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Classic Sesame Clips on YouTube


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Feb 14, 2007
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Kevin’s Elmo voice was easier on the ears for me…. Even if I’ll admit with age his voice did get a little more ehhhhh.

Ryan’s Elmo just feels too squeaky for me. Like if it was someone with a cold trying to do an Elmo impression.

minor muppetz

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Jun 19, 2005
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Somebody managed to upload the entirety of episode 2042 (so far it appears to be the only thing they uploaded, but it was uploaded a few days ago, maybe they'll upload more). Judging by the beginning, it's clearly not a TV recording.

Sesame Street Episode 2042 Oscar meets Snuffy - YouTube

It's the one where Oscar ends up meeting Snuffy. Considering Caroll Spinney did both Big Bird and Oscar, and therefore the two didn't appear together often, we didn't get many times when Oscar talked about Snuffy being imaginary (and normally Snuffy was only discussed when Big Bird brings him up), so here we get him doing that a lot with Gordon, who now believes in Snuffy. Under other circumstances, would Oscar have been annoyed with Big Bird talking about Snuffy (this episode makes it seem so), or would Oscar have taken pleasure in Big Bird's angst over the others not believing him and their annoyance over it?

The scene where Oscar and Grundgetta pretend to be a Snuffleupagus to fool Gordon, when they enter, Gordon is wearing headphones and reading, it would have been funny if he missed that while reading and having headphones in, even with them trying to get his attention (well, there had been times when Mr. Hooper had his headphones in and was unable to hear Snuffy from behind).

The scene where Oscar yells that Snuffy is out, Gordon is by the window, hearing somebody yelling and goes into another part of the house. I guess he didn't realize it was Oscar, too bad he didn't just turn his head out the window to see Snuffy.

Oscar wanted Gordon away from his can, but after seeing that Gordon did miss out on the very real Snuffleupagus, he should have been pleased that now, he would really be wasting his time. Oscar wanted Gordon away from his can so badly, why didn't he just go somewhere or have Bruno take him away somewhere?

I had been thinking about this recently, before it went online, but since Maria and Linda were also believing at this point, maybe all three of them should have been there together to make sure at least one of them sees him. Maybe that would make it more challenging for them all to miss out. But it would be a good plan if one of them had to leave. Like, to go to the bathroom, which is never brought up (and aside from going inside to take a call, Gordon stays there all day, without going to the bathroom, and having plenty to eat and drink which surely would have made him have to go at some point).