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Forget Me Not, Piggy

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by bouncingbabyfig, May 24, 2015.

  1. bouncingbabyfig

    bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    Hello my fellow Fandom! Yeah, it's been a while, like three years. Anyway, I have had this idea stewing in my mind for a while and when I saw the trailer for ABC's new Muppet Show it got me thinking and this child of imagination sprung forth from my brain. It's an office AU, but not the same as will be seen on television. Anyways, I'm really excited for this one and I hope you'll enjoy it. Updates will be made on average, about weekly on Sundays. Review, comment, and give any critiques if you feel it. Onwards!

    Chapter one:
    Piggy crossed her legs, uncrossed them, smoothed the nonexistent creases from her skirt, and crossed her legs again. She was absolutely not nervous. Feigning a nonchalant glance to the wall mirror on her right and appraised her appearance for what had to be the hundredth time. She was stunning, and only a fool would not have seen it. Her honey curls fanned over her shoulders in perfect waves, framing her large, baby-doll violet eyes which demurely sat upon rosy cheeks and a curved snout. Piggy preened a little and smiled, the other ladies didn't stand a chance. At least, they wouldn't if there had been any other applicants there.
    "Bagock-bock?" Startled, Piggy snapped her attention back to, Carmella, was it?
    "Oh! Bonjour! Moi et Miss Piggy and I am here for a Monsieur the Frog?" She replied, lifting her chin in a not-so-subtle pose. Camilla, (she'd seen the name tag) huffed as if saying, I know. Please stop embarrassing yourself. The white chicken blinked at Piggy and motioned with her wings to follow, at least that's what it looked like she was doing. It could be molting season for all Piggy knew.
    Camilla continued to chatter, and occasionally peck, as they walked, though she stopped once she realized Piggy had no idea what she was saying. There wasn't much sound after that, instead filling the silence with the constant of Piggy's heals and the occasional ruffling of feathers. Noticing with no small amount of approval the fine tile lining and mahogany walls, Miss Piggy was impressed and, Heaven Forbid, slightly intimidated though she'd never show it. She instead distracted herself with the portraits, some covered by sheets, others shining with furnished brass and slick oils. She shifted her portfolio closer and nearly bumped into Camilla when she suddenly stopped. "A little warning would be nice next time." Piggy grumbled under her breath. Camilla either chose to ignore her or hadn't heard, instead opening a large door with Kermit the Frog - Director written in gold lettering.
    "Babock." Camilla said pleasantly before walking out and closing the office door behind her. Besides Piggy, no one else was in the office. "Well that's just rude." Piggy rolled her eyes and set her portfolio down. "Moi knows directors are busy but one likes to think they'd appreciate punctuality." She picked up a small photo from the desk looking at an odd bearded man and, whom she assumed to be, Kermit smiling at the camera.
    "Oh, we directors certainly appreciate punctuality, but we also have a deep love for patience." Piggy started and dropped the photo from her hands, watching with growing dismay as the glass shattered on impact to the floor. "Oh no!" Piggy moaned and was instantly on her knees picking up glass, apologizing profusely. "I'm so sorry, Mr. the Frog, it was an accident." She felt her eyes burn with embarrassment until she felt a hand carefully lift hers from the sharp mess. "Careful, wouldn't want you to cut yourself." Piggy looked up and felt the world stop. Kermit sat kneeling in front of her smiling charmingly and with eyes that seemed to glow. "Oh...vous is even better looking in real life." Piggy murmured dreamily. Kermit's eyes widened in surprise, a considerable feet for the fact he had no eyelids, and let out a small chuckle, his cheeks growing red with embarrassment. "Ah gee, thanks Ma'am, but I don't think the picture is that bad. I personally like it." He picked up the photo and turned it over in one hand reading the handwriting on the back in distant silence. Piggy shook herself awake and blushed at what she said and the fact he was still holding her hand. "Ahm, Moi is truly sorry about the accident." She murmured. "Mmh?" Kermit's head snapped up and his eyes refocused on her, "Oh don't worry, the picture is completely fine and frames can always be replaced." He stood and helped Piggy to her feet, finally releasing her gloved hand, much to Piggy's dismay. "Now, how may I help you, Miss...?" Kermit asked as he sat down across from her. "Oh! Moi et Miss Piggy," Kermit's hand shifted to his chin where she noticed a smile tugging at his lips. She growled "It's original I know, and I was hoping to be of service for you. I have a portfolio." She shifted the navy folder over to his flippers. Kermit gratefully accepted her offering and thumbed through the pages, humming and nodding continually and sometimes smiling. Piggy thought her heart would burst (or maybe that was her lunch?) if didn't say something soon. "Well?" She squeaked, clearing her throat she tried again, "What are your thoughts?" Kermit looked at her once more, this time more appraising. "Well, Miss Piggy it's clear you're a beautiful wopig and have had many experiences in this field of work, for that you have my compliments," Piggy felt her heart drop and heard the 'but' before it left his lips, "However, I do not have any parts for someone of your...shall we say stature or, or expertise, "he hurried on when she glared at the "stature" comment, "but, if you'd be willing, I'm in need of a personal assistant." Piggy's mouth fell open at his statement. "My previous assistant, Camilla, you met her I believe, well she's uh, taking a more or less permanent leave seeing as she's going to become a parent quite soon and wants to be home with her chi-!" Kermit was cut off suddenly by Piggy flinging herself into his arms and squealing very undignifiedly. "Oh! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!" Kermit blushed again and awkwardly held her. "You're uh, welcome." Piggy sat back on his desk and allowed him to breathe.
    "Oh, shouldn't she be at home eggsitting then?" Piggy asked curiously. "Oh, her husband is doing for that for her, he doesn't mind." Kermit waved her concerns away and handed back her portfolio. "Her husband?" Piggy asked.
    "Yes, his name's Gonzo, you'll meet him soon. And no he's not a rooster. He's more of a...of a whatever, you could say." Kermit nodded resolutely. "I see." She really didn't.
    "So, would you be interested in the job? We pay well I can assure you, and I sure could use the help." Kermit smiled lopsidedly, and laughed at some sort of private joke, "I guarantee you've never quite worked with someone like us Muppets, Miss Piggy. We're not normal, but we're a family, and we look out for each other." He looked at her seriously, "And that's what I'm offering you and expecting you to do the same. Think you can handle that?" The sincere gaze in his look and his soft smile combined, Piggy new she was a goner. Flicking her curls over one shoulder, Piggy tilted her head and gave him her best simmering gaze, her lips quirked saucily and she leaned forward, pressing her hands on the desk. "Moi guarantees vous has never met someone like moi, because I'm not normal either. Consider everything handled well." Kermit fingered his neck collar nervously, and swallowed rather loudly, much to his chagrin. "Well, uh, thank you Miss Piggy, that's very...comforting." Miss Piggy stood and turned, walking to the door before turning back one last time, "Oh and Mr. the Frog? Call me Piggy." She winked and flounced her way out of his office, sliding the door shut after. Kermit heaved a large sigh and ran one green flipper down his face. He was the director, shouldn't he be in control? This was ridiculous, however...

    Kermit leaned against his office door, quietly watching the new addition to his office. He swallowed thickly, knowing he shouldn't be behaving like this, but still allowed his eyes to trail up her magnificently shaped calves, the wide curve of her hips, small waist and finally her luscious hair completing her like a cherry on top. "You're still beautiful, Piggy." He sighed wistfully, softly, "Just like high school." He felt butterflies in his stomach, and knew for sure they weren't from his lunch, he shouldn't feel so nervous, this was a hardly like his school boy fancy. Those days were long gone. He grinned when she started complaining about his tardiness, in his defense however, stopping the Swedish Chef from cooking Camilla's chicken friends did specify as important. He had expected to startle her when he replied, he did not anticipate the broken portrait. "Just as beautiful, still as clumsy." Kermit sighed internally. He had liked that picture frame. Holding both her hand and the picture, Kermit read the messily scrawled writing on the back:

    It's never an ending, only a very good beginning.


    Throughout their meeting, Kermit felt a twist of relief and bitterness that Piggy didn't remember him, not that it really proved anything. It still stung though, so it was with insane pride and a small amount of guilt when he didn't offer her the acting part. It wasn't necessarily a lie about needing an assistant, however, he could have pulled a few strings and hired her as an actress. Sadly, Kermit was selfish to a default and wanted Piggy for a lot longer than a film project. When she'd suddenly hugged him, Kermit wished he could've held on forever, and gone back in time to his sixteen year old self and say, 'yes, it get's better.' However, a hug in the present was fine too, especially when she smelled of cinnamon and Chanel 5. "Only a very good beginning, eh partner?" Kermit asked the photo. He opened the drawer to his left and pulled out a very old, well loved school yearbook. Resting his flippers on the desk, Kermit thumbed through until he reached senior class of '76 and found that year's theatre department pictures. Piggy sat front and center as the department's star, the epitome of Diva-hood and beauty, and on the far left Kermit stood awkwardly, warts and all, as the stage manager. Maybe it was a good thing she didn't remember him, the way she'd acted towards him had been like a dream. Kermit didn't want to be invisible like he'd always been before, but eighteen years changed things, changed him. A little truth scuffed under the rug couldn't possibly be bad. He looked out over the bustling city of Los Angeles. "Well, I hope so. I really do."
  2. lady piggy

    lady piggy Well-Known Member

    My goodness this was wonderful,amazing and just Eeeepp I haven't been this excited to see what happens next in a story in a long time!I adore this story especially when Kermit said "Just as beautiful, still as clumsy." Can't wait to see what happens next ^_^
    bouncingbabyfig likes this.
  3. bouncingbabyfig

    bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the likes and comments guys. ^_^ update will hopefully bbe tomorrow. I'm just finishing the editing.
  4. Muppetfan44

    Muppetfan44 Well-Known Member

    Finally!!! A story with substance! Curious to read more!
    bouncingbabyfig likes this.
  5. Misskermie

    Misskermie Well-Known Member

    *Checks on Muppet Central*

    Holy Fan Fiction, the great Figgie has written a thing! And what a great thing it is! I was always a fan of your work but this is great.
    Miss Piggy is so great with her faux french, and Kermit... Kermit in his office.
    "Just as Beautiful, still as clumsy."
    I was only dissapointed with one thing.
    There was no more to read when I was done reading. :p

    More please you wonderful writer you!
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  6. bouncingbabyfig

    bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    Sorry this is a day late. I forgot I had a choir performance at the university on Wednesday, so here's to make up for it. Thanks again for the love on this fic. :)

    Chapter 2:

    When Kermit awoke the next day, it was to a commotion outside his office door and a literal pain in his neck soon to be added to the philosophical. Marching to his office door, Kermit threw it open with a cry as friends and co-stars fell in a heap on his lap.
    "What the hey?" He groaned, scooting Gonzo and what appeared to be a five pound cheese wheel off of his lap. Fozzie, his long time friend and furry comedian decided to take courage and raised his hand above the Muppet heap still untangling themselves.
    "Hiya, Kermit. Sorry to barge in but, well," Fozzie looked more than a little flustered and pulled his beloved hat into his hands worryingly. "We, well, Camilla told Gonzo who told Floyd who told Janice and she told her mother who told-" Kermit rubbed his eyes tiredly, not one ounce of coffee in sight. What a terrible start to his morning. "Fozzie." Kermit sighed tiredly. "And then I heard it from Bunsen, but I couldn't be sure and so I said, 'That isn't possible! Kermit hasn't talked to her in years and his crush-" He tried again, "Fozzie now would be a great time to stop." The bear was relentless to tell his story. "For her has lo-ong since passed. He's never even kissed someone bef-" Fozzie's mouth was slapped shut by a slim green hand. "FOZZIE! PLEASE BE QUIET!" Kermit yelled, his shoulders heaving with each gasp he took. Twenty pairs of eyes turned to look at him and he flushed bright red under the scrutiny.
    "Like, wow, you still think she's the pig's knuckles, Boss." Janice crooned while she tilted her head. The other Muppets nodded and chuckled in nervous agreement. Scrunching his face and standing, Kermit glared down at them. "Sorry, Kermit." Fozzie mumbled guiltily. Ignoring him for a moment, Kermit puffed out his chest and placed his hands on his hips. "Now, I want to make this explicitly clear. In no way do I have any fancies, crushes, or romantic feelings for-Miss Piggy?!" Said lady-pig waltzed in the room with Scooter at her heels, bags of food in tow and completely oblivious to the snickers pointed at Kermit. "Hm? Oh! Hello, I decided to bring breakfast since even stars and directors need to eat. I'm Miss Piggy by the way. Now what were we talking about?" She rested the bags on his desk after stepping gracefully over the mound of friends on the otherwise spotless floor. "Who as a crush on whom?" She looked innocently from the Muppets to Kermit, all of whom were finding everything much more interesting to look at than her. Rowlf even tarted to whistle while Kermit thought of something to say. "Cheese!" He blurted. Feeling, rather than seeing, all startled eyes turn to him, Kermit continued on weakly, "G-Gonzo was telling me an idea he had for a stage number involving cheese." He stared desperately at the Whatever, begging him to say something. "That's right!" Gonzo exclaimed before excitedly standing with his cheese wheel. "It's called, 'A Munster in Paris' and it's got some great actors in it including Sylvester Provolone, Dairy Grant, and just when you think the puns have been Adelost, they've been Adelfound." Of course Fozzie decided to add, "Yeah, but do you think it will be Gouda? Ah! Wocka wocka!" Kermit hid his face behind his flippers, sometimes he truly questioned his sanity. While the group groaned with highlights of "really, Fozz?", Piggy held her own, though she looked more than confused and slightly amused. Scooter looked from his friends to Miss Piggy and shook his head, "Gee even for us this is acting pretty weird. Anyway, thanks for the help, Miss Piggy, you're a swell gal." He replied cheerfully before leaving the room with most of the Muppets behind him, each with their fill of pastries and coffee and all with farewells of "Goodbye Kermit!", "Nice meeting you, Miss Piggy!", "Good luck!", and finally "He'll need it." Piggy looked at Kermit shyly, one hand on her ample hip, the other holding out a cup for Kermit. "Um, was moi supposed to understand any of that?" She asked lightly. Kermit took the offered cup gratefully and shook his head with a rueful grin. "No, ha, that's just their usual antics." He shrugged and let out a small gasp when his neck and shoulders protested at the movement. "Are you alright?" Piggy was immediately closer to him checking for injuries, though he was already protesting. "I'm fine, I'm fine! Just a crick in my neck." Piggy narrowed her eyes at him and pursed her lips. Kermit remembered that look well, he was swimming in dangerous waters here. "Did you spend the night here?" She demanded. "Um..." Kermit scuffed his heel. "Maybe." He looked up rather shyly and put on his best pollywog eyes. "It happens sometimes." Piggy rolled her eyes, though her features had softened. Kermit thought he even heard, "Stubborn workaholics." muttered under her breath. Kermit smiled into his cup. He loved it when she growled, it made his heart pit-pat with fondness. "Go sit in your chair." Piggy ordered. While he had remained day-dreaming she'd set out his breakfast and moved all previous papers to the side of his worktable. "Aren't I supposed to be the boss?" Shouldn't you two be acting more professional? A voice snarked in his mind. He ignored the voice and gingerly sat down while Piggy went about the office, tidying and shifting whatever mess the gang had made while there. After that, Kermit had her type his notes and any other scribbles from the day before. Kermit worked while she moved, checking numbers and re-reading notes and script options. Every once in a while, well, every few minutes, Kermit would look up and take note of Piggy. Today she wore black pumps and grey dress pants with a white blouse. No curve was hidden, yet there were no details to give vivid imagination as to what each curve was or how it felt- right. Back to work. Kermit signed papers, rubbed his neck, and let his eyes drift over to Piggy watching her type and shift in her seat. Her eyes were glaring stubbornly at the page in front of her, and occasionally she would stick her little pink tongue out in concentration. Kermit licked his lips in reply, she was beautiful. His heart ached slightly, she was so close and so very far away just as she'd always been. He sighed heavily and burned holes in his own paperwork. Life wasn't fair. After a few hour more, his neck and now back had had enough of his position and it was with a gritted pallet when he started to get up for some much needed Advil.
    "Mr. the Frog?" Piggy asked softly. Kermit looked up and saw her with a cup of water and-blessed be the stars was that Advil? "I thought you might like this...and if you'd like I can help soothe your muscles." She flushed red under Kermit's gaze. "M-maybe that's not professional or good decorum, but your bad posture is starting to give me pain." She smiled a little at the end and Kermit returned it in full before looking briefly at the office door. It was shut. Eh, what the hey. "Honestly, Miss Piggy, that sounds wonderful." Piggy smiled and Kermit desperately wanted to tell his stomach to stop dong the conga line. Turning back to his papers with a flustered rush, Kermit swallowed the pill in one large gulp and set to work again. He had to bite his tongue to stop the moan building in his throat as Piggy kneaded his neck and shoulders with smooth hands. Forget the work, that could be taken care of tomorrow. Closing his eyes, he leaned back into her touch, shedding the stress built up in his muscles from the last few years if possible. Piggy worked relentlessly and he very eagerly allowed her so, sometimes verbally other times it was an unspoken want between them. When Kermit later woke up, embarrassed to have even fallen asleep, Piggy had finished bother her work and his. What truly made him laugh though, was the cheese wheel on his table with the note: Go home and get some proper sleep for once. Stop being so cheesy,

    No, Kermit didn't have a crush on Miss Piggy. He was in love.

    I am unashamed of my cheese puns. :p Either way, review comment, like. You get the idea. ^>^ Goodnight my loves.
  7. bouncingbabyfig

    bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    Thanks y'all. Don't be afraid to critique. :)
  8. Muppetgirl09

    Muppetgirl09 Well-Known Member

    Okay, where's the update? I'm gonna start up a search party if I don't see one. :search::)
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  9. Misskermie

    Misskermie Well-Known Member

    *gets popcorn*
    *To excited for more to write heartfelt review*
    *More please*
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  10. Muppetgirl09

    Muppetgirl09 Well-Known Member

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  11. bouncingbabyfig

    bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    My computer has a lot of viruses which an make it a pain in the felt to write or go onto the internet. I'm hoping to get it cleaned soon. :p Anyways, I am so sorry for the long wait! Please accept this update and my humblest of apologies.

    Chapter 3:
    Working on a Hollywood set could be described, at least in some ways, like the movies filmed it to be. In every way an assault on the senses, the set appeared to Piggy a rainbow in motion. It was filled with lights and colors, movements and so many noises, all rather flabbergasting. She rushed in Prada heels with coffee for this certain actor or quickly scrawled messages to this or that writer. Very little did she or Kermit bump into each other and most often it was only enough to exchange smiles or breathless "Hellos". Over the course of the month that Piggy had worked at Henson Studios, she and Kermit had shared many moments of comfortable companionship, they never mentioned anything about the little messages each would find on their respective desks in the morning or even the more noticeable "gifts" they would treat each other. Later, Piggy would blame it all on the 'cheese' incident, another unspoken moment between them. The following morning had found her with a simple yellow rose on her desk and a note of Thank you ~K written in a flourish upon it. In the present moment helping Janice with her hair and makeup and a few bobby-pins in her prim mouth, Piggy still blushed at the memory.
    "Ooh, like, that's the fifth time you've blushed this morning." Janice sang, her luxurious lips smiled smugly.
    "Moi doesn't know what you're talking about. I have hot and cold flashes every once in a while, doesn't everyone?" Piggy ignored the singer's taunts and added another pin to her gold locks, her fingers moving effortlessly. She'd forgone skirts today and instead wore formfitting jeans and a beige blouse which showed just enough skin to be interesting. Her hair was pulled back in a messy bun with hair coming loose effortlessly around her face. Beside Janice, Annie Sue snorted delicately.
    "Yes, hot and cold flashes. Either you're sick, pregnant, or you've hit menopause. Pick your choice, sweetie." Piggy glared at the other pig, wishing for a sharp object to take to Annie's curls. See how confident you are without your precious ringlets. Instead she smiled saccharine at Annie. "Oh no, I'd much rather leave the choosing to you, though I'd offer one more addition to your choices." Annie looked up from her magazine coolly,
    "And what would that be?" Piggy finished Janice's hair with a quick twist before grounding out, "To shut. Your. Trap. Sweetie." Turning on her heel, Piggy marched away, leaving Annie Sue's spluttering and Janice's laughter behind. Her march of indignant self-righteousness was cut short however by none other than Scooter, the go-fer of everything. "Oh, hiya Miss Piggy, you're just the lady I was looking for!" The youngster dodged under the arm of Sweetums as he passed by, carrying what looked to be a large glowing beach ball made of glass and Christmas lights. She wasn't sure what the heck that was supposed to be for, but didn't pay much attention to it. It was hard for anyone to remain sour when around the go-fer, his brightness was contagious and it was a disease worthy of catching. Piggy however noticed that his mood was dimmed lightly and is smile was wobbly. She frowned instantly and rested a hand on his shoulder in comfort. "What's wrong, Scooter? Is everything alright?" Scooter shuffled his feet and looked down briefly, his normally yellow skin turned a fascinating shade of pink on his cheeks."Well Miss Piggy...You're a girl right?" He looked up at her with wide eyes. Piggy looked back dumbfounded and a little amused.
    "Well, the correct term would be woman, but yes, moi has been known as a girl her entire life. Last time I checked at least." Her eyes sparkled teasingly when Scooter stuttered in response.
    "I'm sorry, that's not what I meant! I-I mean obviously you're a girl, I didn't mean you were a guy! Aw, geez what am I saying?" He hid behind his hands miserably. Piggy giggled before pulling his hands away gently and patting his hair soothingly, something she distantly remembered her mother doing when she was a wee piglet. Scooter, why don't you take a deep breath and start over?" She offered. The frazzled P.A. nodded and tried again.
    "There's this girl, I bumped into recently. Well, knocked over completely would be a better description." His mouth twisted sardonically before he continued. "Anyways, we sort of hit it off and she gave me her number." Scooter finished his confession and Piggy clapped her hands together happily.
    "Oh, Scooter that is wonderful! Moi is so happy for vous!" He looked at her and smiled slightly. "Yeah, it is. But the thing is, she gave me her number over a week ago and...well, I haven't called her back yet." Piggy's smile fell, "Why not? If you like her and she likes you then there should be no problem. Right?" Scooter grimaced, "It's just...what if she doesn't like me? What if she thinks I'm weird or-or I don't know. I-I'm scared, Miss Piggy." Said diva felt her heart ache at the despondent tone Scooter had.
    "Oh, Scooter. From moi's point of view, I think you should still call her. She gave you a number and that means something to a girl. Moi thinks that since vous haven't called her she's thinking that vous doesn't like her." Scooter looked up startled. "B-but I do like her and I want to see her again!" Piggy smiled, "Then call her and tell her. You'll regret it if you don't."
    "You mean like living without regrets and I'll regret it forever if I don't?"
    "No, Scooter," Piggy looked deeply into his eyes with a promising grin, "I'll kill you if you don't call her." Scooter gulped nervously and nodded. "You got it!" He sped off and Piggy laughed. "All in a day's work." She started to march off again, no destination in thought, though her work had been completed for the moment. At least until the next shot was needed.
    "Is it true you turned down Julie Andrews for a part?"
    "Will Frank Oz be returning to help with the film or has he completely quit the Muppets team and Henson Studios as it stands?"
    "Our readers would like to know-"
    Kermit sighed inwardly as more cameras flashed and even more questions were shot rapid fire. He avoided swallowing a mic that was shoved dangerously close to his face and made to duck for his office door again, but was blocked by an unsavory character.
    "Are you afraid that the rather unsettling fact that your movies have flopped the last few years will reoccur with this new film?" Fleet Scribbler held out a recorder right under Kermit's mouth and grinned oily at the amphibian. The other reporters had fallen deathly silent. Kermit tried his best not to scowl at the appalling reporter. He did not hate easily, but Fleet was anything but easy.
    "No, Fleet, we are not concerned. In fact we all have high hopes for this movie here at Henson Studios. As always, we are looking to make people happy, though not everyone is so easily appeased." He looked pointedly at Fleet before sliding past him to his door and managed to open it before another jibe could be tossed.
    "You were close friends with Mr. Jim Henson, weren't you?" Fleet called casually, just before the door could shut. Kermit stood stalk still, his back turned to the reporters.
    "I just wondered if you think he'd be proud of your work here at the studio. How you're...shall we say, continuing his legacy? His name?" Kermit's fingers gripped the door tightly, enough that his knuckles turned near white.
    "I'm amazed you even know the word 'friend', Scribbler, seeing as you don't seem to have any." Kermit replied curtly, he didn't need to turn around to see that Scribbler was smug that he'd hit a nerve. Releasing a breath, Kermit faced the reporters as more cameras flashed. "Yes, Jim was a dear friend, not just to me but to many. It's my job and my honor to continue his dream, not just his legacy. I don't know if he would be proud, but I know he would be happy. And that is enough." He closed the door while many more questions were raised again and locked it before resting his back against the wood and sinking to the floor. That was enough, wasn't it?

    Okay, not the happiest chapter and not much action between Kermit and Piggy, but this story is going to be angst, fluff, and a whole lot of other things before we're through! Next chapter is going to be so chalk full of ushy-gushy I might just squee the entire time. So sit back, relax and get buckled in because we've got a bumpy ride. :) Also I'm really sorry for the short hiatus, I had a new job, stupid computer, and college classes to sign up for. But it will get better. I promise and I won't be leaving you hanging. This story will be completed.
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  12. Muppetgirl09

    Muppetgirl09 Well-Known Member

    "I'm really considering a search party if I don't se an update soon...please for :laugh:.
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  13. Muppetgirl09

    Muppetgirl09 Well-Known Member

    A search party is in the works. :search:
    Where's da update?~Rizzo.
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  14. bouncingbabyfig

    bouncingbabyfig Well-Known Member

    *Shows face* H-hey guys? So yeah I'm working on the next update! My computer keeps crashing so it's a little difficult. But fear not! Before this day is through an update shall appear!
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  15. Muppetgirl09

    Muppetgirl09 Well-Known Member

    I shall be watching. *Evil laughing*

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