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Jul 12, 2002
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I just have my own issues with "disliking" that particular movie of Ms. Andrews. Which is why I sooo agreed with Barbara Eden when she cameoed as the Spellman family's fear-inducing grand aunt on Sabrina when she said as much herself.
Yes, I know about that movie with Tom Hanks as Walt about the making of that other movie.

Okay... You know how you're a fan of *insert TV show/series" so much that you have dreams about it when you sleep at night? And then that dream turns into something not fun? Which then turns you into "disliking" that show/series for the rest of time? Well, that's my reasoning for the above stance on that movie which is one of my triggers, along with a few others.

And I liked the commentary from the peanut gallery around Fozzie's bed. Please continue posting story.


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Mar 26, 2012
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Yo Mupps! Sorry I didn't get this out earlier; it is that time of year again. Job searching. :rolleyes: Which I enjoy as much as a heart attack. But luck for you, I had already started this chapter and just needed the last segment. Enjoy!


Word that the comic bear was in the hospital traveled like a wildfire through Muppet circuits and channels. Basically, Scooter and Rowlf wasted more time in trying to get in contact with people instead of just calling the troupe gossips first; it would have been faster.

As it was, by the time word came that the bear was okay and recovering, every single member – be it a chorus girl, backup singer, second string trumpet player, or janitorial rat – of the Muppets knew about it. And it was a pretty good bet that their families knew and, knowing the rats, their families’ families knew.

Unlike the Muppets, who were all keenly aware that walls watched, listened, and talked, there were some in the entertainment business who never kept secret information under their hat. One of those people was Lance Greenley.

A reporter for the Rag Muffin – an actual rag that wasn’t fit to even hold a muffin of any kind – Greenley was the kind of reporter most stars, even up and coming ones, stayed away from. He really was the type of person who would sell their own mother for a juicy tidbit, had no qualms about throwing people under the bus, and would probably laugh if an orphanage burned down.

He was the kind of reporter Hollywood hated; he didn’t care if someone was trying to eat lunch, he’d sit down across from them and started asking questions; privacy meant nothing, even if you were in the restroom doing your business, he’d be in the stall next to you. If he thought he could get away with kidnapping celebrity children in order to get an interview with its parent, he would find a way to do it.

So when Greenley innocently overheard that Muppet funny man Fozzie Bear was involved in a car accident, it didn’t matter how the bear was, his condition would sell papers and make the young man’s career.
And they would fly off the shelves if people thought he was dead.


As the Studebaker crossed into the intersection, another driver thought they could beat the light and also entered the intersection from the left of the car’s drive side door.

Fozzie Bear only had a spilt second to come up with one thought –

I’m going to die. And I don’t have a witty joke to…

Luckily for him, Fozzie Bear didn’t die that day. In fact, he fared much better than the driver that hit him, as did the person who hit that car. Even though the comic bear had been thinking of his last joke, his body was already in motion – instinctively turning to shield himself against the initial impact is what helped to dislocate his shoulder, while the impact of the door is what broke his leg; the cuts to his arms and legs were due partially from the glass and partially from being removed from the car.

Fozzie was one lucky comic.

With a splitting headache.

When the brown eyes opened for the first actual conscious time, muscles and bones and even felt all sent messages up to the brain to send a message to the vocal chords, who immediately voiced the opinion that was shared by all –


“Some party last night, huh?”

Turning to his right, Fozzie could barely make out what appeared to be a brown blur that finally coalesced into a familiar face.

“Rowlfie,” he sighed. “I feel horrible.”

“You should see the other guy,” the pianist replied. “No, really; the guy that hit you is kinda banged up. That car of yours was like a Mack truck hitting his bicycle.”

“I hurt someone?” the bear asked, worriedly. Even if it was the other driver’s fault, he’d still feel horrible if that person had gotten hurt.

“More like he hurt himself, buddy,” Rowlf said. “Firstly, he was speeding and secondly, he ran a very clear and distinct red light. Whether you pursue it or not, that guy’s gonna be in physical, financial, and possibly criminal pain once he’s cleared to leave.”

“What happened?”

“Well,” the dog began. “According to you, you pulled out in the intersection and saw stars, which may or may not have happened on that high marshmallow cloud you were on yesterday. According to the police and witnesses, the light turned green on your end, you pulled out into the intersection and got T-boned by a guy who actually thought he could run the red safely.

“Then, as his car pushed your car out of the way, the driver behind you ended up slamming in to the guy that hit you. All in all, you had a pretty exciting adventure.”

“Wait,” the bear stumbled, wrapping his mind around what Rowlf was telling him and his own fuzzy memory of events. “Yesterday? What day is today?”

“Tuesday,” Rowlf replied. “Tuesday afternoon to be exact. You apparently missed the frog and her royal highness this morning; but they did leave you a small token of their affection.”

The pianist nodded to the seemingly growing stack of cards and balloons that were now sitting on the night table next to the bed, all declaring the fondest of ‘Get Well Soon!’ or ‘We Love You! Feel Better!’ wishes for him.

“The stack of markers are from the Mayhem,” Rowlf continued, pointing to the six pack of Crayola permanent colored markers that also sat on the desk. “They probably won’t be in until later or tomorrow, but Jani was adamant that we get to sign your cast.”

For the first time since leaving his apartment, a smile came to the face of the furry comic. “Aw,” he cooed. “That’s so sweet. Hey, Rowlf, you gonna sign my cast before you leave?”

“Sure, buddy,” Rowlf chuckled, patting the bear on his uninjured leg. “So how ya feelin’, Champ?”

“Sore,” the bear admitted. “Stuff I didn’t even know I had hurts. And my leg is itchy and I know I can’t touch it, but it’s itchy and it’s driving me crazy! And I’m hungry.”

“Well, it’s good to see that some things haven’t changed.”

Just then, the door opened to reveal an additional Muppet, but not one the others had seen before. He was fairly tall, about half the height of one of their regular monster workers, and was red in color with a few streaks of blue layered through what looked to be fur. “Good afternoon, Mr. Bear!” he replied, jovially. Nodding to Rowlf, he grabbed the hospital chart from the end of the bed, while saying, “I’m Dr. Les Fitz, I’ll be checking in on you while you’re here. How ya feelin’?”

“Sore,” the bear grumbled again.

“Yeah, that’s gonna happen,” the Muppet murmured, looking over the chart. “You’re gonna be a bit sore for a few days. You dislocated your shoulder, so you’ll need to keep that sling on for another few days, but if it looks good, you might be out of it by the end of the week.”

“Any idea of when he’s gonna get out of here, Doc?” asked the dog.

“It’ll be a couple of weeks,” Fitz began, addressing Rowlf before turning to Fozzie. “You had a couple of fractures in your leg, hence the cast, and you’ll definitely be feeling some soreness in your muscles around the breaks. Other than that, you’re one lucky comic.

“An accident like this is usually a lot more serious with injuries than what you sustained,” the doctor continued. “Whatever reflex you did most likely probably saved your life.”

Fitz continued to speak about the rest of Fozzie’s stay and while Rowlf was paying attention, said comic had since stopped listening, concentrating on the last part of what the doctor had stated.

He could’ve died.

He could be a dead comic instead of an inconveniently immobile one; whatever his mind had told his body to do had been a fine line between sitting in that bed and – gulp! – lying in the morgue. Fozzie was not the kind of person who dwelled on negative things; in fact, most of his friends would probably state that as one of his most endearing qualities.

The bear did not like conflict nor anything that could be a negative in his life; he had his friends who were family to him, he had his fans, and he had his work and as long as he had those three things in his life, he was happy. In one moment of sheer impatience, he had nearly lost all three. He wasn’t prone to giving into despair, but at that moment, Fozzie realized just how close he’d come to losing everything and it was probably the scariest thing he had ever thought of felt.


“How ya feelin’, kid?”

The band known as the Electric Mayhem had been as quiet as they could while in the hospital itself, but as soon as they were able to see their favorite comic bear, all bets were off. The greeting had come from the band’s leader, the gold-toothed and aptly named Dr. Teeth, who had smiled upon seeing the bear.

News of the accident and recovery had of course spread like wildfire through the Muppet circle and while the entire troupe had wanted to come out and get a look at Fozzie themselves, they all begrudgingly decided that smaller groups were better in which to do that. Rowlf had been on the phone with both the good Doc and Janice in regards to Fozzie and he knew Scooter had been fielding calls just as much.

Because of the pain medications, Fozzie had been in and out of a medicated stupor and no amount of even knowing or understanding the bear prior could make sense of the ramblings he had going. Kermit and Piggy had of course been there to see him that morning and Kermit at least, was disappointed that his best friend hadn’t been awake; good in the knowledge that he was okay and would be out in a matter of weeks still didn’t lessen the frog’s concern.

With the knowledge that the power couple were headed to see him, everyone had brought over cards, flowers, and balloons for the couple to take with them; there were still another bash of goodies at their home because they didn’t have the room or arms to bring everything in.

If a person ever doubt just how much love and support they had or could receive, all they needed was an accident to show them.

The Muppets, being the Muppets, were very much supportive of each other and each other’s work – the exception of Sam the Eagle not withstanding; however they were also close enough to each other to point out faults and give out a good ribbing when a subject called for it. It was done with respect and out of love, even if sometimes it may have sounded harsh to someone else’s ears. It was common for them to rag on each other, comment that their last performance needed more work that Joan Rivers could ask for, or that perhaps they should be looking into getting in a profession that wasn’t what they were doing now.

But there was love there.

“He doesn’t look so bad,” Floyd Pepper admonished. “Looks like they fixed you up right good; everything except your face.”
Though Fozzie rolled his eyes, Floyd’s girlfriend Janice hit his arm in protest.

“Like, don’t be mean,” she said, giving the bear a loose hug. “Fozzie, you look killer, like totally cool beans.”

“And you know if Lady J says it, it must be true!” Dr. Teeth chuckled.

“True! True!” exclaimed the drummer known only as Animal. He was being restrained on a leash that was currently in the hands of Pepper, the bassist.

“And you never answered my question,” Teeth continued. “How ya holdin’ up?”

“As to be expected,” Fozzie replied, sighing. “Doctor says I have to be here for a few weeks on the count of my leg, but my shoulder should heal up by the end of the week. Maybe.”

“Major malody, my main bear,” Teeth responded, patting the bear on his leg. “But most fortuitous for you, the Mayhem is here to brighten what has now become a much brighter day.”

As expected, the Mayhem did definitely cheer up a bedridden bear, with both laughter and a little bit of singing, at least until one of the nurses popped in to see what the ruckus was. And before they left, all four had signed the bear’s cast, with Janice going to town on drawing some epic mural before signing.

Day two actually ended okay. The rest of the week would be something else.

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Jul 12, 2002
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There's a lot to like in this chappy... And one raggamuffin reporter to hate.
:news: I'll never understand the "need" or "popularity" of those people who dare give the rest of us in the journalistic media such a bad name.
:sympathy: Maybe they should try giving it a better name, ike Eunice or Kennedy.

Ten-Q for posting... More please!


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Mar 26, 2012
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And TANK Q for fixing that weirdness earlier. It was indeed weird. And you know the drills - next Monday :stick_out_tongue:

And what is gonna happen next Monday?

Well...we're gonna see that on the fourth day Fozzie was laid up in bed was a mix of good news and bad news...


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Oct 27, 2011
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*finally catches up*

You miss so much in a week.
And now that I've read the new chapter...

*drops every "Get Well Soon" card on Fozzie.

And if that hurt him, too bad. :stick_out_tongue:

I'm just SO glad he's alright.

I am worried about that reporter guy though...
I know he's gonna do something awful.

But that time will have to wait. :stick_out_tongue:


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I'm really enjoying this story Gina. What's kind of funny is that I read the most recent chapter in a hospital waiting room while my grandma was having a CAT scan. I just thought that was kind of amusing. I'm glad Fozzie's okay, at least until day 4, apparently.


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Yeah, the reporter just came to me cause, you know, it feels weird without a villain sometimes and I know in this series, the 'villains' have been our own Muppets, so I thought I'd change it up.

Day's coming. Next week!


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Hey kiddles! Sorry for the lateness. Here is your Monday on a Monday afternoon.


Three days in a hospital isn’t anyone’s idea of fun, but Fozzie had to admit that it could’ve been much, much worse. He had been visited by just about everyone in the Muppets, even people he couldn’t remember being in the Muppets; Gary and Mary had called him on day three, apologizing for not calling sooner, while a few Hollywood stars had contacted him, including Kathy Griffin, Whoopi Goldberg, Ellen DeGeneres, Dave Grohl, along with fellow standup comics Chris Hardwick, Tina Fey, and Conan O’Brien.

Day three was also the day that some of Fozzie’s memories started coming back; oh, he remembered leaving the house and the drive to the studios and even the stunned look from the other driver right before their cars collided. However, he didn’t remember anything until he had awoken with Kermit, Gonzo, and Piggy standing around his bed; now, he vaguely remembered being rescued, but that was as far as it went. Day three also gave him a little more movement in his right arm, though it still hurt to raise it or move it further than he wanted.

Day four was when it all changed, for better and worse.

On day four, Fozzie gained a new nurse, who was replacing the one who had been watching him as he recovered. His other nurse, whose name he had completely forgotten, had been nice if not a bit stern on him for constantly moving around. That day began like any other, with the comic bear waking up to realize he was still in his own little private room and that he really was in the hospital.

Within the hour, Dr. Fitz and another nurse walked in to check on him. “Top of the morning, Mr. Bear!” greeted the doctor, however Fozzie’s eyes and mind were on the other person – the nurse who had come in with him. She was a petite bear, a slightly darker brown than he was, with short raven hair and grey eyes. “I know how much you enjoyed Flo’s company,” Fitz was saying. “But I think Penny here will take just as good of care of you as Flo did.”

“Penny?” Fozzie croaked.

“That’s my name,” she responded, smiling brightly at him. “Don’t wear it out, though it sounds like you’ll wear yourself out if you don’t get some water. You have been drinking water, haven’t you?”

“Wha?” he mumbled. Clearing his throat hastily, he stumbled with, “Water? Oh yeah, I’ve…I’ve been drinking it, of course I have!”

“Sure,” she chuckled. Both the new nurse and the doctor set about checking the comic’s vitals, his chart, his injuries, and other things to make sure that he was continuing the healing process.

“Well,” the doctor began. “The good news is that you can probably start some light physical therapy on that shoulder. The bad news is that you’re gonna be stuck in bed until at least the end of the week, but on a good note, you should be able to get up and roll around a bit. That leg is still healing up, but another week and I think you should be able to get on crutches and hobble out of here.”

“Really?” Fozzie asked, his face lighting up. “That’s great!”

“Hold on a minute,” Penny replied. “I’ve seen that look on a patient’s face before. You’ll be able to be up and about, but don’t think for a moment that you’ll be back on stage performing.”

The happiness that the comic had immediately deflated; that was essentially what he had been hoping for. “Aw,” the nurse cooed, patting him on his uninjured leg. “I’m sure the others are lost without you. We’ll get you back up and running for the masses soon, okay?”

Fozzie could only smile and nod, dreamily.

While Fozzie was being entranced with Penny the nurse, Scooter was out having lunch with Amanda Grant. Grant had been a co-worker of his when he still worked at Google; the two had danced around their attraction to each other while there, but hadn’t acted on it. Before long, Amanda had gone to Boston and Scooter had gone back to the Muppets; it was right before their latest movie – the one Scooter had written and that Piggy had directed – when Amanda had surprised them both by coming back to LA.

On impulse, and learning that you could never let things lie for long, Scooter had invited her to dinner and the private screening before release. The two had been together ever since.

On this day, the two were dining out at a little bistro that Scooter would sometimes frequent with either Kermit or on the rare occasion, Piggy. The weather was fine outside, with the sun high in the sky, and a light breeze that blew across the skin pleasantly; because of that, both red heads decided to eat outside on the patio.

“Have I mentioned how happy I am that you decided to stay?” remarked the page, placing his hand on hers.

“Not today, you haven’t,” she quipped. Leaning over and stealing a kiss, Amanda smiled at him. “Have I told you how very kissable you are?”

Scooter smiled in response, a slight blush rising to his face. He wasn’t quite use to the attention she gave him, but he certainly enjoyed it. “Not today,” he replied, leaning over for another and longer kiss.

Sighing in joy and with a squeeze to his hand, Amanda sat back, contently. “Thanks for seeing me today.”

“Why wouldn’t I?” asked the page.

Amanda just looked at him. “C’mon Grosse,” she said, leaning over to whisper to him. “I know you’ve been on edge with Fozzie in the hospital.”

Amanda may not have spent a lot of time with the Muppets, but she could see how having one of them in the hospital had shaken everyone up. And she definitely didn’t blame them; if someone she loved had been in an accident, she would’ve been out of her skin too. Scooter just smiled, shyly; he had yet to have a girlfriend that haven’t been scared off, intimidated, or repulsed by his friends and family and Amanda Grant was showing him that there were girls out there who could love him and the group just for who they are.

After he and Rowlf had made sure that everyone knew Fozzie was okay and when they themselves had been told by Kermit, Gonzo, and Piggy that Fozzie was alright, Scooter had immediately gone over to Amanda’s apartment and broke down. It had been the sudden shock of knowing Fozzie had been hurt, then realizing just how hurt, and the horrible thoughts of ‘what if?’ that had taken their toll on the young Muppet.

“Sorry about the other night,” he whispered. “I didn’t…I didn’t mean…”

“Scooter,” she said. “You don’t have to apologize for anything. I’m only happy to help and I hope I did.”

Taking her hand in his hand, he said, “You did. I don’t think you realize just how much.”

“If it puts those other girls to shame, then I’m all for it.”

“You are something else, Grant.”

The two continued with their flirty banter, while waiting for their orders. Now that Fozzie was obviously out of danger and would soon be back among the loonies, Scooter felt himself relax. That week’s show would be easy, as Fozzie hadn’t made any plans for a monologue or any sketches that would feature him; he and Kermit were still discussing if they should tell the viewing public about what had happened, but the page had managed to talk his boss out of it.

They could put it off this week, but maybe mention it next week, when it would be clear that Fozzie would be coming home in a few short weeks.

Thursdays weren’t particularly exciting, for the Muppets at least, so it meant that Scooter had the entire day to spend with his new love and he was hoping to broach the subject of them being completely exclusive. In fact, as their eating slowed and plates began to be cleared away, the assistant was thinking about that very thing; Amanda must have known something was coming because when Scooter moved his chair over, she instinctively also moved closer to him.

“So, I’ve been thinking…”

“That would explain the smoke,” she joked.

“Oh very cute,” he replied.

“I am that.”

“More than that,” he cooed, going to kiss her cheek. Before his lips had begun to pucker however, his attention was taken by something else.

Or rather, someone else.

The Muppet sitting across the way at an adjacent table was reading some tabloid rag that one often finds while checking out at the supermarket and while Scooter didn’t care about where the Muppet had gotten it or even what the tabloid was, he did care about the headline story that was plastered on the front page. Pulling away slightly from his girl, Scooter squinted at the newsprint from where they sat, trying to decide if what he was seeing was truly what he was seeing.

“What?” Amanda asked. “What is it?”

“I’m not sure yet,” he mumbled, standing from his chair and walking over to the Muppet in question. “Excuse me,” he asked, taping the beige Muppet on the shoulder. “I’m sorry to bother you, but could I see that for a second?”

“Oh sure,” the Muppet replied, closing the magazine and handing it over. “I got caught reading it when I stopped in the store and ended paying for it. Some of those stories, right?”

“Right,” Scooter nodded, distractedly. He quickly flipped it to the front page and his worst fears were confirmed in large print and image.


Muppet Comic Latest in Career Ending Tragedies as Car Accident Ends His; No Word from Fellow Muppets

“Hey man,” the beige Muppet whispered, tapping Scooter on the hip. “That’s not true, is it? I mean, you work with the Muppets, don’t you? Fozzie’s not…?”

Shaken from his own shock, Scooter turned to the customer, and thought about using the type of face he had learned to use when speaking to media or lawyers he didn’t like, but had to deal with, however seeing as the fellow seemed genuinely worried, the page smiled sincerely at him. “Fozzie’s fine,” he said. Pointing to the rag, he continued with, “Like you said, some stories. If anything had happened, believe me, I’d of known well before this came out.”

The other Muppet actually seemed to sag in relief. “That’s good to hear,” he sighed. “I love that guy. He’s so funny!”

“Just for you, dude,” Scooter said. “I’ll see him later today and tell him you said that. You’re in here a bit, right? Next time I see you, I’ll try to remember to get you some tickets, if you want.”

“Oh wow, dude!” the Muppet exclaimed. “Thanks so much!”

“Thanks for this,” Scooter said. “Actually, I only need it for a second, so I can give it back…”

The beige Muppet literally blew a raspberry at the paper. “Any paper that says that about my favorite comic, doesn’t deserve a ride in my car a second time,” he said. “I’d say keep it, but instead I’ll tell you to burn it when you’re done.”

Scooter nodded his thanks again before returning to the table he shared with Amanda. Not saying a word, he put the mag down on the table before pulling out his phone and starting a text to someone.

“Oh no,” the second red head whispered.

“Yeah,” Scooter seconded. Moving his phone over the magazine, he quickly snapped a picture and hit send.

ANDY WESTSIDE: We’ve got a problem

While Scooter and Amanda were finding a wrench in the hardware, the above mentioned Divine Miss P was visiting with the assumed to be dead comic bear in his hospital room. While Kermit had wanted to keep close tabs on his favorite best friend bear, he had other engagements to attend to, such as how to handle a Muppet Show with their featured comic.

Certainly, they had done shows without a good majority of their players, but missing one week was completely different from missing several, especially when they hadn’t made any announcements about Fozzie’s absence as of yet. Piggy, as she wont to do when Kermit wasn’t around to stop her, took her position as leading lady and thus queen bee seriously and if it meant that she alone would need to visit Fozzie in her frog’s stead, that’s what she would do.

To the outside world, it may have appeared that Piggy wasn’t partial to anyone in the group that wasn’t a frog; as much as she trusted and loved Scooter, even they could have their ups and downs. However, to their little inner circle, Piggy was as loyal as the others and they were loyal to her; she and Fozzie rarely shared scenes or skits together, but having a stake in one Kermit the Frog as well as being members of the troupe he headed, meant that the two of them were practically around each other, all the time.

But as with most of the relationships that made up the group, decades of knowing someone helped to forge friendships where none would have existed if not for the close association.

“Hey Piggy, you gonna sign my cast?”

“I’m gonna sign it ‘the worst comic ever!’”

“Aw, c’mon, be a brick! Sign something nice.”

“I will sign whatever I decide to sign, Bear.”

Piggy of course indulged him by signing his cast, with a purple marker in order to stand out against the Mayhem, who had signed in black (with exception to Janice, whose multicolored rainbow art had been her signature). She did make a point to hide it from him and even then, he had to literally wiggle around to even read what she wrote.

“I hope it was something nice,” he said, watching as she came back around to his side.

Thumping him on his good leg with the marker, she replied, “I wrote dirty words in French.”

Glaring at her, Fozzie was primed with a comeback when the door opened and Penny, his new nurse, walked in. “Hey Fozzie,” she greeted. “Sorry, didn’t know you had company.”


If this had been any other person, Piggy would’ve delivered a chop to remember. No one upstaged Miss Piggy; they could try, but they would never succeed. However, she reminded herself, this was a special case and getting more and more special by the minute. Focusing on another pretty face was one thing, forgetting she was there was something else entirely.

“I understand that dear, sweet Fozzie has been under some heavy medications,” Piggy began. “So I’ll take his lapse in manners as part of his hospital stay. I am, of course, Miss Piggy.”

“Oh, no introduction needed, Miss Piggy,” the nurse said, smiling. “I think everyone knows who you are and if they don’t, they obviously don’t have any sense.”

“I like you already.”

“I just wanted to come check on my new patient here.”

“I’m new, like her,” Fozzie babbled. “I mean, to say, she’s replacing Flo, you remember Flo?”


“She was the big, burly lady,” Fozzie continued. “With short red hair…”

“And an even shorter temper,” Penny added, chuckling. “That was one nurse you needed to be on your toes with. How ya feeling, Fozzie? Any pain?”

Despite being perfectly fine for most of the morning and afternoon hours and obviously able to have visitors, something in Fozzie’s mind told him that he was feeling ill and horrible. Horribly ill.

“Actually,” he said, sighing at the same time. “I feel horrible. And ill. Horribly ill.”

“Like a headache?”

“Everything aches!” he exclaimed. “In fact, I was just telling Piggy before you came in how horribly ill I was feeling. Wasn’t I?”

Piggy looked at him and he looked at her.

Really? Really, Fozzie?

Please do this for me!

You are going to owe me so very very much.

“Oh yes,” the diva deadpanned. “I was actually about to come and get you because of the pain. There was so much pain.”

Penny quickly rushed over, excusing herself as she passed in front of Piggy to check the bear’s forehead. “You don’t feel hot,” she murmured.

“Oh, I’m not so sure that’s true,” Piggy commented, earning her a look from the bear.

“What was that?”

Right as Piggy was about to answer, her phone beeped at her, notifying the diva of a new text message. Assuming it was Kermit or Scooter or worse, Gonzo pestering her, she quickly checked the message. Years of acting usually prepared one for numerous roles and the role Piggy would play now, besides accomplice in a dating game, was that of unconcerned person reading a text.

“Well, I believe the bear is in good, capable hands,” she replied, putting her phone back in pocket and reaching for her purse. Pointing at Fozzie, she said, “You…are to behave.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“It was nice meeting you, dear.”

"The pleasure was all mine, Miss Piggy!”

As Piggy sailed out of the room and into the hallway, her phone was once again in her hand and her fingers were quickly working the small keypad.

DIVINE MISS P: Call the Frog. I’m OMW.

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Things to point out...

"taping the beige Muppet on the shoulder."
What, Scoot put some sticky gauze on the restaurant patron's upper arm joint?

"While Kermit had wanted to keep close tabs on his favorite best friend bear, he had other engagements to attend to, such as how to handle a Muppet Show with their featured comic."
Er, shouldn't that be "without" their featured comic?

Am happy with the alternate Amanda making an appearance as a follow-up to the Murder Over my Muppet production.

Equally happy with the addition of Penny, she seems to already know how to approach Fozzie's situation. Hope this turns out better than The Great Beartender.

C'mon peeps, let's bounce back to tell the frog about the dirty rag.
* Walks away, bouncing :cluck: against the sidewalk thanks to the spring in her step. Boingy boingy boingy boingy...


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Darn! De Count beat me! I was gonna try to be the first to review. Well anyway Overall I say Great Chapter! I loved the bit with Piggy and the nurse. All I can say is that I'm actually looking forward to Mondays now that I started reading this.