A little Fanart


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Apr 28, 2013
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Link to the original.

Description: Amongst a backdrop of a fancy bandstand and blue sky similar to the one from the Anne Murray episode, Zoot (in his pink band outfit and blue hat) effortlessly glides across the stage on a skateboard on one leg while playing the Saxophone.
What kind of materials did you use to make this?


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Apr 6, 2012
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I once drew Floyd as an angry ranting old man (probably yelling at the moon) on tumblr some time ago.

Well, he’s very happy really.

I got the very desperate need to draw one of my otps as an old couple. I like to imagine that they remained unmarried but moved in together after finally retiring from the show business (the band were stubborn and wanted to keep on rocking but life had other ideas).

Floyd succumbed to ageing a lot quicker than Janice, having difficulty walking along with several joint pains. He can’t do a lot so he spends his days grumbling about anything new and popular to anyone who happened to be in the same room.

Janice is a lot fitter in comparison but has problems with sight and wrist pain. Still, she’s more than happy to take care of her grumpy little boyfriend. She’s also taken a new hobby of raising cactuses. She thinks of them as her pets and regularly takes them out for walks.

When they can, they attend small local music festivals and gatherings to perform and connect with other musicians from around the world.

They, of course, keep in touch and meet with their former band mates as well as the rest of the Muppets when they can. Floyd and Piggy’s relationship has mellowed over the years, though their rivalry now exists now in playful teasing.

Description: Floyd and Janice are depicted as an elderly couple. Floyd is hunched over with a walking stick. His hair is entirely grey, very long, loose and now sports a full beard and a bald spot on top of his head. He has a lot more wrinkles with heavy bags under his eyes. He's wearing a swirly tie-dye vest, blue trousers, circular glasses and his old brown boots. Janice has white hair that is cut very short and wears comically larger tinted glasses. Her lips are now more shrivelled and purple but has plenty of smile lines. She wears a long dark green skirt, a light green top and green cardigan with yellow flowers on it as well as a long beaded necklace and a leather band around her wrist. They link arms as they smile at the viewer, Janice holding a small potted cactus with her left hand.