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Sesame Street Old School Outlines


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Nov 13, 2012
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Here's the eighth outline in the snow-day arc (number 213 overall), featuring Big Bird, Herry, Mumford, Oscar, and all the human cast members! Plus, Kermit and Grover make a snowman, Prairie Dawn presents a flower pageant, and Prince Charming falls for a mixed-up princess.

Sesame Street Old School Outline 213

Season 7: Snow day arc #8 –Mumford’s rhyming trick/Digging out Gordon’s car

Sponsors: R, S, 10

Scene 1: Susan and Gordon walk out of their apartment and see their car buried in snow. They leave to get some shovels to dig out their car.

Cartoon: A voice asks a face if it’s aware of the letter S, and it’s revealed that the face belongs to a snake (animation by the Hubleys)

Cartoon: S is for Snow, Santa, and Sleigh

Scene 2: Maria and David are helping out Gordon and Susan. Big Bird offers to help out, but he keeps bringing unuseful items such as a baseball mitt and a toothbrush. Finally, he brings Herry Monster, who pushes the car out of the snow by himself!

Muppets: Roosevelt Franklin Elementary School – Crossing the Street

Cartoon: R is for Radio

Cartoon: R is for Rabbit (speech balloon)

Muppets: Prairie Dawn puts on a pageant about how to grow a flower (featuring Ernie, Herry Monster, Cookie Monster, and Bert)

Cartoon: A STOP sign commands a train to stop

Film/Song: Henson #10

Transition: Scan-imate kids intro

Scene 3: Gordon helps Shola and Fannie cooperate to pull one another on a sled.

Cartoon: Sand S/s

Film: A conductor tells his off-key violinist to “STOP”

Cartoon: Rorschach ink blob association (funky jazz soundtrack)

Muppets: Kermit and Grover make a snowman with big, bigger, and biggest snowballs. At the end, the snowman comes to life, startling Grover and Kermit!

Scene 4: Maria, David, and the kids watch as the Amazing Mumford conjures up things that rhyme with snow: a bow, a crow, and some dough. He asks Oscar if he’d like to see the trick, and Oscar replies, “NO!” After Oscar repeats this several times, Mumford thanks him for saying something that rhymes with snow. A defeated Oscar groans and retreats into his trashcan.

Cartoon: A farmer plants big, bigger, and biggest trees

Muppets/Song: The Anything Muppets sing, “We’re a Family”

Film: A man puts on snowshoes and takes a walk through the snow

Cartoon: S is for subway, sailboat, sled, scooter, skates, skis, and STOP

Cast: David, Luis, and Linda count in English, Spanish, and sign language

Muppets: Ernie and Bert share peanut butter and bread

Cartoon: An elevator goes up 10 floors, picking up many passengers along the way. The tenth passenger, a mouse, causes the elevator to overload and explode!

Film/Song: “Whale Tooth Brushing Blues” (by Joe Raposo)

Muppets: Harvey Kneeslapper’s “R” prank

Cartoon: R is for Ribbon

Insert: Prince Charming is looking for a girl he met last night. He plans to fit her with various items, but Bob corrects him regarding which parts of the body they go on. The princess shows up with a glass slipper on her ear, a glove on her nose, and a pocketbook on her head. The Prince declares that he’s found his love!

Cartoon: A bully recites the alphabet to a mild-mannered gardener, who hits him in the face with a pie

Muppet/Kid Moment: The Count and Ingrid count to 20 in Spanish

Cartoon: S is for Snake (speech balloon)

Cartoon: The letters in the word “STOP” bounce around, until the O shouts, “STOP!”

Film: Ostriches walk and run (piano accompaniment)

Cartoon: S – Serpiente (Spanish version of speech balloon cartoon)

Scene 5: Mr. Hooper and David serve a special lunch at Hooper’s Store. They have made ten grilled cheese sandwiches and ten bowls of tomato soup. After counting everything, they call to the street residents to come inside for lunch. Susan, Gordon, Maria, and five kids come in to eat.

Cartoon: STOP (moving colored STOP signs in fast-motion)

Muppets: Ernie has a question for Bert, but Bert is busy reading the newspaper. Ernie hums loudly and talks to Rubber Duckie until Bert gives in. Ernie then asks if he can borrow the newspaper.

Cartoon/Song: Ten Turtles (by Bud Luckey)

Muppet/Kid Moment: Kermit interviews a girl about animal sounds. When he asks her what sound a frog makes, she goes “Wiggit, wiggit!”

Film: Ten hats on a hat rack

Film/Song: Henson #10 (repeat)

Scene 6: Everyone enjoys lunch at Hooper’s Store as Herry Monster and Mumford announce the sponsors together. SS sign still: Big Bird. CTW sign still: Maria.

Linda Bove as Linda
Northern Calloway as David
Emilio Delgado as Luis
Will Lee as Mr. Hooper
Loretta Long as Susan
Sonia Manzano as Maria
Bob McGrath as Bob
Roscoe Orman as Gordon
Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar

Frank Oz as Bert, Cookie Monster, Grover, Harvey Kneeslapper, Prince Charming, AMs
Jerry Nelson as Herry Monster, the Count, the Amazing Mumford, AMs
Fran Brill as Prairie Dawn
Matt Robinson as Roosevelt Franklin (voice only)
Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, AMs


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Nov 13, 2012
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Here's the ninth outline in the snow-day arc (number 214 overall), featuring Big Bird, Oscar, David, Luis, and Mr. Hooper! Plus, Ernie keeps Bert awake with loud sounds, Sinister Sam searches for a doctor, and Herbert Birdsfoot presents the "ET" word family.

Sesame Street Old School Outline 214

Season 7: Snow day arc #9 – Oscar’s snow blower/Big Bird makes snow

Sponsors: S, W, 11

Scene 1: David plays “Simon Says” with the kids.

Muppets: At night, Ernie tries to drown out a dripping faucet with even louder sounds, driving Bert crazy in the process

Film: A pony gets near the camera, and then goes far away from it

Cartoon: The Eleven Cheer (produced by Jim Henson)

Muppets: Biff hangs up numbers under Salvador Dada’s paintings

Scene 2: David and Luis discover Oscar trying to start a junky snow blower. David suggests that Oscar should get it fixed, but Oscar refuses. Luis insists that they should give it a try, so Oscar lets Luis and David try to fix the snow blower.

Cartoon: A girl inflates a balloon in the shape of an “S”

Film: Shopping for soup ingredients

Scene 3: Luis and David are covered in soot and grease. They decide that Oscar’s snow blower is beyond repair, but Oscar wants them to keep going. When David points out how dirty he and Luis are, Oscar says, “Yeah, and you two have never looked better! You guys could always use a little extra dirt, anyway…”

Muppets: Bert sings at a meeting of “The National Association of W Lovers”

Cartoon: W is for Wash (speech balloon)

Cartoon: Wanda the Witch

Celebrity: Carol Burnett says, “Wow…Wanda the Witch is weird!”

Film: Kittens play together

Muppets: Hands count to 11 (narration by Fran Brill)

Scene 4: Big Bird wants to show the viewer what snow looks like when it falls, but he realizes that it isn’t snowing at the moment. He ponders some ideas before settling on one that he knows will work…

Muppets: Cookie Monster shows Ernie his cookie counting machine

Film: The Mad Painter #11

Scene 5: Big Bird pours a box of soap flakes from the top of the arbor stairs. David approaches and chides him for taking his box of soap flakes that he uses for laundry.

Cartoon: The Fox and the Crow

Muppets: A group of Anything Muppet children decorate their clubhouse

Cartoon: Superman talks about the letter S

Scene 6: Big Bird finds a newspaper inside Hooper’s Store and plans to shred it to represent snow. Mr. Hooper comes by and tells him that he has to pay for it first. Since Big Bird doesn’t have enough money for a newspaper, he can’t have it.

Muppets: Grover demonstrates near and far

Cartoon: A wagoner gets across a clearing by building a bridge out of his ox-cart and converting is back again (animation by Bruce Cayard)

Scene 7: Big Bird is disappointed that he can’t show what it looks like when it’s snowing. As he sulks, it begins to snow. David and Mr. Hooper tell Big Bird to look up, but Big Bird is too depressed. When the adults finally tell him that it’s snowing, Big Bird is delighted and plays in the snow with the kids.

Film: “Noises”

Muppets: Herbert Birdsfoot and the “ET” family delivery (part 1)

Cartoon/Song: “A Lovely Eleven Morning” (animation by Bud Luckey)

Muppets: Herbert and the “ET” delivery (part 2)

Film: George the Farmer shows near and far

Muppets: Herbert and the “ET” delivery (part 3)

Cartoon: W is for Wilhelmina

Film: A mother asks her son how a glass of milk was spilled on their table. The boy comes up with various reasons, until he confesses that he spilled it himself.

Muppets: Ernie makes a clay bust of Bert’s head, but runs out of clay for the nose. So he pulls off Bert’s nose and puts it on the bust!

Cartoon: Christopher Clumsy talks about shapes (animation by Cliff Roberts)

Cartoon: Sand W/w

Film/Song: “Everybody Eats” (by Joe Raposo)

Muppets: Sinister Sam is looking for Doc Holliday, but he finds the mailman and the firefighter before finding the doctor. When Sam says that he has an “itchy trigger finger,” he clarifies that his finger is really itchy and he wonders whether he should put some lotion on it.

Cartoon: A boy goes fishing, but only catches letters of the alphabet

Cartoon: 30 dots (one arrives too early)

Scene 8: Oscar tries repeatedly to start up his junky snow blower as Luis announces the sponsors. SS sign still: Maria. CTW sign still: Bob.

Northern Calloway as David
Emilio Delgado as Luis
Will Lee as Mr. Hooper
Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar

Frank Oz as Bert, Cookie Monster, Grover, AMs
Jerry Nelson as Biff, Herbert Birdsfoot, AMs
Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, AMs


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Nov 13, 2012
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Here's the tenth and final outline in the snow-day arc (number 215 overall), featuring Big Bird, Oscar, Snuffy, the Count, Biff and Sully, Susan, Gordon, and David! Plus, Ernie and Bert play a pretending game, Don Music composes a silly song, and the Great Cookie Thief strikes again!

Sesame Street Old School Outline 215

Season 7: Snow day arc #10 – Snuffy’s footprints/Biff and Sully freeze Oscar’s pipes

Sponsors: W, X, 12

Scene 1: Big Bird, Mr. Snuffleupagus, and the kids walk in the freshly fallen snow. They count all the things on Sesame Street that are covered in snow: Luis’s workbench, Mr. Hooper’s newsstand, the tire swing in the arbor area, the steps of Susan and Gordon’s apartment, Oscar’s trashcan, and the mailbox. Then they all return to Big Bird’s nest.

Muppets: Don Music and Kermit compose “Drive, Drive, Drive Your Car” to the tune of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”

Cartoon: A bird brings her babies a giant number 12

Cartoon: Cowboy X (voice by Jean Shepherd)

Muppet/Kid Moment: Ernie, Bert, and Shola talk about the letter X

Scene 2: Gordon, Susan, and David find unusual tracks in the snow. They follow the footprints, going right to Big Bird’s doors. David wonders if they could belong to Mr. Snuffleupagus, but Susan and Gordon assert that Mr. Snuffleupagus is imaginary. Gordon and Susan leave for the supermarket, but once they’re gone, David overhears Snuffy talking to Big Bird!

Cartoon: W for Wallpaper

Muppets/Song: Chris and the Alphabeats perform, “Exit”

Cartoon: W is for Worm

Film: A girl practices playing the piano until she’s a grown woman at a recital

Muppets: The Great Cookie Thief (featuring Cookie Monster)

Scene 3: The Count shows the kids a painting of five snowballs. Jay observes that the entire painting is white, to which the Count replies, “Yes, isn’t that marvelous?”

Cartoon: Two kids argue over a chair, until their dog suggests that they share it

Film/Song: “Families” (by Joe Raposo)

Cartoon: Typewriter Guy – X is for X-Ray

Muppets: Harvey Kneeslapper’s X prank

Film: The Alphabet Dancers make the letter X with their bodies

Cartoon/Song: Ladybugs Picnic #12 (by Bud Luckey)

Cartoon: The letter X appears in a night sky

Cast/Song: Maria sings, “Three Whipped Cream Pies on the Wall,” accompanied by Bob, David and Luis. After pelting her musicians with pies, Maria gets hit with several cream pies from off-screen.

Cartoon: 12 Rocks (stop-motion animation by Jim Henson)

Film: A trip to the chewing gum factory

Muppet/Kid Moment: Kermit and Joey recite the alphabet together

Scene 4: Oscar asks Biff and Sully to freeze his pipes in his trashcan. Biff is confused, since people usually ask him and Sully to unfreeze pipes. Oscar replies that he’s a Grouch, and that he wants his pipes frozen.

Cartoon/Song: “Magic Pig Calypso” (animation by Vince Collins)

Muppets: Caveman Days – Sherlock Hemlock invents the EXIT sign for King Ernie

Film: A crocodile (music by Joe Raposo)

Scene 5: Gordon, David, and Susan overhear Oscar inside his can, barking orders at Biff and Sully to turn the heat off and to bring more blocks of ice into the parlor. Eventually, Oscar’s can freezes solid so that Oscar, Biff, and Sully can’t get out! Gordon runs to get a crowbar, while David gets an ice pick.

Cartoon: Brand X

Muppets: Ernie and Bert play a pretending game

Film/Song: “Somebody Come and Play” (by Joe Raposo)

Cartoon: Poverty Pictures’ X segment

Scene 6: Biff, Sully, and Oscar have been rescued. The trashcan lid is mangled, but Oscar couldn’t be happier. Biff asks for a payment, so Oscar gives him a frozen stack of bills. Biff realizes that when it warms up, the bills will become soggy and worthless, which Oscar wants. But David points out that Biff could use a hair dryer to save the bills from ruin. Biff and Sully stroll off happily, while Oscar laments not having pulled a fast one on them.

Cartoon: Building a doghouse is easy if you have a ruler…

Cartoon: A polar bear finds the EXIT sign

Cast/Song: “Three of These Things” (kids dancing/reading)

Muppets: Super Grover helps a boy find the EXIT

Cartoon: Bird count 1-20 (animation by the Hubleys)

Scene 7: Everyone plays in the snow as Big Bird and Snuffy announce the sponsors. SS sign still: Mr. Hooper. CTW sign still: Bob.

Northern Calloway as David
Emilio Delgado as Luis
Loretta Long as Susan
Sonia Manzano as Maria
Bob McGrath as Bob
Roscoe Orman as Gordon
Caroll Spinney as Big Bird and Oscar

Frank Oz as Bert, Grover, Cookie Monster, Harvey Kneeslapper, AMs
Jerry Nelson as Mr. Snuffleupagus, the Count, Biff, Sherlock Hemlock, AMs
Richard Hunt as Sully, Don Music, AMs
Jim Henson as Ernie, Kermit, AMs


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Mar 16, 2019
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I do create my own, but I have a separate thread for it. I haven't had much activity in my thread, so I may as well get back on track pretty soon.