A little Fanart


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Apr 6, 2012
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I've been doing the Inktober challenge this month, which is pretty much drawing anything you want for each day of October so long as it's ink! I've solely focused on fanart for this. So here's the Muppet and Fraggle ones so far!

Day 4: Zoot/Lips Halloween Apple Dunkin'!

Day 7: Breaking News! HA! I'm so funny.

Day 8: Typical cheesy OTP drawing. <3

Day 15: Lil' Wembley Fraggle. Someone who had worked on Fraggle Rock as a puppet builder liked and commented on this on Instagram. Well chuffed!

Day 16: Skeeter, lines and colour!

Day 17: Gravity Falls crossover. Twinning intensifies!

Day 21: Avatar the Last Airbender crossover. DID SOMEBODY SAY SPARKY SPARKY BOOM?!

Day 24: From the SNL sketch. You know which one... (The big shadow was completely intentional)

I'm hoping to sell these (except for the top one which is in my sketchbook) once I'm done and I've got them coloured. I'm so behind on the final week ahhhhh!. But for now, watch out for a few more Inktober drawings!