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Recent content by TravellingMatt

  1. T

    Robin songs

    "We Got Each Other" is actually called "Two Lost Souls". It's from the musical "D**n Yankees".
  2. T

    Sketch involving David and Maria

    I remember this sketch well. The gag was recycled (somewhat) on "The Muppet Show" (Paul Simon ep) with Statler and Waldorf. Statler complains about how cold it is and asks Waldorf to bring him his coat...and Waldorf returns with a Muppet goat (same one that was used in the Julie Andrews ep).
  3. T

    More Muppet Dvd Nitpicks

    VOLUME 7: GEORGE BURNS: The "Gonzo fiddles while George Burns" gag is used 3 times in this episode. The sketch where Luncheon Counter Monster eats a machine was originally done on the Ed Sullivan show, with the monster being a prototype for Cookie Monster. The Muppets that sing with...
  4. T

    What if THIS happened?

    I think Dr. Teeth in particular would be able to understand Cantus, and offer some of his own psychedelic words of wisdom in kind, thus leading to the inevitable (and VERY LONG) jam session. Janice: "Floyd, like, we blew a speaker!" Floyd: "That's one down and seven to go!"
  5. T

    More Muppet DVD Nitpicks

    VOLUME FOUR: PETER SELLERS: Some of the Muppets that are seen in the gypsy violinist number are Louisey and Gramps from the jugband, William Tell's son (who was in the Alice Cooper episode), and Wanda. A live goat also appears in this number. This episode marks the second time the song...
  6. T

    Nitpicker's Guide to the "Best of the Muppet Show"

    VOLUME ONE: ELTON JOHN--Despite the fact that the Electric Mayhem is in most of Elton's numbers, Zoot is highly conspicious by his absence. The one time he does appear ("Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"), he's reduced to background vocalist. The pink Whatnot in "Any Old Iron" is missing his left...
  7. T

    Best episodes of The Muppet Show

    The saving grace on that Stallone ep had to be the UK spot where Floyd, Zoot and Dr. Teeth sing "Oh, Lady Be Good!". Three of my favorite Muppets at their best. Also, a great Vet's Hospital spot, and Rowlf popping up just about everywhere. My favorite episodes: Elton John Julie Andrews...
  8. T

    The Muppets Do Dr. Seuss

    Yes, I know about "Wubbulous World" (I could just picture Mokey Fraggle and Sal Manila in the control room at odds during that one--Kathryn and Brian co-directed). But a while ago, I came up with the concept of Gonzo showing off his directorial skills by putting on avant-garde interpretations of...
  9. T

    Casting classic musicals with Muppets

    WHen I did the casting, I did it with the idea that the Muppets themselves would be performing the Avenue Q puppets themselves...so the Muppeteers performing them would not only be responsible for their characters, but the characters their characters are performing. I also thought some of...
  10. T

    Casting classic musicals with Muppets

    Someone had to do it...might as well be me :) AVENUE Q: THE PUPPETS: Princeton/Scooter Kate Monster/Annie Sue Trekkie Monster/Sweetums (head and arm) & Robin (other arm) Nicky/Bert (head and arm) & Gonzo (other arm) Rod/Ernie (this is to get E & B out of their comfort zones) Bad...
  11. T

    Why is Bert not on Sesame Street much anymore?

    It's a shame...I recently burned the "Bert & Ernie's Greatest Hits" CD from my local library...and there were times Bert could be truly funny. Case in point: "Pat Pat Patty Pat"--his ending remark "The National Association Of W Lovers" "Lonesome Joan"--the concept of Bert doing country...
  12. T

    Scary Fraggle Moments

    I always thought Wander McMooch was kinda cool. I even incorporated him into a Muppet Show outline. He pops up in a Muppet Melodrama skit with Miss Piggy and Uncle Deadly. The Dead Man is doing his villain shtick when instead of Wayne coming to Piggy's rescue, it's Wander McMooch, and it turns...
  13. T

    Casting classic musicals with Muppets

    How about we do some classic Disney stuff: PETE'S DRAGON: Pete/Robin Nora/Mokey Lampie/Pops Dr. Terminus/Gonzo Hoagy/Rizzo Mayor/Sam Schoolteacher (forgot her name)/Zelda Rose Lena Gogan/Miss Piggy Merle Gogan/Uncle Deadly The Gogan sons (forgot their names)/Floyd & Clifford...
  14. T

    Looking for Bert & Ernie Sing-Along

    I have the record. Once I find a place that can convert it to CD cheap... Incidentally, I used a song Bob sang, "Morningtown Ride", in my TMS outline where Bob is the guest.
  15. T

    What TMS songs would go over well on "Sesame Street"?

    SS-->TMS "Little Miss Count Along" as sung by Floyd "ZZ Blues" as performed by the Electric Mayhem, Floyd lead vocals "Frazzle", as sung by Frazzle with Scooter, Floyd, Clifford, and Gonzo "I Want To Hold Your Ear" as sung by Gonzo "J Friends" as sung by Floyd, Dr. Teeth, Janice, and Zoot...