Sesame Street Character Guide


Apr 13, 2002
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Is there a character guide somewhere on the internet for Sesame Street? If so, I'd love to have the url.




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Apr 13, 2002
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I just recently made one:
Alice Snuffleupagus : Judy Sladky
Aloysius Snuffleupagus : Jerry Nelson (1972-79) Brian Meehl
(79-82),Marty Robinson (82- )
Alphabet Explorer : ???
Amazing Mumford : Jerry Nelson
Angry Guy : ???
Assorted Cows : Assorted Performers. Most notably Jerry
Nelson and Richard Hunt.
Athena : ???
Baabaa Walters : ??
Baby Bear : David Rudman
Baby Martian : Various performers
Baby Natasha : Kevin Clash
Barkley : Brian Meehl (77?-84?) Fred Garbo
Bart : ?????
The Beetles : Various. Most notably Richard Hunt
Benny Rabbit : Kevin Clash
Bert : Frank Oz (1969-2000) Eric Jacobson (2000-)
Betty Lou : Fran Brill, Frank Oz
Biff : Jerry Nelson
Big Bird : Carrol Spinney, occasionally Matt Vogel
Bip-Bopadotta (AKA Mahna Mahna : Jim Henson
Bo Peep : Camille Bonora Kampouris
Boss : Jerry Nelson (Golden “An”)
Brad : Richard Hunt
Bruce Stringbean and the
S Street Band : Chris Cerf (performed by Jim Henson)
Bruno : Carrol Spinney
Buster : Marty Robinson
Captain Vegetable : Jim Henson
Chicago the Lion : David Rudman
Chrissy and the Alphabeats : Chris Cerf (usually performed by Jim
Chickens that Quack Like Ducks : Eric Jacobson, Rick Lyon, Stephanie
D’Abruzzio, Carmen Oshbar, Drew Massey
Cinderella : Jerry Nelson
Clementine : Kevin Clash
Cookie Monster : Frank Oz (1969-2000) David Rudman (2000-)
The Count von Count : Jerry Nelson
The Countess Dahling von Dahling: Fran Brill
The Countess von Backwards : Camille Bonora Kampouris
Davy Monkey : David Rudman
Deena & Pearl : ???
The Dingers : Assorted performers
Don Music : Richard Hunt
Dr. Noble Price : Brian Meehl
Elizabeth : Stephanie D’Abruzzio
Elefante : Joe Mazzirino
Elmo : Richard Hunt (1977-79) Brian Meehl (1979-83)
Kevin Clash (83-)
Ernestine : Kevin Clash
Ernie : Jim Henson (1969-1990) Steve WHitmire
Farley : Jerry Nelson
Felix : ???
Ferlengheti : Kevin Clash
Flo Bear : ??
Fluffy : ??
Forgetful Jones : Richard Hunt
Frank and Stein : Jerry Nelson and Richard Hunt
George : ???
Gladys : Richard Hunt
Granny Bird : ????
Granny Fanny Nesselrode : Jim Henson
Grover : Frank Oz (1969-2000) Erid Jacobson (2000-)
Grover's Mommy : Stephanie D’Abruzzio
Grungetta : Pam Aceiro
Guy Smiley
Real name: Bernie Liederkrantz) : Jim Henson
Harvey Kneeslapper : Frank Oz
Henry and Liza : ?????
Henry Wadsworth Wrongfellow : ????
Herbert Birdsfoot : Jerry Nelson
Herry Monster : Jerry Nelson
The Honkers : Assorte performers
Hoots the Owl : Kevin Clash
How Now Brown Cow
and The Moo Wave : Assorteed notably Chris Cerf (performed by
Jim Henson)
Humpty Dumpty : Jerry Nelson
Ingrid and Humphrey : David Rudman and ???
Irvine : David Rudman
Jackman Wolf : ???
Jacket Fairy : Stephanie D’Abruzzio
Joey Monkey : Joey Mazzirino
Kermit the Frog : Jim Henson (1969-1990) Steve WHitmire
Large Blue Wolf : Jerry Nelson
Lefty : Caroll Spinney (“U” skit, 1969) Frank Oz
Little Bird : Fran Brill
Little Jerry and the Monotones : Jerry Nelson, Richard Hunt, Jim Henson,
Frank Oz
Little Murray Sparkles : ???
Little Purple Bird (Paraguay) : Carmen Oshbar
Little Red Riding Hood : Fran Brill
Lord Chatterly : Jerry Nelson
Lulu : Stephanie D’Abruzzio
Malard Duck : ???
Martians : Assorted notably David Rudman
Merryl Sheep : Camille Bonora Kamporuis
Miss Muffett : ????
Mr. Johnson (Fat Blue) : Jerry Nelson
Mrs. Snuffleupagus : ???
Old MacDonald : Marty Robinson
Oscar the Grouch : Caroll Spinney
Oscar's mommy : Jerry Nelson
H. Ross Parrot : Jerry Nelson
Papa Bear : Joey Mazzirino
Pat Playjacks : Jim Henson
Pied Piper : ???
Placido Flamingo : Richard Hunt
Polly Darton : Dolly Parton (Frank Oz perfomred)
Prarie Dawn : Fran Brill
Prince Charming : Frank Oz
Purple Guy : Northen Calloway (performd by Jim Henson)
Roosevelt Franklin : Matt Robinson (performed by Frank Oz or Jim
Henson at times)
Rosita, Monstrua de las Cuevas : Carmen Oshbar
Rumpelstiltskin : ??
Sam the Robot : Jerry Nelson
Sammy the Snake : Jim Henson
Sheep that Do the Cha Cha : Assorted performers
Sheldon the Turtle : ???
Sherlock Hemlock : Jerry Nelson
Showered Rosell : ????
Simon the Soundman : Jerry Nelson
Singing pigs : ???
Sinister Sam : Jim Henson
Sleeping Beauty : Jerry Nelson
Slimey : Marty Robinson
Small Green Wolf : Jerry Nelson
Small Lavender Wolf : Jerry Nelson
Snooky : ???
Solid Citizen : ???
Spider of Miss Muffett : ???
Sully : Richard Hunt
Telly Monster : Brian Meehl (79-83) Marty Robinson (83-)
Theodore : ???
The Three Little Pigs : Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Richard Hunt
Twiddle Bugs : Jim Henson, Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Richard
Velma Blank : ???
Very Large Grayish-Blue Wolf : Jerry Nelson
Vincent Twice, Vincent Twice : Marty Robinson
Virginia the Wolf : ???
Warren Wolf : ???
Witches in a cave : ???
Zoe : Fran Brill
ZZ Top Lookalikes : Jerry Nelson..etc


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Jul 24, 2002
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Here are some others:

Same-Sound Brown: Northern Calloway (probably manipulated by Jim or Frank)
Hardhead Henry Harris: Roscoe Orman (see above)
Smart Tina: Sonia Manzano (" ")
Baby Bree Bop A Doo: ???
Frazzle: Jerry Nelson
Maurice Monster: Richard Hunt
Biff: Jerry Nelson
Sully: Richard Hunt
Prince Charming: Jim Henson
Rodeo Rosie: ??? (Probably Fran Brill)
Lulu: ???
Carlos: Jerry Nelson
Alphabet Chatterley: Jerry Nelson
Xavier/Frank Oz
Oswaldo el Grunion/???
Jack Be Nimble/Jerry Nelson
The Zizzy Zoomers/Jerry Nelson, Jim Henson & Frank Oz
Professor Hastings/Frank Oz


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Jul 24, 2002
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And here's a list of the humans:

Bob/Bob McGrath
Susan/Loretta Long
Gordon/Matt Robinson, Hal Miller, Roscoe Orman
Mr. Hooper/Will Lee
David/Northern Calloway
Maria/Sonia Manzano
Luis/Emilio Delgado
Rafael/Raul Julia
Olivia/Alaina Reed Hall
Gina/Alison Bartlett O'Reilly
Alan/Alan Muraoka
Mr. Hanford/David Langston Smyrl
Lillian/Lillias White
Ruthie/Ruth Buzzi
Jamal/Jou Jou Papallier
Celina/Annette Calud
Gabi/Desiree Casado
Miles/Miles Orman (infant), Imani Patterson (teenager)
Savion/Savion Glover
Molly the Mail Lady/Charlotte Rae
???/Gedde Watanabe
Linda/Linda Bove
Larry/Alan Arkin
Willy/Kermit Love
Mr. McIntosh/Chet O'Brien
Uncle Wally/Bill McCutcheon
Mr. Ortiz/???
Arnold (Mr. Hooper's brother)/Jack Gilford


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Apr 13, 2002
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The hard thing about making a complete SS list is that it is impossible (unlike TMS and Fraggle Rock lists), since nobody has the complete series. It's never complete, and even if you try only main characters, there's always one smart guy who keeps nagging about characters like Humpty Dumpty because he appeared in his favorite skit...

Janice & Mokey's Man

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Apr 14, 2002
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Originally posted by Joggy
It's never komplete, and even if you try only main kharakters, there's always one smart guy who keeps nagging about kharakters like Humpty Dumpty bekause he appeared in his favorite skit...

Cantus Rock

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Jul 29, 2002
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The Dutchman makes a very good point. I think to be more accurate you should do character run-downs of every episode you have rather than calling it a complete guide. That way you don't have to deal with the wise guys so much. :smile:



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Apr 13, 2002
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LOL! I really wonder why you can't say ********** on this board...

********* it all.