeps bouncing around, and the other three letters tell it to stop

    Muppets: Cookie Monster sounds out the word “FOOD” and eats the letters, the salt and pepper containers, and his napkin!

    Film: A jackrabbit (music by Joe Raposo)

    Cartoon: A race announcer doubles as the man who holds up the START and STOP signs

    Muppets: Bert teaches his pet pigeon Bernice how to play checkers. Ernie is amazed by Bernice’s ability, until Bert delivers the punchline: “Out of the ten games we’ve played, she’s only beaten me twice.”

    Cartoon: Jazz Spies #8

    Muppets: Guy Smiley hosts “What Is It?” Featuring Grover, Biff, and Prairie Dawn

    Cartoon: The King of Eight (stop-motion animation by Jim Henson)

    Film: STOP! (kids dancing)

    Scene 7: At night, the adults sit around a small outdoor bonfire and talk about their time in New Mexico so far. Big Bird announces the sponsors. SS sign still: Kermit and a kid. CTW sign still: Luis.


    Emilio Delgado as Luis

    Sonia Manzano as Maria

    Bob McGrath as Bob

    Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar

    **Special guest: Carla Pinza as Sofia


    Frank Oz as Bert, Grover, Cookie Monster, AMs

    Jerry Nelson as the Count, Simon Soundman, Biff, AMs

    Fran Brill as Prairie Dawn

    Matt Robinson as Roosevelt Franklin

    Richard Hunt as AMs

    Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, Guy Smiley, AMs
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  11. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    Number 109 details the final day of the New Mexico visit! Plus, Bert asks Ernie about string, Madeline Kahn duets with Grover, and lots of classic Sesame Street cartoons: Billy Jo Jive, Pinball Number Count, Typewriter Guy, and Wee Willie Wimple!

    Sesame Street Old School Outline 109

    Season 10: New Mexico 2.0, Day 5

    Sponsors: R, Y, 11

    Scene 1: In the morning, baby Manuela cries, waking everyone up. Oscar and Oliver Grouch are delighted, but Sofia explains that a baby’s cries are important. First, she tries rocking Manuela, and then Mr. Rodriguez feels the diaper to see if it needs to be changed. Then Sofia gets some baby food and feeds Manuela. The baby smiles, making everyone else happy, except for the Grouches!

    Cartoon: Pinball Number Count #11

    Muppets: At night, Ernie is thirsty, so he drinks an imaginary glass of water. Bert asks him to get a real glass of water. Afterwards, Ernie goes back to bed but is now hungry! So he eats an imaginary sandwich…

    Scene 2: Susan helps Sofia, Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez change Manuela’s diaper. They take the dirty diapers out to Oscar and Oliver.

    Film: Hands count to 11

    Cartoon: R is for Radio

    Cartoon: Typewriter Guy – R is for Rope

    Film: Kids train for the special Olympics

    Muppets: Sinister Sam is looking for the man who bought the last box of crayons from the general store, and he “wants to know why!” Once he finds the culprit, he takes the crayons, draws a letter Y, and asks if he did it right.

    Film: Camels eating

    Scene 3: Big Bird asks Sofia for a crayon and some paper so that he can write to his friend Mr. Snuffleupagus. Luis and Bob insist that Snuffleupaguses do not exist, but Sofia plays along and gives the Bird a postcard. As he writes, Big Bird imagines what Snuffy’s doing, and the fantasy scenes are shown: “Maybe he’s playing jacks…or he’s eating spaghetti and cabbages. Or maybe the adults finally saw him! Maybe Olivia, Gordon, Mr. Looper and the kids are throwing a big party for Snuffy without me! And I’ll never got to be part of it.” As Big Bird begins to sob, the adults ask him what’s wrong. Big Bird: “Everyone on Sesame Street is throwing a party for Mr. Snuffleupagus WITHOUT ME!” (ending music plays as the adults stare at each other)

    Cartoon: Sand Y animation

    Muppets/Celebrity: Madeline Kahn and Grover perform, “Sing After Me”

    Cartoon: What if an anteater had the features of a giraffe? (art by Cliff Roberts)

    Film: A marching band counts to 20

    Muppets: In the subway, two men notice how LOUD and quiet it can be

    Cartoon: Two kids argue over a cat and a dog, who chase each other around a fence

    Scene 4: The Count counts people who are busy at work on the ranch. First, he counts David and Maria, who are repairing a fence. Then he counts Sofia, Bob, Susan, and Mrs. Rodriguez in the vegetable garden. Next, he counts Luis, Mr. Rodriguez, and Big Bird who are feeding the horses and pitching hay. When Luis gives him a pitchfork and asks him to help pitch hay, the Count says, “Including myself, that is a total of ten people helping out on the ranch! Ah, ah, ah!”

    Film: Finding letters of the alphabet in the city (child voiceover)

    Muppets: Cookie Monster shows Ernie how to eat cookies slow and fast, until Ernie’s cookies are all gone

    Film: 10 zebras walk slowly, and then 10 other zebras walk fast

    Insert: Gordon and Olivia sing, “Quiet Is”

    Muppets: Several foods (Muppet lettuce, cheese, ham, bread, and butter) cooperate to make a sandwich for a Muppet girl

    Cartoon: Y is for Yo-Yo (speech balloon)

    Cartoon: Y is for Yellow Yahoo

    Film: Kids take swimming lessons

    Scene 5: Big Bird imagines what it would be like if he lived in New Mexico instead of on Sesame Street. Ultimately, he decides that Sesame Street is better, although he likes New Mexico a lot.

    Cartoon: Billy Jo Jive and the Mystery of the Midnight Voices

    Film: A shoe repairman at work

    Cartoon: Everything you need to know about cats (art by Bruce Cayard)

    Muppets: Bert asks Ernie why he has string tied around his fingers. Ernie explains that the string on his first finger is to remind him of the string tied around his second finger…and so on. Ultimately, the last piece of string is there to remind Ernie that there’s no more string in the house, and that he needs to buy more!

    Cartoon/Song: Wee Willie Wimple causes land pollution

    Scene 6: The Rodriguez family teaches Spanish folk songs to the Sesame Street cast.

    Film: A child watches a building grow, from being a hole in the ground to a complete structure with a roof

    Cartoon/Song: “It’s a Lovely Eleven Morning”

    Cartoon: My pet Y named Yetta

    Muppets/Song: “City-Country Song”

    Cartoon: 30 dots (the last dot keeps showing up early)

    Scene 7: After a nice lunch, it is time for everyone to return to Sesame Street. Luis says goodbye to his family and kisses baby Manuela. Everyone brings their bags out, loads the truck, and says their goodbyes. Just as the truck starts up, Oscar asks if he can hitch a ride back to Sesame Street. Luis stops the truck, and David and Bob haul Oscar’s can onto the bed of the truck. The truck pulls away as Oliver Grouch watches: “Oscar didn’t even say goodbye to me…now that’s my grandson! Always doing the RIGHT thing as a Grouch.” Sofia and her family announce the sponsors together, and the Friday credits roll. SS sign still: Susan. CTW sign still: Mr. Hooper.


    Northern Calloway as David

    Emilio Delgado as Luis

    Will Lee as Mr. Hooper

    Loretta Long as Susan

    Sonia Manzano as Maria

    Bob McGrath as Bob

    Roscoe Orman as Gordon

    Alaina Reed as Olivia

    Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar

    **Special guest: Carla Pinza as Sofia


    Frank Oz as Bert, Cookie Monster, Grover, AMs

    Jerry Nelson as the Count, Oliver Grouch, Mr. Snuffleupagus, AMs

    Marilyn Sokol and Richard Hunt as AMs

    Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, Sinister Sam, AMs
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  12. MikaelaMuppet

    MikaelaMuppet Well-Known Member

    Are these actually all your own?
  13. sesamemuppetfan

    sesamemuppetfan Well-Known Member

    Yes they are! Go back to the very first outline in this thread and read his intro.
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  14. MikaelaMuppet

    MikaelaMuppet Well-Known Member

    Oh whoops. I will do that.:o
  15. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    To clarify for people who are new to SSOSOs (Sesame Street Old School Outlines), I started writing these nearly four years ago after watching the episodes from the Sesame Street Classics series on iTunes. Being an avid fan of 1970s Sesame Street, I wrote a couple and decided to keep plowing along. I haven't stopped coming up with ideas since! It's a lot of fun and I'm glad that more people on the forum are reading and enjoying them.
    ***NOTE: These are ALL my original ideas, and if there are any similarities between any episodes from the actual series, it is purely accidental. However, I reference Muppet Wiki and YouTube frequently for inserts, cartoons, and films to place in between my written street scenes.

    Stay tuned for two new outlines coming soon. One is a FIRST in the history of SSOSOs, and the other one features Cookie Monster and a (in my opinion) HILARIOUS plot twist!
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  16. MikaelaMuppet

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    Can you do some from the 80s and 90s?
  17. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    Right now, I'm doing ONLY outlines from Seasons 3-10, which would all take place in the 1970s. Perhaps I might do outlines from the 1980s or 1990s in the future, but it's unlikely.

    If anyone would like to see some of my additional Sesame Street-themed work, check my "Jesse's Girl" thread and "Poems, Haikus, and Whatnot(s)" thread. I also have written several full fan fiction scripts for the Muppet Show. The links to all three threads are posted below. And if anyone has any more questions, I would appreciate private messages instead of thread replies. Thanks!



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    Here's a milestone outline. What makes this one so special? Not only is this number 110, but it is also a Season 2 episode outline! Featuring Matt Robinson as Gordon, and appearances by rare characters including the pedantic Herbert Birdsfoot, the monotonous Professor Hastings, and the short-lived duo of Larry and Phyllis. Enjoy my FIRST-EVER Season 2 outline in the Sesame Street Old School Outline series!

    Sesame Street Old School Outline 110

    Season 2: Gordon and Susan host Big Bird for lunch/Oscar helps Herbert Birdsfoot

    Sponsors: W, 2

    Scene 1: Gordon and Susan are having a special visitor in their apartment for lunch. They asks the kids to guess who is coming, based on the clues. He’s very tall, yellow, and has feathers: Big Bird!

    Cartoon: Wanda the Witch

    Scene 2: Gordon and Susan greet their special visitor, who accidentally knocks over a vase upon entering. Big Bird has something important to tell them, but Gordon suddenly realizes that he forgot to buy birdseed for Big Bird! He says that he has to go to Hooper’s Store, and will be back soon.

    Film/Song: “Eating” (by Joe Raposo)

    Muppets: Bert plays “What Happens Next?” with Ernie. On the last turn, Ernie says that a monster will pop up behind and ask for a cookie. Bert is skeptical, until Cookie Monster appears behind him and says, “Cookie?”

    Scene 3: Gordon asks Mr. Hooper for a bag of birdseed, but Hooper is all out. Then he asks Bob, who has no time to talk because he has to catch a bus downtown.

    Cartoon: A worm talks about the letter W

    Celebrity/Song: Listen My Brother sings, “You Gotta Learn”

    Cartoon: Birds appear around the numbers 1-20 (art by the Hubleys)

    Scene 4: In desperation, Gordon asks Oscar if he has any birdseed. Oscar says he does, but refuses to give any to Gordon. Gordon becomes upset, and Oscar replies, “Well if you wanted birdseed, you’d have gone to the Pet Shop instead of knocking on my trashcan and bothering me!” With this accidental advice, Gordon thanks Oscar and rushes to the Pet Shop.

    Cartoon: Jazz Spies #2

    Muppets/Song: Herry Monster and Cookie Monster sing, “Circles”

    Cartoon: Checkerboard transition

    Film/Song: “Have You Ever Been to the Farm?”

    Scene 5: Gordon returns to his apartment with birdseed for Big Bird. Gordon asks Big Bird what he was going to tell him before he left, and Big Bird says, “I was going to tell you that I’m on a birdseed-free diet...so I’m not eating birdseed. Do you have any peanuts or sunflower seeds?” An exhausted Gordon collapses in his chair.

    Cartoon: Wanda the Witch (repeat)

    Muppets/Cast: Bob reads the story of “The Most Beautiful Woman in the World”

    Celebrity: Bill Cosby shows three kids, but they continually insist that there are four. Unbeknownst to Bill, another girl keeps hiding behind his chair! Bill catches her, and presents the correct number of kids.

    Cartoon: Today’s Secret Drawing is…the Mailman

    Scene 6: Susan, Gordon, and Big Bird play “Three of These Things” with a pile of birdseed, some sunflower seeds, a handful of peanuts, and a pot roast. Big Bird explains that the pot roast doesn’t belong because it is not something that birds eat. Satisfied with the answer, Gordon starts cutting the roast, and everybody eats lunch.

    Cartoon: Alice Braithwaite Goodyshoes shows around, over, and under.

    Muppets: Ernie prepares a cake for Cookie Monster while singing, “If I Knew You Were Coming (I’d Have Baked a Cake)”

    Film: The snouts, tails, and bodies of pigs

    Film/Song: Henson #2

    Cast: Bob and Gordon assemble a broken letter W

    Cartoon: Batman shows around, up, and through

    Muppets: Guy Smiley hosts, “What’s My Part” with the Foot as the guest. The panelists are Bennett Snerf, Arlene Frantic, and Professor Hastings.

    Scene 7: Herbert Birdsfoot asks Oscar to help him come up with W words. Oscar’s questions (who, what, why) end up helping Herbert a great deal.

    Cartoon: W is for Water (speech balloon)

    Cartoon: Alice Braithwaite Goodyshoes shows through by pouring paint into a vertical pipe, but the paint goes through only when she puts her head under the pipe!

    Muppets: Roosevelt Franklin’s Days of the Week Song

    Cartoon: The uses of water (English version)

    Scene 8: Herbert Birdsfoot asks Oscar to help show pairs of items. Oscar agrees, and pulls out a pair of holey socks, a pair of tin cans, and a pair of banana peels. Herbert ends up slipping on the banana peels, to Oscar’s amusement.

    Cast: Larry and Phyllis cooperate to make and send party invitations

    Muppets: Bert orders Ernie to clean up the apartment. (Part 1)

    Film: Animals from the African plains

    Muppets: Ernie has cleaned up the apartment, but still needs to clean out his toybox. As he does, he throws his toys all over the place, frustrating Bert. (Part 2)

    Cartoon: Jazz Spies #2 (repeat)

    Cartoon: The uses of water (Spanish version)

    Scene 9: Big Bird, Susan, and Gordon walk out of the 123 apartment onto Sesame Street and enjoy the sunny day. Other residents including Mr. Hooper, Bob, Cookie Monster, Farley, and a Lavender Anything Muppet woman are shown. Gordon announces the sponsors and signs off. SS sign still: Mr. Hooper and Bob. CTW sign still: Susan.


    Alan Arkin as Larry

    Barbara Dana as Phyllis

    Will Lee as Mr. Hooper

    Loretta Long as Susan

    Bob McGrath as Bob

    Matt Robinson as Gordon


    Caroll Spinney as Big Bird, Oscar, and Bennett Snerf

    Frank Oz as Bert, Cookie Monster, Professor Hastings, AMs

    Jerry Nelson as Herbert Birdsfoot, Herry Monster, the Foot, Farley, AMs

    Fran Brill as Arlene Frantic, AMs

    Jim Henson as Ernie, Guy Smiley, AMs
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  19. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    A double-header post! Here is outline 111, with a good twist ending (in my opinion, anyway). This one features Cookie Monster in a central role, and also features classic bits including "Mumford's Pillar Trick," "I Want to Hold Your Ear," and "Ernie Gets Bert to Warm Up."

    Sesame Street Old School Outline 111

    Season 7: Cookie Monster sells cookie-burgers at Hooper’s Store/Big Bird, Grover, and the kids play a pretending game

    Sponsors: N, Z, 6

    Scene 1: Grover, Big Bird, and the kids pretend to be scuba divers, racecar drivers, and ants.

    Cartoon: Poverty Pictures’ Z Sketch

    Film: Swinging gibbon

    Muppets: Sesame Street News Flash – Kermit interviews a princess looking for a suitor. It turns out that the man she’s describing is Kermit! Upon kissing him, she turns into a frog that Kermit finds rather cute…

    Cartoon: Flying Z in space

    Cartoon: Jasper thinks he’s lost his elbow, but Julius shows him his elbow by bending his arm (art by Cliff Roberts)

    Muppets: Harvey Kneeslapper’s OPEN trick fails (part 1)

    Cartoon: A horse is drawn as kids guess what it is

    Muppets: Harvey Kneeslapper’s OPEN trick fails (part 2)

    Cartoon: Lowercase n on a hill

    Muppets: Harvey Kneeslapper’s OPEN trick fails (part 3)

    Film: A dune buggy is assembled

    Cartoon: The Country Fiddler – Six Snails

    Scene 2: Cookie Monster finishes off a plate of chocolate chip cookies and expresses his satisfaction to Mr. Hooper. Cookie wants to show Mr. Hooper his gratitude and says that he has a special recipe that he wants Mr. Hooper to try selling at the store! “It FANTASTIC recipe, Mr. Hooper! It going to knock your socks off. Sales of this item going to go BOOM! Through the roof!” Mr. Hooper: “Well, what is it called?” Cookie: “It a family recipe from me great-grandmonster: they called [spreads his palms apart] Cookie-burgers!” He runs to get the ingredients as Mr. Hooper waits.

    Cartoon: Typewriter Guy – N is for Nose

    Cast: A clown (David) goes through several doors marked “OPEN,” each one being smaller than the one before. Each time, he says, “OPEN.”

    Muppet/Kid Moments: Ernie, Bert, and Shola count on their fingers

    Scene 3: Cookie Monster shows Mr. Hooper how to make “the world-famous Cookie-burgers.” It’s nothing more than sticking a cookie on top of a burger. Mr. Hooper is unimpressed, but after Cookie Monster begs and grovels, he gives in.

    Cartoon: The Queen of Six

    Muppets: A Casanova-esque Muppet named Maurice sings “I Want to Hold Your Ear” while removing his girlfriend’s facial features

    Film: A kangaroo and its baby

    Cartoon: A man becomes annoyed when various animal noses are drawn on his face

    Scene 4: When Maria comes in for lunch, Cookie Monster tries to persuade her to try a Cookie-burger. Maria politely turns him down and orders a bowl of chicken soup. Next, Big Bird arrives, but he doesn’t want a Cookie-burger either. He wants Mr. Hooper’s famous birdseed burger instead! Cookie: “Hubba wha? A birdseed burger? Since when did that become a thing?”

    Film: A toymaker designs and builds a toy airplane

    Muppets: Four Anything Muppet children cooperate to plant a flower

    Cartoon: Two men cooperate to get apples from a tree

    Scene 5: Bob comes in, and Cookie Monster pitches the Cookie-burgers again. Bob declines and orders a salad. Then the Count comes in, showing genuine interest in the Cookie-burgers. Cookie: “At long last! Then you going to eat one?” The Count: “EAT one? Why, that is ridiculous! I am going to COUNT them!” After the Count counts six Cookie-burgers, Cookie Monster loses his patience and runs out of the store, completely frustrated and agitated. The adults follow him.

    Film/Song: Henson #6

    Muppets: The Amazing Mumford performs his Levitating Pillar Trick with help from Grover. Once Mumford leaves, Grover tries the trick on Herry Monster, but he fails, sending Herry falling through the floor.

    Cartoon: A janitor sweeps up his footprints the wrong way, then the right way. Afterwards, a centipede comes in, leaving tracks all over the floor!

    Film: Counting antique cars (music by Joe Raposo)

    Cartoon: Four people cooperate to build a table

    Scene 6: Cookie Monster feels upset that no one wants to try his Cookie-burgers. Maria explains that everybody likes different things, and that someone is bound to like them. She and Mr. Hooper convince Cookie to keep trying. As they re-enter the store, Oscar comes in for lunch. Mr. Hooper suggests to Cookie that he should offer a Cookie-burger to Oscar. Cookie reluctantly does so, and is shocked to find out that Grouches love putting cookies on their burgers! After slathering spicy brown mustard and strawberry syrup on top, Oscar chows down. Cookie Monster admits that he’s happy that he has a satisfied customer…even if it’s Oscar.

    Film/Song: “Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?” (sung by Joe Raposo)

    Cartoon: What if we celebrated Valentine’s Day with chickens instead of hearts?

    Cartoon: Would you mind closing our OPEN?

    Muppets/Song: Little Jerry and the Monotones perform, “Telephone Rock”

    Cartoon: I’ve Got a Mind: Wind Up-Toy (art by Cliff Roberts)

    Cartoon: Nancy the Nanny Goat

    Muppets: Bert is too cold in the apartment, so Ernie goes overboard to help him warm up. After being covered in a coat, hat, scarf, and earmuffs, Bert screams that he’s broiling hot, so Ernie opens up the window and turns on the electric fan.

    Cartoon: Danny knows the alphabet, and boy is he proud!

    Scene 7: The camera cuts in on a tall stack of empty plates and used napkins…all from Oscar’s consumed Cookie-burgers! Then it pans over to the door, where Cookie Monster, Maria, Mr. Hooper, and Bob are trying to push Oscar (with a bloated stomach) through the door. Oscar: “Wow, I haven’t eaten anything this rotten in ages! That was a great meal. Hey, are you making more Cookie-burgers tomorrow? Is this gonna be on the menu permanently?” As everyone struggles and Oscar smirks, the Count announces the sponsors. SS sign still: Ernie and Bert. CTW sign still: Big Bird.


    Northern Calloway as David

    Will Lee as Mr. Hooper

    Sonia Manzano as Maria

    Bob McGrath as Bob

    Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar


    Frank Oz as Cookie Monster, Grover, Bert, Harvey Kneeslapper, AMs

    Jerry Nelson as the Count, the Amazing Mumford, Herry Monster, Little Jerry, AMs

    Richard Hunt, Jeff Moss, and Christopher Cerf as the Monotones

    Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, AMs
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  20. cjd874

    cjd874 Well-Known Member

    Outline 112 features Biff and Sully, and Big Bird and Snuffy. Plus, Martha presents the letter M, the Anything Muppets sing the "Fat Cat" rhyming song, and David and Maria attempt to play ping-pong!

    Sesame Street Old School Outline 112

    Season 8: Biff and Sully try to fix the bulb in the lamppost/Big Bird helps Snuffy pack for a vacation

    Sponsors: A, M, 4

    Scene 1/Insert: Oscar shows Gordon his new vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, when Gordon leans into the can to watch, the vacuum sprays dirt and dust in his face!

    Cartoon: A is for Acrobats

    Muppets: Lefty the Salesman tries to sell Ernie a painting of four elephants, which are cleverly hidden shapes in between several tree branches. After buying it, Ernie tries to stump Bert with the picture, but Bert instantly notices the elephants.

    Scene 2: Mr. Snuffleupagus thanks Big Bird for helping him pack for his vacation. Big Bird is glad to help, and asks where to start. As the camera pans out, the entire nest area is covered with Snuffleupagus-sized clothing, toiletries, and playthings. Big Bird and Snuffy sort everything by color, shape, and size.

    Film: A weaver-bird (music by Joe Raposo)

    Cartoon: Pinball Count #4

    Cartoon: M is for Marvelous Martha

    Cast: David and Maria try to play a ping-pong match, but David keeps using the wrong sports equipment

    Muppet/Kid Moment: Herry Monster and Laura identify geometric shapes

    Cartoon: The M That Came to Dinner

    Muppets: The Busby Twins wants to buy a rocket

    Cartoon: What if a frog and a fly switched bodies?

    Scene 3: Snuffy has finished packing and leaves to catch his Snuffleupa-bus. But as he walks off with his suitcase, Big Bird notices that he has forgotten his toothpaste! As Big Bird runs after the bus clutching a giant tube of toothpaste, Susan and Gordon look on and give each other confused looks.

    Cartoon: A witch tells a group of kids a story full of words starting with A

    Cast: Bob, Luis, and the train tunnel

    Muppets: A bilingual Anything Muppet girl presents “cuatro galletitas.” Cookie Monster is sad that there aren’t any cookies involved, until the girl says that “cuatro galletitas” means “four cookies” in Spanish. Overjoyed, Cookie devours the cookies and the number 4 prop next to the girl!

    Scene 4: Susan, Gordon, and the kids discuss the importance of lights.

    Cartoon: Caterpillars never wear brown boots

    Muppets: Ernie and Bert can’t fall asleep because of a leaking faucet. Ernie “solves” the problem by turning on the radio and the vacuum cleaner to drown out the noise.

    Cartoon/Song: Wee Willie Wimple – Cutting Down Trees

    Film: Trees are very useful (music by Joe Raposo)

    Muppets/Song: “The Song of the Count”

    Cartoon: A polka-dotted egg hatches, and four chicks on motorcycles emerge

    Scene 5: As dusk falls, Susan and Gordon notice that the light on the lamppost hasn’t turned on. Thinking that it may be broken, they call Biff and Sully to fix it.

    Cartoon: Cat/fat/hat/sat/rat/bat/scat/splat/flat/pat

    Muppets: Don Music rewrites “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” with help from Kermit. Chris and the Alphabeats arrive later to sing “Drive, Drive, Drive Your Car.”

    Film: An animal auctioneer at work, helping sell livestock to farmers

    Cartoon: Spanish words that begin with the letter M

    Muppets: Grover talks about the “ONE WAY” sign, but ends up causing a big crash when he goes the wrong way

    Cartoon: M is for Moo

    Scene 6: Susan and Gordon watch as Biff climbs the ladder to get to the top of the lamppost. He asks Sully to pass him the bulb, but Gordon points out that Sully can’t reach Biff from down below. Biff climbs back down to get the bulb, and climbs back up with it. Then he asks Sully to pass him his toolbox. Sully stares at the camera, and Susan and Gordon shake their heads as the ending music plays.

    Cartoon: Two solid lines collide and have an argument. They decide to cooperate by becoming dashed lines to let each other pass.

    Muppets/Song: “Fat Cat” (featuring Bip Bipadotta)

    Cartoon: A man presents an alligator, which starts with the letter A

    Film/Song: Henson #4

    Muppet/Kid Moment: Ernie, Bert, and Shola show the letter A. Ernie: “’Ay, Bert! That’s an A.”

    Cartoon: A is for Ape (speech balloon)

    Film: Footage of children acting out jobs, followed by adult professionals with the same jobs (e.g. carpenter, designer, musician)

    Cartoon: A group of alley cats cooperate to make music together

    Scene 7: Night has fallen, and Biff and Sully have finished putting a new bulb on the lamppost. Biff: “There ya go, Gordon and Susan. We got ourselves a brand-new light bulb for this here lamppost!” As Biff says the last word, he slaps the lamppost, which wobbles, sending the bulb crashing down to the ground. Biff (meekly): “Heh…I knew I was missin’ something. I guess I forgot to screw in the bulb onto the top of the lamppost.” Realizing that they must start all over again, Sully faints. Biff tries to get him up as Gordon and Susan retire to their apartment for the night. Big Bird sleepily announces the sponsors. SS sign still: Maria. CTW sign still: Oscar.


    Northern Calloway as David

    Emilio Delgado as Luis

    Loretta Long as Susan

    Sonia Manzano as Maria

    Bob McGrath as Bob

    Roscoe Orman as Gordon

    Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar


    Frank Oz as Bert, Grover, Cookie Monster, Lefty the Salesman, AMs

    Jerry Nelson as Biff, Mr. Snuffleupagus, the Count, Herry Monster, AMs

    Richard Hunt as Sully, Don Music, AMs

    Christopher Cerf as Chris (voice only)

    Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, Bip Bipadotta, AMs
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