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Recent content by ToonGeek

  1. ToonGeek

    Does anyone own any Bear merch?

    When I was a baby, I used to have a Bear plush. I believe it was this one but not sure.
  2. ToonGeek

    Muppet Babies is the top-rated Disney Junior show among kids 2-5!

    Didn't think the new Muppet Babies was that popular, I would've thought it was Puppy Dog Pals, PJ Masks or Peppa Pig were popular considering those YouTube videos. nice to know kids can be still into old properties somewhat. It may be a retooled Muppet Babies show, but still tries to retain...
  3. ToonGeek

    Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart

    I love the looks of this show so far!! What's everyone's thoughts on this show so far, they have the first episode on the Cartoon Network app. and the show will come out on Cartoon Network July 1st! It was originally based on an animation from Newgrounds, an animation site made for indie...
  4. ToonGeek

    The Steven Universe thread

    Yeah, I'm getting tired of this hiatus too, GIMME SOME NEW EPISODES, CN! Also, it's better than the episode Rocknaldo... give him that lol.
  5. ToonGeek

    Arthur - Where is the Show Going?

    http://www.animationmagazine.net/tv/oasis-animation-announces-major-expansion-new-broadcast-deals/ Looks like Arthur will be going on for a couple more years as it's been renewed for Seasons 22-25, According to the official studio who basically animates the show now.
  6. ToonGeek

    What's next for the Muppets?

    Actually Disney's planning their own streaming service in 2019, so the Netflix deal will expire due to Disney not really liking Netflix's strategy. If Disney's streaming service goes well, I think it's possible a Muppet film or series will go there instead since Disney's planning original films...
  7. ToonGeek

    "The Happytime Murders" premieres August 24, 2018

    Accordinng to Box Office Mojo, looks like The Happytime Murders has an official release set for August 17, 2018. http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=thehappytimemurders.htm So it looks like the film appears to be happening, Thoughts?
  8. ToonGeek

    Last movie you watched

    The Angry Birds Movie I love that movie a lot! quite possibly one of my favorites of the year!
  9. ToonGeek

    Now what's going on with YouTube?

    Just got a 30 second ad and was able to skip it, guess this must just apply to 15 second ads, thank frog.
  10. ToonGeek

    Now what's going on with YouTube?

    Has anybody else been getting the "video will play after this ad" thing on whenever they watch a video, It's ticking me off since I can't seem to skip any of YouTube's ads so far. :mad:
  11. ToonGeek

    Mighty Magiswords

    Oops, I wonder if a mod can delete or merge this thread, sorry about that. I haven't really been catching up on this site in a while.
  12. ToonGeek

    Mighty Magiswords

    I'm not sure if anyone has started a thread on this yet. While not the best show, it's still a decent show from time to time. it stars the main characters, Warriors for Hire, Vambre and Prohyas Warrior as they go quests to find Mighty Magiswords. It currently airs on Cartoon Network.
  13. ToonGeek

    I won't be posting anymore...

    Hey everybody, I've decided to come back here again, the interest came back, I'm sorry about the last post, and I'm not going to say I'll post much on here, however, I'm hoping to continue supporting this site for another year or two.
  14. ToonGeek

    I won't be posting anymore...

    I've been thinking of quitting the forum again (I've said it before), but I'm fading out of The Muppets, and most of my posts have been on General Discussion, and I rarely post on there at that too. the recent Muppet projects haven't been that great in my opinion and I honestly prefer the older...
  15. ToonGeek

    Official: Disney announces Muppet Babies return in 2018

    While I didn't watch the original Muppet Babies when I was younger (I happened to have a fear of puppets and while Muppet Babies was animated, I was afraid of everything that involved Jim Henson's works when I was younger (how times change), though managed to stop being afraid of them back in...