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Favorite Cookie Monster Sketch

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by superfan, Aug 29, 2005.

  1. Ziffel

    Ziffel Well-Known Member

    That's right. The violin played to create a sort of sad and sympathetic atmosphere. Her expression got to Cookie Monster and he amazingly was willing to share his most prized possession!
  2. superfan

    superfan Well-Known Member

    A Cookie Monster Smiley would be very appropriate right about now...
  3. Ziffel

    Ziffel Well-Known Member

    Well can at least click on this.
    And this

    This Atari cartridge from 1983 is one I never had. I should try to buy it online sometime. :)
  4. superfan

    superfan Well-Known Member

    those are awesome!
  5. Fuzzy and Blue

    Fuzzy and Blue Well-Known Member

    For some reason, I don't recall the violin music, so I'll have to look for the episode and watch it again....thank goodness for On Demand! In speaking of which, does anyone know when more episodes will be put out on demand?

  6. Fuzzy and Blue

    Fuzzy and Blue Well-Known Member

    I was able to find and watch the episode, as well as point out the violin music! I love how it serves as a leitmotif (entering music) for the lavender-ish girl AM, and I love watching the expressions on Cookie's face throughout that sketch. And yes, his reaction at the end of the sketch is indeed priceless.

  7. Ziffel

    Ziffel Well-Known Member

    Getting back for a moment to the "smallest one gets the cookie" sketch. Does anyone know who the puppeteers involved were? Obviously Frank Oz was Cookie Monster (except for perhaps the final line where Cookie says in a very high pitched voice "I do anything for Cookie"). I would guess based on the sound of the voice that the boy AM was Jerry Nelson rather than Jim Henson. And as for the girl AM, I'm not sure. Maybe Fran Brill?
  8. ISNorden

    ISNorden Well-Known Member

    My top 5 favorites (betcha can't watch just one!)

    5. MMM Monster Meal (the song-sketch performed with Herry)
    4. Gingerbread Man (who knew Cookie Monster hugs cookies sometimes?)
    3. Cookie Monster's sleepover (and nightmare) at Ernie's apartment; has any fan out there transcribed it yet?)
    2. Letter "C" sketch with Cousin Monster (Cookie Monster uses a guessing game to trick her into getting him some cookies, but she keeps retrieving "C" veggies instead. The sketch and the game end when he accepts "Cousin" as something special and wonderful that starts with "C".)

    And finally... *longish drumroll*

    1. A whole EPISODE starring You Know Who: He promises not to eat the cookies in Hooper's Store while the owner is away. Unfortunately, he's as literal-minded as a typical kindergarten kid: when Cookie gets hungry, he eats everything else in the store (eventually devouring the building itself). The rest of the cast cooperates to rebuild Hooper's over the next few days (I think Mumford offered some magical assistance, but I'm not 100% sure here).
  9. Fuzzy and Blue

    Fuzzy and Blue Well-Known Member

    ISNorden, I can recall seeing #2 and #3 on your list when I was very young, but it's been over a decade since I've seen those two sketches. If someone can transcribe them, please let me know and PM me the link!

  10. SesameMike

    SesameMike Well-Known Member

    I remember the last one on the list, where CM eats Hooper's store.

    At each point where they returned to the street, we saw CM debating his temptation not to eat from the jug of cookies on the shelf (which he'd promised Mr. Hooper he would not do). First, he ate everything else edible in the store. Then he said "me eat... STORE!!". He didn't exactly eat the building, but he did consume every store fixture not nailed down and then some. At the end, the place was cleaned out; you could even see the "labelscars" of stickers formerly on the mirror behind the bar/counter.

    When Hooper and the other adults came back to the empty store, CM prided himself on not eating the sole remnant in the store: the cookies -- which CM promptly devoured "for dessert". The adults then gave CM a hammer (which he almost ate as well before they stopped him) to help in rebuilding the store just as it was before.
  11. roadrat15

    roadrat15 Well-Known Member

    Well, I got me a few classics that I love:

    1) The Genie and Cookie (commonly called ' The Monster's Three Wishes')
    2) Me Gotta Be Blue
    4) Casey The Engineer
    5) The Cookie Bunny
    6) Share The Pillow
    7) Soft Boiled Cookie
    8) Cookie for me . . .cookie not for me (with the baby footage)

    and many others.
  12. Fuzzy and Blue

    Fuzzy and Blue Well-Known Member

    is #8 the one where it shows the video footage of the baby eating the cookie and Cookie is narrating it?

  13. MJTaylor

    MJTaylor Well-Known Member

    It's a funny thing Superfan. I had been thinking of starting a Favorite Cookie Monster sketch thread myself and I came here to find you've beaten me to it!!!
    But anyway, my favorite is the one where Cookie Monster was in the library and kept asking the librarian for a box of cookies. You couldn't blame the librarian for losing his temper with Cookie. I'd be pretty annoyed too if I was in the librarain's shoes.
  14. MJTaylor

    MJTaylor Well-Known Member

    Just thought of another one. The two-parter where Cookie stayed with Ernie and first got scared of the dark and then had a nightmare about Cookies.
  15. clipjj27

    clipjj27 Well-Known Member

    Yes, I remember this and would LOVE to see it again (on YouTube or somewhere)!

    'This is THROUGH'! CRASH!
  16. The Shoe Fairy

    The Shoe Fairy Well-Known Member

    Finally, a thread is dredged up from the deep that's worth talking about, even if I'm going to be trying to think of what my fave Cookie sketch is for days now.
  17. clutch123

    clutch123 Member

    I have a few Cookie Monster clips to share:

    - Cookie Monster in the bakery
    - Who ate Bert's Cake?
    - Prarie Dawn and Cookie Monster presenting the letter of the day.
    - Cookie Monster teasing a messy baby for his/her cookie. (you can not see Cookie, but you can hear his voice).

    And many others.
  18. MeWantCookie

    MeWantCookie Well-Known Member

    - News Flash- Monster Day Care! ("Cry, cry, cry...sniffle, sniffle, sniffle...")
    -"No cookies in the library!" ("A book about cookies...and a glass of juice?")
  19. WaiterGrover

    WaiterGrover Member

    I loved Cookie Monster in just about anything, but today I've got to say the "Mystery Box" sketch with Kermit is my favorite... "Arrivederci, Frog." :DGENIUS!
  20. BuddyBoy600alt

    BuddyBoy600alt Well-Known Member

    The other time I remember Cookie Monster had a nightmare was after eating a whole box a birthday cookies his grandmother made for his birthday party. As he felt depressed that there are not any cookies left for his birthday party, He took a nap and dreams. It turned out to be a nightmare on meeting "The giant talking Monster Cookie." Thru the nightmare, The Monster Cookie tells Cookie Monster a sad tale on how he was turned into a cookie. He used to be a blue furry monster too. But eating so many cookies caused him to become a cookie and never had any healthier food. As Cookie Monster woke up from his nightmare, He wailed "What a dream! Oh, Very sad!" And then he declars that he will never eat cookies again (Because he also does not want to turn into a cookie, too). So he eats carrots, fish, and whole-wheat bread. And then he eats a cookie and remarked "Well, Maybe sometime a cookie."

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