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Recent content by wes

  1. wes

    Your Thoughts: "Muppets Most Wanted" Theatrical Film

    I loved it I was totally feeling out over it...I had my reservations after the whole Muppets from space thing...but this blew my mind!! Nothing but good things to say about it!
  2. wes

    Wow how this has grown!

    It's been several years since I posted! I check back periodically to see how things are going. I want to give a big thanks to MC and all admins who make this place rock specifically the puppetry building threads!! I started here not knowing what it takes to make awesome puppets and throughout...
  3. wes

    Video: New Elmo premieres at the 2013 Easter Egg Roll

    The children could probably care less, they just want to talk to Elmo. And And even if the children liked Elmo they are probably freaked out to see him in real life.
  4. wes

    The dark day of Valentines Day is upon us...

    Yes yall i still don't care for Valentines Day...but i'm single this Year....any Single puppet lovin Girls Out there?
  5. wes

    Wes Brock Puppets

    Hello all, It's been a while since my last post due to work and finding work. I've miss yall! I don't even know how many new folks are here or if any remember me. I figured I drop a shameless plug about my puppet building. Check my work out on my Facebook page, i frequently post pics there...
  6. wes

    OK Go and The Muppets Music Video: The Muppet Show Theme

    POPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the fact there bringing back the rarely used or seen Muppets!!!!!
  7. wes

    Designing Muppet World

    Wow this thread is old.....5 years...good grief......Muppet land that would be great!
  8. wes

    Miss Piggy Puppet Instructions ?

    this may help too: http://web.archive.org/web/20000307122229/http://www.snapdragonpuppets.com/makepuppet.html
  9. wes

    Miss Piggy Puppet Instructions ?

    i have read up on the process, it's very involved, Look up mold and cast making...also Foam latex. You have to scuplt piggy's Head, then make a mold from the sculpture with high streght plaster. Then get the chemical which is a two part mixture that you have to airate with a regular Mixer...
  10. wes

    Looking for an Arnold Shwartzenegger puppet for $75.00 or less

    my friend, there are some awesome puppet builders here and what you have asked is, " Can you make a Super awesome Puppet for $75 dollars." Well as some of my fellow posters have noted most of us spended $75 dollars of the materials to make a puppet. So you have asked something practically not...
  11. wes

    Puppet Eyes: Cotton or Styrofoam Balls ?

    plastic spoons regular and soup kind. also plastic ornament balls and easter eggs that are cut on the vertical. also my next puppet will be knitted together with tears......(like Sponge Bobs Sweater he made for Squidworth) HEheh :)
  12. wes

    Harry Carey Tribute Puppet

    Actually its a tribute to tribute More a copy of Will Ferrell version but i like Harry he has a place in my Heart. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEURB821J04 I also am planning on using him as a Crazy scientist in kids church...the kids wont know who he is ...but the grown up will. I'm...
  13. wes

    Muppets Lost Promos

    Any one notice that wasn't Steve doing the voice of Rizo it sounded like drew masey or is it Joey Mazzarino i'm thinking of?
  14. wes

    Polar fleece

    Some times i prefer it over antron. It really depends on what your making. For TV i would use antron, but for frequent use i'd use Polar Fleece.
  15. wes

    Monster Shakespeare

    I like that idea, and the video was great! Very expressive!