A poem by Cotterpin Doozer

Mary Louise

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Mar 6, 2009
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Before I get on with the poem....

Okay, okay, I understand why Mokey and Cotterpin never met. They were both performed by Kathryn Mullen. Still, as far as I’m concerned, it wouldn’t have been impossible. Dave Goelz performed Boober and Sidebottom, who would interact with each other. According to the Muppet Wiki page on the episode “Boober’s Quiet Day,” this was done with the aid of a blue screen. See the link below.

Boober’s Quiet Day

Maybe Kathryn could have performed the Mokey puppet while someone else used the mechanism that made Cotterpin’s mouth move (I don’t know what that device is called)? I don’t know whether or not Kathryn was interested in having Mokey and Cotterpin interact with each other. I just know that if I’d been in her place, I would have loved the challenge of figuring out how to make Mokey and Cotterpin have conversations about poetry and drawing and so on. There is such a thing as dubbing.

Anyway, the idea for this poem came to me this morning. Suddenly I had a vision of Cotterpin absently writing in a sketchbook she was using to draw designs for buildings, then realizing she’d written a poem. Feel free to critique it and my reasons as to why Mokey and Cotterpin could have interacted.

I’ve met Boober.
I’ve met Gobo.
I’ve met Wembley.
And I’ve met Red.
But not her best friend, Mokey.
That’s odd.
Why not?
I’ve met her other four friends.
So why not Mokey?

Red says Mokey loves to draw.
Mokey and I could draw together.
Maybe she could give me a tip for my latest design.
The corners aren’t coming together right
on that last bridge I drew.

Red says Mokey sometimes takes hikes for inspiration.
I could come with her.
I could bike alongside her.
If we were in a place where my bike wouldn’t roll,
maybe she’d give me a ride in her pocket.

I don’t know.
Why haven’t I met Mokey?
I’m gonna find her right now.
Maybe I can find Red
or Gobo
or Wembley
or Boober
and ask one of ‘em to introduce me to Mokey.

Mokey loves poems.
That’s what Red says.
She’s always writing them in her diary.
Some with rhymes, some without.
I just wrote a poem!
I just wrote a poem in my sketchbook.
I’m a poet,
and I didn’t know it.

I’m gonna find Mokey right now!