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Aug 29, 2005
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Good old "Jim and Joe" musical creations

I love S.S. in general, but the songs (both live video and with muppets) were, by far, my favorite part of it. Does any one remember any of these "oldies but goodies"? Heres a list of my absolute favorites!

"Mahnu Mahnu" (sung by muppet Bip Bipadotta and 2 girl muppets)
"Up, up, and away!" (sung to muppet sketch)
"Weave, little weaver bird" (live video)
"Everybody Eats!" (live)
"Everybody sleeps!" (live)
"Water baby" (live)
"Oh can't you see, there's a bird on me?" (the old live version)
"Which come first, the chicken or the egg?" (live)
"Blueberry mouth!" (live)
"Somebody come and play!" (live)
"B is for bubble! (in Bubble gum)" (live)
"J, Joe, Jeans, and his Jellybeans, oh, lets sing a song about J!" (Muppets)
"Air!" (Muppet Bip Bipadota)
"The telephone rock" (Little Jerry and the Monotones)
"One, two: two little dolls" (live)
"I'm an ardvark!" (live)
"La, La, La, La,-Lemon!" ( sung by E & B)
"Inch worm" (sung to muppets sketch)
"Fat, Cat, Sat, Hat!" (Bip Bipadotta and crew)
"They call me Roosevelt Franklin!" (Roosevelt Franklin)
"Everyone makes mistakes" (Big Bird)
" Zoom, zoom; zig-zag..- Zap!" (the Zizzy Zoomers)
The shooting number song 1-10 ( w/ Jim as the Baker falling down the stairs)
The animated # song (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,nine!.....Ten!)
The pinball number song 1-12
The Don Abbud fiddler # songs ("2 step", "3 on a fat lady's lap", "4 lions just came through my door", "the #5 funny farm", ect.)
other animated # songs ("The Aligator King" 7, "The penny candy man" 8, "My martian beauty" 9, "Ten tiny turtles on the telephone" 10, "It's a lovely 11 morning!", and "The Ladybug picnic" for 12)

Should I keep going? Believe it or not, I could! :wink: