Palisades style Mini Muppet project update thread


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Mar 29, 2017
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And here we have the finished product next to the Jim Henson figure from Palisades and the Rainbow Connection Robin and Kermit. Of course Fozzie's scale is smaller as he is meant to work with the mini muppet line.

The figure represents Fozzie bombing on stage and is in scale with the Diamond Select Statler and Waldorf set as this Fozzie and the diamond Fozzie are essentially the same size.

Though I am not happy that it took this long to get a finished product, I am much happier with how it turned out not than if I had tried to finish this 4 years ago. The head sculpt is far better both in size and likeness. His eyes use to be WAAAAYYY too big for his face, as was the nose.

In a weeks time I'll have a new thread up with a link for purchase if anyone is still interested.
The fozzie looks great just found this thread and was curious if u ever did any more with these figures