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Jun 19, 2005
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I've been watching some Welcome Freshmen episodes recently (it looks like every episode is on DailyMotion), and I've noticed in some of the "sitcom format" episodes, it looks like things are set up to go one way but end up not happening. Not sure if it's just me or if any of that is intentional (I almost want to add this stuff to TV Tropes, under "bait and switch" or "red herring" or... what other tropes are there that defy expectations?).

Like in To Walters Dad with Love, Walter's dad becomes a substitute teacher for history, even though he's clearly not good at history (and only passed to be a drivers ed instructor... even though he's also not good at that), at one point he gives Erin advice that ends up working for her. I would have thought he'd switch to being a guidance counselor, but that does not happen.

Or in I'm Dead, a bully threatens to beat Walter at the end of the school day. A subplot involves Manny's mother starting a Parent Patrol, enforcing rules. It seems like they would end up punishing the bully, but it does not happen. Though there is a scene where they start to interfere, only they are on Walter's case about using a comb (which Erin tried to get him to use for self-defense).