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Just call me Mr. Johnson


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Aug 16, 2004
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This really happened - okay, not exactly, but after having a dryer delivery postponed 4 times (and finally cancelling and getting a new one somewhere else) due to manufacturer not shipping anything, I told people it was beginning to feel like Mr. Johnson, the fat blue muppet whom Grover always (mis)served in old school Sesame Street skits. I wasn't sure if this belonged in fan fiction or here, but here is how it would go:

Grover comes as I have a bunch of clothes that have been washed; they are sitting in a hamper and I am waiting at my door for the new dryer.

Grover says my dryer is not here yet. I say I need my clothes dry because I just ran the wash expecting it to come when it was supposed to.

So, Grover then proceeds to ramble about how other things besides a dryer can dry clothes. The Sun for instance because it is so hot.

I then point out that it is cloudy out so he pulls out a lamp and places it right over the clothes. "See, my good Sir, you cannot touch the bulb because it is very hot once it is on for a moment."

I insist that a lamp is not going to be as good as the sun because there is so little heat involved it would take years - even centuries!

So then, Grover says that wind can also dry clothing; air drying is quite possib le, after all. He then brings a huge fan in from his truck.

That simply blows my wet clothes and everything else around because it is so big!

so, then I would say to look at my clothes that I have on, and to feel them. They are dry, and I explain the difference for perhaps the second or third time between dry and wet. I then insist that I want these clothes that are wet and these clothes I have on that are dry to match.

After which Grover seems to finally understand, and then (you maybe saw this coming from the moment you started reading :smile: ) Grover throws a big bucket of water on me so that the clothes I have on or the same as my washed and yet not dried clothing.