Disney Muppet Babies Season 1 Episode 1 - Sir Kermit the Brave / Animal Fly Airplane


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Mar 11, 2003
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I really did enjoy it. I was glad and just shocked but surprised (even tho I had heard they were going to use different types of animation or even use stock footage too) but LOVED the Indiana Jones thrown in there too.

Did anyone else watch the other two shows? My showing had four shows. Two 11 minute shows and then there was another one with two more 11 minute shows. Everyone is only talking about Episode 1 and not 2? I really liked both. Yeah they didn't use any stock footage in the 2nd Episode but it was still a soild episode.

I just love the design of them. It makes them really look like real Muppet Puppets and not just animated characters. And they move and act like their counterparts. Really good animation with the CGI. I loved it. Can't wait for more and to see other characters come in too the show. Oh also Statlar and Waldorf were on the 2nd Show.