Last Chance for Swazzle Puppet Building and Performance Workshops!


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Apr 15, 2002
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Hey Muppet Central!

Today is your last chance to reserve your spot for a puppet building or puppet performance workshop at Swazzle! We’ve already signed up some of your fellow Muppet fans, and there are still a few spots left! Here’s what we’re offering:

-a 5 day puppet performance workshop, where we’ll teach you the puppet performance techniques that we use at The Jim Henson Company, The Muppets, and Sesame Street! Plus, you’ll come out of the workshop with clips for your puppet demo reel!

-a 5 day puppet building workshop, where we will teach you how to build puppets using the puppet building techniques that we use at Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. You’ll start with a design, and come out of the workshop with a finished puppet!

Just go to our Merry Christmas, Krampus Kickstarter page and reserve your spot. You’ll also get a book! The book tells the story of legendary Christmastime creature Krampus and how one child from Santa’s Naughty List teaches him that all “bad” children have some good in them.

While the majority of children’s picture books use either hand-drawn or computer illustrations, Merry Christmas, Krampus will be told through beautifully staged still photographs featuring handcrafted puppets and sets. Once the images are captured, each posable puppet will be enhanced with a digitally mapped two-dimensional, line-drawn face. The final effect will give the puppets a wide range of playful expressions.

Get the book for $35 shipped, or sign-up for a workshop. Space is limited!
-Artie Esposito