Dealing with depression and anxiety


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Mar 24, 2024
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My anxiety and depression hit an all-time high after I was diagnosed with epilepsy (was diagnosed later in life which I learned is more common than not), that was back in 2016 and I a lot of the things that really helped me fight my depression were re-watching certain Muppet Show segments as well as re-watched Follow That Bird and Elmo in Grouchland. Follow That Bird and Elmo in Grouchland are definitely some of my comfort movies along with The Iron Giant and Chasing Amy (yes, I know Chasing Amy is the odd one out there but it's a long beautiful story as to why).

But the gist is, I watched that movie on an awful awful day after a neurologist visit and my now-fiancé (we were just dating at the time), suggested it. He prefaced it by saying, "Yeah, the story is kinda sad but, I love this movie and I think you will too".

Anyway, while my depression and anxiety are still very much there, they're getting easier to manage nowadays :smile: