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Muppet Pundit: The Steve Whitmire Blog

Old Thunder

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Aug 13, 2015
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I've moved on.....Hopefully he has too.
Sorry for bumping this thread, but I just got an email notification from Muppet Pundit and it looks like someone has hacked the site with a "new post" advertising jerseys or some crap like that and I'm finding it hilarious.

That blog has been dead for nearly two years now so someone might as well use the space....
RIP JimAndFrank. Never forget.


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Jun 7, 2017
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Hi! Hadn't been here for a while (quite glad this thread was bumped).

I'll admit -- in a way, while the blog's end is disappointing, it's also good (*but I have to be honest, it's still more disappointing to me). Those relentless trolls had conquered the blog and turned it into a remorseless , hostile atmosphere, which, I think scared SW off. It's likely he didn't interact much on social media for that reason to begin with (*prior to his departure, I mean); to add, his Instagram posts are for the most part relevant to cons. That said, I feel somewhat guilty; wish I could've told at least one (troll) off for him (*I wasn't busy at a particular time, and had a written up a whole list of "troll replies" ("stan-level" insane, I know)...now they're pretty much useless). Going on, overall, I wish he'd pick up on writing in some way if not that blog - a memoir about his journey into puppetry (and ultimately the Muppet/Henson world), perhaps?

As for the cons (*comic cons), I'm happy he's getting out there and furthering his connections. On the downside, not everyone gets to go to them, me included - the closest one to me featuring him was last year's Gen Con in Indianapolis (*it would have only been a 4-hour trip, yet I had to be occupied with a family event around that SAME time... all other events have been a bit more out of my reach). Plus, it's hard to come by any footage of recent con SW panels - I looked for some of him at this year's Tidewater Con (VA), which was about a month ago…nothing, this past week's Kennywood Comic Con (PA, I think, don't take my word for it)...nothing. Maybe there is material, and it's just taking time for people to share/upload, or there are strict 'No recording' policies - I understand. It's just that I'd like to hear an update at some point (I'm sure a few of us would) about what SW is doing, hints of his upcoming endeavors, more about his new character (*for those who weren't aware, he 'partially debuted' a new puppet creature at Louisville Supercon last December), etc.

Anyways, what I think and hope I'm emphasizing is that, I'd like for SW to interact with us like he did before, or if not that, at least come back into the mainstream with his own ideas. Aside...OF ALL PLACES TO PROMOTE TITANS MERCH...???????

Last, now that 'Muppet Pundit' is assumed to be defunct, I wonder how surrounding social media will be affected, not that it will - I was in the small FB group "The Secret Society of Muppet Pundit"~2 years ago (to the guys still on MCF from that, we should catch up potentially if you're okay with it - SW's blog may be gone, but our virtual hideout (*well, it's not much of a hideout anymore) doesn't have to be). And if the "Pundit" Discord's ever resurrected, hit me up (about time I change my name on that).


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Oct 2, 2017
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Steve's blog 'Muppet Pundit and Beyond' is online on his new and overhauled website stevewhitmire.website.

He will be talking about his past and present performances and activities, Muppets, Cave-iN, puppetry tips and tricks, etc., as well as answering questions from the visitors, such as the latest entry titled 'HOW DO YOU GET ROD PUPPETS TO HOLD OR GRAB THINGS?’.
...rather than just stand there and deliver lines, the practice is to think into his thought process and not only convey what he is saying, but where his mind is at at all times relative to the scene and the overfall arch of the story...

In addition to that, the website contains his interactive graphical timeline in 'About Me' section, playlists, pictures and other materials to browse through, as well as his calendar of events -- the next appearance is on The O'HalloRANT Live Stream next Friday October 16 at 9:00 pm EST.