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Little things we've noticed


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Feb 4, 2008
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According to Jim Henson: The Works, Henson loved playing "dumb, pompous characters like Link Hogthrob. He gave them just the right pontificating voices and smug yet confused facial expressions." (page 102)
To me, Link Hogthrob is the only example of that. I can't recall any of Jim's other characters from Fraggle Rock, TMS, SS, or LOG (Land of Gorch) that fit the description.
These are not exact matches to the description but The Newsman (especially in season 2 onward when he became a bit more animated) was a very serious important newsman who had the rug pulled out from under him with the puchline to each newsflash. And the Twiddlebug Dad certainly was very confused most of the time. As I said neither character reaches the heights of Link, but there are some traces there. Also, I think it was Brian Henson who mentioned that when Jim carved a turkey or did something important he would use a voice similar to Link's. So maybe the voice was a go to voice when hanging out with family and friends?

minor muppetz

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Jun 19, 2005
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Interesting thing I just recently noticed about Kermit's three part plan in The Muppets Take Manhattan: the two parts we see in action both end in failure while Kermit seems to give up before getting to the third part which we never hear of, but of the two failures we see, Kermit is unaware of the first one's failure but is very aware of the second failure. In fact he is down after that and considers not doing the third plan, but he didn't know that the script he gave to the theater agent wasn't being shopped around (or would the lack of hearing from producers have indicated that?).