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Fave SST Songs


Well-Known Member
Aug 3, 2008
Reaction score
1. C is for Cookie
2. C drives me crazy
3. What's the name of that song
4. Brush Boogie
5. Between You and me
6. When its my birthday
7. The word is no
8. Above it all
9. Part of the whole
10.Rhyme out (Big Bird Gina and Savion)
11.The Elepant Elevator Operator
12.Rubber Duckie
13.Do de Rubber Duck
14.Just happy to be me(Everybody Be Yo'self)
15.Things that I remember
16.Proud Of Me
17. Cookie Disco (Shaft Parody)
18. Me lost me cookie in the disco
19. I think that it is wonderful
20. Elmo's world theme

There's More
1. On My Pond
2. Do Wop hop
3. I love Trash
4. It's Sure it's hot
5. Thinking Of U
6. Sign Your Symonins
7. Adding,Adding,Adding
8. Barn in the USA
9. Born to add
10.In Your Imagination
11. Emotion in the Ocean
12. Your'e Alive


Well-Known Member
Dec 14, 2004
Reaction score
I Don't Want to Live on the Moon
It Feels Good When You Sing a Song
One Fine Face
Happy Tappin' With Elmo
Put Down the Duckie
The Monster in the Mirror
The Happiest Street in the World
Somebody Come and Play
Dance Myself to Sleep
Sing After Me
One Small Voice
The Batty Bat
African Alphabet
Rubber Duckie
We Are All Earthlings
Zig Zag Dance
Wonderful Me
I Love Trash
There's a Big Heap of Trash at the End of the Rainbow
Fuzzy and Blue
C is for Cookie
Doin' the Pigeon
Things That I Remember
But I Like You
Little Things
Let's Go Driving
Do De Rubber Duck
Ladybugs' Picnic


Well-Known Member
Aug 20, 2006
Reaction score
We need to have all of these songs on Karaoke!
What a great idea! I mean, they released Disney karaoke, why not Muppets/SST? Why not?

(How cool would it be to have an SST karaoke comp on MC? *Sings 'The 10 Commandments of Health' really horribly* LOL)

Soul H

Well-Known Member
Oct 25, 2003
Reaction score
I'd have to say my favourite songs are:

Anything by Little Jerry and The Monotones
Count It Higher
Letter B
Thinking Of U
U Really Got A Hold On Me
Danger's No Stranger
Wet Paint
Don't Walk
The Word Is NO!
Earth Rain & Mud
Hammer Time
Dance Myself To Sleep
Two Heads Are Better Than One
The musical score to the Mad Painter (may he rest in peace)

and finally...

Soul H (who didn't see that coming) :wink:


Well-Known Member
Oct 16, 2008
Reaction score
Any song by Joe Raposo. They're sad to hear, but so comforting. They bring back good memories of good times.


Well-Known Member
Dec 26, 2008
Reaction score
Here are my favorite Sesame Street songs:
1. Letter B
2. Bein' Green
3. Thinking Of U
4. Do Wop Hop
5. I Don't Want To Live On The Moon
6. This Frog
7. Caribbean Amphibian
8. Hey Food
9. What's The Name Of That Song?
10. We Are All Earthlings
11. I Wonder 'Bout The World Above
12. Dance Myself To Sleep
13. The Monster In The Mirror
14. One Banana
15. My Polliwog Ways
16. The Frogs In The Glen
17. A Song From Kermit
18. The Country and City song


Well-Known Member
Dec 19, 2004
Reaction score
I cant believe it took 14 people to pos to come up with "Sing" the best SS song of them all. It sums up the true essence of SS.

I also really enjoy "Imagine That" Saw it for the first time in a long time and actually had a tear or two rolling down my cheeks.
Jan 7, 2009
Reaction score
There are so many greats and they've all been mentioned but, if I had to pick a personal favourite, it would be 'I Believe In Little Things'. Such a beautiful song and there's something magical in the lyrics. It's lovely.