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Gonzo Puppet by Terry Angus


Well-Known Member
Jul 26, 2013
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Wow, Hey ElecMayhem. I am sorry I did not post those pictures of my Gonzo to take a swipe at you. If it opened old wounds I apologize right off. This last Gonzo turned out so great I wanted to show him off and with working lids to boot.

Heck I even did a not bad Rowlf the Dog too but that one was a poser. It really was too bad that we didn't get to continue the line but this is life. Your up one day and down the next and we keep rolling with it all.

Here's the Rowlf the dog I did for a friend a year ago, His only problem was I couldn't get the right fur.

Take care all.
.............EEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! The fact that this replica is so good will give me nightmares all week. :eek:

Jared Presley

Mar 23, 2014
Reaction score
I'd love to get a good Gonzo puppet such as this. they are expensive...as they should be lol. I'd like to get the Photo replica one, but for my needs I need one that's actually a standard puppet.