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Lots of MUP3's, Wanna Trade?


Well-Known Member
Apr 5, 2008
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Hey Eveyone,
Here are some MP3's that i'm looking for:
Instrumentals from Muppetvision 3D
"Wham. Bam, Alakazaam" from Linda Carter Episode of MS
"Mad about the frog" by Miss Piggy
Cereal Girl from Sesame Street
Shaking the Blues Away, Johnny Fiama and Tony Bennet
I've Got a new way to walk, the oinker sisters' version
Some of these days, from Loretta Switt Episode
You Wonderful You, from Gene Kelly Episode

that's all I can think of for right now, here is some of the stuff that I have
Kermit Unpigged Album
Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas
Christmas Toy
Frog Prince
a mix of songs from Bear in the Big Blue House
Songs from tale of the bunny picnic
Songs from the street

I have a bunch more from the muppet show but I didn't want to list everything. Anyway, if anyone does have any of the songs i'm looking for, please send them to arianne.gallagher@gmail.com. I will keep looking to see if I have anything that others request. Thanks for the help!


Hello muppetfan! I can get you all the instrumentals from muppet vision 3d, (as well as the pre show and main show if you'd also like) and can also send you three albums that have muppet show stuff. let me know either way and ill get these off to you asap!:smile:


Well-Known Member
Nov 19, 2007
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Wow, all of that stuff sounds great! Thank you so much.

If you're looking for anything in particular, let me know and I'll be sure to look for it and send it you way if I have it!

p.s. This is one of the best threads ever! :smile:


Well-Known Member
Apr 5, 2008
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yeak, i know what you mean! lol I just sent off muppet vision 3d instrumentals and am working on the main showand pre show right now. If it's no problem, could you please send me emmet otter's jugband christmas? my email is vaati64@yahoo.com :smile:


Well-Known Member
Nov 19, 2007
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Will do! I'll send them later tonight when I have access to my home computer.

Well, I got extremely bored at work, so I decided to make a list of the Muppet songs I have on my ipod, so people can see what I have and request anything. Has anyone else done this? I can understand if not because it would take a while if you had a lot of stuff, but if you had, let me know so I can see if there is anything i am looking for. I also realized that i'm looking for songs from the labyrinth, if anyone has those.

Anyway, here is the list of stuff that I have, I might have missed a few here and there but I think I got most of them:

The Muppet Show
Ain’t Misbehavin’, Floyd
America (Starts of as America from West Side Story, mutates into Mexican hat dance and other international songs) Electric Mayhem
Barn Yard Boogie, Electric Mayhem
I’m gonna light some dynamite, Electric Mayhem
Bye, Bye, Lou Ralws Episode
A bunch of little Floyd and Zoot interludes, for example: Anything muppet “How do you get to Carnegie hall?” Floyd- “Practice man, practice!”
Closing Theme
Day-O, Harry Belafonte episode
Day of Rest, Miss Piggy
Don’t blame the dynamite, Dr. Teeth
Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, Elton John and Miss Piggy
Don’t Mean a Thing- Electric Mayhem and Cleo Laine
Instrumental with Dudley Moore and Electric Mayhem
Instrumental interlude with Electric Mayhem
Entertainer, instrumental version with Phyllis Diller
That’s Entertainment- From Miss Piggy’s Hollywood from Jim Henson hour
Feelings, Beaker
Froggy Went A Courtin, Kermit
With a little help from my friends, Janice
Gonna Find her, Floyd
Grandma’s Feather Bed John Denver episode
Halfway Down the Stairs, Robin
Happy Feet, Kermit
I won’t dance, Kermit and Miss Piggy
Bein Green, couple versions (Muppet show, one with Ray Charles, one with Don Henley)
Jam, Electric Mayhem
Lady be good, Floyd
Lady of Spain, Marvin Suggs and Muppaphones
Lazy Bones, Dr. Teeth
Let there be love, Miss Piggy and Bruce Forsyth
Lime in da Coconut, Kermit
Love Story, instrumental version with zoot
Lullaby of Birdland, Electric Mayhem and Don Knotts
Mahna Mahna (do do do dodo, hehe)
Minuet in G Major, Electric Mayhem
A monologue by Fozzie Bear, “World’s funniest joke”
Mr. Bassman, Scooter and Floyd
Muppet Show Theme
East of the Sun and West of the Moon- Miss Piggy and Christopher Reeve
My old man, Miss Piggy
My wife won’t let me, Kermit and Miss Piggy
New York State of Mind, Floyd
I want to sing Opera, Miss Piggy
Pass that peace pipe and bury that hatchet, Electric Mayhem
Pigs in Space bit about Link pushing the wrong button
Rockin Robin, Janice
One Note Samba, Miss Piggy and Kaye Ballard
The Silly Song, Fozzie and company
Simon Smith and his Amazing Dancing Bear, Scooter and Fozzie
Six String Orchestra, Scooter
Sunny, Floyd and the Electric Mayhem
Swedish Chef bit with Chocolate Moose
Sweet Vacation- from Jim Henson hour
Tenderly, Dr. Teeth
Tippy Tippy Tin, Tony Randall Episode
Turn the World Around, Harry Belafonte episode
We got us, not the version with Dom DeLuise
What now my love, Miss Piggy
Wishing Song, Gonzo
Woman, Raquel Welch and Miss Piggy
Zoot instrumental interludes
You’re the one, Lou Rawls and Miss Piggy
Varsity drag instrumental version with Betsy Bird from James Coburn episode

Kermit Unpigged- all
MuppetBeach Party-all
Muppet Christmas Carol Soundtrack- all
Muppets and John Denver, A Christmas Together-all
Frog Prince- all, I think
Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas- all
Tale of the Bunny Picnic- all
Muppet Treasure Island-no instrumentals, but all songs including two Electric Mayhem interludes
Muppets Wizard of Oz- all
RockyMountainHoliday- all
The Muppet Movie- all songs, no instrumentals
Muppet Family Christmas- All
Muppets from Space- all
A Green and Red Christmas- all
Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie- Moulin Scrooge, Everyone Matters
The Great Muppet Caper- all songs, no instrumentals
Especially For you, Kermit and Kylie Minogue
The Muppet Movie- all songs, no instrumentals
Firefly-Kermit and Tony Bennett
Going Fishing, Weezer and the Muppets
The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show- all
Kermit’s Swamp Years- Life as a pet
Billy Bunny’s Animal songs- Please Don’t Bump Into me
Christmas Toy- all
Songs from the Street- all 3 cd’s (if I can ever find them again)
Christmas Eve on Sesame Street- all
Don’t Eat the Pictures- All except “Gonna be a star” and “Mothers and Children” (looking for them)

Elmo from Grouchland
Together Forever
Welcome to Grouchland
Take the First Step
Precious Wings

Fraggle Rock
Arrival of the Minstrels
Bad News, Boober
Beetle Song- Mokey, Red, and Gobo
Stay a Little longer with your friends, reprise of Friendship song
Take it Away, Boober
Dixie Wailin-Red, Gobo, Junior Gorg
Boober’s Gypsy song
Brave Boy, Jump Up, Majorie and Wembley
Bring back the season- Red
Sleep by the light of the moon- Wembley
Catch the Tail by the Tiger- gobo and wembley
Ceremony of the Moon
Choosing Blues- Convincing John
Closing Theme
Convincing John
Convincing John reprise
Do It on My own- Red
Do the stuff you’ve always done before- Marjorie
Doozer Knitting Song
Doozer march
Yes We do- Doozers
Dream Girl Lover- Junior Gorg
Dreaming of Someone- Red
Duet for One- Wembley
Dum de Dum- Junior Gorg
Easy is the only way to go- random fraggles
Every Morning- Traveling Matt and Gobo
Every Morning Reprise- gobo
Feel so bad/ feel so glad- Wembley and Gobo
Fireman’s job is never ever done- fraggles
Follow the road- Gobo
Fraggle Cave- Mokey and red
Fraggle Cadence- Fraggle five
Fraggle Rock Rock- Fraggle five
Two extended versions of Fraggle Rock theme
Free and High- Wembley
Friends til the End- gobo and wembley
Friendship song- boober and red
Get Blue- boober
Get Going-Gobo
Go with the flow- Marjorie
Going the way I got to go- Cotterpin dozer
Gorg’s goodbye- gorgs
Gorg’s lament- gorgs
Gorg humming song- Junior gorg
Help me for a change- wembley
Helping hand- mokey and gobo
Here to there- wembley
Hip Hip hooray- fraggles
Hum, Clap, Dance, and Sing- fraggles
I’m never alone- Boober
Remembering song- Wembley and boober
I knew I was good- gobo
I swear- fraggle five
If I was king- Junior gorg
If this don’t get ya- Wembley
Is a gorg- Ma and Pa gorg
Is it true- fraggles
Isn’t funny anymore- junior gorg
It can happen to you- red and oldest fraggle
Junior’s response
Just Don’t Know What time it is- Mokey
Laughing song- fraggles
Learn to fly- Wembley
Let me be your song- minstrels
Lose your heart and its found- minstrels
Lost and Found- fraggle five
Lover number 9- Marjorie
Magic pipe- cantus
The me I wanna be- gobo
Mokey’s blues- Mokey and Gobo
Muck and Goo- Red, gobo, Pa Gorg
Music Box-fraggles
Music makes us real- minstrels
My son- Pa Gorg
Once I knew my name- gobo
Only way home- gobo
Our Melody- Cantus and fraggle five
Party- Junior Gorg
People don’t know- red
Perfect living space- mokey and red
Perfect day- Wembley
Pipe bangers-fraggles
Please Water run- fraggles
Pukka Pukka Squeetily Boink- Wembley
Ragtime Queen- Mokey
Red’s Club- red and cotterpin
Red’s game- Red
River Roll On- fraggles
The Rock Goes on- fraggles
Rollin Rollin On- fraggles
Rumble Bug hum- red
Sail Away with you- Mokey
Time to rescue Wembley- gobo
Shine on me- gobo
Sunlight and Shadow- Mokey
Sweet Sweet little treat- red and mokey
Tale of Sir Blunderbrain- Storyteller
There’s a lot I want to know- red
Time to live as one- mokey
Time to say goodbye- gobo and wembley
Trash is back in town- Marjorie
Trouble- Marjorie
Water Music- Mokey and the minstrels
Welcome back uncle matt- fraggles
Welcome in our home- red and mokey
Wembley’s doozer music
Wembley Wembley number nine- fraggles
Wemblin Song- gobo and wembley
What a dream can be- fraggle five
Who Knows-boober
Why- mokey
Wise to myself-gobo
Without a hat- Marjorie
Workin- fraggles
A world of Harmony- Marjorie
You Can’t Thump Fraggles you can’t see- fraggles
You can count on me- gobo and sprocket
Yucky- red and gobo

Bear in the big blue house

Why can’t the dirt just leave me alone- Tutter
Love is the most amazing thing- Bear
Need a little help- Tutter and Bear
Good morning- Bear and Ray
Sense of your world- bear
Shadow’s lullaby- shadow and bear
That’s my name-bear and treelo
Welcome to the Big Blue House-all characters
Under your blanket- bear
Goodbye song- Bear and Luna
Dear Grandma- Tutter and bear
What’s in the mail today- bear
Rhythm in the air- bear
Bear cha cha cha- bear
Clean up the house- all characters
Good as new- Doc Hog and bear

Sorry about all the stupid little [SIZE] things! Iwas going to go through and change them all, but it would have taken forever! If you have trouble reading it let me know and i will send you the word document.


Well-Known Member
Dec 14, 2004
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Hey Arianne, VERY impressive list! Do you mind if I request Beaker singing "Feelings" and "The Bear Cha Cha Cha"? My e-mail address is ryguy102390@hotmail.com. PM if you'd like to know my list of songs, but I don't think I have anything you're looking for, unfortunately. :embarrassed:

The Count

Staff member
Jul 12, 2002
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Okay... After reading through that list, what I'm looking for at the moment if you can send 'em to me please Arriane, are all the songs you have listed that include/involve Electric Mayhem members. Putting something together for a few friends on the side.

Also looking for:
Born To Add.
Cereal Girl.
Here Come The Muppets Pre-Show I Never Harmed An Onion.
Thanks. :batty:


Well-Known Member
Nov 19, 2007
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Wow Count, there's definitely a lot of those. I will probably have to send you like 10 a day so my computer doesn't explode, but I will send them to you


Well-Known Member
Nov 19, 2007
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E-mail bounced back

Hey vaati64,
I sent you emmet otter songs, but the e-mail bounced back. What would you like me to do?