50 Essential Disney theater stuff: A Disney 100 lineup


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Aug 25, 2012
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Ok, since the outbreak of Covid-19, me and my movie buddies created out own little club on video chats to discuss whatever we watched ahead of time. It's like a book club, but we're watching cartoons, old and new alike. :smile:

An old friend of mine really, really wanted to do a year-long list for Walt Disney Studios's 100th anniversary. His essential list is different from what I expected, for he focuses on the technical aspects of filmmaking, including Pixar (which isn't a century old yet!).

Disney's 100th Anniversary - The Story of Disney Animation - YouTube

J On The Spectrum has yet to release the other half of the lineup. We have few special guests, like Donnie Dunagen, and Gary Wolf...and I use a sock to lip-sync practice! :stick_out_tongue:

How are y'all celebrating centennial studios like Disney or WB? Do you play Muppet contents through their distributions? Or do you have other strategies in order to avoid giving into consumerism? Please support my friend's channel, he truly suffered many obstacles to pull this off! :fanatic: