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Mar 26, 2012
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Yes, yes, tis I! Apologies for the lack of updates here; I was able to get my old job back (the one I had before that 'recent unpleasantness'), so I've been in training and stuff for the last two weeks. But on a good note, it looks as though I have the next few Mondays off, so you can hopefully expect to see some Monday updates.

This is actually not the full chapter here, so you'll get the second half next week or so (I know, sorry!). Didn't wanna leave you guys without another Monday update you know? So the last few chapters, there's evil afoot with the Moopets and the Rag Muffin, so let's switch up and have something nice for a chance okay? This chapter, we get to meet one Frankie Strider, who I have based - speech wise - on the Muppet (you all remember the Muppet, right?) So here you go with a part of a Monday.


The end of another week was exciting to anyone who ever held a job and for one Penelope Strider, her Friday was met with excitement, apprehension, and a little bit of fear.

As a nurse, Penny’s schedule could be up and down, with her working nights or days, weekdays, weekends, and even some holidays. If she had been single or had a spouse, it may have been easier because there was someone there who had her back and could help in making some of the financial burdens that came with being an adult living in a high cost of living area; however Penny was not single and was no longer married, but she did have someone who had her back and who she had to watch out for.

Franklin Shelby Strider was the product of her marriage to Vincent Strider, a wildlife ranger bear who had used his love of nature and upbringing to help other animals and people. It had been his helpfulness rescuing two lost hikers during a freak weather storm in Maine that had led to his death, falling to the waters below when one of the rigs on the rescue helicopter broke; it had nearly killed everyone on board, but it had been Vince to the rescue, saving others while sacrificing himself.

It had been hard to take, especially when she had to tell Frankie, who didn’t and probably still didn’t understand why the nice man he called daddy was no longer around. Ironically, it had been the Muppets who lived on Sesame Street that helped her young son get an understanding on what had happened; she had always loved the classic episodes and was making her way through the older episodes and showing her son the show at the same time. They just happened to come across the episode after the original store keeper, Mr. Hooper, had died; it had been a great moment in television history, but for Penny, it had opened the door to helping both her and Frankie get over their recent loss.

While Vince would always been in her head and heart, the nurse was slowly starting to see another face in her dreams and it wasn’t that of her deceased husband. She had never been one of those fans who fantasied about marrying or dating a celebrity, but a roll of fate had put her in charge of one Fozzie Bear, the comic for the Muppets, a recent causality of what could have been a fatal car accident. She didn’t know what it was about him, but Penny felt drawn to him; maybe it was because he didn’t seem like those celebrities that mistreated or insulted their fans or maybe it was because he made her laugh, she didn’t know, but she had been finding more and more reasons to spend time with him.

This Friday was her day off and it was the day she planned on visiting the comic, taking her young son with her. Frankie loved the Muppets and every Sunday night, they were both in front of the television set waiting to see what hilarity or comedic mishap the stars would find themselves in that week. The two and a half year old loved the entire thing, but his favorite performer was Fozzie; he laughed at every joke as though it was the funniest thing he had ever heard and he was glued to the screen whenever the bear appeared. The fact that her patient was the same face they saw every week had been a treat and it was a definite honor that Fozzie was letting her come bother him with a little version of her husband in tow.

And that’s what had gotten her apprehensive in this upcoming meeting; it had been a little more over two years since Vince’s accident and while Penny wouldn’t ever state that she was a beauty queen, but she had gotten her share of male attention. Male attention that quickly died when she would mention her son, an attachment that turns off any single person, with the thought of having to contend with a child that’s not theirs and having to perform through hoops in order to get that child to like them.

It was a condition that most men didn’t want and didn’t take.

Not that Penny had her sights on getting Fozzie Bear to consider her as a potential girlfriend! That…that thought was completely not what she was thinking or wanted; she was doing this for Frankie, though the fact that she would certainly not be opposed to counting Fozzie as a friend had entered her thoughts.

For now, she had to first worry about getting her boy ready for his big surprise.

Frankie was as you would expect any two year old to be – bright, cheerful, and excitable, especially when there was a prospect of a special surprise. His coloring was that of his mother’s, but Penny could see that as he got older, his fur got darker and would probably match that of his father’s; his eyes were hers, but his face – oh, that face! – was very much his father’s, as was that smile that seemed to always be plastered on his mouth. When she had told Vince he was going to be a father for the first time, they had of course discussed the possibility of having more than one, something that Penny was disappointed hadn’t happened.

However, for an only child, Frankie was quite happy at making his own world of imagination; he was still learning how to talk, but he had gotten a very good grasp of the English language for someone so young. He saw a totally different world in his mind when he played, one where his stuffed animals were his friends or sometimes his audience and she had caught him a few times performing his own little theater show. Their neighbor, Irene, was a stay at home mother with two children of her own and never minded watching Frankie while Penny was at work; this was actually a great tactic, as it gave Frankie the chance to play with other children and give his growing vocab a work out.

Currently, Frankie was dressed and ready for his surprise – as he had been for several hours – and was now performing some type of show for several of his stuffed animals.

“Having fun?” she asked, leaning against the doorjamb to his room as she watched.

Turning around, the boy smiled at the sight of his mother. “Showtime!” he shouted, repeating the new word he had learned while watching the Muppet Show.

“Almost,” she replied. “I have a surprise for you and it does involve a certain person that you like.”

“Muppet Show?”

“Well, not the actual show per se,” she added. “But along those lines. Come on, we’ll have breakfast and then we’ll see what the surprise is, okay?”


The cub quickly went past his mother and headed for the kitchen, eagerly getting into a chair at the dining table; he had insisted that he was a big boy and could sit at the table like an adult, though he could only reach the tabletop by sitting on his knees on the chair itself. It was adorable, especially when he tried his very best to make sure he didn’t make any spills at his spot or on himself.

“What would you like for breakfast, sweetie?”

“Pancakes!” came the immediate answer.

“Pancakes, huh?” Penny smirked. Pancakes were her son’s favorite breakfast meal and while he would’ve been happy if she made them every day, for every single meal, she did her best to regulate it just to Fridays or the weekends when they could spend the whole day together.

“I think I can see my way to making you some pancakes,” she said, heading to the stove to turn on the oven. “Are you excited about your surprise?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah!” he shouted, bouncing happily in his seat.

“What do you think it could be?”

Frankie scrunched up his little face in concentration, a look Penny was sure he had gotten from his father. “Presents?” he asked, excitedly.

Penny chuckled. “Well,” she began. “It is a present, but just one.”

Again, the child got a look of concentration on his face, trying to decipher what this particular surprise could be. “Pancakes?”

This time, Penny laughed out loud. “You’re silly!”

“You silly!”

The two continued their guessing game, though it ended up into a sing-along when Frankie started singing the theme to the cartoon Spongebob Squarepants. Pancakes were served with childlike enthusiasm and very little fuss and mess for the bear cub; hands and faces were washed, clothing checked for any stains, and just an overall checklist before heading out into the world.

For Frankie, these days were the best. He got to spend time with his mommy, probably his most favorite person in the whole world, which was something, as his world was very small; he certainly liked playing with Ms. Irene and Johnny and Maggie, but he liked playing with mommy better. She liked pancakes and let him watch the Muppet Show before going to bed; they both laughed at the antics that happened when a frog tried to run a theater full of apparent lunatics.

The little cub didn’t know what his surprise was, but he approached it like any child would when knowing they’ve been good and were getting a treat and for Frankie, a ride in the car was a treat, as was spending time with his mother. Being the big boy that he was, Frankie happily jumped into the backseat, climbing into his child protective seat and strapping himself in, impatiently waiting while Penny got into the driver’s side and buckled herself in as well.

“You all buckled?”

“Yes, Mommy!”

“You ready?”


“Okay, here we go!”


Fridays in a hospital setting were always busy, regardless of day or night. During the day, many people tried to get in appointments with their doctors or clinics before the weekend, while the night’s festivities could sometimes result in mischievous behavior that landed many a young person in the urgent care or worse, the emergency room.

For the duo of Penny and Frankie Strider, the trip to the hospital was done quickly, escaping the morning traffic heading into work and avoiding those heading towards lunch during their assigned break times. Frankie had been a semi-regular at California Medical, having been born there nearly three years earlier, and of course coming to visit when his mother was there for whatever appointment he or his mother may have had.

Nurses and doctors who knew the boy happily waved to him as they passed, stopping to talk to both him and his mother if they had the time before they started their rounds. The bear cub excitedly waved to people he remembered and those he didn’t, saying hello to patients and their families as they walked past, skipping happily along the side of Penny as they headed up to the floor where Fozzie was.

The closer they got, the more nervous Penny felt, hoping against hope that Fozzie truly didn’t mind having her and Frankie visiting today; while she knew logically that the comic wasn’t like any celebrity she had ever known, there was still a persona that most celebs kept, their public face and then their private faces. She was fairly sure Fozzie’s public and private faces were one in the same, but she had been fooled by male bears before, having been deceived by the looks and thoughts of a person who couldn’t have cared less about her or her son.

Reaching her nurses’ station, the nurse on duty – Alyssa, a raven haired Whatnot with multicolored braces attached to her teeth – was typing away at chart information on the computer when she saw the bears coming towards her. “Hey you!” she replied, standing and bending over the counter to see the smaller bear next to her. “And there’s my special little guy! And here I thought you’d forgotten about me.”

“Nope!” the cub said, smiling brightly. While sweet and adorable, Penny did have a concern in the back of her head that her son was going to be a lady killer once he discovered girls were more than just mommy or mommy’s friends. “Hi ‘Lyssa!”

“What’re you two doing here?” asked the nurse. “Isn’t this your day off?”

“We’re here to see a friend,” Penny replied, shyly.

Alyssa got a look in her eye before smiling widely. “And I think I know who it could be,” she remarked, adding a wink while doing so. “You may be interested to know that he’s been asking about you today.”


“Quite a reaction that was,” the raven haired Muppet replied. “I went in to see him twice this morning and both times, he got this look of excitement on his face until he realized I wasn’t you.”

“Oh, c’mon, Alyssa,” Penny chuckled, nervously. “I’m sure he wasn’t that disappointed. Or excited, for that matter.”

“You’ll see,” the Whatnot replied, again sending a wink towards Penny and the small bear cub. “You’re just gonna love your surprise, sweetie!”

“’Prise?” Frankie asked, trying his best to see above the counter where Alyssa. “’Lyssa, you have present?”

“I don’t, sweetie,” Alyssa said, patting the boy on the head. “But it’s in that room and he’s a friend of your mommy’s.”

“Mommy friend?”

“Thank you for your help, Alyssa,” Penny said, rolling her eyes.

“Any time!”

The two bears turned away from the nurses’ station and headed down the hall to where the room of one Fozzie Bear resided. For the bear inside, he had been anxiously waiting all morning for Penny to come by with her son. Still laid up in bed, there was nothing for Fozzie to really do but watch the horrible shows that were showing on television or lay in bed thinking about his nurse and the latter was something he had already been doing since the attractive mother of one had entered his hospital room one day.

Fozzie had liked to think that he wasn’t easily caught up in infatuations or love sickness, especially at his age. Sure, it happened quite a bit when he was a boy, but he was a man now, an adult bear who knew the differences between a crush and something that was real and true. He prided himself on not acting the way Kermit did when he thought no one noticed him staring lovingly at Miss Piggy and he was certainly not as woman crazy the way Gonzo had been when they had first met; no, Fozzie knew when a crush entered his heart and he was good enough not to make a big deal about it.

That’s where his troubles with Penny began.

It wasn’t that he disliked her – quite the opposite! – and he wouldn’t lie that hearing she had a son hadn’t derailed him, but knowing that she wasn’t married – admittedly, she was a widow – and wasn’t seeing anyone, that he knew of, his thought patterns regarding her were even fuzzier than he was after a shower.

It made sense, didn’t it? She was his nurse, he saw her every day and it was her job to make him feel better, even if it meant listening to his jokes and laughing at them. And she was pretty, so of course he’d be attracted to her; Fozzie had been attracted to a lot of people in his life time and that number had tripled once he had gotten in with the Muppets. Piggy was certainly easy on the eyes, as Rowlf would say, and when Gonzo had been in charge of auditioning the chorus girls, he had always gotten the prettiest ones.

That weren’t chickens.

It was perfectly logical for him to be attracted to his nurse. Yes, it made sense.

What didn’t make sense was why he was nervous at meeting the smaller, male version of her or what he assumed to be the smaller, male version of her. Penny had stated that her son was a fan of his and that it would be a great treat for the boy to meet him; Fozzie couldn’t turn that down. He loved kids! It was one of the perks to his job and if he could give his nurse the same amount of generosity she had given him while he was there, he was certainly going to do that.

This nervousness was just…meeting a new person. Yeah, that was it. Fozzie was naturally shy. Naturally.

Even that didn’t ring true to his ears.

Taking a deep breath, Fozzie held it, releasing it when he heard and then saw the door to his room open. Penny’s head immediately poked through, her smile seemingly reassuring any doubts that he had been troubling over before her arrival. “Hey you,” she said.


“I didn’t wake you, did I?”

The comic shook his head rapidly. “I’ve been awake for quite some time,” he admitted. “To be honest, I’ve been kinda waiting for you.”

“Well,” she began, opening the door wider to reveal the little bear cub who had been eagerly trying to get inside to see what this so called present was. “The wait is over.”

Frankie wasn’t sure what he had been expecting, just knowing that a surprise present was somewhere that Mommy was taking him was enough to get his interest up. But what he saw would probably trump every present he would receive from now on, including the ones Santa would bring him come Christmas. Right there, right in front of him was Fozzie.

Fozzie. Bear.

The same Fozzie that he saw in the TV on Sundays when they watched the Muppet Show and there he was, right there! Before his very eyes! But while his heart was beating with excitement, his eyes sent notification to his brain about where exactly he was seeing his favorite comic. This was the place where Mommy helped people who were sick and hurt. And here was Fozzie, laying in a bed with a strange, big white sock on his leg. Was Fozzie sick?

The first response his little brain wanted to do was to show Mommy that, whoa! There’s Fozzie! As in, the Fozzie from TV and if Fozzie was there, did that mean the other Muppets were there, too? Instead, his brain managed to switch gears immediately, taking in the comic as he lay in bed, the big white sock, and in the place where Mommy helped people who were sick and hurt and came up with only one response.

“Oh no!” he exclaimed, running into the room and standing by the side of the bed. It was huge, as was Fozzie, but that didn’t matter now. Fozzie was sick! Glancing at his mother, he asked, “Fozzie sick?” before turning back to the comic and asking worriedly, “You sick?”

“Aw, I’m okay, buddy,” Fozzie replied, patting the cub on his head. “I only got a little hurt, but I’m alright.”

“Mommy fix?” the cub asked, once again turning to his mother. Turning back to Fozzie, the boy nodded, and said, “Mommy fix.”

“Your mommy fixed me already,” Fozzie assured him. “You know when you sick and then you have to wait to get all better?” Frankie nodded. “Well, that’s what I’m doing. I’m in the getting all better phase.”

Penny brought over a chair, picking up Frankie and putting him in it so he could clearly see the idol he worshipped. “Manners, Franklin,” she admonished. “Fozzie Bear, meet your biggest fan, Frankie Strider.”

Holding out his paw, Fozzie smiled at the cub. “Hiya, Frankie.”

“You kay?” the cub asked, again. “You kay, Fozzie?”

“I’m okay,” Fozzie said. “I promise. In fact, both the doctor and your Mommy say I should be out of here next week.”

“You do show?”

“I don’t think that’s gonna happen, baby,” Penny replied. “Fozzie’s still got a cast on and I know I didn’t tell him that standing on it would help him any.”

“Hurts?” Frankie asked, pointing to the big sock.

“No,” the comic sighed. “Just itchy. Hey, you wanna sign my cast?”

“Yeah!” the cub replied, enthusiastically. “Mommy too?”

“Of course!” the comic said. “I certainly wouldn’t feel better if it wasn’t for her.” Fozzie tried his best to give Penny the more heartfelt and earnest look he could without blushing and he was fairly certain it didn’t work the way he had wanted.


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This halfa-chapter has all the charm I've come to hexpect from your writing style Gina. Nice to meet Frankie, learn about his and Penny's backstory, and the excitement over meeting Fozzie.

There is the little bit where you repeat Fozzie's worry about Frankie being a smaller male version of Penny, but other than a couple things you should rully check before posting, it was enjoyable to read something from your font again.
*Leaves slice of coffee-chocolate cake from :batty: birthday over at HV.


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Okay, I'm the worst. I know this. My apologies for the lateness. Have been working on some database stuff, so have been using my two days off to try and get those out; today was literally the first Monday in which I wasn't working on something (other than my Enterprise model).

So, because I couldn't remember my original idea for the ending to the last chapter, it ends pretty quickly, but I'm also giving you the next one to make up for it, k?

Here's the end to the above chapter and then the next coming up!

To be honest, Penny had been sure that Fozzie would get tired of the little cub; toddlers were known to be a handful, still too young to understand the world around them, but excited to venture forth and discover it. It wasn’t to say that she thought the comic would outright dismiss them, but she had her fingers crossed that her son wouldn’t be too much, that the comic wouldn’t be offended by the wayward or embarrassing questions that only a two year old could ask at the most inappropriate manner.

So while Penny was still worrying that he would suddenly send them out of his hospital room, Fozzie was finding himself enjoying not only the company of the nurse he had developed a crush on, but her cute as a button son. Fozzie had been terribly worried that perhaps the young child wouldn’t like him, but he was pleased at the way the cub had immediately been distressed at seeing his injuries. Not that he wanted to scare the kid, but the fact that the boy’s first instincts were to be worried about his current state just lifted the kid to official fan favorite as far as he was concerned.

The three bears spent several hours together, the time passing by as they enjoyed each other’s company. Whatever thoughts had been thought before entering the room, they had been dispelled by the time Penny and Frankie finally left; one thing was clear however – Frankie was over the moon with Fozzie Bear and Penny was finding the feeling was quite mutual.


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Sorry guys, another half chap! But the ideas are there, so unless something comes up, you may get something later in the week!


It was Monday and the Great Gonzo was on a break.

A lunch break, to be exact.

With the Muppet Show’s regular comic force out with a broken leg and laid up, the normal Monday morning meeting had been postponed, due to the fact that they didn’t have a show that upcoming weekend. It was of course the hope that by the next week, Fozzie would be back – crutches and all – and that they could show their audience and fans that the bear was okay and none the worse for wear.

Having the bear in the hospital had been a jarring event for everyone, with the tentative hold of life glaring straight and hard at them all. The thought that one of their own could be gone within the matter of minutes was hard enough, but the very notion that all of them were literally on borrowed time certainly seemed to strengthen everyone more so than any movie deep thinking talk ever could.

For Gonzo, who lived his life on the edge of forever anyway, the idea that one of his acts could seriously harm him had always been in the back of his mind. He lived life to the fullest, making sure that whatever his last moments were, they would be awesome; but with one of his best friends in the hospital due to something that could have killed him had the accident happened any other way, was a bit of an eye opener. The stuntman wasn’t as young as he used to be and up until now, he only cared about making sure that his act was the best, the weirdest, the wildest, and the most outrageous that anyone had ever seen.

Now, of course, things had changed to the point where Gonzo wasn’t just concerned about himself anymore. He certainly never saw their little group breaking up and spending seven years away from each other and he certainly didn’t think he would ever sit down and have the big family talk with anyone; once they knew the situation wasn’t going to be getting better any time soon, he and Camilla sat down and talked about where they were going as a couple and what their future would be, should they decide that marriage and family were going to be happening.

With that in mind, Gonzo had to rethink some of his acts – no more death defying acts, only semi-death defying, and whatever happened, he had to be able to heal from it.

So with the normal weekday meeting cancelled, the stunt weirdo decided to chill out and hang out, first with his little chickadee and second, with some of his comrades in arms. He actually had Rowlf sitting in his apartment, waiting on the hoagie sandwiches that Gonzo was picking up from the deli around the corner; Camilla would be joining them for a short time before she was due back at the theater, as she and the group were working on their act for the upcoming show. Then for dinner, Gonzo would be meeting with Rizzo – deemed his ‘other’ girlfriend by Camilla – for a strictly weirdos night out; the plan was to stop by and visit the bear after dinner, so they could sneak in some treats.

Walking through the apartment door, Gonzo found his lunch companion already seated on the couch, the television on and showing the scores for the latest sporting games. Rowlf had been over a few times, so he had of course made himself at home, pulling out two plates and cups for their lunch and setting them on the coffee table that sat before him. “You’re gonna love these, Rowlfie boy!” he exclaimed, dropping the hoagie bag on the table and pulling out sandwiches and sides.

“The Hoagie House?” the pianist asked, excitedly. “Oh man, I love these guys! I was completely inconsolable when they switched locations.”

“See?” Gonzo replied, elbowing the dog. “If you ever had a reason to spend more time with me, outside of a hospital or doctor’s office, I’ve just given you one.”

Rowlf laughed, deeply. While he and Gonzo were indeed friends, they actually didn’t spend a ton of time together, usually just seeing each other during their day to day interactions with the show. It was actually ironic that they had met for breakfast the day of Fozzie’s accident, especially when Rowlf usually ate in the cantina in the theater before heading to the studios for their meeting. For whatever reason, he and Gonzo were fated to having breakfast together that day, which may have been a signal that Rowlf needed to make more of reason to spend with people he usually wouldn’t or be able to.

“Where’s the little woman?”

Gonzo took a glance at the clock, biting into his Italian grinder as he did so. “Any minute now,” he stumbled, swallowing quickly. “Actually, she’s about five minutes late.”

“Don’t go jumping to conclusions, Gonzo,” Rowlf said, seeing the look on the weirdo’s face.


“Don’t give me that,” he continued. “Ever since Fozzie’s accident, you’ve been clingy, which only happens when you’ve been drugged. And unless there’s something you need to tell me or a day that might work for your intervention, you need to stop whatever crazy idea you have. Other than the usual ones.”

“You can’t blame me,” Gonzo muttered. “Doesn’t seem right, does it? Instead of going out on stage like some of the greats, Fozzie could’ve bought it in a normal, ordinary car crash. What does that say about me? What if instead of going out in fiery flame of doom, I just get hit on the head by a bucket of paint?”

“Yeah, I could see how that would make you worried.”

Rolling his eyes, Gonzo took a quick drink of his soda before responding. “Don’t look at me like that,” he groused. “You know I’m right and yes, maybe I’ve been a little touchy feely lately.”

Rowlf just looked at him.

“Alright, so I’ve always been touchy feely,” Gonzo admitted. “I’m a hugger and I like to hug; that’s besides the point. The point is…actually, I’m not sure what the point was.”

“The point,” Rowlf replied. “Is that you’re scared and that’s to be expected. We’re all scared, Gonzo; we almost lost Fozzie, but thankfully we didn’t. It’s natural that we want to make sure our loved ones are okay and safe after something like this.”
Gonzo threw a smile the dog’s way, completely understanding what it was that Rowlf was trying to say. He couldn’t help it; that accident did worry him, especially when he could substitute anyone in Fozzie’s place – Kermit, Piggy, Rowlf, Rizzo, Camilla…and it was a thought that not only struck him, but scared him. He vaguely remembered life before meeting everyone and he certainly knew his life had only gotten better since Camilla had been in it; he never wanted to consider what life would be like without her in it.

As though through thought alone, the show chicken made her way through the door, shaking her head in a slight fury. As soon as she saw that she had an audience waiting for her, she started clucking wildly and insistently, blabbering about how she was going to literally ring the neck of someone and that if she ever saw this person, she was going to give them such a talking to. This of course was done with choice words that both Rowlf and Gonzo rarely heard from Camilla, which meant she was seriously angry about something and someone.

“Do you kiss her with that mouth?” the musician asked.

“I hardly think this is an appropriate time for the comment that I want to say,” came the retort. Looking at the love of his life, Gonzo had to ask. “Would you like some corn, sweetheart?”

“Cami, it’s clear to me at least that someone has gotten on the bad side of those pretty feathers.”

Continuing her tirade, Camilla just handed over the object that she had been clutching with a vice grip of anger. Before either the dog or weirdo could say anything or even ask anything, the chicken was clucking to herself as she headed into the kitchen; Rowlf and Gonzo didn’t need to say anything to each other either, as the headline on the magazine was enough to tell them why Camilla had been so upset.

The Muppets Aren’t the Loveable Group You Think They Are!

“Oh no.”


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Jul 12, 2002
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Oh... The chicken feathers have been ruffled! And not in a good way.

Very much like how Penny and Frankie left Fozzie's room/bedside area at the hospital with relief on their minds and happiness in their hearts.

The Hogie House huh? Might have to go there one of these days, though I dunno if the Rock & Roll Deli would see that as an act of brand loyalty treason.

The dynamic between Gonzo and Rowlf is an interesting one, I'm liking where this is headed, especially with the added dimension of Gonzo rethinking he needs to perhaps tone down his performances in lue of Fozzie's accident.

Heh... :shifty: as the "second girlfriend".

And then the gang finds out about Greenleaf's nosiness. Well, hope this gets updated whenever cause we need to find out how the mess gets cleaned up.
*Leaves some chocolate bat brownies Uncle D made yesterday.
BTW: Ch 152 of KG's been posted. :smile:


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I can help but agree with that last thing.
Oh no indeed.

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*Waves 'Hi' at Gina, who seems to have returned from the great unknown of Halloween. *Leaves some of the brownies left over at the party down at the club.
BTW: Ish there some 3-Ball in the future? <333


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*Waves 'Hi' at Gina, who seems to have returned from the great unknown of Halloween. *Leaves some of the brownies left over at the party down at the club.
BTW: Ish there some 3-Ball in the future? <333

I have! And you'll be glad to know that the reason I returned is cause I'm gonna work on finishing that last chapter for you today :big_grin:

And yessir, there is 3 Ball, which I may start next weekend

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*In :smile: voice: Oh good. I'll look forward to reading whatever fic you post. Oh, and I think I mentioned the new KG chappy in an earlier comment. :shifty:


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Lo kiddies! As promised, I worked on this fer ya and finished the last chapter. And I'm gonna post it a day early, so here ya go! And yes, Counters, I did see the mention about the latest in KG, just haven't gotten to reading it, so I think we know what I'm doing tomorrow.

Here's the next scene in the last chapter and it's a doozy....

While Camilla was clucking about choking a certain columnist, Gonzo, and Rowlf were left in a stunned silence over some scandalous substances, Piggy and Scooter were having a beautiful and bright brunch at Bistro Boulevard.

The two tried to get together as much as they could, despite the fact that Piggy usually inserted herself into the normal Wednesday and Saturday morning meetings that Kermit and Scooter had during the week, especially when they were usually held at the house.

The two would downplay just how close they were, but their bond was as strong as any best friend friendship or even mother and child.

As with Gonzo, the two had been thinking seriously about the consequences of losing someone, especially when they could have replaced Fozzie with the two people with whom they were in love with; Piggy would never and could never think back to a world that didn’t include Kermit in it and she knew she would be devastated should something ever happen to him.

Scooter certainly felt the same way about Amanda, but the whole group; having the group split the way it did had literally tore him in half and while he had grown up outside of their shadows and had found his own way and path, it hadn’t been the way it happened.

“This was a surprise request,” the redhead began, taking a drink from his water glass. Piggy had invited him to brunch that morning, seeing as the frog was ditching her for breakfast with Rowlf and then he had a few meetings lined up for administration and business purposes.

“Moi didn’t know that Moi needed to make a request to see you,” the diva smirked.

“Vous can request my presence at any time,” came the retort.

“If Moi manages to get you alone for more than a few seconds,” Piggy replied. “Miss Amanda seems to be taking up your time.”

“Is that a touch of jealousy I hear?”

“Very cute.”

“Mandy seems to think so,” Scooter said. “And I know you think the same.”

“Getting a little big for your britches there, boyo.”

Their banter was stopped only when the waiter came by to take their order. As with the rest of the group, the duo could sling their banter and retorts at each other, knowing that there was no malice in their words; Scooter had learned at the knees of his masters when it came to tossing wit to wit.

“So other than your little miss, what else is going on?”

“Well,” the page started. “I started looking into our not so friendly friend from the Rag Muffin.”


“He’s got his tracks covered pretty well,” he replied. “But as we both know, no one can escape me.”

Piggy just smirked at him.

Though they both wanted to put the whole ‘Fozzie’s Dead’ article behind them, it had been a bit of shocker. It was one thing to be aware that that was exactly what could have happened, but seeing it in big, bold words was something else entirely. Luckily, the article hadn’t attracted too much media outlets, so they didn’t have to worry about the very uncomfortable interviews or conferences in order to address it.

As far as the two were concerned, the incident was a onetime thing, over and done with.

That is until Piggy’s phone started to play Weird Science by Oingo Boingo, signifying that Gonzo was calling.

“Really?” Scooter asked. “Are you just on a science kick or something?” Piggy had asked him to call her phone earlier and the strings of Thomas Dolby’s She Blinded Me with Science had called out to them both.

“I can’t help it if they happen to match the person who’s calling,” she quipped. Pulling out the slim smartphone and with a quick jab of her finger, she answered, “What do you want? What? Gonzo, slow down. What’re you talking a…wait, wait, what? Camilla choked someone?”

“It’s a good thing I’m here.”

Piggy shot him a look while she continued. “I’m gonna give you exactly five seconds to split out what it is and the reason you’re bothering us.” A beat later, Piggy answered, “Scooter’s with me and we were trying to have brunch until…”

Even makeup couldn’t hide the way the color drained from the pig’s face. “We’ll be right there.”

“We’ll be right where?” Scooter asked.

“Gonzo’s,” she said, clearly irritated, though Scooter couldn’t tell if it was from the interruption or whatever it was that had been said. “He says he’s got something to tell us and of course refuses to say it over the phone, but apparently it’s bad.”

A horrible thought immediately came to the redhead and gulped before whispered, “About Fozzie?”

The diva took a breath before sighing, “Yeah.”


Thanks to Gonzo’s convenient location, it only took about fifteen minutes for Piggy and Scooter to arrive at his apartment complex and get up to his fifth story apartment. Not bothering to knock, the two entered and were greeted with three very agitated Muppets.

“Will someone tell me why we had to rush over here in a panic?” the diva demanded.

Instead of answering – and thus further angering the leading lady and thus continuing having her anger turned towards them – Rowlf just handed over the magazine that Camilla had picked up.


“What?” Scooter asked, coming over to her and looking over her shoulder. “Son of a…”

“Language, Andrew.”

Scooter threw her a look that clearly said what he thought of the admonishment. Turning back to the trio, he asked, “When did this come out?”

Jerking his thumb at his future wife, Gonzo said, “Cami found it.”

Camilla began to launch into a story about her earlier actions, which included doing some errands for her performance before stopping off at the local coffee shop that was near the theater. Because it was a favorite hang out for the cast and crew of the Muppet Show, she was known to the baristas and staff there. It had been one of the managers that had pulled her aside and shown her the magazine, something she had gotten as part of their morning paper deliveries.

There was a whole stack in the back room that she had hidden, as to not flame what was surely to be a huge firestorm.

“Thank goodness for small favors, “Scooter breathed out. They had at least a few shops that were on their side in this and wouldn’t put up the magazines, but that wasn’t to say that others hadn’t out them up or that other people had seen them.

“Only if the frog doesn’t find out about this,” Rowlf stated.

As if on cue, the strings of Justin Timberlake’s Sexy Back began to stream from Piggy’s pocket.

“That’s Kermit’s ringtone?” Scooter asked, incredulously.

“Don’t judge me,” she growled, pulling the phone out and answering. “Yes, Mon Capitan?” Piggy winced as she heard the utter angry, frustration, and despair in his voice.

“Oh, you’ve seen it then?”

“Seen it?” the frog bellowed, causing those he passed in the building to look at him. Getting glares, Kermit reigned in his temper as best as he could. “I didn’t have to see it,” he said, calmly. “I had our bosses see it and they wanted to see me, so I could see it.” Stopping in the hallway that lead to said bosses’ office and conference room, Kermit realized just how upset he was.

He was literally shaking, whether from anger or fear, he wasn’t exactly sure.

“Fix this,” he whispered, in such a tone he knew Piggy would recognize it as his emergency, desperation voice. “You’ve got carte blanche, just…just fix this. Please, Piggy, fix this.”

Walking off towards the other side of the room, Piggy replied, “It’s done, Kermit. We’ll fix this, Mon Cher, don’t you worry about that and I’ll do it with minimal collateral damage, okay?” Though she couldn’t physically see it, she knew he had just nodded in agreement.

Kermit took a deep breath before whispering, “I love you. In case I don’t say it enough.”

“You don’t,” she replied, smiling. “But Moi enjoys it when you do. Je t'aime trop et ne vous inquiétez pas. And you know when I say it in French, I mean it.”

“I know you mean it in English, too,” Kermit retorted. “You’re a doll, as always. I gotta go, darlin’.”

“Go and do what you do best, Frog.” Hanging up, Piggy turned back to the quartet that had been patiently waiting to see what their next move would be.

“What’s the word, Boss?” Rowlf asked.

“More like has the word been given,” Scooter said.

“The word has been given,” Piggy replied. “And the word is we handle it, my way, of course.”

“I’m gonna need my black turtle neck and grappling hook,” Gonzo murmured to Camilla.

“Not this time, Gonzo,” Piggy stated, crossing her arms across her chest. “If this magazine wants a fight, then they’ve got one.”