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Ask MikaelaMuppet Anything

Flaky Pudding

Well-Known Member
Nov 21, 2013
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Personally, I would let my kids watch The Simpsons as well as Happy Tree Friends, Bob's Burgers, and old Family Guy (seasons 1-4 and the Star Wars specials only). Even though I would not show them the ones where Jesus shows up, I don't want them to get the wrong idea of Christianity.
You know, now that I've matured a bit I've come to the conclusion that I would NEVER let my future children watch Family Guy at all. I think that a lot of the parodies of R and PG-13 rated properties would go over there heads and without context as to what the heck they are referencing, some of those jokes could lead to accidental childhood nightmare fuel. It's a show made by adults for adults. I don't think some of the more grown up references would be exactly appropriate for a young child. For example:
If a kid saw that and didn't know who the alien character is, it might scare them to see an unknown freaky looking monster suddenly pop up via cutaway gag on their favorite show. The general inappropriateness of it all wouldn't worry me as much because most of it is subtle enough to fly over the heads of younger viewers. But the show's overall random, bizarre nature has allowed more than a few disturbing things to pop up midway through the story in an otherwise normal Family Guy episode.